View Full Version : Thaddeus Lewis & Eron Riley

11-16-2008, 02:38 PM
What are the opinions of these kids? Don't see them talked up much, so I felt I'd ask.

Thaddeus Lewis:

In my opinion, he could be a good one. He needs to stay another year to both improve his stock and work some more under Cutcliffe.

He was kind of wild cannon at quarterback, with relatively good results, but Cutcliffe is doing an excellent job of refining him into a legitimate pro prospect. He's become much better at reading defenses and making smarter decisions. He's also reformed his delivery.

From a physical standpoint he's not overly big, listed at 6'2), but he's got a strong arm and a little athleticism to escape the pocket.

Overall, if he stayed, he could be a second, maybe third round pick, and be a dependable starter in the league.

Eron Riley:

Really surprised he's gotten no love. He's a senior so he'll no doubt be drafted, and I think a second round pick would be fair.

He's a big play receiver; his average has gone down this year, but last year he averaged over 20 yards a catch. He's got fair speed for his size, and he's very comparable to a poor man's Terrell Owens. I think he could be a solid number two option.

11-16-2008, 02:53 PM
I really like Eron Riley. I think he'll be a steal in the middle rounds and be a solid contributor in the NFL. If he played for a team like Miami he'd be talked of as a big time pro prospect.

I think Thaddeus Lewis is a nice college QB but I'm not really sure I see any real pro potential. I like the backup Zack Asack a little more than I like Lewis