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10-14-2009, 05:20 PM
This thread is for IN CHARACTER BITS ONLY.

This will be used for the initial promos where people flesh out their character and their goals, allowing me to book the first card.

As far as after that, If you have promos/segments you want to do that dont really belong on the show, or just small character bits you want to do, that all goes here. This is also where I will be announcing the full cards for shows.


Note: Do not PM me any stuff until after the initial card is announced.


Stacy Smith, Backstage Interviewer
Rod Gordon, DCWF Owner and Founder
Thomas the Orderly, Referee
Bill Warren, Play by Play announcer
Ace Anderson, Color Commentator
Franklin Furter, Ring Announcer

- The DCWF World Championship
- The DCWF World Tag Team Championships
- The DCWF Television Championship

10-14-2009, 05:21 PM
*A Limo pulls up next to a private jet. Out steps a man dressed in a very expensive suit, wearing a very expensive watch, and wearing sunglasses. Its Chris Stylez.*

"Ladies and Gentlemen, a new era in the world of Professional Wrestling has begun. What you are looking at, is not only the future of the DCWF, Its the future of Sports. The future of Sports entertainment. The future of entertainment in general. And you wont need long to realize why. Because by the time this interview is over, you will realize EXACTLY WHY, I am referred to as Wrestling Royalty. You will realize EXACTLY WHY, I am the class of the DCWF. As a matter of fact, I am bigger than the DCWF. I am bigger than Wrestling altogether. When you go to bed at night thinking theres more to life, when you think that maybe there is something larger at work in this world, you're thinking of me, The Canadian Phenomenon. You're thinking of the Uncrowned Champ.

The time for accounting is now. It is time for hands to be raised, and names to be taken. I stand here today as a vessel of God's will, acting as his own right hand. We seek those among you who are worthy enough to stand by our side. But the truth is, our search seems to be in vain. The TRUTH, is that none of you here in the DCWF are worthy. When I look at you, when GOD looks at you... we see nothing but waste.

And so the purpose of my being here must shift. And theres only one thing that could draw my attention in this cesspool of a country you call America - the DCWF World Championship. By rule, the World's Title is held by the best in the world at that given time. So the fact that I'm not being awarded that Championship from the get go is an absolute disgrace. There is no one in this business like me. Theres no one in the DCWF like me. Not even close. You see, I strive to be godlike. Not only in words, but in deeds. And quite frankly, Im as close as humanly possible to achieving that. In the ring, im in a class by myself. They call me God's Gift to Wrestling for a reason. And all the proof you'll need of that will be when I raise the Worlds Heavyweight Championship above my head in the DCWF for the first time, and it hits everyone that none of you, and I mean none of you - can take it from me. Not on my worst day, not on your best.

*Stylez checks his watch.*

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have a flight to Toronto to catch, and you're wasting my time."

10-14-2009, 05:48 PM
*Screen fades in from black as you see The Carellos standing next to the chair behind Papa Carello's desk with Papa Carello sitting in the chair.*

Papa Carello: I'm Papa Carello, and I'd like to introduce you to my sons. On my right here is the very cut and athletic Jimmy Carello. He's the younger of my two sons, but don't let it fool you, he's a leader. He stands some 6'2" and weighs some 220 pounds. He has mastered top rope maneuvers and how to beat an opponent with speed and agility. Then, there is my older boy Vinny. He's raw strength with pure aggression. He stands some 6'4" and weighs some 250 pounds. He's mastered the fine art of dominating his opponents. As a team they are arguably the most fearsome duo out there. They are a one of a kind tag team and no one compares. Their team work of raw power and unstoppable speed is too much for any opponent. They look like pure domination in the DCWF and should be the initial holders of that tag team championship.

*screen fades to black*

10-14-2009, 05:51 PM
"Sabotage enters the parking lot after leaving DCW's headquarters rumor has it he just signed a lucrative contract to leave his former employer to join DCW."

"He is just about to his car when he is chased down by DCW's Stacy Smith who shoves a microphone in his face."

Sabotage: Hey, watch were your sticking that thing.

Stacy: Sorry, Sabotage I'm just excited to have you here that is if you are officially a DCW Superstar?

Sabotage: Word travels fast around here I see.

Stacy: That it does. Would you mind answering a few questions?

Sabotage: To tell you the truth Stacy I do mind I didn't join DCW to talk but since Owner and Founder Rod Gordon insisted I do interviews I don't have a choice do I?

"Stacy is surprised by how this interview is going takes a step back but then regains her composer."

Stacy: Well if you didn't join to talk what did you join for.

Sabotage: To win by any means necessary, you see the DCW management,locker room,fans and even you Stacy will learn real fast that not only does pain not bother me I crave it its like a drug to me. There is no one in this business that is willing to go as extreme as me and I can't wait to show not only what I can do but what I'm willing to endure to win.

"Sabotage walks off leaving Stacy Smith with a bewildered look on here face."

10-14-2009, 05:59 PM
*Theme music (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-58-36lSqG4) begins and Troy James slowly walks to the ring accompanied by associate Rampage.*

I would like start off my first appearance in the DCWF by exchanging pleasantries with ladies and gentleman who have blessed this company with their attendance. But you know what? There just isn't any time for that. I'm not here to be friends with you people. I'm here to win. To be honest, I'm beyond shocked that you people would go as far as to boo me for not greeting you. I guess it's just the arrogance that has made the USA such a train-wreck of a country for as long as I can remember.

For those of you who have never heard of me, which I doubt is many at all, my name is Troy James. The Australian Sensation. The Wonder from Down Under. The Humane One. I've come all the way from Australia for just one thing. It's not to put on amazing wrestling matches for you despicable people, it's to win the DCWF championship. And to be honest, it shouldn't be too hard. You Americans can not wrestle and it's about time a foreigner showed you just how ridiculous you guys look in the square circle. I've perfected the craft of wrestling and transformed it into masterpiece of athleticism, ring awareness and intelligence. There is nobody here who compares.

You may have noticed my associate Rampage standing next to me. Rampage is my manager and business partner. A man of my abilities is obviously going to incite a lot of jealousy amongst the rest of the DCW locker room. I'm good. But if I was to be attacked by 3 or more wrestlers, even I couldn't get out of that situation without an injury or two. That's why my boy Rampage is here. Think of him as my 'insurance policy'. He is going to make sure my dream comes true, whilst he gets to do some of the things he loves. Beat the crap out of people.

By the sounds of things, you people don't sound to impressed with what I'm saying. But I get it. I wouldn't expect the country who elected George Bush to presidency, TWICE, to understand. I guess the saying ignorance is bliss really did come from America because you people are the most ignorant crowd I've ever had to waste my time talking to.

I'm finished with this rubbish. You people don't need to be told what is going to happen. No, no, no. You're all just fan-boys who pander to the wrestlers who kiss yours asses the most. I guess I'll just have to prove to you that everything I say is gospel when I began the very first DCWF champion.

They don't call me the Australian Sensation or the Wonder from Down Under for nothing. My name is Troy James, and on behalf of the rest of the world, well at least the parts that actually matter, I will prove my dominance.

*Throws mic to the floor and is accompanied by Rampage back out of the stadium amongst a sea of chants and boos.*

10-14-2009, 06:02 PM
*screen comes up to a wrestling ring in a empty arena.James Matthews appears standing in the ring looking around.He then looks at the camera.*

Matthews: Hell, I'm James Matthews.I've been wrestling since I was 19.I was trained by the legendary Captain Lou Albano may he rest in peace.I have been over the world won numerous titles in my 5 years from Japan to Mexico.I am coming to DCWF for one reason...total domination.I really don't care who they put in front of me when I step in that ring...nothing short of a win will satisfy me.I guarantee by the time my DCWF career is over I will be considered the best this company has ever seen and it does'nt matter who or what stands in my way*pauses* will suffer the same fate...PAIN.Looking at this roster it's only a matter of time bedore I am the DCWF Champion.

