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05-05-2009, 12:34 AM

Like Comics(doesn't matter) Like Games(of course you do) Like Winning(too bad)

So Join #IRComics or Die!

IRC Instructions
To get on without installing anything

To get onto IRC via a browser:

1. Go to www.gamesurge.net (http://www.gamesurge.net/)
2. In the upper-right hand corner, click on the word “Chat”
3. A Java application will be on the screen. Once it loads, if need be, click “Connect” in the upper-left hand corner.
4. Once connected, in the bottom chat bar (where you type messages,) type: /join #nfldraftcountdown
5. Once in the room, type /nick yournfldcname
6. Finally, type /join #IRComics
7. You are in!

j05son's PC instructions:

1. Download mIRC here (http://www.mirc.com/get.php).

IRC is a free program, you don't need to purchase anything! When you start the program up for the first time, you will notice it will say evaluation, this doesn't matter, the program will work just like it always did after that period is up, you'll just have an occasional popup asking you to buy it.

2. Register your account at gamesurge.net or click here (http://gamesurge.net/createaccount/).

3. Next open mIRC. After you go past the evaluation part of IRC, you'll come up to the "mIRC Options." Fill out the criteria, [full name doesn't have to be exact or even full, nickname is what your chat name will be, this is always interchangeable, and alternative is in case someone always has your name in the room your in.

After you fill that info out, I would strongly recommend setting up a preform. A preform will auto log you in every time you press "connect." It's very easy and I'll explain the steps below!

In the same mIRC Options box, you'll see a large white field with multiple categories and sub-categories. You need to be under the "CONNECT" category, and the "OPTIONS" sub-category.

After you clicked "OPTIONS" you'll notice the main content on the page changed. There's some radio [check] boxes that are pretty self explanatory. Under that you will see a button that says "PERFORM" which is what you will need to click next.

After you click on "PERFORM" you will see one single radio [check] box that states "ENABLE PERFORM ON CONNECT" and this box will need to be checked.

After that, you will see a large white box that states "PERFORM COMMANDS" and this is where logging in is MUCH MUCH easier.

The way you log into mIRC is typing a command to the program, this command is Code:
/authserv auth username password
and should be doing this every time you open IRC.

Well, to have IRC do all this for you, every time you press "CONNECT" you just have to put a few very easy commands in the "PERFORM COMMANDS" field.

BOLD = command, normal font explains what it does [you just type the commands into the field like normal].

/authserv auth username password This will log you in user the username and password you register in step 2!
//mode $me +x This will not show your IP which isn't entirely important but some people prefer it, I do.
/join #channelname This will automatically join a channel or chat room on connection. So if you want to join the the channel with all the guys from this forum, you would type /join #NFLDraftCountDown.
After you have all of that filled out, you can click "OK" and when you get back to the mIRC Options page, you go back to Connect Category [no sub-category] which is the default page when you open IRC and click "CONNECT" and IRC will auto log you in, auto join #NFLDraftCountdown and/or any other channel you'd want and hide you IP.

If you accidentally left that page and don't know how to get back to it, just go up to "TOOLS" [with the File, View, Favorites, etc groupings] and then click "OPTIONS" and you'll be back to where I stated above!

It's a small setup time, should take only a few minutes at max and will make IRC much much easier to use.

Some basics to get you by:

If a user has an "@" in front of their name [ex @DG] that means they an admin at that Channel. If the user has a "+" means that user has voice status or peon status [it's like being a regular or in some server the only way you can chat is with that voice status].

/join #IRComics [will join the channel you specified]
/part [will leave that channel]
/quit [will leave IRC]
!users [see a list of opts => @ and peons => +]
/msg username message [will send private message to someone]
You can do the above just by double clicking someones name.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!



