View Full Version : Peerman, the new Tonko

10-26-2008, 12:33 AM
Cedric Peerman is simply a truck. He has been a beast since coming back from injury and has jumpstarted the Virginia Cavaliers.

Cedric Peerman
5'10", 210 lbs.

Here are his numbers in the last 4 games:
Maryland 17 carries for 110 yards, 7 rec for 23 yards, 1 TD
East Car 16 for 173, 8 catches for 26, 2 TD
North Car 17 for 44, 3 catches for 18, 2 TD
@ G Tech 25 for 118, 5 catches for 55, 1 TD

Not only has he been running strong and with a purpose, but he is the leader of the team and really gets them going. He runs super strong and takes on tacklers.

I'm not sure about his timed speed but that'll be a factor in his draft status. Hopefully if he continues this type of play he can move up to the 3rd round or maybe even higher.