*Camera fades to black*

10-14-2009, 06:04 PM
Scar: ahhhhh.... it feels good to be back in the states. Just got back from my third tour in the sand box. We have an interesting cast of characters in the DCWF. Looks to be exciting. But none can compare to me in terms of actual wrestling ability. None can compare to me in terms of submission talents. And no one here can compare to me in toughness. I have been to places and seen things no one else has seen before. If only you knew... If only you knew...

10-14-2009, 06:07 PM
In the middle of a DCWF house show, you begin to hear the Canadian Narional Anthem. The screen shows a Canadian flag and nothing else, then Bryan Hart comes on screen and stands in front of the flag.

"Good evening ladies and gents, and what a fine evening it is. My name is Bryan Hart, and I am the newest superstar to join the DCWF and and I would like to introduce myself. First off, I am Canadian, and I understand that in the past, the DCWF has had trouble finding a legit Canadian wrestler who can lead the company, and that's why I'm here. I am here to represent the great country that is Canada, but don't worry, I'm not like the other Canadian scum in this company, I love Canada, but the US ain't so bad. See, I am a lot different then those other so called Canadians, I am a different breed of wrestler. I don't take the easy way out and cheat my way to the top like the others, those disgraces to Canada. I fight for honor and glory and will work my way to the top or die trying. So, now there is only one thing left to ask, Are you ready for the New Breed of Hart family wrestling?!?!?"

*Hart poses as screen fades to black and crowd applauses*

10-14-2009, 07:56 PM
Jon "Nasty" Mirasty walks out to a house show in the U.S. wearing a Toronto Maple Leaf jersey and jeans. He grabs a mic...

"You see this picture I have right here. This is the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. This was supposed to be my home. This was my dream. This was it. I was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 2nd round of the 2003 draft. I was one of the toughest guys draft-eligible. I was taken that high based on my sheer ability to smash other's people's faces in. That's what I was born to do. However, dreams change and now I'm out to show everybody in the world who The Nasty One is in the DCWF.

All of you worthless individuals should be happy to even be in my presence. You all should be bowing before me marveling in my greatness. I have accomplished more in my young life than all of you maggots ever will. I have more talent in my left hand than all of you miscreants put together. I have broke more bones, faces, and handed out more pain than any of you could ever imagine.

Now I've set my sights on the DCWF. I'm ready to show all these pretenders that Nasty is for real. Nobody has gone through all the hard work I have done. Nobody has the talent that I possess. Nobody can stand toe-to-toe with me. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top and stay there. If that includes smacking people in the head with my hockey sticks, so be it. I actually quite enjoy it *smiles and pauses*and I actually wouldn't mind trying it on a couple of you disrepectful people. You shouldn't be booing me, you should be cheering me. You are in the presence of the greatest wrestler the DCWF has to offer. Soon, you'll all be witnesses to just that. Soon there will be a Nasty Sight in the DCWF."

Mirasty drops the mic, raises the Maple Leaf symbol on his jersey in the air, and walks away to a massive amount of boos and "you suck" chants.

10-14-2009, 10:31 PM
Jack James: Hello all you wrestling fans out there in cyberspace. I'm Jack James and today we're going to start with the first segment of DCWrestling.com's documentary series Finding Andy. On this series, you'll join me as we follow DCWF wrestler Andy on his quest to discover his heritage. So to start this off, why don't we head to the locker room and meet Andy and get to know this confused young man. I've never met him so you'll have to bear with me while we find him.

:::Jack James leads the camera into a crowded DCWF locker room where several wrestlers are preparing for the night's house show. Off in a far corner we see a fat man with greasy shaggy brown hair and a scruffy beard. He's all alone in the corner and seems to be generally ignored by the rest of the men in the locker room.:::

Jack James: Oh God. Please don't let that be Andy.

::The fat man sees the camera and excitedly waves and motions for Jack James and the camera to come over to him:::

Jack James: Andy, I presume?

Andy: Yup, how'd you know?

Jack James: Just call it a hunch. Anyway, as you've already been made aware, the DCWF has taken an interest in your search to discover your heritage and has decided to follow you and document your journey of self-discovery in an online feature entitled Finding Andy on their website, DCWrestling.com. So with this being the first installment, why don't you tell us a little about yourself so we can really get to know where you're coming from.

Andy: Ok. Well first off, I'm Andy. Ever since I can remember I've been living in foster care, not knowing who my real parents are. I spent the majority of my life bouncing around from place to place trying to find a place to call home and someone to call family. It wasn't the happiest of childhoods as you can imagine. I had to go on day after day with these burning questions constantly swirling around inside my head. Who am I? Who are my parents? Why would they abandon me?

Jack James: ::under his breath::I can think of a reason.....

Andy: What?

Jack James: Nothing. Please continue.

Andy: Oh ok. Well anyways. Growing up it was hard for me to fit in. I never really felt like I belonged anywhere because I had trouble determining who I really was. It ate me up inside and it still does to this day. I'd give anything just to have a feeling of belonging. To have people I can share commonalities with. That's why I'm embarking on this quest of self-discovery. I'm not going to rest until I find that place where I fit in and a heritage to share and bond with others. I just want to say........

::Andy trails off as he is distracted by some loud boisterous laughter on the other side of the locker room. A group of low card DCWF luchadors are all gathered around and are laughing and joking with each other. Andy seems to be watching them with a look of awe upon his face. Jack James snaps his fingers in Andy's face to break the gaze and get his attention::

Jack James: Hey Andy, you were saying? Remember we don't have all day with these segments. You can't just go zoning out like that.

Andy: Oh. I was just saying that I really appreciate that the DCWF and it's website has taken an interest in my story and wishes to help me out. It really means a lot to me. It makes me feel like I'm not that alone after.....

Jack James: Ok you're welcome Andy. Like I told you, we don't have all day so I'm going to cut you off right there. It didn't seem like that was going anywhere anyway. So folks, there you have it. Keep tuning into DCWrestling.com for more installments of Finding Andy with me Jack James as we try to help Andy figure out who he really is. Goodnight folks.

10-15-2009, 08:37 AM
DCWrestling.com has been invited to meet with one of the new superstars in an all access insight.

As we arrive at an ordinary looking building, the doors burst open and we are greeted by the sights and sounds of a training facility. After scanning the building we see standing with a coach... is Michael Kasabian.


Michael is covered in sweat, bruised all over and deep in conversation with his coach who is looking rather argumentative, trouble in the camp? Not for Michael Kasabian.

"Hey guys" Kasabian says as warmly as you can imagine, offering his hand, "How's it going? My coach Serge over there is working me to the bone, and I absolutely love it. As some of the DCWrestling fans will be aware, I used to be a band, sellouts we were called, and you know what? They were right, I needed to get back to something more real, more noble, and I think I have found that in wrestling. Right now I may not be the best, but I want the fans to see that inside and outside the ring, I am working my butt off to get better. Anyway guys thanks for stopping by, would love to stay and chat some more, but I have more work to do."

Michael then walks away and enters the ring, whipping a training partner into the ropes before performing his patented "Seek and Destroy" maneuver, we'd say he looks ready to go.

Good luck to the rest of the DCWF.

10-15-2009, 10:17 AM
Sitting in a luxurious looking house in front of a large open log fire, are two men, one immaculately dressed, the other looking slightly more wild.

"Good evening, I am Vincent" says the well dressed male, "and this is my younger brother Eddie. You may not be aware of us at present, but you will be. I am the founder and creater of Massive Attack, and I am going to win the tag team titles. I will not stop until I am wearing that belt, no one can go to such depths as me, I will snap every bone in your body, one by one, until you can no longer take the pain, and then I will let Eddie here finish you off, isn't that right Eddie"

*Camera pans to Eddie, who looks as though he wants to speak, before being given a hard glare by Vincent, camera pans to Vincent still glaring at his brother*

"Massive Attack are coming, and we will win, I promise you, or people will pay"

A Perfect Score
10-15-2009, 11:21 AM
[The bar is dark and dim, and a light haze of smoke hovers in the air. Sitting in the corner of this tiny bar in Dublin, Ireland surrounded by his entourage is star wrestler Mickey Murphy. Cigar in his mouth and wearing only jeans and a wifebeater, it is clear that he feels he doesnt need fine suits or expensive jewelery to make himself appealing. A pint of Guinness sits half empty on the table, and Murphy looks directly into the camera as he speaks in his Irish accent.]


