View Full Version : Free agency

12-10-2008, 07:38 PM
I'm a Packer fan coming for input. I''d rather be talking about playoffs but it is time to talk about how the Packers can improve in the offseason.

Top priorities are to improve both of the lines and Gross and Peppers names have been brought up. My understanding is that Peppers will be tagged if necessary and even if he'll get an out of sight offer from someone, correct?
I am more interested in Gross- My understanding is that he has played both sides but is better on the right side. The Panthers signed Gamble to a big contract and will have to dole out a lot to get Peppers- will they have enough to re sign Gross as well?

To summarize I'm looking for a scouting report and the liklihood he will hit the open market, any sense of what it would take to get him signed etc.


Good luck to your team- I was impressed with them when the played the Pack a few weeks ago.