View Full Version : Tales from Eagles 2009 Training Camp.

07-27-2009, 10:41 PM
I will be reporting back on anything involving Training Camp when I attend this year. I will talk about progress, players, really anything I notice. If you have the means to come, I suggest you do so, it is free, and you can meet players and other important figures in the NFL. (I met Drew Rosenhaus, as well as numerous players last year) I will hopefully be a less douchy version of Dave Spadaro, but I can't promis that guys... lol. Expect reports back around lunchtime and early evening on the days i go, ask questions, and if I know the answers, I'll tell you, if not, I'll do my best to find out about it in my upcoming attendances. Really, I will be your sidelines reporter on Eagles TC whenever possible for the next 2+ weeks.

I plan on following the offensive line and defensive line extensively, as that is what I know the most about and am most intrigued by, as they are the most important parts of the team. I will came back with info on Donovan and Kolb, as well as all the rookies and new team members. I will come back with info on position battles, new starters like Quentin Demps and the young players who have shown promise, as well as anything else worht mentioning, and maybe some things not even worth mentioning. Tomorrow and Wednesday are the rookies and selected veterans, as you all know, so expect news about them tomorrow and Wednesday...

Once again, if you have questions, I'll do my damnedest to answer them for you, but if I don't know, I won't BS you. I may give my input on it, but that is all it will be...

(I won't be updateing it here, but I figured if any of the divsion rivals wnated a sneak peak it wouldn't hurt, lol. I will be doing all of the updates in the thread in the Eagels team forum, just getting word out...)