You can keep your fancy suits. You can keep your watches, sunglasses, and expensive cars. Keep your huge houses and your big screen televisions. Keep your fledgling acting careers and your playboy bunnies. Alright, well, maybe not the bunnies. (winks) When you step inside the ring with Mickey Murphy, you need to realize one thing: none of that **** will save you. Because when I come, I come for blood. There is no measure to how hard I will hit you, or how fast I will force you to tap. I will give you no quarter lads, I promise you that. And to those who would think of antagonizing me, I have only one thing to say...beware the wrath of the Irish.

[Murphy winks again and downs the remainder of his beer and signals for the bartender to bring him another. The camera fades to black as "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-64CaD8GXw, Murphy's entrance music, begins to play.]

10-15-2009, 01:57 PM
The screen at a crowed DCWF house show shows Pacman Jennings and B. Easy roll up in pacman's new car (http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a124/boysofsheahem/blog%20graphics%203/1241509574_488.jpg) to the DCWF parking lot blaring Pacman's entrence music (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiZwUJhEhVk&feature=related). The music stops and out walk The Compton Collision. Pacman begins to talk

"Good evening punk ass wanna-bee haters, we are tonight's entertainment. Better yet, we are every Wendnesday Night's entertainment. We are the Compton Collision aka the future DCWF tag champs, I am Pacman Jennings aka the future DCWF Champ and this is my boi B. Easy aka the future DCWF TV Champ. See we are what everyone wants to be. Killonaires. Women want us, men fear us. We are here to exterminate all of the punk ass wana-bee haters from the DCWF. And if you got a problem with that, we got 2 words for ya! SUCK IT!"

Pacman and Easy get back in the car and leave as fans boo.

The Dude Abides
10-15-2009, 04:10 PM
Stacy: Hello DCW fans! I am here with “The Lethal One” Scott Phoenix. Scott tell our fans why exactly you are in DCW?

Scott: Well Tracy…

Stacy: It’s Stacy, Scott

Scott: Sugartits… I am sorry to break this to you, but nobody cares…

Now lets get back to the business at hand. Why am I here? Why is “The Lethal One” here? That is the 64,000 thousand dollar for the day huh? Well, why I am here is pretty simple. I have the same goal as everyone else, to be the best, to dominate everybody else here. However, unlike this entire sad sack roster, I can actually reach that goal. I have everything that you need to beat anybody and everybody put before me. I…have the looks. I…have the strength. I…have the Brains. I, Scott Phoenix,… have the talent to raise the bar in DCW. There is nobody here, in this hole of an organization, can stop me from doing whatever I damn well please. Like I said before… the bar has been raised here, and if you cannot meet it stay out of my way, or I will turn out to be, Your Judge… Your Jury…….and Your Executioner.

10-15-2009, 11:24 PM
Film begins rolling as a DCW camera crew films there way behind the curtain and down the corridors towards the locker room area. They approach a red door with name J. KNIGHT printed on it. A hesitant knock. No answer. Another knock. Still silence. The cameraman tries the door and realizing it is unlocked he turns the handle pushing the door open in the process. The camera glances around the room. A desk with a half-drank bottle of water on it, a folding chair, and on the coach sits a man with a bottle of Gatorade in his hand. The flavor and color of the liquid is irrelevant. The glimmer of damp hair increases the hue of his already dark hair making it look the color of coal. His his bowed but from further investigation he is bobbing along from the music resonating from his iPod earphones. A moment elapses before he looks up. The man is not taken by surprise by the camera crew instead he calmly removes his ear-buds, runs a hand through his beard, and clears his throat.

"So, here I am. My first day in the DCW and I have to tell you, it is exciting. My first couple of days with a new company are similar to being with a woman for the first time. You're excited, you're heart pounds a little, you want to impress them and last longer than 5 minutes and hope you don't go off prematurely.
You know when I told some of my friends that I was coming to the DCW they said "Justin... why? You can go anywhere you want. You can choose any wrestling company out there. Why are you going with the DCW?" That answer is simple. You see, I have this fire that burns deep inside me. It's an everlasting spark that can't be extinguished. It's a desire to be surrounded by the greatest competition because that's what drives me. Competition. Competitiveness. The drive to have the best match possible with whoever my competition is in the ring.
Here in the DCW they have assembled a collection of thugs, primadonnas, fat guys, and tough guys - which is great. They are all the best at what they do and I have to say, some of them can even wrestle.
So, my purpose here in the DCW? To prove that I am the... BEST. DAMN. WRESTLER. IN. THE. BUSINESS. PERIOD. That the owner of the DCW World Championship deserves to be me, Justin Knight. A wrestler who has worked across the world, with numerous promotions, and has always been at the top. And you, the guys that make this company work day in and day out, deserve to witness the best. I have paid my dues and now it's time for me to reach the pinnacle of wrestling and that is to become the first DCW World Champion!"

10-16-2009, 11:53 AM
by comahan @ 11:54 AM on 10/16/2009

In breaking news, DCWrestling.com has learned that on the first ever edition of DCW Primetime - to be held this Wednesday - Owner Rod Gordon will make a splash. He has announced that the DCW Television Championship will be on the line in a Fatal Four Way Match. But there is a catch. He calls it High Risk, High Reward. The reward is of course, the DCW Television Championship. The risk involved is slightly less clear. However, he did have this to say regarding it;

"The risk involved is that whoever ends up being the one that gets pinned to end the match... that person will be in a very, very deep hole in the upcoming weeks leading up to our first Pay Per View, and quite frankly I'm not sure It'll be possible for anyone to dig themselves out."

Rod Gordon has called for any member of the DCW roster interested in this "High Risk, High Reward" situation to throw their hat in, and officially state their interest. To do this, a roster member has only to send a PM to comahan stating their intentions to be involved in this. Owner Rod Gordon will make a decision as to who the Four Men in this match will be and will release those names along with the rest of the card for Wednesday's show.

10-16-2009, 12:25 PM
*Camera pans around to a passed out man laying on a couch with a hat covering his face, he slowly starts to wake up*

Padraig Murphy: Some Guinness was spilled on the bar room floor
when the pub was shut for the night.
Out of his hole crept a wee brown mouse
and stood in the pale moonlight.
He lapped up the frothy brew from the floor,
then back on his haunches he sat.
And all night long you could hear him roar,
'Bring on the goddam cat!

10-16-2009, 12:50 PM
*camera pans out to show Seattle Beach with overcast sky and a pier in the distance*
(heavy breathing heard)
*camera pans down to see Mr. Seattle lying on the sand breathing hard with a running parachute on the ground behind him. He slowly stands up.*
Mr. Seattle: What, you thought I was born the fastest wrestler in the DCW?
*Mr. Seattle takes off running the other direction with a slow fade out with short clips showing some of his trademark spears and such.*

end promo screen Green with the space needle silhouette in black.

10-16-2009, 02:23 PM
Camera shows a back ally, the cameraman turns the corner and you begin to hear some noise. Turns out that B. Easy is street fighting against a rather large black man. Easy knocks the man out, takes the money he got for winning the fight and walks over towards the camera.

"Oh ****, is that interview now? Ma b, I thought we was starting later. So, what was it I wanted to tell the DCW world about. I would like to announce that I am personally putting my name in the hat for the TV Title fatal four-way. That's all I got for ya. Now, if you will excuse me I gotta go spend this money on... Uh... Stuff."

B. Easy walks away and you see him shake hands with a sketchy character on a street corner then the screen fades to black.

10-16-2009, 02:35 PM
camera pans to James Matthews who is inside a gym lifting weights.

Matthews:So I hear there is a fatal fourway for the TV title.Well allow me to throw my name into the ring for this match.to me when I look at all the guys who have entered their names for this match it's a joke.B Easy is a flat out disgrace to this buisness.the last thing DCW needs is some gangster ruining the image of the belt.Sabotage?really?he's a glorified stuntman.there is only one man who will carry the DCW tv title with the respect and dignity it deserves and it's me.so to all those who will also throw their names into ring for this match.just save yourselves the pain and agony as the age of Matthews is upon DCW.

camera fades to black as Matthews continues his workout

10-16-2009, 03:35 PM
There is a loud banging sound coming from the DCW locker room the door opens slowly and the camera pans up to find Sabotage using his locker as a punching bag. His hands are clearly bleeding and he has a smile on his fast that gets bigger with each punch he gives one last hard jab and then turns around to face the camera.