1. Go to www.mirc.com (http://www.mirc.com/)
2. Click Download mIRC
3. Click Download mIRC again on the new page
4. Click Download Now
5. Click Save (and save anywhere)
6. Open the file (mirc631.exe). You will be taken to a set-up wizard
7. Go through the Set-Up Wizard and Install mIRC (Post if you have problems here)
8. Once installed, open and hit continue. Don’t worry, you won’t have to register.
9. Click on this link once installed: irc://irc.gamesurge.net:nfldraftcountdown
10. Once you click that line type the following: /join #IRComics

Mac Users:

1. Go to www.colloquy.info (http://www.colloquy.info/)
2. Click on Downloads in the middle of the page. Then, click the first highlighted statement “downloaded here”
3. Once downloaded, the program should automatically unzip.
4. Open Colloquy
5. Click on “File” then “New Connection”
6. On the pop-up, click on “Advanced” in the lower left hand corner (the button next to the word)
7. Under nickname, type your registered nickname
8. Under chat server type, “irc.gamesurge.net” Then check “Remember This Connection”
9. Under username, type your registered username (leave password blank)
10. Under real name, type anything
11. Click the addition sign to the left of “Join Rooms”
12. Type “#IRComics”
13. Click on Connect
14. Once connected, the chat room will open up

A Perfect Score
05-05-2009, 12:38 AM
Join! Its fun!

05-05-2009, 12:38 AM
I might get in on this!

05-05-2009, 12:44 AM
This game is fully supported by Damix

05-05-2009, 12:46 AM
Supported by this guy as well.

El Peefs?????
05-05-2009, 01:36 AM
The Peefs, however, is Anti-IRComics.

05-05-2009, 01:52 AM
I'll join tomorrow, I doubt anyone is still up around now...

A Perfect Score
05-05-2009, 02:05 AM
I'll join tomorrow, I doubt anyone is still up around now...

You would be mistaken! We are all awake in the channel

05-05-2009, 02:19 AM
Except for my netsplittin self.

05-05-2009, 02:22 AM
Sleeping is for the weak.

05-05-2009, 03:01 AM
eh, all asleep when I joined. =p ^_-

edit: nevermind, i was mistaken.

Gay Ork Wang
05-05-2009, 06:49 AM
The Peefs, however, is Anti-IRComics.
this helps more than anything else in this thread

05-05-2009, 08:51 AM
I will join this channel.

05-05-2009, 08:56 AM
I'll probably forget to go, but I'll try to float by sometime

05-05-2009, 06:16 PM
Is it just like the last one?

Shane P. Hallam
05-05-2009, 06:26 PM
It is, but it is now automated and stuff thanks to commie and Damix.

05-05-2009, 07:00 PM
lol people stay for more than a minute if you want to know about it

A Perfect Score
05-05-2009, 07:05 PM
Yeah logging in and just leaving doesnt help...it may seem complicated at first, but trust me, once you get the hang of it, its very fun and super addicting.

05-05-2009, 07:06 PM
I believe I was the one who just did what you guys are talking about... it was an accident... tried to close a different tab, but click the wrong one. I am interested in what the hell this is.

05-05-2009, 07:59 PM
It's really addicting and great, especially now since I won't be there as to not disappoint others with my inconsistent appearances!

