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04-05-2009, 07:38 PM
Probably would be prudent to list guys who are realistic targets or who you've seen in at least one mock, not random players you know we will not get. For example we all want Crabtree, but we are not going to be able to get him realistically. Not just for first round pick, later rounds to. Give a reason to if you can.

Heres mine:

Vontae Davis (Physical corner great for AFC North)
Darrius Heyward-Bey (Perfect Speed for Flacco's rocket)
Hakeem Nicks (I just like him in general)
Clint Sintim (Would compliment Suggs great)
Phil Loadholt (Him and Gaither would be two monsters blocking for us)
Brandon Pettigrew (Balanced tight end who would be a great blocker for us)
Kevin Barnes (Local product who is just an athlete)
Tyson Jackson (Perfect 3-4 end for us)
Connor Barwin (Great compliment for Suggs to replace Johnson)

Dont Want:
Michael Johnson (Plays to soft, doesn't fit our system)
Percy Harvin (my biggest "Dont want")
Alphonso Smith (Not a physical corner, which is good for AFC North)
James Lauranitis (just does not fit our scheme)

A lot more wants than dont wants for me.

I do like Mauluga but I want to have T-Gooden as our other MLB next to Lewis. Thoughts?

04-05-2009, 07:41 PM
Ellerbe(you couldnt built a perfect LB for us that isnt a 1st round pick)

04-06-2009, 07:48 AM
Darrius Heyward-Bey - Everyone knows why, hes the home-run threat we haven't had since we came into existence.

Vontae Davis - He'd be the perfect compliment to our smaller, faster corners lke Fabian and Foxworth. Terrific fit for our defense, and those character concerns, they'll go away as soon as he sees Ray, Terrell and Ed.

Kenny Britt - A part of me want's him more than DHB. He's a do-it-all WR. Very aggressive, solid hands, underatted speed, if you sleep on ihm, he'll burn you deep, monster blocker(would punish the puny Hines Ward), and is the perfect fit in our offense, Think a bigger, stronger, younger version of Derrick Mason with a larger big-play potential.

Hakeem Nicks - **** the combine and offseason. Put on the gametape and this guy freakin dominates. Reminds me of the next Anquan Boldin, superb hands and concentration, runs great routes, will break open the zone defenses, and the only thing holding him back is his speed, but last I check, Larry Fitzgerald or Anquan Boldin didn't run no 4.3 or 4.4, so don't sleep on Nicks. If DHB is gone, I wouldn't miond Nicks OR Britt.

Sean Smith - he's big, physical and just the type of corner we need in bmore.

Kevin Barnes

Quinn Johnson - Taking him, allows McClain to be our full time power RB, and replaces Lorenzo Neal

Graham Gano - I wouldn't mind him late round, we do have a need at Kicker, but I doubt Ozzie would do it. I'd love it though :D

too lazy to continue

Don't want-
Any TE beside Pettigrew, we've got 3 solid TE's on the roster and I think we'll be fine with those 3, as long as we get some WR help.

Percy Harvin - The guy might be a playmaker, I just don't think we have a need for him.

Alphonso Smith - Like Harvin, he just makes plays, but is a bad fit in our defense.

D.J. Moore- God, I'd puke if we took him round 1. Smaller than Alphonso, and less production.

Can't think of anymore right now.

04-06-2009, 03:57 PM

Kenny Britt - A big, physical receiver. Sure he has an attitude, but he's a nasty blocker and a great target for Flacco.

Hakeem Nicks - Insane hands and a knack for the big play. He's a playmaker in every sense.

Brian Robiskie: Clutch, sure handed wideout.

Vontae Davis - Intense, fiery corner. Big time swagger, but potential to be a big time player.

Clay Matthews, Connor Barwin - Hard nosed football players who would fit in immediately with the defense.

Tyson Jackson - could be a great weakside 5 tech like Pryce.