He never looks at the camera directly he just holds up his bloody hands and stares at them. "If I'm will to do this to my self just imagine what I would be willing to do to my opponents if giving the chance to compete in the Fatal Four Way Match for the DCW Television Championship". Sabotage starts laughing then out of no where punches the camera right in the lens it shatters and the screen goes blank.

10-16-2009, 10:27 PM

First Ever DCW Match
Justin Knight vs. Jon Mirasty

Singles Match
James Matthews vs. B Easy w/ Adam Jennings and Ms Pacman

Four Corner Survival Elimination Match
Padraig Murphy vs. Mickey Murphy vs. Lonnie Swardson vs. Troy James w/ Rampage

Tag Team Match
The Carrelos vs. Massive Attack

DCW Television Championship Match
Mr Seattle vs. Andy vs. Scott Phoenix vs. Sabotage

Plus! DCW Owner Rod Gordon

10-17-2009, 06:03 PM
(The scene begins with a shot of a sold out DCW house show. DCW personality Jack James is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in his hand.)

Jack James: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this sold out DCW house show. Before we let all the exciting DCW wrestling get underway, we have a special guest who wants to come out and say a few words. Those of you in attendance, who are frequent visitors to DCWrestling.com, may be aware that I am doing a running documentary series following DCW "superstar" Andy and his quest of self discovery. Those of you who aren't aware, I suggest you go out and buy yourself a computer. I mean seriously folks. It's 2009. There's no reason to be afraid of technology. But back to the original point, Andy asked me to come out here and introduce him tonight because he says he has made a startling breakthrough in his journey and he wanted to share it with the world. So without further introductions, here's Andy.

(Andy walks out from backstage and towards the ring. He is wearing a red bandana around his forhead, dark shades, and a flannel shirt unbuttuned except for the top button. He appears to have new tattoos covering his neck. He struts down to ringside and climbs into the ring. The crowd, and more importantly Jack James, don't know how to respond to this. Andy pulls out his own microphone and starts to speak to a speechless Jack James.)

Andy: Hola mi amigo. Que Paso? Want some chicle?

(Andy pulls some gum out of his pocket and offers it to Jack James who refuses)

Jack James: Andy, what the hell is this? Is this some kind of a joke?

Andy: This is no joke Senor James. This is what I wanted to share with you all tonight. After some intense research I have discovered that my parents were from Mexico and I was born in a small border town along the Mexican border. So my quest is over, the mystery has been solved. I, Andy, am officially proud to be a Mexican-American.

Jack James: Riiiight. So Andy, how'd you come across this startling discovery?

Andy: I hired a private eye and he worked night and day until he found out the truth.

Jack James: A private eye? What was his name Andy?

Andy: Uhhh....Guy.

Jack James: Guy. Guy the Private Eye. Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? Are you sure this doesn't have anything to do with that group of luchadors we saw backstage the other day Andy?

Andy: What? Of course not. And don't call me Andy anymore. From now on I want to be referred to as The Latin King so people can really know who I am.

Jack James: Yeah, that won't be happening Andy.

(points to the "tattoo" on Andy's neck)

Jack James: Is that magic marker?

Andy: No that's my new tattoo holmes. I got it the other day to show how proud of my Mexican heritage I really am.

Jack James: No I'm pretty sure that's magic marker.

(Jack James licks his thumb and wipes the tattoo off of Andy's neck)

Jack James: See I told you. It's not even permanent marker Andy.

Andy: Hey essay, back up off me before I cut you holmes. No gringo is going to disrespect me like that. Comprende?

Jack James: Whatever. I don't have time to argue with you over this. Is this all you wanted to share with us? That you're now a Mexican?

Andy: Hey don't rush me. I can't believe it took me this long to figure out who I really am. I mean it's been painfully obvious all along that I'm Mexican. I mean look at the clues.

Jack James: I feel I am going to immediately regret asking this but, what clues would those be Andy?

Andy: Well, first there was that time when I was 7 years old and I decided to sign up to play socc...I mean futbol. Yeah, futbol. And don't forget my love for tacos. I mean I've had 4 or 5 of them already today. And that's not even the most important piece of evidence. Ask me what kind of dog I have?

Jack James: Do I have to?

Andy: A chihuahua. His name is Pepe and he's a sweetheart. So you see Jack or as we say in Mexico.....uh....Jack. Actually I'm fairly certain we say Jack too. Anyway, as you see, my quest for self discovery has come to an end but I'd love for you to still accompany me and document my historic rise as the DCW's first Mexican Television Champion this Wednesday night. Would you like to do that Jack?

Jack James: As much as I really don't want to, I don't have a choice. For some reason the DCW ordered 6 months of Finding Andy segments for DCWrestling.com. I hope someone got fired for that decision.

Andy: That's muy excellente mi amigo! I look forward to seeing you again but I have to go now. It's time for my afternoon siesta. Adios muchacho.

(Andy then leaves the ring and goes backstage.)

Jack James: I hate my life.

10-19-2009, 01:35 AM
The camera pans up showing two men dressed in street clothes outside of a brick building, presumably an area. One wears black boots, a steel gray hoodie zipped up with the hood on. The other wears tennis shoes with a black Mastodon shirt on, underneath a white long john top is providing warmth. He wears his black Pittsburgh Penguins baseball hat backwards. Both wear jeans, neither are tattered. Both appear roughly the same height while the one wearing the hat appears broader in bulk. The one wearing the hoodie speaks...

"So, here we are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, home of some of the toughest workers in the business. Birthplace of ECW, which defined what it means to bust your balls every night. Me and my partner trained right in this area. We have busted our asses to get where we are today and now we got the first DCW pay-per-view coming up. We're not on the card but that's fine with us. That gives us time to watch our competition in the tag team division. We get to see The Carellos versus Massive Attack. Two of the premier tag teams here in DCW. We applaud them.
[both clap deliberately several times; it's noticeably forced]
Really, pat yourselves on the back. Hug your partners and give yourself self-high-fives because when you finally see my partner and I in action you're going to need that warm, fuzzy feeling those hugs gave you. So, go on, have a good watch but remember, Damage Inc is coming for you. We're coming for the DCW tag belts and we're not going to stop until we get them."

10-19-2009, 01:50 AM
A camera crew is backstage. A woman's voice is heard in the background saying "Oh, there he is. Come on, guys!" The image is jumpy until they catch up with the man they are chasing...

Stacy Smith: "Justin.... Justin... Can we have a word? Justin, a word please...

Justin Knight turns around and wait for Stacy Smith and the camera crew to catch up with him.

Stacy Smith: "Justin, could you give us a few words for your upcoming match against Joe "Nasty" Mirasty on the first DCW Pay-per-view?"

Justin Knight: "Wait, who am I wrestling?"

Stacy Smith: "Joe 'Nasty' Mirasty".

Justin Knight: "Ah, Mr. McNasty... That sounds like the ugly guy on Grey's Anatomy..."

Stacy Smith: "Uh, Justin, it's just 'Nasty'"

Justin Knight: "What is?"

Stacy Smith: "His name. It's just Joe 'Nasty' Mirasty..."

Justin Knight: "It doesn't matter what his name is. The fact of the matter, Stephanie, is that it's my first time in a DCW ring. Commissioner Gordon tapped me to be in the first ever DCW match. See, Gordon recognizes talent when he sees it and the man with the talent? [points thumbs at himself] ME. I'm the one that's going to get all of the wrestling fans out there hooked on the first match which will keep them watching the whole card. It's me that's being tagged as the flag bearer of the company. When Commissioner Gordon told me I was going to be in the first match on the pay-per-view I told him I would not disappoint. And I don't plan on doing so. I just hope McNasty, Miss Sassy, Mirasty, whatever his name, is ready when he steps in the ring with me. He's messing with the standard bearer, the Fan's Champion, and the future of the DCW."

