View Full Version : Paul Kruger DE Utah

01-06-2009, 11:31 AM
He's technically a soph, but he'll be 23 next month. Spent a year on a church mission which is why he's so old.

Listed at 6'5 265lbs

Had a pretty good game against Bama, but didn't get to go up against Andre Smith. 5 tackles, 1 TFL, but surprisingly no sacks among the 8 that JPW took.

On the year he had 7.5 sacks and 16.5 TFL

Asked the advisory for a draft grade.

From the Salt Lake Tribune regarding Kruger and Andre Smith before the game

"If he gets one sack or a couple of hurries it would be huge for him," said one NFL insider who predicted Kruger as a solid first-round pick. "He's ready. He's the kind of player NFL teams dream about. He's got the talent and he's got the mentality, too. He's known as a good guy."

Any chance he comes out? He'll be 24 by next draft (Born Feb 1986) and Utah is coming off a great year. Sean Smith is likely to come out...will that sway his decision?