View Full Version : Harrington/McMicheal Cut

03-05-2007, 05:20 PM
It's Official, www.miami.com

What about our Cap Room ? 24,26 Millions in space ?

03-05-2007, 05:29 PM
I am baffled. I'm sure there is more to this than is being said. I don't know what it could possibly be, but it has to be more than money.

03-05-2007, 05:36 PM
i actually thought we could get a draft pick out of someone for harrington...wishful thinking...

and if you read my other posts you know im totally confused, disappointed, and actually pretty pissed off about the mcmichael thing.

i bet he goes to buffalo so he can play against us twice a year...

03-05-2007, 06:12 PM
I guess Cameron didn't want a overrated TE who is a solid pass catching TE, but a bad blocker and with horrible hands. Maybe Cameron thinks Martin could do a better job in his offense then what McMike can.

03-05-2007, 08:07 PM
Why would we release McMichael, does anyone know the real reason for this... especially when it seems we have nothing else of significance in works for replacing him?

03-05-2007, 08:10 PM
hes garbage and hes lazy