05-05-2009, 09:09 PM
[22:53] <@comahan> if youve ever played pokemon or magic or anything of the sort, its kinda like that, but with comic folks
[22:53] <@comahan> dont need any comic knowledge to play
[22:53] <@comahan> ive never read a comic in my life
[22:53] <+APerfectScore> because you have no soul :D
[22:53] <@comahan> each character, and there are hundreds of characters
[22:53] <@comahan> aps, shutup lol
[22:54] <+giantsfan> as though that could ever happen
[22:54] <+Caddy> Pokemon!
[22:54] <@comahan> each character has at least 3 different versions
[22:54] <@comahan> C, B, A, and the better ones have AA's
[22:54] <@comahan> C is the worst, and it gets progressively better
[22:55] <@comahan> playing and winning games gets you money, and you buy boosters with characters in it
[22:55] <+giantsfan> with you so far commie
[22:56] <+Caddy> same
[22:56] <@comahan> to take the pokemon/magic comparison further
[22:56] <@comahan> C's are common, B's are uncommon, A's are rare
[22:56] <@comahan> then AA's sometimes take the place of A's, and are much rarer
22:59] <@comahan> ok
[22:59] <@comahan> the actual gameplay is super easy
[23:00] <@comahan> lemme get an example of 2 characters
[23:00] <+giantsfan> orgazmo
[23:00] <@comahan> Villain: Magneto (C) 6 14 2 4 13 +1 D vs Xavier -- BROTHERHOOD
[23:00] <@comahan> Hero: Superman (C) 11 12 2 4 15 -- JUSTICE LEAGUE
[23:00] <@comahan> now
[23:00] <@comahan> thats how characters are presented
[23:01] <@comahan> each person will have heroes, and villains
[23:01] <@comahan> at the beginning of games, you roll
[23:01] <@comahan> !roll
[23:01] <+Damix> *** comahan rolls a 7 [ 3 + 4 ]
[23:01] <@comahan> the winner of the roll can choose to either go first, or they can pick which team they want to be
[23:01] <@comahan> heroes or villains
[23:01] <@comahan> now, the C is the character level
[23:01] <+Caddy> kk
[23:02] <@comahan> ok
[23:02] <@comahan> 6 14 2 4 13
[23:02] <@comahan> Attack, Defense, Damage, HP, Points
[23:02] <@comahan> start with points
[23:02] <@comahan> games will have a max point total
[23:02] <@comahan> we play 50, and 75 point games
[23:02] <@comahan> that means
[23:03] <@comahan> you cant go over 50 or 75 in total point cost of the characters
[23:03] <@comahan> but you have to play at least 4 characters in a game
[23:04] <@comahan> so the catch is to play the best team you can that doesnt go over the point limit, but you have to field at least 4 guys
[23:04] <@comahan> ok, now the other numbers
[23:04] <@comahan> Villain: Magneto (C) 6 14 2 4 13 +1 D vs Xavier -- BROTHERHOOD
[23:04] <@comahan> Hero: Superman (C) 11 12 2 4 15 -- JUSTICE LEAGUE
[23:04] <@comahan> Attack, Defense, Damage, HP, Points
[23:04] <@comahan> lets say theyre fighting~
[23:04] <@comahan> Superman is going first
[23:04] <@comahan> hes attacking Magneto
[23:05] <@comahan> Superman has 11 attack, Magneto has 14 defense
[23:05] <@comahan> to hit, you have to beat the defense
[23:05] <@comahan> so you roll, and if the roll+attack beats the defense, you hit
[23:05] <@comahan> !roll
[23:05] <+Damix> *** comahan rolls a 9 [ 6 + 3 ]
[23:05] <@comahan> that hits
[23:04] <@comahan> ok, now the other numbers
[23:04] <@comahan> Villain: Magneto (C) 6 14 2 4 13 +1 D vs Xavier -- BROTHERHOOD
[23:04] <@comahan> Hero: Superman (C) 11 12 2 4 15 -- JUSTICE LEAGUE
[23:04] <@comahan> Attack, Defense, Damage, HP, Points
[23:04] <@comahan> lets say theyre fighting~
[23:04] <@comahan> Superman is going first
[23:04] <@comahan> hes attacking Magneto
[23:05] <@comahan> Superman has 11 attack, Magneto has 14 defense
[23:05] <@comahan> to hit, you have to beat the defense
[23:05] <@comahan> so you roll, and if the roll+attack beats the defense, you hit
[23:05] <@comahan> !roll
[23:05] <+Damix> *** comahan rolls a 9 [ 6 + 3 ]
