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Mr. Stiller
10-30-2008, 12:15 PM
Put a ton of effort into this and I feel like a lazy Streak

I'll Preface My mock with the Coaching Moves:

OC/OL Coaches Fired.

Norm Chow of UCLA (Formerly the Tennessee Titans) is Hired to take over Offensive coordination duties.

Stacy Searles of Georgia (Formerly the OL Coach of LSU 2003-2006) is hired to take over offensive Lineman coaching.

Chow can work with Roethlisberger and this stable of weapons. Searles is one of the best and most underrated coaches in the country.

You'll see why Searles is my favorite choice, on top of the fact he whipped a Georgia Oline together last year that performed better than it should have.


Chris Kemoeatu, LG
Bryant McFadden, CB
Nate Washington, WR
Trai Essex, OT
Willie Colon, OG/OT
Anthony Smith, FS/SS
Anthony Madison, CB
Carey Davis, FB

Free Agency Signing:

Vernon Carey, RT


DeShea Townsend, CB
Tyrone Carter, SS
Travis Kirschke

Stop, Cap Time:

The draft part, financially, is no biggie. Cap numbers for draft picks are low and very predictable. The free agency moves would take some doing. I'm now not so sure what to think that McFadden and Kemoeatu will command, given McFadden's injury and Kemoeatu playing on a line that is garnering a poor reputation.

I'm going to figure loosely that Carey and McFadden would require deals resulting in a first-year hit between $5 and $6 million, that Kemoeatu would hit between $4 and $5 million, and that Washington would hit between $1.5 and $2 million. Those could be lower if the players were very flexible about how their money gets paid out, but I can't say that I'd count on that, especially with the possibility of a lockout in 2010.

So, that's $15-19 million needed in cap room to get those deals done, when I've got them pegged for more like $6-7 million available. The releases that you propose would free up less than another $4 million, so they'd have some more work to do than that.

But, I'd call it doable. It'd take work, but I think they could scrounge up the room.

So My Free Agency period, while Tight, is doable.

Leaving us to the draft.

1. Cincinnati Bengals ~ Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas
2. Detroit Lions ~ Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia*
3. Kansas City Chiefs ~ Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma*
4.San Francisco 49ers ~ William Moore, FS, Missouri
5. Oakland Raiders ~ Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech
6. St. Louis Rams ~ Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois*
7. Seattle Seahawks ~ Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech*
8. San Diego Chargers~ Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC
9. Houston Texans ~ Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
10. Miami Dolphins ~ James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State
11. Indianapolis Colts ~ Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia*
12. Jacksonville Jaguars ~ Andre Smith, OT, Alabama*
13. Minnesota Vikings ~ Tim Tebow, QB, Florida*
14. Cleveland Browns ~ Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
15. New Orleans Saints ~ Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest
16. New York Jets ~ Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State*
17. Denver Broncos ~ Taylor Mays, S, USC*
18. Chicago Bears ~ Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri*
19. Atlanta Falcons ~ Darius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland*

I did up to 19 because thats where I believe we attack.

For Trades I usually have about a 5% point swing... as in.. the Value offered has to be within 5% of the value of the pick.

Green Bays #20 Overall is worth 850 points. We're sitting at 28 overall.

We chuck Green Bay our 1st (28 overall), 3rd (92 overall) and 4th (Approx 132 overall).

That totals 840points. 840/850 = 98.8% leaving me within my 5 points. Not to mention there might be some other set that I haven't really focused on.

"With the 20th selection in the NFL introductory draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select.... Ciron Black, Offensive Tackle, Louisiana State University."

CIRON BLACK, LT, LSU ~ 6'5 322lbs 5.15


Ciron Black is 6'5 320lbs and is one of the top 3 most athletic OT's in the draft. He is also one of the best pass protectors coming out. Grabbing him allows us to let him challenge Trai Essex for the LT role as a rookie. If he gets Searles to continue his development he could be a top 5 LT or Better in this league. He can mirror any passrusher and is Vernon Gholston + SEC Tested and proven.

