View Full Version : RB Dominic Rhodes to Visit

03-08-2007, 04:39 PM

Indianapolis free-agent running back Dominic Rhodes is scheduled to visit the Oakland Raiders on Thursday night.

This news is very interesting. He is going to command a good sized contract.


Wishful thinking but it does sound good.

03-08-2007, 04:57 PM
I think it'll be a nice solid signing, that's if we stay away from the big contract.

03-08-2007, 05:00 PM
if he sign him we would have a nice rb's. just pound the ball up the middle and waste time off the clock and let our defence win the game for us...nice

03-08-2007, 05:15 PM
Rhodes is a bit overrated, so if he doesn't come relatively cheap I would stay away. Then again, the market is pretty sewn up when it comes to runners right now, so maybe Rhodes would be willing to sign an average contract.

03-08-2007, 05:32 PM
Rhodes is going to get starter money from the Bills. I would love having him here but I don't see it happening.

03-08-2007, 05:53 PM
he would be a better starter than Jordan ever was.

03-08-2007, 06:42 PM
I heard he wants starting RB money so...

03-08-2007, 06:53 PM
This would be a huge mistake, Rhodes is not good at all.

03-08-2007, 08:45 PM
I think that would be an extremely stupid move. Do we really need 3 RB's? Jordan is staying and getting what is still a hefty bonus even after the restructure, so he will probably start. Fargas is a good backup, so where would Rhodes fit in? I would rather we draft a RB in the later rounds and save a ton of money.

03-08-2007, 11:54 PM
Id rather have Rhodes starting than Jordan.I would like someone who knows how to run N/S.

03-08-2007, 11:58 PM
Id rather have Rhodes starting than Jordan.I would like someone who knows how to run N/S.

Jordan is absolutely a more talented back at this point. Bringing on another sizeable contract at the position attached to a player who isn't a promising youngster would foolish at this point in time.

03-09-2007, 09:36 AM
Rhodes never really panned out, he only had one good season. And it was last season.

03-09-2007, 09:36 AM
Rhodes would fit into a split back role w/ Jordan as you don't have to have a power back and a scat to do this. Addai was not that small and ran with power. Also i look at him as insurance as we're not 100% sure Jordan will return to form after a knee injury, some players tend to be afraid to take a hit after tears, Jamaal Anderson was never the same for example. I like the signing only if we don't overpay, listen Fargas was decent last year but overall he's nothing special and maybe can be installed into a Kevin Faulk role, where he comes in on obvious passing downs to catch out of the backfield. Ne deployed 3 Rb last year and it worked for them...

03-09-2007, 01:48 PM
Rhodes is literally one of the worst RB's in the league, just look at his DVOA ratings on Footballoutsiders.com