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02-23-2009, 10:24 PM
Brian Orakpo or either Michael Johnson???? I say take a chance because to me they Orakpo seems more like a tweeners....And Johnson is a boom or bust type player...

Now b4 I start...I know we need major help w/ our O-Line...I dont know how CP did his thing like that this year...and Jason Campbell got killed this year...I think we should look to address that Oline in the 3rd round...Someone like Xavier Fulton...or perhaps Jamon Meredith may not have done enough solidify himself as a 2nd rounder...regardless this O-Line class is deep...Hell we need help at guard as well...We may wanna address that in round 3...Or even free agency...We seem to do a good job w/ scouting other teams Olineman...However Jason Taylor and Andre Carter may look good on paper...well they are NOT...And for some damn reason we refuse to give Chris Wilson a chance to play on a consistant basis which makes absolutely no sense to me...In other words our pass rush is a JOKE....That should be priority #1 in this years draft...

Now...Orakpo seems more like a 3-4 OLB...I know he is stronger than most DE's in the draft class....but he just seems to be built for the 3-4....Then again I thought the same thing about Justin Tuck...So what do I know....As far as Johnson goes....Let me start by sayin for the record I didnt like him at all until after the FSU game...He wrecked horror on us man...And now after the combine...Im extremely intrigued by this guy...A legit 6'6 but closer to 6'7...Ran a 4.75 (I thought he'd be in a 4.5's but still pretty good) along w/ a 4.37 in the 20 yard shuttle...He also benched 28 reps which was a major surprise to me...On top of all that he looks like he can pack on major weight...Hmmmmm....

I was hopin that Julius Peppers would end up hittin the market...But as u know Carolina franchised him...And I also thought about how w/ the exception of John Abraham...Most DE's get a big payday once they hit the market...Then they just are not the same players (see Javon Kearse...and hell Andre Carter)...So I say lets grow one in our own backyard...Obviously Im pushin for Johnson...He can sit and learn the game being Taylor and Carter while getting stronger...and hopefully pay dividends on pasing situations...Throw him in the mix on early downs a few games a year and let him grow into perhaps our own version of J Pepp...Or Mario Williams...

What do yall think???

02-24-2009, 12:26 PM
Dude, you need to try punctuation that's more than three dots in a row. There is such a thing as commas and periods. That would make your post so much more readable.

Anyways, I hated the idea of paying max money for a 29 year old player that stunk it up in 2007, and then played well in a contract year in 2008. Peppers wouldn't have been an answer, and he would have just handicapped the team in a few years with his giant contract. He would have hated playing for our style of defense too.

As for o-line, the biggest weakness is Center. The biggest future need is OT. At pick 13, OT does the best to ensure future o-line success, while a 3round Center such as Eric Wood (praying he slips that far), would be amazing.

You compared Orakpo to Justin Tuck, I don't get why people keep comparing guys to Tuck. Tuck is a unique player, completely unlike all the top tweener DE/OLB's in this draft. Tuck is definitely bigger than Orakpo, and plays very differently as well. I don't know if Orakpo would work with us, given that he'd have to play strong-side, when he played weak-side in college.

Michael Johnson, I want nothing to do with. Nobody really liked him at the combine. He isn't a high-motor player, he isn't a hard-worker, he gets lazy. I'd rather not have someone who decides to play every other series.

03-03-2009, 02:37 PM
double post...my bad

03-03-2009, 02:59 PM
People complaining about three dots now??? My goodness...They arenít hard to read at all dude...And Iíve been typing like this on the internet for years...This is the 1st time I have ever had anyone mention it...Oh well....Ill switch the mode up for you this time since youíre a Skins fan.

Like I said, I had 2nd thoughts on Peppers. The more I thought about it, the more I didnít want any part of him. This is why I asked everyoneís opinion on the 2 Defensive Ends in the 1st place.

Now how do you figure our biggest weakness is at Center? Did u watch John Jansen embarrass him self countless this past year? The sad part about that situation is this was AFTER he took his job back from Stephon Heyer. Speaking of which, did you watch Heyer attempt to play LT when Samuels was injured? Samuels aside our Tackle play this past year was a catastrophe. Here is what we do agree onÖ.. we can use an upgrade at Center, BUT Casey Rabach is still a solid player and I donít have a problem with him starting next year. I cant say the same about Jansen and/or Heyer.

As far as the Orakpo/Tuck subject I wasnít necessarily comparing the 2. What Iím saying is I saw Tuck as a 3-4 OLB as opposed to a 4-3 DE, same with Orakpo. I was wrong about Tuck, and I may be wrong about Orakpo as well. With that being said Tuck was 6'4, 265 coming out of Notre Dame, while Orakpo is 6'3, 263. Sooooo...He definitely was not bigger than Orakpo on draft day.

Anyway Johnson is my guy is IF we do decide to go DE, especially w/ the Haynesworth signing. Move Carter over to RE from time to time and let Johnson loose along with Monte or Golston. That would be a nightmare for an opposing QB on 3rd and 9...