"With the 60th selection in the NFL introductory draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select.... Victor "Macho" Harris, Cornerback, Virginia Tech University"

VICTOR "MACHO" HARRIS, CB/RS, VT ~ 5'11 202lbs 4.47


Harris will be a huge lift to this team. He could potentially play Free Safety, could be a stellar Nickelback(Pushing *** to FS?), and he's one of the best return men in the country. Also, not only is he one of the most physical corners in the country, he also has some of the best hands. Would be nice to start getting some more INT's.

He has 13 INT's in 46 Career Games, 3 Returned for TD's, 233 Yards returned.
Averaging about 10 yards per Punt Return, 32 per kickoff return. Excellent Special Teamer as well.

"With the 3rd Round Comp selection in the NFL introductory draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select.... Dorell Scott, Defensive Tackle, Clemson University! "

DORELL SCOTT, DE/NT, CLEMSON ~ 6'4 310lbs 5.02


Dorell Scott Reminds me of Aaron Smith. He's big, powerful and physically dominating. He's the Nose Tackle of Clemsons DL. BUT, he's also way more athletic than people realize. He can get after the QB (As Seen above). Training him behind Aaron Smith could ensure us a future monster LDE.

Why he excites me? He has the ability to play the run like Aaron can. He can also play the NT position as the only lineman with his hand down in the Mixer, like Aaron Does. He also is a bit faster than him so we might even get a better passrusher.

Now he does have a Red Flag. He was busted at age 18 for Selling small amounts of Marijuana. But we gave other guys a second chance, and he's been clean since then.. (Which has been 3 years of superb play.)

"With the 156th selection in the NFL introductory draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select.... Connor Barwin, Defensive End, Cincinnati"

Connor Barwin, DE/OLB, Cincinnati ~ 6'4 255lbs 4.62


What? We drafted a Basketball player? Ok Hear me out.

Last season I wanted to draft a TE turned DE named Trevor Scott from the University of Buffalo. Well Barwin is a similar guy (Scott has 2 sacks behind Derrick Burgess by the way). Barwin is a Basketball Player and former Tight End. He was moved to Defensive end because Cincy lost I believe 2-3 DE's last year to graduation. Barwin has been lighting it up. He was a decent/Average TE... but there's nothing this guy won't do for a team.

He's Played TE, KR, DE, Special Teams. He blocked 3 kicks this year.

His stats speak for themselves. Add the fact he's a FORMER Tight End and a decent one. Whats for me to think that he can't actually cover the TE, considering he knows all the routes the run and has run them. I think he could be one of those day 2 draft Gems given a year in the system.

"With the 188th selection in the NFL introductory draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select.... Eric Vandenheuvel, Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin University"



Vandenheuvel was an excellent RT for 3 years. This year he made the move to LT. He's struggled, a bit. He doesn't have the technique right now to be an effective left tackle, but with some coaching, he could very well be a top notch Dominant RT.

"With the 216th selection in the NFL introductory draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select.... Cody Moore, Nose Tackle, Texas Christian University"

CODY MOORE, NT, TCU ~ 6'1 298lbs 5.02


I swear Moore is the Bastard Child of Chase Ortiz and Chris Hoke. Two guys that lacked the measureables to be "Great" But had undeniable motors. He just refuses to be stopped by offensive lineman. I Imagine he could be an interior passrusher and future NT with the right amount of work. He could even make the roster as a Wedge buster and interior passrusher if LeBeau can think up some ways to get him in.

"With the 221st selection in the NFL introductory draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select.... Jeremy Perry, Offensive Guard, Oregon State University!"

JEREMY PERRY, OG/C, OSU ~ 6'2 332lbs 5.28

Perry was a downright dominant OG pre-injury. He hasn't healed and liekly will be forced into coming out this year. If he falls to the 7th like most places are predicting .. he's a no risk pick with potential to be high upside. I think He could play all 3 interior positions and if he can't start, he'll be an excellent backup. Unfortunate leg injury took him from Round 1 to round 7. Give him a year on IR to heal up and work in the Steelers S&C Program, then work him up, he'll be a monster.

