View Full Version : Bill Polian on Mike & Mike in the morning - 01/13/08

01-13-2009, 11:02 AM
Bill Polian was talking about Dungy's 7 years here and his retirement on Mike & Mike in the morning on 1070 AM.

Excerpts of what he said:

1. "When I first had my interview with Tony Dungy, the things he said, the way he wanted to training camp, the words he used seemed like he had taken those exact words from Marv Levy that I worked with. But Tony Dungy never knew Marv Levy personally, the closest I could think was via a Bill Walsh connection. That is when I knew we thought of running things the same way and he was the right coach."

2. "Jim Caldwell is a pretty determined person. While he has the same demeanor as Dungy, he likes to do things just a tad differently. There are going to be changes regarding staff. Of course, being the new coach, he is entitled to have his own staff. Plus, there will be changes to the team too, as there is always, every year. Caldwell does want to run the same system but place an emphasis on the D-line and probably secondary too."

3. "Marty Schottenheimer, though he did not win a Super Bowl, turned around 3 franchises. So, based on the entire body of work, he is a hall of famer"

I liked what I heard about Jim Caldwell.