10-20-2009, 11:50 AM
*The screen fades in as if we had never left the Carellos from their last Promo*
Papa Carello: So, we get to face massive attack. Those lardos who think they are going to beat up my boys and win the tag titles. They have another thing coming, with the fast fiery fiesty Jimmy, and the power house, power hungry, title ready Vinny, I think they my boys will dominate the competition. No one has the mix of speed and power, or power and speed that they have. And no one messes with Papa Carellos' boys and wins the match. So Massive Fatasses, get ready, because you are going down.

10-21-2009, 04:13 PM
**The camera shows Lonnie Swardson backstage with DCW's Stacy Smith. Stacy is wearing a low-cut shirt and Lonnie, fully equipped in sweat gear, is making a clear effort not to look.**

Stacy: We're here with one of the fresh new faces of the DCW, young Lonnie Swardson, who is set to make his DCW debut tonight. How are you feeling, Lonnie?

Lonnie [staring at the ceiling]: Oh I'm real excited, real glad to be here. This is all I ever wanted to do.

Stacy: Big wrestling fan?

Lonnie: Oh, absolutely. I wouldn't be able to live with doing anything else. There's nothing better and I know it's for me. This elite group that is professional wrestlers - it's where I am and it's where I belong.

Stacy: ...is everything okay?

Lonnie [still staring at the ceiling]: Oh, yes, fine. Just, um... fine.

Stacy: ooookay, then. Well, anyway, your debut as one of these great wrestlers is close at hand, as you prepare to take on Padraig Murphy, Troy James, and Mickey Murphy in the first of two 4-way matches on the inaugural DCW card. Now that sounds like one heck of a debut!

Lonnie: Oh it definitely is, Stacy, and I plan to make the most of it. These guys might not see it coming, but I'm ready to [stressed bravado] kick some ass [/ stressed bravado]. I'd be really worried if I was Murphy or... Murphy, or, um, how many Murphys were there?

Stacy: Well that's certainly the kind of attitude you'll need stepping into the ring with a tough Australian, brawling boxer, and possible murderer. And good luck doing so.

Lonnie [nervously]: Did you say murderer?

Stacy: Thanks for your time, Lonnie, and good luck.

Lonnie: Wait, seriously...

**Camera cuts**

10-21-2009, 07:18 PM
DCW Primetime quick results!

- Knight def. Mirasty via Pinfall after a Burning Hammer
- Rod Gordon announced the PPV Main Event and an 11 Gauntlet in 2 weeks. He also laid out something for Bryan Hart to decide.
- Matthews. def. B. Easy via Pinfall after the Lights Out Superkick. After the match, Jennings and B. Easy attacked Matthews.
- Troy James won the 4-Way Elimination Match, eliminating all 3 other participants.
- Massive Attack def. The Carellos via Pinfall after the Doomsday Device
- Rod Gordan lays out the specifics for the Bryan Hart situation
- Scott Phoenix wins the Television Championship in a Fatal Four Way Match
- Rod Gordon announces Andy's punishment of being #1 in the Gauntlet

10-21-2009, 07:23 PM
Right after the show ends, Bryan Hart's music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

"Good evening everyone and boy am I glad to be here at the first ever DCW Primetime! The show has been great so far. We have hadsome excellent matches so far, but enough about evryone else, I came down here for a reason. I have been asked by the commish himself to take on the Candian Punk Chris Stylez. Gordon and Stylez have been waiting for my decision, and here it is. **** Yeah! I mean, come on, why wouldn't I? Stylez is a chump and he NEEDS to be dealt with, so Chris, if you want some, Come Get Some!"

Hart drops the mic and walks back as the crowd goes wild. Massive "Future Champ!" chants break out as Hart waves to he fans.

10-22-2009, 03:09 PM
Stacy Smith: "In this DCWrestling.com exclusive, I have tracked down Chris Stylez. Chris, you're now scheduled to wrestle Bryan Hart next week with a lot on the line..."

* Stylez sighs. *

Chris Stylez: "As we inch ever so closely to the debut match of "The Canadian Phenomenon", I begin to visualize what awaits. A man with wrestling in his blood. Part of the legendary Hart family. But as natural to the business as you may be, Hart, the fact of the matter is that the most impressive pedigree in the world cannot compete with Gods will. Nothing... can compete with God's will. And when we step into that ring across from one another next week... when all of your talking comes to an end and you actually have to back it up... it wont matter who your grandfather is, it wont matter what family you belong to, it wont even matter if you're as good as you say you are. Because you will fall apart in front of me when you realize what you've gotten yourself into by accepting Gordon's match. Your courage will crumble once you realize that youre in the ring with the best. With God's Gift to Wrestling. With REAL Wrestling Royalty.

Stacy Smith: "And what's your reaction to Rod Gordon?"

Chris Stylez: "Rod Gordon... a man that made many promises, and kissed a lot of ass to get me to sign on that dotted line. And a man thats also broken several of those promises already. When I saw that I wasn't in the Main Event of the first ever DCW show, I shrugged it off. Maybe the man is smarter than I thought, and he was saving my star power to sell PPV's. But that wasnt the case. I heard him announce the 6 Man Main Event at Crowning a Champion, and I knew I had been had. Not only was I not even booked on the first DCW show, but I wasnt being handed the World Title at DCW's first PPV. And quite frankly Stacy, thats unacceptable. I am the Crown Jewel of this industry. I am the one true legend in this business. And I am exactly what you want in a World Champion. Class personified. But apparently Rod Gordon sees me as someone he wants to try and make an example out of. If he can do it to me, then he can do it to anyone. But Stacy, I'm not going to let that happen. Just like every wrestler in this company, Rod Gordon is waste. It starts next week when my hand is raised. Then the cleansing will have begun. One by one, every single person in this company will fall to God's Will. And along that journey, I will acquire what is rightfully mine; the DCW World Championship. And when I do win that belt, I will walk right up to Rod Gordon, look him in the eye, and I will laugh in his face for trying to make an example out of the greatest wrestler this industry will ever see."

10-22-2009, 07:00 PM

Tag Team Match
Lonnie Swardson and Andy vs. The Irish Republic Army

Triple Threat Match
Michael Kasabian vs. Mr Seattle vs. 747

Tag Team Match
Damage Inc vs. Troy James and Rampage

Tag Team Match
James Matthews and Jon Mirasty vs. Adam Jennings and B. Easy

Loser Must Compete in a Fatal Four Way Qualifying Match @ "Crowning a Champion"
Bryan Hart vs. Chris Stylez

Tag Team Main Event
Scar and Justin Knight vs. Scott Phoenix and Sabotage

10-26-2009, 06:38 PM
Stacey Smith is backstage in James Matthews locker room

Stacey: We're here with James Matthews.James your thoughts on your debut in DCS and your match with Pacman and B Easy?

Matthews:My thoughts?My thoughts are how I can;t believe I have to deal with America's Most Wanted again.I should be focusing on becoming DCW Champion but instead I have to permantly rid DCW of these two.Pac..Easy enjoy your last few moments in this company because Mirasty and I will be your judge, jury and ******* ****** executioner.

10-26-2009, 06:53 PM
Stacy Smith catches up with Jon "Nasty" Mirasty backstage:

Stacy Smith: Jon, coming off a loss in your first DCW match what do you plan on doing differently this week?

Jon Mirasty: Nothing. I did everything perfect last week. Every loveable loser gets lucky once. Guarentee if we had a rematch Knight wouldn't get off the mat after I'm done with him.

SS: What do you think about tag-teaming with James Matthews against Pacman and B. Easy?

JM: Funny you ask that. I hope you don't get paid a lot to do this. These are elementary school questions that my 6 year old niece could ask. The only words I have for James Matthews is he better stay out of my way. As for Pacman and B. Easy, who the hell are these guys? I saw them earlier and they look like a couple of wanna-be gangsters who think they're dope. Who calls themselves Pacman anyway? This guy is like 100 lbs. soaking wet. Won't be a threat at all. And B. Easy. He should change his name to Beat Easily. This guy is as soft as they come. He thinks that since he can KO some chump on the street that he is a god. I can't wait until this wigger gets in the ring and I turn his face into a Nasty Sight. I'm done with this.