[23:05] <@comahan> that hits
[23:05] <@comahan> now, Superman does 2 Damage, and Magneto has 4 HP, so magneto takes 2 damage
[23:06] <@comahan> but, everytime theres a hit
[23:06] <@comahan> the person hit gets a chance to prevent the damage
[23:06] <@comahan> ie a save
[23:06] <@comahan> on a roll of a 10+, the damage is completely negated
[23:06] <@comahan> on a roll of doubles, the damage is halved
[23:06] <@comahan> so the attack would look something like this
[23:06] <@comahan> fenikz, be magneto
[23:07] <+fenikz> Magneto on Superman
[23:07] <+fenikz> 6 on 12
[23:07] <+fenikz> !roll
[23:07] <+Damix> *** fenikz rolls a 8 [ 2 + 6 ]
[23:07] <@comahan> magneto has 6 attack, supes has 12 defense
[23:08] <@comahan> so 14 beats 12
[23:08] <@comahan> now i save
[23:08] <@comahan> save
[23:08] <@comahan> !roll
[23:08] <+Damix> *** comahan rolls a 4 [ 2 + 2 ]
[23:08] <@comahan> i got doubles, so his 2 damage is halved to 1
[23:09] <@comahan> in a normal game, a character cannot attack 2 turns in a row unless theyre the last person left alive on their team
[23:09] <+giantsfan> so does the recipient of the damage also rotate?
[23:09] <@comahan> the attacker chooses who to attack each turn
[23:10] <@comahan> you can keep attacking the same person
[23:10] <@comahan> ok, to start, everyone will get a starter, as coded by Damix
[23:11] <@comahan> which is 10 random C's
[23:11] <@comahan> but fenikz and I are just gonna pick random ones to use
[23:11] <@comahan> 50 point game
[23:11] <@comahan> !game comahan fenikz
[23:11] <+Damix> *** Game between comahan and fenikz has begun.
[23:11] <+Caddy> ooo
[23:11] <@comahan> first thing to every game, is the initial roll
[23:11] <+giantsfan> 5 bucks on fenikz!
[23:12] <@comahan> the winner of the roll decides to either go first, or they get to choose their team
[23:12] <@comahan> the advantage of this is, going 1st always helps, but lets say you have ****** villains, and great heroes
[23:12] <@comahan> youll want to be heroes so you can win~
[23:12] <@comahan> so me and fenikz roll to start
[23:12] <@comahan> !roll
[23:12] <+Damix> *** comahan rolls a 7 [ 1 + 6 ]
01[23:12] <+fenikz> !roll
[23:12] <+Damix> *** fenikz rolls a 7 [ 6 + 1 ]
[23:12] <@comahan> tie, roll again~
[23:12] <@comahan> !roll
[23:12] <+Damix> *** comahan rolls a 11 [ 6 + 5 ]
01[23:12] <+fenikz> !roll
[23:13] <+Damix> *** fenikz rolls a 10 [ 5 + 5 ]
[23:13] <@comahan> Ill choose to go first
[23:13] <@comahan> that means that fenikz gets to pick his team
01[23:13] <+fenikz> lol im villains
[23:13] <@comahan> k
[23:13] <@comahan> now, the setup
[23:14] <@comahan> to keep track of the game as we go, we post boards at the beginning, and update them as we go
[23:14] <@comahan> setup is important because, if we're deep into this and people have a lot of people, you can counter what your opponent plays with someone else
01[23:14] <+fenikz> there are alot of different types of games based around points
[23:14] <@comahan> like, if I played Spider Man, Fenikz could play venom, and venom has a bonus against spidey
[23:15] <@comahan> [C Thor 14]
[23:15] <@comahan> Level, Name, Point Cost
[23:15] <@comahan> i chose to go first, so i setup first
01[23:15] <+fenikz> [(C) Nimrod 11]
[23:16] <@comahan> i said a quick game lol
01[23:16] <+fenikz> lol
[23:16] <@comahan> anyway
[23:16] <@comahan> [C Thor 14] [C War Machine 14]
01[23:17] <+fenikz> [(C) Nimrod 11] [(C) Carnage 13]
[23:17] <@comahan> now, you can only play stuff you 'own', and everytime you get new stuff, you have a roster on the ircomics forum that youll update
[23:17] <@comahan> [C Thor 14] [C War Machine 14] [C Psylocke 12]
01[23:18] <+fenikz> [Nimrod (C) 11] [Carnage (C) 13] [Dr Doom (C) 14]
[23:18] <@comahan> [C Thor 14] [C War Machine 14] [C Psylocke 12] [C Quicksilver 10]
