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05-07-2009, 11:16 PM
I've been watching Highlight videos, looking over our roster, look more into our transactions, reading around the web and what not. And we get looked past, we get down played, we get ZERO credit. During the season, and even towards the end, we had spurts where you thought, damn, if we could play this way all the time. We'd be a force. Look at Dallas, Washington, and a few games towards the end including Atlanta. Along the way we kept optimistic saying "We need a new head Coach, a Center, true Blocking Full back, someone to play over Klop and actually block. We need a stud Safety, and a stud LB."

And we did, we actually got a Pro Bowl quality Center in Jason Brown, a Pro Bowl Fullback in Karney, a stud Safety who will do whatever he needs and is a damn good run stopper in James Butler, resigned Bartell and Atogwe assuring a young backfield with a load of potential. We brought in Steve Spagnuolo as HC and Ken Flajole as Defensive Coordinator, both who are VERY well respected around the league. The Giants always had the past few season under Spagnuolo, a dominate defense that we all wanted to be like, and Flajole even thought the Panthers defense didn't play up to par, made sure those Linebackers played the way they should. And even if you ask Panther fans, they'll say that the strongest part of the defense were the linebackers which is a Flajole coached crew. And with the tight end, we wanted a blocking one, and we got a straight up blocker, whose well known for it in Bill Bajema, and got a good young LB out of Ohio State in James Lauranitis. We moved Witherspoon back outside to his playmaking position, got Lauranitis and have a opening at the SLB position. Whoever wins it will be a decent player, Tinoisamoa, Draft and Culberson are quality players. We got what we wished for, why not us?

The QB? Marc Bulger was a Pro Bowler, and now is in a slump. Is it mental? Probably, is it physically? Probably. Either way, I know I've been a hypricrate about this, but under this new offense where it's going to be much more Quarterback friendly, I fully expect him to return to his old form, and reports out of camp are that he's been looking like his old self. He's definitely got help this offseason with Jason Brown, Jason Smith, Billy Bajema (to block), Karney (to block) and Laurant Smith (a big deepfield target whose showed a lot of potential). In this offseason it's going to be power running which sets up the mid - deep range passes. Bulger excels in mid-range passes and has shown that he can get it deep. He also will have the chance to dump it off short to Jackson. I think we're fine here.

The RB? We have Steven Jackson, a Pro Bowler, a guy whose had 4 straight 1,000 yard seasons, with a terrible Head Coach, bad offensive scheme and bad offensive line. Add in maulers Jason Brown, Jason Smith, Billy Bajema, and Mike Karney. And you then get a great young rookie who has the sky as the limit for potential, two younger Pro Bowl quality players, and a good blocker in Bajema. What the hell is there not to be excited about? You do realize he had over 2,000 yards two seasons ago with crap for blocking? And now you had 4 very good players to block for him... wow, we could be talking POTENTIALLY about a Pro Bowl season, Rushing champion, and quite possibly an MVP.. although it's a long shot, but not as long as some might think.

The Receivers? Yeah, they're young. But that doesn't mean they can't play, even for an abysmal season, challenging offense and rookie season. Avery played very well I thought, I really think he can be another Roddy White type guy, he's got a lot of potential, and he's plenty fast with great quickness and good hands, and not bad at route running. He's a playmaker. Burton showed promise when he was healthy, he had a strong Training Camp, and very good Preseason, and then ended the season strong. He's young, but has a lot of potential. We added Laurant Robinson who is again, young with a bunch of potential. He showed a lot of promise in his rookie season with Atlanta, and then was set to be Receiver No. 2 last year before being hurt. He's going to be fun to watch, same goes to Stanley, he's not flashy, but makes plays. That's all we need. Is plays, and this group of receivers has all the potential in the world, and all the playmaking ability. Add McMichael to that mix, and wow, it's kind of scary what they could POTENTIALLY do.

The offensive line? We need a Center, Right Tackle. We signed potential Pro Bowler Jason Brown, drafted All American Jason Smith, and Jacob Bell added on 25 or so pounds to get up to 300, where he should be. We made all the correct moves right here to have a Great offensive line. And the oldest guy starting next year is Jacob Bell, who is 28. He was damn good in Tennessee, but for some reason, his game dropped off last season. But whose didn't? It wasn't a fun atmosphere with that absurd coaching staff. Spagnuolo gets the best out of his players, I expect that from Bell. And if things don't work out, Greco showed a lot of promise last season, so we have options believe it or not. We've got the potential to be a pretty damn good line, we're not the biggest, but by god, we could be the toughest, nastiest one.

The defensive line? Only weak spot on the defense. Chris Long will be in year two, and in his rookie season he showed the potential to be a very fine player in this league, but like all rookies, he hit a rookie wall. Spagnuolo excels in defensive line specialty. If he can get Long to do some of the things that Tuck did in New York? Wow... We have Little and Adeyanju at the other end, which, not great but a good rotation for us. We'll be fine at the ends. On the interior? Carriker hasn't lived up to expectations, and has been hurt. He's never going to be a great player, but he can be a good player, and showed that during his rookie season when he made flashes. He's a question mark, but ATLEAST he's a solid player. Clifton Ryan has been a beast, and under Spagnuolo is going to be a beast, he's got all the push in the world, and often times just out powers his guy, expect that next year full time. Our rotation will consist of Darrell Scott and Orlen Harris, which, unproven but has potential. If our Defensive Line can step they're game up, we'll be good here.