10-26-2009, 08:13 PM
Justin Knight is shown sitting behind a desk. Next to the desk are two folding chairs. He wears a tuxedo t-shirt and his wrestling tights. He has on a black sports coat over the t-shirt. He is shown straightening papers with a pencil behind his ear. He takes the pencil off of his ear to scratch out something on the top sheet. He then looks up at the camera.

Justin Knight: "Hi there and welcome to Knight Time! with me Justin Knight. We've got a great show for you guys tonight as up-and-coming tag team Damage Inc will join us as will the show-stealer, heart stopper Lonnie Swardson. But before we get ahead of ourselves let me welcome my first guests: Damage Inc! [Justin Knight points his pencil in the direction the tag team is supposed to enter from]

[Austin Cole and Trent Powers walk out and each shake Justin Knight's hand. They each take a seat next to him.]

Justin Knight: "All right, guys. Lets get down to it. You have your first tag team match this coming Wednesday against Troy James and Rampage. How are you feeling? Nervous, excited, scared...?

Austin Cole: "Me and my partner are both excited about our first match in DCW. Rob Gordon decided to give us a warm up match against an MMA reject and a kangaroo rider. Hey, ya know, that's cool. We can start easy and work our way up to the top of the tag teams."

Justin Knight: "Oh, harsh words, Austin. Ouch, man. How bout you Trent? You got anything to add?"

Trent Powers: "No. I let my wrestling do the talking."

Justin Knight: [stares at Trent] ............ "Alright, so you guys think you're the best at what you do, huh?"

Austin Cole: "We KNOW we're the best. Troy James and Rampage will find out this Wednesday when they step in the ring with us. We're the most intense, physical wrestlers in the business today. We're going to damage the hell out of you and leave you bruised, battered, and sore so that everyone knows what happens when you tangle with wrestling perfect."

Justin Knight: "Some strong words. I hope T.J. and Rampage are paying attention. Ha, T.J. and Rampage. Kinda sounds like an 80s movie, wouldn't you agree Trent?"

Trent Powers: [Stares at Justin Knight] ....

Justin Knight: "Alright, guys. Thank you. T.J. and Rampage, good luck because you're going to need it when facing those two."

Damage Inc. walks off of set

Justin Knight: "Ah, damn, would you look at the time. Sorry, Lonnie, but we can't get you today. Until next on Knight Time! Peace out."

10-27-2009, 03:36 PM
Stacy Smith: Hello DCW.com I am Stacy Smith, and I am here live with The Compton Collision and Ms. Pacman. Pacman, Easy, what are your thoughts on Jon Mirasty and James Matthews' comments regarding your match on Wednesday?

Pacman: Lookey here Tracy, I ain't looking for anymo hoes, now that I got Ms. Pacman so you can leave. Look, Mirasty and Matthews can talk all the **** they want, cause we all saw what we did to Matthews last week. And if Mirasty wants to get involved and thinks he can save Matthews, he's got another thing coming. See the Compton Collision don't **** around and if the 2 of them want to pick a fight with the future DCW Tag champs, then they better be ready for a beatdown. Cause Compton is coming for ya!

*B. Easy googly eyes Stacy and she gets a frightened look on here faces as the Compton Collision walk away*

10-27-2009, 03:53 PM
Stacy Smith: "In this DCWrestling.com exclusive, I have managed to get a hold of DCW Title hopfull, Bryan Hart. Bryan, what is your reaction to Chris Stylez's statements about his match with you on this Wednesday Night's DCW Primetime?"

Bryan Hart: Oh hey Stacy, sorry it seems like I have been avoiding you lately, I have been really busy preping for my match with the Canadian Punk all week. You see, he knows that I am a natural in the ring, he knows how good I am, but wlhat he doesn't know is that when I am through with him not only will he no longer think he is looking at a god in the mirror, hell, he won't even think he is looking at a human. I am going to destroy him. See, this Canadian Punk needs to learn a lesson and needs to be shut up, which is why Comissioner Gordon has come to me. You see, Mr. Gordon is a smart man, and he knows that I can get the job done. He sees that I am the only man capable of eliminating this piece of ****! So Chris, be ready cause the Next Generation of Greatness is gunning for you. Thanks for your time Stacy, see you around.

Stacy Smith: "Well, there you have it folks. It looks like this match is setting up quite the rivalry."

The Dude Abides
10-28-2009, 02:27 AM
Stacy: Hello DCW fans! I am here with “The Lethal One” Sco…

Scott: AHEM

Stacy: I’m sorry…. I am here with the reigning DCW Television Champion “The Lethal One” Scott Phoenix!

Scott: Nice job Hot lips

Stacy: So Scott, you are DCW first ever Television Champion. What are your thoughts?

Scott: What are my thoughts? Well… they are pretty simple. My thoughts are that Rod Gordon should think about retiring this belt, because I am not letting it go! Oh... they will try. However, they all will fail! Every single one of them will fail! They will all fail because not a soul here is my equal. Nobody is on my level. I, Scott Phoenix, am the best that this company has to offer, and intelligently, Rod Gordon that I should be the first champion ever crowned in DCW! All of these idiot fans better get ready because this Belt and I are in for a long and wild ride. Because what Arn Anderson meant to the NWA Television Title, what Rob Van Dam meant to the ECW Television Title, that is what ”The Lethal One” will mean to the DCW Television Title!

10-28-2009, 04:07 PM
**A confused and disappointed Lonnie Swardson is seen walking away from the set of Knight Time!. A quiet, sympathetic voice is heard encouraging Jack James to approach Lonnie. He reluctantly does so, mic in hand**

Jack James [begrudgingly]: Hey, Lonnie, can we get a word?

Lonnie [looking back at the now distant Justin Knight]: I don’t know, I might not have any words left in me after all that talking I just did.

Lonnie: No, we can talk.

Jack James: Alright, then. Well, you’re officially a DCW star now, having fought on last week’s show.
[this brings a large grin to Lonnie’s face]
That match, however, did not go so well for you. You were unsurprisingly the first man eliminated and it seemed like you never really made too much of an impact.

Lonnie: That match was bullcrap! I was just starting to heat up, really starting to turn the tide of the match. Then that British guy hit me in the balls! So not cool!

Jack James: Honestly Lonnie, I would have no idea who you’re referring to considering there were two Irish, one Australian, and zero British fighters in that match, if it weren’t for Troy James memorable pinning of all three opponents.

Lonnie: Right. Yeah. Well anyway, it was pretty lame.

Jack James: Well Troy James is the only guy that you won’t be getting a second chance at this week. You’ll once again face off against Padraig and Mickey Murphy, this time in a tag team match where you’ll be partnered with another big winner, Andy. A team that will certainly interesting, if nothing else,
[Under his breath] besides pathetic.

Lonnie: Yeah, those guys got off light last week. But now they don’t have any dirty wrestlers to take out their toughest competition. It’s still not fully up to me, being a tag match and all, but the beating will be twice as good with Andy on my side. He’s a good guy. He let me borrow his towel last week. I just know we’re going to come out and turn our luck around.

Jack James: What? Ugh. I think we’re done, here. Anything else to add, Lonnie?

Lonnie: They call me the show stealer, you know.

Jack James: Huh?

Lonnie: The heart stopper.

Jack James: Who does?

Lonnie: Oh, you know. Justin…. Everyone.

Jack James: Justin Knight??

Lonnie: Yeah. We’re pretty good friends.

Jack James: I’m sure.

