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01-01-2009, 03:54 PM
Chris Kemme
6'5 306 lbs
Offensive Line
Draft Prediction: 7th/FA

Has a good stature of height and size, and looks like he can add more bulk to his frame. Has been a true 3 year starter for Akron line going 2nd Team All-Mac in his Sophomore and Junior year, finally going First Team All-Mac in his Senior year. He has been able to perform well at the OT and OG position in college, and will be the type of Offensive Lineman to be tried out at several positions. Shows great leadership and maturity, and named Most Valuable Offensive Lineman on his team, for being the leader of the 4 other young starting Offensive Lineman his Junior year. Him and the young Offensive Line only allowed 1.62 sacks/game. Will be a great player to select in the later rounds due to his poise and leadership, and could be a great project.

Does not have the great strength or speed of the elite Offensive Lineman. His 40 time is to be around 5.3, and he will have trouble Pass Blocking elite pass rushers. Will not be quick enough to play Left Tackle. He will not be the most physical Run Blocker either. Needs to improve on his fundamentals and foot work. Needs to add extra hours in the weight room, and will need to atleast bulk up 10-15 lbs, while maintaining his speed. Did not play against elite college teams either.

Merce Poindexter
6'3 248 lbs
Tight End
Draft Prediction: Undrafted/FA

2008 was named the team captain, has maturity and great leadership. A very intelligent student on and off the field. He has a great body frame and size. He has had aduquate starting time during his Freshmen and Sophomore year, and became a true Starter during his Junior season. Has average speed, and is a good blocker. His 40 time is around 4.8. Might be looked at to become a FullBack or H-Back in the NFL. Best option is to become one of those two positions, and he could perform a lot better at them. His best option is to try and make practice squad or special teams.

Never was very productive, and in the seasons he started averaged a little over 100 yds receiving. Does not have the speed to create seperation in the NFL. Lacks great Tight End abilities, and receiving skills. He lacks the true all around skills to play Tight End.

01-01-2009, 03:56 PM
If you're going to keep doing these, why don't you just put them all in one thread kind of like Ravenofprophecy?

01-01-2009, 04:00 PM
If you're going to keep doing these, why don't you just put them all in one thread kind of like Ravenofprophecy?

Can do brother.

01-03-2009, 02:48 PM
Update: Chis Kemme's stock has been rising over the past couple of weeks