Maybe the Linebackers? Flajole our DC, excels in Linebackers. While in Carolina his crew always worked there ass off, loved playing and made plays. No matter how the Panthers D played, the Linebackers were playing well. Witherspoon moves back outside to his natural position, and played very well there in Carolina, he'll be completely fine, and he could put up Pro Bowl numbers. The MLB position is the only unproven place where rookie James Lauranitis will be manning, he played very well in college and has all the skill and talent in the world to succeed. I think Flajole and Spagnuolo can coach him up very well. It is a question mark though, but I think we'll be fine. He'll give us some good play, maybe not great right away but he'll be solid. And the SLB position is a question mark as well where we have Pisa, Draft and Culberson all fighting for a spot. Pisa and Draft are proven players in this league and have put up good numbers, Culberson is younger with potential and towards the end of his first season with us, he played lights out. Maybe Spags and Flajole can bring that Culberson back. Either way, our Linebacker core will be solid, not great but not terrible, but GOOD.

Our Defensive Backfield? Ah hell no. Young studs Bartell and Atogwe are back, we acquire James Butler whose a fine player. We already got 3 of the 4 down no problem. Only question is the other CB spot. We have Hill, Wade, King and Fletcher. Hill showed promise as a rookie, but hasn't shown anything since, Wade is raw but has had flashes and shows potential, if he can be coached he can become solid. King showed very good skills last training camp and Preseason, but unfortunately was injured, and has looked good in camp thus far, like Wade, if coached up, can become a good player. And then we have Fletcher, who you guys know I love and believe can become a VERY fine player in this league. From what I've seen and heard, Spagnuolo is very very high on this kid, and in most pictures you can find Fletcher with Spagnuolo. Fletcher has all the physical tools in the world, 6' 200lbs with 4.45 - 4.5 TIMED speed, and even faster football speed, also locates the ball well, hits like a safety, wraps up the ball carrier very well, and comes up in run support very well. With only one question mark and two potential Pro Bowlers in there young career (Atogwe/Bartell), I see no problems.

Kickers and Punters? Absolutely not, both are GREAT at there position. Returners are question marks, whether it be Wade, Avery, King, Stanley, or whoever. We'll have some speed back there.

Head Coach? Maybe. Spagnuolo hasn't show any reason so far why he is the wrong candidate or won't succeed. He's doing all the right things, saying all the right things. He's shown a very good work ethic and doesn't appear to be overwhelmed, but calm, cool and confident.

That being said, I can see a 9 - 7 or 10 - 6 season no problem if things go right.


05-08-2009, 10:06 AM
I have been saying all those of things since 2007...espcially when talking about Bulger and Jackson...everyone thinks that are so bad because of 07 and 08 but if you look back in 06 when they had a relatively solid OL, they were both Pro-Bowlers...add in that we have a new center, a left gaurd who should return to pro bowl form, and a new young mauling RT, and they should easily return to pro-bowl form...all of them

plus no one realizes that we were 5 points away from the playoffs in 06 if it wasn't for those damn Seahawks, we could definetly make the playoffs this year, we have all the pieces

I've been asking the axact same question of why not us, why not thistear for the past three years...

05-08-2009, 01:02 PM
Are you guys really starting Jason Smith at RT?

05-08-2009, 01:07 PM
Yes sir we are. He looked good in Mini Camp. And always is making his mark.

05-08-2009, 03:44 PM
That doesn't seem smart to me unless you guys are running a zbs this year. He could get manhandled on the right side.

05-08-2009, 07:10 PM
Since he wasn't the most polished tackle coming out of the draft, I think its smart to start Smith at RT so that he can have time to adjust to the NFL. It also gives them their best line combination because Barron is better suited on the left side. Make no mistake though, Jason Smith will be the rams left tackle at some point though.

05-08-2009, 07:55 PM
how about trading away rb/fb for DT that gets cut?

05-08-2009, 08:10 PM
how about trading away rb/fb for DT that gets cut?

That RB/FB would of probably got in cut so who cares.

Great write up Hawkeye! I agree, why not us!

05-08-2009, 08:34 PM
i do believe in a healthy football team can do anything.

05-10-2009, 04:32 PM
i do believe in a healthy football team can do anything.

Particularly one with an easy schedule. :)

05-17-2009, 01:11 AM
It can certnly happen if we stay healthy. Um, must say I am not going to expect us to do it. However, I like the low expectations, and the suprise element. It could happen.

05-17-2009, 01:24 AM
Sure, if Bugler returns to form, it could happen but Martz had a way of getting top performances out of average QB's and Bugler has deteriorated the further he has gotten from Martz as his HC. So most people feel he may never be that good again but it is always possible just not likely.
This will be a make or break season for Bugler to show he is more than a Martz creation. If he succeeds, the Rams will flourish because I think they have enough talent elsewhere to compete but that question mark keeps them low on the expectation's board.