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03-09-2007, 07:53 PM
Seeing that Weaver, Kemo, Taylor, Demps, Zastudil, and Chad Williams all signed big contracts or medium contracts for Zastudil and Williams, and our big signing was Pryce, who's contract equaled Weavers, and we had 2 small ones in Bannan and Anderson, I think we can get a 3rd and a 6th/7th or a 4th and a 5th and maybe another 7th. In this mock, I'm gonna go with a 4th and 5th, and 7th.

1. Aaron Sears - Pashos was our only legit RT, and its unknown if Terry can make the transition. Sears played almost all of the positions on the line except C and would fill in at RG or RT from day 1. Ravens1991, I know you like guys who can get to the 2nd level, and Sears can despite his large size.

2. Ryan McBean - I was tempted to go with Turk McBride here, but McBean has the ability to tie up blockers that is key to our defense. Some may say its a reach, but McDonald will probably be gone by our pick, and he's got a lot of potential, probably more than McDonald, who doesn't hold his ground as well as McBean.

3. WILLIS - 42

4. Tim Duckworth - Remember this is a very late 4th rounder so it pretty much holds the value of a high 5th. Duckworth might not even slip to here, but we always see big guards(Elton Brown, MJG) slip to day 2. He's my favorite kind of guard - a road grader with a nasty instict. He's tough and has upside so when Vincent is gone(hopefully) he'll have the chance to take over and let Chester go to C.

5. Desmond Bishop - I pretty much always put him in my mocks. He's one of my favorite defensive players in the draft. He ran poorly, but I don't really care. He's a great run stuffer and we need quality depth inside.

5. Daren Stone - I've never seen him play(he's from Maine), but I've heard a lot of things from people who think he's got mad potential to dominate in the league. He's got great size and has played corner at times, and he's also got a lot of picks in his career. Plus we have no depth at safety if Sapp goes.

6. Stanley Doughty - He perhaps made one of the worst decisions by declaring this year. I only saw him once and he didn't stand out to me. He's pretty much what you'd expect, a massive load who just gets in the way. I don't think Bannan or Edwards can play the nose.

7. Chris Davis - No not the LSU one, the FSU one. He's got relatively no potential, but he's like a poor poor mans Mark Clayton. He's tough and definately took a bunch of shots this year. He's like a pesky gnat in the run game. However he isn't tall like Clarence Moore so I don't know if he can get his spot.

7. Jacob Ford - Central Arkansas guy who I've never seen but has intriguing measurables. He's got similar ones to Suggs and made a lot of plays in the backfield. I have a feeling if we took him. Kind of similar to Roderick Green(who's actually doing well in SF)

03-10-2007, 12:06 AM
I'm pretty sure that since Pryce was cut by the Broncos, he doesn't count against our UFA loses for the year. But either way I would be pretty sure that the Comp picks would stay the same.

I basically know nothing about any of the players in your mock since I really don't follow college football much ( I know odd for a draft site) but the major problem I have is that the first four picks are on the offensive and defensive line. I know Willis counts as a RB but nonetheless. I do like the depth at safety pick in 5 since that is a big need for us and is usually when Ozzie starts looking for need players. Inside linebacker isn't as big of a need for us as outside though since Scott, Haley, and Smith all can play there. Though Scott wouldn't get moved there unless we pick up some good depth through the draft or FA.

03-10-2007, 09:10 AM
I would like Sears to play RG actually if Grubbs is off the board, he may hold more value then Blaylock because when JO retires we slide Terry to LT then Sears to RT.

03-10-2007, 10:25 AM
I dont like Sears for the simple fact that I think he will be an NFL OG not OT and I think we need a RT. The only T's I'd like in the 1st would be Tony Ugoh or Joe Staley, both would be slight reaches though. Im into the idea of going BPA first round and getting an impact player than getting some OL depth in the second. Also if JO comes back we could wait to get a T next draft, Its loaded with perhaps 5 1st round caliber Tackles.

03-10-2007, 11:20 AM
OMG I am in love with the Chris Davis pick! :D :D :D :D He was a mainstay of that Florida State offense and productive in a terrible Jeff Bowden system that ruined many players college careers. He is a clutch receiver that will get you yards after the catch and has great field awareness to go with his quickness and power. He was my favorite player this year for Florida State and I've been singing his praises to people I know since the beginning of the season. I think he would be an excellent addition to our offense as a WR or has an H-Back in the mold of Daniel Wilcox. Positive rep for you my friend for bringing to late what will be a late round gem for anyone who selects him, God willing it will be our Ravens!!!

03-10-2007, 11:57 AM
I'm not big on the first two picks, rd 1 is explained in my sig line.