Kevin Barnes - smart, experienced corner with a good feel for the game

Jarius Byrd - even with his bad 40 time, he could develop into a great safety

Graham Gano - great punter / kicker with a big leg too

Tony Fiammetta - really tough, good blocker, a more dynamic fullback but he still can lead the way

Don't Want:

DHB - I know yall love your hometown kid, but he's too much like Troy Williamson, who I loved coming out, and as much as everything points to being a dominant deep threat, he doesn't seem ready for the pro game.

Michael Johnson - plays like a *****

Aaron Maybin - he's not ready to play in the pros

04-06-2009, 11:50 PM

Brandon Pettigrew - Everything a TE should be
Kenny Britt - #1 potential
DHB - Ditto
Quinn Johnson - dominant blocker
Phil Loadholt - Cam Cameron does wonders with big men
AQ Shipley - Just a your typical football player
Connor Barwin - natural pass rusher
Larry English - solid 34 OLB
Lawrence Sidbury - Impressive every time i see him
Kyle Moore - triangle numbers
Darius Butler - Can do everything
Vontae Davis - physical specimen

Id be happy if we got any of them

04-14-2009, 06:21 PM

-CB Vontae Davis
-CB Darius Butler
-CB Keenan Lewis
-CB Kevin Barnes
-DE Lawrence Sidbury
-DE Paul Kruger
-WR Darrius Heyward-Bey
-WR Hakeem Nicks
-OT Eben Britton
-OT Jamon Meredith
-OT Jason Watkins
-WR Juaquin Iglesias
-WR Brandon Tate
-TE Jared Cook
-TE Cornelius Ingram
-TE James Casey
-TE Cameron Morrah
-LB Rey Maualuga
-LB Scott McKillop
-DB Derek Pegues

Don't Want:

-WR Kenny Britt
-OT Phil Loadholt
-RB Arian Foster
-CB Alphonso Smith

04-14-2009, 09:33 PM
You don't want kenny britt?

04-15-2009, 11:39 AM
yes please explain that.

04-15-2009, 12:17 PM
I agree, no Kenny Britt. He doesn't really catch the ball with the physicality that he blocks with, he has questionable burst/agility, and his hands can be uncertain at times.

04-15-2009, 02:28 PM
I agree, no Kenny Britt. He doesn't really catch the ball with the physicality that he blocks with, he has questionable burst/agility, and his hands can be uncertain at times.

Kenny Britt's stock is rising fast. He's a good route runner, a big vertical threat, consistent sub 4.5 speed. Great downfield blocker, and a stalk blocker too. His hands have progressively gotten better throughout his college career and he's great at high pointing the ball and shielding the defender. He's a primadonna but he'll learn his place if he becomes part of the team. He was too good for the competition in college, which led to a poor work ethic. In a pro strength and conditioning program, he can work on COD, quickness, etc., which will help him separate better.

04-15-2009, 03:13 PM
Im gonna go position by position and give you 3 I want and 3 I dont at each position, even positions that aren't needs......

QB: Want
1. Josh Freeman (Kansas St)
2. Chase Daniels (Missouri)
3. Stephen McGee
QB: Don't Want
1. Matthew Stafford (Georgia)
2. Rhett Bomar (Sam Houston St)
3. Pat White (WVU) as a QB, dont want him

HB: Want
1. Beanie Wells (Ohio St)
2. Javon Ringer (Michigan St)
3. James Davis (Clemson)
HB: Don't Want
1. Glenn Coffee (Alabama)
2. Andre Brown (NC St)
3. P.J. Hill (Wisconsin)

WR: Want
1. Darrius Heyward-Bey (Maryland)
2. Kenny Britt (Rutgers)
3. Brian Robiskie (Ohio St)
WR: Don't Want
1. Percy Harvin (Florida)
2. Louis Murphy (Florida)
3. Derrick Williams (Penn St)