10-28-2009, 08:02 PM

DCW Primetime - 4th November, 2009

Rampage vs. B. Easy vs. Trent Powers
** The Compton Collision get their chance to qualify for the Triangle Tag Match on November 11. Damage Inc got their shot last week, and came up short thanks to a low blow from Troy James. That low blow allowed James and Rampage to qualify for the Tag Title Match. This match allows James and Rampage to scout out The Compton Collision, it allows The Compton Collision to get back on track after a loss last week, and it allows Damage Inc to perhaps gain some revenge on James and Rampage. **

747 and Michael Kasabian vs. The Irish Republic Army
** Last week, Kasabian and 747 came up on the short end of a Triple Threat Match where only the winner would gain entry into the 11 Man Gauntlet. After their match, Rod Gordon came out with The Irish Republic Army. He announced that "anyone who messes with me, messes with them". The IRA then attacked 747 and Kasabian. This match is their chance for a bit of vengeance. **

Massive Attack vs. The Carellos
** This is a qualifier for the Triangle World Tag Team Title Match at "Crowning a Champion". It is also a rematch from the first ever DCW Show, where Massive Attack came out on top. The winners of this match will join Troy James and Rampage in the Tag Title Match. **

Eleven Man Gauntlet
** The participants in this match will be Andy, Bryan Hart, Mr Seattle, Sabotage, Chris Stylez, Justin Knight, Scar, Jon Mirasty, James Matthews, Lonnie Swardson, and Scott Phoenix. The Winner of this match receives an automatic bye into the "Crowning a Champion" 6 Man Main Event. There will always be 2 men in the ring. Once one is eliminated, the next entry will come out. This will happen until all Eleven men have participated. The #1 and #2 entries are set. Andy was on the losing end of the Four Way Television Title Match in the first ever Main Event, and was punished by being named the #1 entry. Likewise, Bryan Hart was punished for his inability to put away Chris Stylez. Hart will enter at #2. If Hart does not win the Gauntlet, he will have to participate in a Four Way Qualifier at "Crowning a Champion". The only other spot that could potentially be set by match time is the 11th and final slot. Rod Gordon gave Television Champion Scott Phoenix the opportunity to gain the 11th entry in the match if he were to forfeit his Television Title. What will his decision be?**

10-28-2009, 10:05 PM
Stacy Smith: "Bryan, do you have anything to say about your loss to Chris Stylez"

Bryan Hart: Look Stacy, now is not the time to talk, Im pissed! I just lost a match that Gordon handed me, practically gift wraped it for me. And worst of all it was on a ******** call. So, once I win that gaunlet on Wednesday and then I meet Stylez at the ppv, if he makes it there, I will get my revenge and make him pay. Here, lemme tell you a story. My grandfather, the legendary Brett Hart, stuck his finger into the eyesocket of his opponent and with no care, extracted the eyeball and left it dangling, helpless. The lesson? Don't try to take something from an Hart! With that as a lesson I heard growing up over and over again, what do you think I'll do if I get a chance for revenge?"

*Hart walks away furious.*


10-28-2009, 10:23 PM
Stacy Smith:James can we get your thoughts on your win tonight and Mirasty stealing the pinfall from you?

Matthews:My thoughts?that little ***** stole the win from me.But you know?It's ok...Because I will get me revenge in the gauntlet.I have bigger fish to fry then Mirasty.I will walk out of the gaunlet match victorious and go on to the PPV.See I don't care if it's Andy, Sabotage, Mr Seattle,Brayan Hart or whoever the heck you are.It really does'nt matter.for ehrn the smoke clears and the dust settles on this entire situation the age of The Assasain James Matthews will begin.

Matthews walks away

10-28-2009, 10:53 PM
(random asian guy walks into back room at Pike Place Market, a mainly seafood based market in seattle)
Asian guy: Whoa is that Mr. Seattle? What's he doing here?
Camera pans onto Mr. Seattle, who is running large Tuna fish from one end from the delivery truck to the freezer.
AG: Mr. Seattle! Mr. Seattle!! Can I has autograph?
fish strikes Asian guy in the side of the head.
AG: Ohhh you, Mr. Seattle and your shenanigans.

10-30-2009, 03:28 PM
Bryan Hart's music begins to play at a sold out DCW House show in Calgery, Hart's home town. Hart gets a huge pop and then begins to speak.

"It's good to be home! Good to be in a place where I know I am loved. Now, I'm gonna cut to the chase here. I can't even get a legit match with anybody. You got Jon Mirasty hiding under a table somewhere. You got the TV champ, Scott Pheonix, who I guess is scarred of me. Which is why he will give up the belt to get the number 11 entry this week. He wants to get as far away from me as possible, but I will still find him in the gauntlet and I will beat him to get my shot at being the first ever DCW champ. You know it's time I got to the real point, I came to the DCW to earn a reputation an legacy, not to lose one. And I got one point I wanna make, that I can excellently execute anyone I god damn please, anytime I please. So let's cut to the chase, the Franchise Player, Chris Stylez. He thinks he can run all over me cause he beat me, well I got news for ya, you cheated and got lucky. So I am asking for a rematch at DCW Primetime on November 11th, me vs you, one on one, and this time, no ******** rope grabing. Because, you don't try and take something from a Hart!"

Hart drops the mic as the crowd erupts into huge cheers as he walks backstage through the crowd, high-fiving and interacting with fans.

A Perfect Score
10-30-2009, 05:09 PM
[The camera fades in to show a grungy pub in downtown Dublin, with a dimly lit neon sign above the door called "Murphy's". As the camera cuts inside, we see Padraig "The Nightmare" Murphy drinking alone at the bar. The camera swivers to focus on "The Irishman" Mickey Murphy as he sits in his regular booth surrounded by his familiar entourage, with the addition of his newest A-List girlfriend, Kristen Bell. Mickey turns and addresses the camera...]


I'd like to alert the DCW, and all the people watching, to a very important issue that's been bothering me lately: grammar. I'd like it to be known that correct grammar is rather important, and idiots like Bryan Hart, who's promos are often filled with spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors, are both an embarrassment and a disgrace to this otherwise classy organization. So, ya big stupid dolt, learn to spell before you get back in the ring. And so it's known, I'm not "scarred" of you. Nor am I scared of you. Learn the difference, you dyslexic son of a *****. Thanks for watching this Public Service Announcement folks, now back to your regular scheduled programming.

[Mickey performs his signature wink, and goes back to his beer as the camera fades to black.]

10-30-2009, 06:22 PM
*At a house show in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, a video package is shown of Jon "Nasty" Mirasty at a Toronto Maple Leafs game. During the package, Mirasty is seen yelling and cheering for the Leafs who were, coincidentally, playing the Canadiens and won the game. Mirasty was later seen taunting the Canadiens' players and even cracking one Montreal fan in the head with a hockey stick. Mirasty comes out in a Leafs jersey to a giant amount of boos.*

Jon Mirasty: Well well well, what is up Montreal? How does the Leafs' ass taste? Yeah, you guys really blew that game. It's a shame that those pathetic players have to play in such a broken-down city like this anyway. Actually, wait a second, what could match more than pathetic players playing in a pathetic city? Ha. Everybody knows Toronto is the class of Canada. So while you miscreants continue to cheer on the most worthless hockey team in Canada, I will continue to watch my Leafs beat the Hags in every facet of the game. Lets face it, if I was still playing hockey I think we all know I would be the best player on the Canadiens. Your team is full of a bunch of fairies and retards who can't even walk, much less skate straight. The same could be said for this dump you worthless individuals live in. Well...I guess I should brighten your days up, so I am informing all of you that I will be winning the 11-man gauntlet match this upcoming Wednesday. And when I do, not only will it be a Nasty Sight in the DCW, but I know this is hard to believe, it will even be a Nastier Sight in Montreal.

*Mirasty holds up the Maple Leaf symbol on his jersey while walking out of the arena to yet another large amount of boos.*

The Dude Abides
11-01-2009, 04:22 PM
Stacy: Hello everyone, I am here talking to DCW Television Champion Scott Phoenix!

Scott: Stacy, how come you are always clamoring for my interviews?

Stacy: It’s my job Scott. I interview you to help the DCW fans get to know more about you.

Scott: Is that really why you are here?

Stacy: Yes!

Scott: Really?

Stacy: Well… I… I… Um…

Scott: It’s ok Pretty Eyes, I understand.

