View Full Version : Michael Johnson Chris Taft, Deandre Jordan theory

10-23-2008, 11:33 PM
To be honest I have yet to see Michael Johnson play from Georgia Tech. But almost every on this site says he is all measurables no production. I am a slightly bigger basketball fan than football fan(if you want great nba draft sites draftexpress and nbadraft.net). Paying attention to the NBA Draft in 2005 there was a prospect named Chris Taft. Even though he was inconsistent and his effort was questionable all the experts and the draft sites had him listed as a lootery pick because of his size and athlectic ability. He was drafted 42nd overall. Last year there was a similar situation Deandre Jordan even though he was raw, unproductiveand his coach didn't trust him in big situations last year every one had him in there top five because of size and athletic ability. These two situations made me think that all of the NBA draft experts think the NBA GMS are going to fall for the bait. That they underestimate the inteligence of the NBA talent evaluaters. So if Michael Johnson is as unproductive as people say he is is he only a projected first rounder because people believe NFL gms are going to take the bait?

10-23-2008, 11:47 PM
Possibly. He probably will go higher than most fans think he should.

That being said he's having a productive year. He has 8 TFL and 3 sacks in 7 games which is comparable to what George Selvie and Everette Brown have done this season. Granted that isn't dominant by any stretch of the imagination. Nonetheless he has been impressive in the games I have watched this year. He doesn't fill up the stat sheet but that's partially because the rest of the Yellow Jackets D-Line is so good. I've seen him beat the opposing tackle several times only to have Vance Walker, Derrick Morgan or Darryl Richard get to the ball carrier first. GT leads he nation in tackles for loss and Johnson is a big reason for that.