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12-25-2008, 10:07 AM
I know I'm a couple days late with this thread, but here goes. TCU has a handful of Senior prospects, many of which are unranked on Scott's lists.

-Aaron Brown has impressive speed and explosiveness. Scott has him in the right spot on his rankings. I wish he had more elusiveness but he's fast and likes to run straight, plus he's a good kick returner.

-Shae Reagan has optimum size and is pretty athletic. The production isn't there but I think he could be a solid #2/3. Durability is a concern.

-Matt Panfil could profile as a backup/ST in a 3-4. I'd take a shot on him in the late rounds.

-Cody Moore and James Vess could play in a 4-3. Vess has disappointed the past 2 years but Moore was solid this year and could play UT.

-Jason Phillips looks like a top ILB prospect to me. Good size and overall athletic ability, tons of accolades, and he's a tough, intense player. He had a huge hit on a kickoff late in the game which was impressive from a physical standpoint. He's all over the field

-Stephen Hodge is another guy that's all over the field. He's big, strong and quick to break on the ball. Timed speed may be a concern but he's a great blitzer and tackler and has starting potential as a SS playing close to the LOS. TCU had him returning kicks so maybe he's faster than he looks. Him and Phillips are those "ultimate compliment" football players that just make plays.

For the underclassmen, Jerry Hughes has like 10 threads named after him on this site. He has good acceleration around the outside but he's small and has very unrefined pass rush skills. He needs to stay an extra year. Joseph Turner is a big back but runs tentatively. He only managed about 4 YPC this year and I don't like his running style. Andy Dalton has good size and scrambling ability. He throws the checkdowns very well but his deep accuracy is poor. He has the potential to be a complete QB in 2 years as a Senior.

12-25-2008, 05:50 PM
Jason Phillips will be a name we will begin to start hearing alot about, he will begin to soar up draft boards once the coaches tape starts getting examined more thoroughly

12-25-2008, 06:37 PM
Yeah. There are 5 solid ILBs ranked ahead of him on Scott's list, but Phillips provides a lot of scheme versatility and he doesn't have any glaring holes in his game.