TE: Want
1. Chase Coffman (Missouri)
2. Jared Cook (South Carolina)
3. Dan Gronkowski (Maryland)
TE: Don't Want
1. Travis Beckum (Wisconsin)
2. Cornelius Ingram (Florida)
3. Richard Quinn (UNC)

OT: Want
1. Phil Loadholt (Oklahoma)
2. Eben Britton (Arizona)
3. Fenuki Tupou (Oregon)
OT: Don't Want
1. William Beatty (Connecticut)
2. Jason Watkins (Florida)
3. Jamon Meredith (South Carolina)

OG: Want
1. Duke Robinson (Oklahoma)
2. Herman Johnson (LSU)
3. Ray Feinga (BYU)
OG: Don't Want
1. Trevor Canfield (Cincinnati)
2. Andy Levitre (Oregon St)
3. Andy Kemp (Wisconsin)

C: Want
1. Max Unger (Oregon)
2. Eric Wood (Louisville)
3. Alex Mack (California)
C: Don't Want
1. Antoine Caldwell (Alabama)
2. A. Q. Shipley (Penn St)
3. Jaun Garcia (Washington)

DE: Want
1. Tyson Jackson (LSU)
2. Robert Ayers (Tennessee)
3. Michael Johnson (Georgia Tech)
DE: Don't Want
1. Paul Kruger (Utah)
2. Aaron Maybin (Penn St)
3. Matt Shaughnassy (Wisconsin)

DT: Want
1. Ron Brace (Boston COllege)
2. Jarron Gilbert (San Jose St)
3. Terrance Knighton (Temple)
DT: Don't Want
1. Peria Jerry (Mississippi)
2. Fili Moala (USC)
3. Vance Walker (Georgia Tech)

OLB: Want
1. Everette Brown (Florida St)
2. Connor Barwin (CIncinnait)
3. Brian Cushing (USC)
OLB: Don't Want
1. Cody Brown (Connecticut)
2. Zack Follett (California)
3. Kaluka Maiava (USC)

ILB: Want
1. Rey Maualuga (USC)
2. James Laurinaitis (Ohio St)
3. Jasper Brinkley (South Carolina)
ILB: Don't Want
1. Derry Beckwith (LSU)
2. Worrell Williams (California)
3. Scott Mckillop (Pittsburgh)

CB: Want
1. Jairus Byrd (Oregon)
2. Kevin Barnes (Maryland)
3. Vontae Davis (Illinois)
CB: Don't Want
1. Darius Butler (Connecticut)
2. Victor Harris (Virginia Tech)
3. Sean Smith (Utah)

S: Want
1. Louis Delams (Western Mihcigan)
2. Patrick Chung (Oregon)
3. Chip Vaughn (Wake Forest)
S: Don't Want
1. Rashad Johnson (Alabama)
2. Darcel McBath (Texas Tech)
3. Derek Pegues (Mississippi St)

04-16-2009, 12:36 AM
My want list:

RB Beanie Wells
RB Lesean McCoy
WR Darrius Heyward Bey
WR Kenny Britt
WR Ramses Barden
TE Brandon Pettigrew
TE Shawn Nelson
TE Jared Cook
OT Phil Loadholt (warming up to the idea of taking him)
OL Max Unger
OL Alex Mack
OL Duke Robinson
DE Jarron Gilbert
DE Tyson Jackson
DE Kyle Moore
DL Fili Moala
OLB Larry English
OLB Aaron Maybin
OLB Clint Sintim
DE/OLB Lawrence Sidbury
ILB Rey Maualuga
ILB Jasper Brinkley
CB Kevin Barnes
CB Vontae Davis
CB/S Sean Smith
CB Domonique Johnson

DHB or Maualuga in the 1st would be simply amazing.

Dont want:
LB Clay Matthews
LB Brian Cushing
CB Alphonso Smith
CB DJ Moore
More but too tired to post those two just come to mind.