UDFA (13)

Chris Pizzotti, QB, Harvard ~ 6'6 225 4.95
Johnny Knox, WR/RS, Abilene Christian ~ 6'1 189 4.47
Anthony Hill, TE, North Carolina State ~ 6'5 265lbs 4.85
Adrian Brown, OT, Delaware State ~ 6'6 320lbs 5.28
Ryan Stanchek, G/C, West Virginia ~ 6'3 310lbs 4.99

Jeremy Navarre, DE, Maryland ~ 6'3 287lbs 4.92
Phillip Hunt, DE/OLB, Houston ~ 6'1 255lbs 4.65
Romeo Davis, ILB, Miami ~ 6'2 240lbs 4.62
Kevin Grant, ILB, Akron ~ 6'2 255lbs 4.72
D.J. Clark,CB, Idaho State ~ 6'1 198lbs 4.42
Brandon Underwood, CB, Cincinnati ~ 6'1 190lbs 4.45
Michael Mitchell, FS/SS, Ohio ~ 6'2 218lbs 4.41

T.J. Conley, P, Idaho ~ 6'3 210lbs 4.82

QB: Ben Roethlisberger -> Dennis Dixon -> Chris Pizzotti
RB: Willie Parker -> Rashard Mendenhall -> Mewelde Moore -> Gary Russell
FB: Carey Davis -> Sean McHugh
WR: Santonio Holmes -> Limas Sweed -> Johnny Knox
WR: Hines Ward -> Dallas Baker
WR: Nate Washington -> Martin Nance
TE: Heath Miller -> Matt Spaeth -> Sean McHugh -> Anthony Hill
LT: Ciron Black -> Trai Essex -> Tony Hills
LG: Chris Kemoeatu -> Darnell Stapleton -> Jeremy Perry(IR)
C: Justin Hartwig -> Darnell Stapleton -> Ryan Stanchek
RG: Willie Colon -> Darnell Stapleton -> Ryan Stanchek
RT: Vernon Carey -> Eric Vandenheuvel -> Adrian Brown

LDE: Aaron Smith -> Dorell Scott -> Jeremy Navarre
NT: Casey Hampton -> Chris Hoke -> Cody Moore
RDE: Brett Keisel -> Nick Eason -> Jeremy Navarre

LOLB: LaMarr Woodley -> Connor Barwin
LILB: James Farrior -> Keyaron Fox -> Kevin Grant
RILB: Lawrence Timmons -> Larry Foote -> Romeo Davis
ROLB: James Harrison -> Bruce Davis -> Phillip Hunt

CB: Ike Taylor -> Victor Harris ->D.J. Clarke
CB: Bryant McFadden -> Anthony Madison -> Brandon Underwood
NB: William ***
DB: Anthony Smith

FS: Ryan Clark -> Ryan Mundy -> Michael Mitchell
SS: Troy Polamalu -> Anthony Smith

P: Daniel Sepulveda
K: Jeff Reed
LS: Greg Warren/Jared Retofsky
PR: Macho Harris
KR: Macho Harris

10-30-2008, 04:38 PM
well done, though i dont know if we will be able to resign nate washington, I think he will be able to get over-paid somewhere else

nice mock though

Mr. Goosemahn
10-30-2008, 05:27 PM
What about Kyle Clement though? I thought he was playing well and had a chance to make the team next year.

Mr. Stiller
10-31-2008, 12:16 AM
What about Kyle Clement though? I thought he was playing well and had a chance to make the team next year.

It's possible. Mundy, Humpal, Lewis are supposed to return as well.

just have to see how it goes..

11-05-2008, 09:09 AM
I love the release of Kendall and the signing of Carrey. If we could get Black and Carrey/Gross in FA, our line could be set and be a whole lot better then it has the past few years and we will be a dominate offense again.