View Full Version : Michael Smith(JR), RB, Arkansas

10-29-2008, 11:45 PM
Currently 2nd in the nation in yards from scrimmage while playing in only 7 games

163 Carries, 920 Yards, 6 TD
26 Catches, 281 Yards, 2 TD

put up some real big numbers against SEC opponents

Is he another case of a RB with great production who might be too small for the NFL(listed at 5'7, 180)

Do you think he will declare this year, and if so where do you see his draft stock right now?

10-30-2008, 02:13 AM
I doubt a player his size declares early... If he continues at his current pace and has a good year next year he may be one to consider drafting. It is unlikely though that he will go any earlier than the 5th-6th round at best (with the character concerns). The upside is not necessarily there for Smith as a full-time back. Still, if he can prove himself a valuable enough commodity in the passing & return game, he may find a spot on an NFL roster hoping for another Leon Washington or Darren Sproles.

Edit: Dug up a little bit extra on Smith. It seems he was arrested in 2007 for the suspicion of using a stolen credit card. He claims he did not know it was stolen, but he was put in jail for it and suspended indefinitely.

His school site lists him at 5'7 165... Which would make it very tough to find a job in the NFL