01[23:19] <+fenikz> [Nimrod (C) 11] [Carnage (C) 13] [Dr Doom (C) 14] [Deathstrike (C) 12]
[23:19] <@comahan> this usually takes like 3 seconds, we're just winging it on who to play
[23:19] <@comahan> k, we each played our 4 guys, and are at the 50 point limit
[23:19] <@comahan> now, we each post the stats of the 4 people we played
[23:19] <@comahan> -
[23:19] <@comahan> Hero: Thor (C) 8 13 2 4 14 -- AVENGERS
[23:19] <@comahan> Hero: War Machine (C) 6 14 2 5 14 +1 Att/Def while on a team with Ironman
[23:19] <@comahan> Hero: Psylocke (C) 7 12 3 2 12 -- X MEN
[23:19] <@comahan> Hero: Quicksilver (C) 7 10 2 3 10 -- AVENGERS
[23:19] <@comahan> -
01[23:20] <+fenikz> Nimrod (C) 4 14 1 4 11 +1 Att vs X Men [SEN]
01[23:20] <+fenikz> Carnage (C) 8 14 2 3 13 +1 Att/Def vs Spider-Man [S6]
01[23:20] <+fenikz> Dr Doom (C) 8 14 2 4 14 +1 Att/Def vs Fantastic 4 [TC]
01[23:20] <+fenikz> Deathstrike (C) 10 10 2 2 12 +1 Att/Def vs Wolverine
01[23:20] <+fenikz> -
[23:20] <@comahan> These are all on the site
[23:20] <@comahan> ok, so, thats setup
[23:20] <@comahan> any questions about that
[23:20] <+giantsfan> nope
[23:21] <@comahan> k
[23:21] <@comahan> so, i chose to go first, im up
[23:21] <@comahan> Thor on Dr Doom
[23:21] <+Caddy> yep
[23:21] <@comahan> 8 attack on 14 defense
[23:21] <@comahan> !roll
[23:21] <+Damix> *** comahan rolls a 7 [ 6 + 1 ]
[23:21] <@comahan> hits
01[23:21] <+fenikz> save
01[23:21] <+fenikz> !roll
[23:21] <+Damix> *** fenikz rolls a 5 [ 1 + 4 ]
[23:22] <@comahan> k, now, everytime something happens
[23:22] <@comahan> like Doom taking 2 damage
[23:22] <@comahan> we update the board
01[23:22] <+fenikz> [Nimrod] [Carnage] [Dr Doom 2] [Deathstrike]
[23:22] <+Caddy> gotta keep **** organised
[23:22] <@comahan> indeed
[23:22] <@comahan> thats my turn, fenikz is up
01[23:23] <+fenikz> Deathstrike on Psylocke
01[23:23] <+fenikz> 10 on 12
01[23:23] <+fenikz> !roll
[23:23] <+Damix> *** fenikz rolls a 7 [ 5 + 2 ]
[23:23] <@comahan> save
[23:23] <@comahan> !roll
[23:23] <+Damix> *** comahan rolls a 4 [ 1 + 3 ]
[23:23] <@comahan> so Psylocke takes 2, and she only has 2 hp left, shes dead
[23:24] <@comahan> for some reason we put Taken in place of dead people
[23:24] <@comahan> [C Thor 14] [C War Machine 14] [Taken] [C Quicksilver 10]
[23:24] <@comahan> Quicksilver on Dr Doom
01[23:24] <+fenikz> lol
[23:24] <@comahan> 7 on 14
[23:24] <@comahan> !roll
[23:24] <+Damix> *** comahan rolls a 8 [ 2 + 6 ]
01[23:24] <+fenikz> save
[23:24] <@comahan> hits
01[23:24] <+fenikz> !roll
[23:24] <+Damix> *** fenikz rolls a 7 [ 2 + 5 ]
[23:24] <@comahan> hooray, killed doom
01[23:24] <+fenikz> [Nimrod] [Carnage] [Taken] [Deathstrike]
[23:24] <@comahan> so yea, this is simple as hell
[23:32] <@comahan> say i won that game we started
[23:32] <@comahan> at the end
[23:32] <@comahan> !gamewin comahan
[23:32] <+Damix> *** comahan won the game.
[23:32] <+Damix> *** comahan was awarded 3 dollars and now has 3 dollars!
[23:32] <@comahan> and when i have 10, i can buy a booster
[23:33] <+fenikz> $3 for a win and $1 for a loss

05-09-2009, 09:38 PM
/join #IRComics


05-11-2009, 04:21 AM
**** has been kicked off so if you still don't know what it is drop by and watch a few games

05-11-2009, 07:20 AM
I'd never played before and I can safely say it's a LOT easier than it sounds.

05-11-2009, 08:33 AM
It's actually a really legit game. Once you read through a game its not so bad. But since i'm an impatient bastard i just quit last night. If your going in for the first time, i reccomend patience.

Gay Ork Wang
05-11-2009, 08:34 AM
its also a lot of fun guys

05-11-2009, 09:02 AM
its also a lot of fun guys

I concur with this statement.

05-11-2009, 03:23 PM
its also a lot of fun guys

reiterating this statement...