However, now we should get back to business at hand. And apparently, the most pertinent problem I have is Sabotage. He seems to not be appreciative of my clean and fair victory in DCW’s first ever show. And realistically… I can’t blame him. Quite frankly, I’d be angry if I didn’t have this belt either. While his anger and frustration are understandable to me, he is really overstepping his bounds. What is going through his mind to attack me? It’s pretty obvious that Locker Puncher is not exactly the brightest crayon in the box, but what exactly possesses a man to make this decision. This action is far beyond a simple lapse in judgment; it is an epic error and will, in all likelihood, end up causing him a considerable amount of pain.
Sabotage decided to ruin what could have a great career move for him. If Sabotage simply kept his mouth shut and didn’t annoy me, he could have very easily ridden my coattails to fame and fortune in much the same way as Ole Anderson did with Flair, Arn and Tully back in the Four Horseman days. Because, as everybody knows by now, Sabotage simply isn’t as good as me in the ring, it really is that simple of an explanation. Sabotage needs to look deep down and ask himself a heartfelt question… Do I want this? We can all assume, if he answered the question honestly, he would definitely not. He would realize the pain I am about to bring his way. I may come across as something else outside of the ring, but inside of it, I am as violent as they come. And Sabotage, you have flicked that switch. You better call your mother and tell you that you love her because this will not be pretty.

Stacy: Wait… I have another question.

Scott: Fine, what is it beautiful?

Stacy: What do you think of Bryan Hart’s comments?

Scott: Who?

11-04-2009, 04:34 PM
** The camera creeps into a room to show Lonnie Swardson sprawled on the floor, surrounded by Official DCW Wrestling Figures©. You can hear genuine excitement in his voice as he announces the imaginary match…**

“…Lonnie goes up top, takes a look back, and… YES! He hits the moonsault! The count! 1… 2… 3!!! Lonnie Swardson has won the gauntlet! The crowd is going wild as Lonnie raises his arms in vict-“

Stacy Smith: *clears her throat to alert Lonnie of her presence*

[Lonnie jumps, surprised, and attempts to hide the figures behind him as he embarrassedly replies]

Lonnie [nervously trying to keep it cool]: H-hey Stacy, what’s up?

Stacy: Not too much. May I ask what you’re up to?

Lonnie [beat red at this point]: Oh, you know, just preparing for the match. Getting focused, envisioning my, um… strategy.

Stacy [taking a clear look at the pile of figures]: Well I can see that’s working out for you.

Lonnie: Oh, those are, um, for the fans. The kids. Yeah, they’re really pushing me as a face for the whole line.

Stacy: Aw, well good for you.

[Lonnie fails in his attempt to nonchalantly hide the lone female figure]

*Awkward pause*

Stacy [expressionless]: Well, good luck in the gauntlet, Lonnie.

Lonnie [almost unable to form words he’s so embarrassed]: Ts.. Th-thanks, Stacy.

11-04-2009, 08:56 PM
by comahan @ 8:58 PM on 11/4/2009

Breaking news just in to DCWrestling.com reveals that Rod Gordon has once again given the men on his roster the opportunity to change the landscape of DCW. In an issued statement, Gordon detailed his plan;

"Bryan Hart impressed me last week. So much so that I want to reward him. However, I cannot do so without radically changing things that are already in motion. Therefore I once again call upon the DCW roster to make a decision. Specifically Lonnie Swardson and Andy. Lonnie and Andy, you have the choice of staying put, and being two of the twelve men that will wrestle to qualify in the World Title Match in the five Pay-Per-View qualifiers, or I will allow you two to make a jump over to the Tag Team Division. If you do so, you will compete next week in place of The Compton Collision, who's contracts are running out soon, in the final Tag Team qualifying match. How does this reward Bryan Hart? Simple. If Lonnie and Andy make this move, that takes two of the twelve men away from the World Title qualifiers, meaning that Bryan Hart will no longer have to wrestle in a Fatal Four Way Match, and would instead only have to qualify under regular circumstances. Lonnie and Andy, its up to you."

So there you have it. Lonnie and Andy can choose to stay put, and Hart will have to qualify for the World Title in a Fatal Four Way Match - or they can choose to compete for a chance at the World Tag Team Titles, allowing Bryan Hart to wrestle under the same circumstances as everyone else. What will they choose? DCWrestling.com will have their decision as soon as news breaks.

11-05-2009, 01:15 AM
by comahan @ 1:16 AM on 11/5/2009

DC Wrestling®, the fastest growing wrestling company in the world, announced today its partnership with worldwide blue-chip brand Crimson Energy. Dr. Josef Belikov and his Crimson Energy product has signed an agreement to stay on as lead sponsor for every foreseeable DCW Event.

11-05-2009, 01:50 AM

- Owner Rod Gordon will announce the pairings for the "Crowning a Champion" qualifying matches.

- In the nights Main Event, Chris Stylez and DCW Television Champion Scott Phoenix will take on Sabotage and Bryan Hart.

- The Final Spot in the 'Crowning a Champion' Tag Title Match will be up for grabs when the Irish Republic Army take on either Lonnie and Andy, or The Compton Collision.

- Tish and 747 will speak about the rude fan that arguably cost 747 his match last week.

- Six of the men who have a shot at winning the World Title at "Crowning a Champion" will compete in a 6-Man Tag as Justin Knight, Scar, and James Matthews take on Jon Mirasty, Mr Seattle, Michael Kasabian.

- Troy James and Rampage have asked for time to speak.

- Damage Inc will take on Massive Attack, where the winners will get a chance to prove themselves in a Non Title Match against whomever the champions may be next week.

The Dude Abides
11-08-2009, 04:28 PM
Stacy: Hello DCW fans! I am, once again, here with DCW Television Champion "The Lethal One" Scott Phoenix! Last week, you made a deal to get a match with Sabotage. Can you tell me what it was and why you did it?

Scott: Stacy, I made a decision. I knew… knew without question, that Sabotage would try to ruin my opportunity. If he let me go on in the gauntlet, he’d have to face me, and I knew he would not want that. So I made a deal with Roddy Gordon. I decided that I would come for the Gauntlet in the first available spot in order to get a match with Sabotage. Because now, there will be no running, there will be no sneak attacks… Sabotage must now face me one on one. He has to look into my eyes face to face, and he knows, he is at the disadvantage. He knows that if I know what is coming, his days are numbered because, quite frankly, he has no idea what I am going to do… and, to tell you the truth sweetness, I am a little scared of what I might do.

Stacy: Scott, This week you team with Chris Stylez to face the team of Sabotage and Bryan Hart. What do you think will happen?

Scott: Chris Stylez… Oh Chris Stylez… where do I start? God’s gift to Wrestling… that Stacy is funny, because I don’t see it. The only thing I saw last week was somebody who quit. Does a quitter really deserve to be my partner? I do not think so but apparently Gordon did. All I know about Stylez is two things. The first is that he is a slimy person, who will have no problem stabbing me in the back. That is why I will have one eye on him, and the other on my opponent at all times. Thankfully darling, I am good enough to do both. The second thing that I know is this… Chris Stylez is an idiot and a massive tool. In fact Stacy, Chris Stylez is the worst kind of idiot…

Stacy: …and what kind of idiot is that?

Scott: He is an idiot who thinks that he is a genius.

11-09-2009, 07:44 PM
Stacy Smith: "Hello DCW fans, I am here live with Bryan Hart and his manager Logan Crosby. Bryan do you have anything you want to say about you match this Wednesday?"

Bryan Hart: "Well Stacy, I am gonna have to watch my back. I am gonna have a deranged locker puncher as my tag partner who can snap at any moment and attack me if I don't tag him in at the right moment. Then I have to take on two men who I beat in the gauntlet match last week. You got Chris Stylez, who finally fell from grace last week thanks to me and his partner, the not so leathal anymore Scott Pheonix. Look, as long as my partner doesn't start attacking me, I am fine. Stylez and Pheonix will just be a warm up for the ppv."

Stacy Smith: "Well Bryan, speaking of the ppv, what are your thoughts about your match or possible matches if you manage to advance to the title match?"

Bryan Hart: "If I advance to the title match? What do you mean if? This is not a question. Everyone knows that I will be in that match and will be the first ever DCW champ. I mean think about it, I beat what, 6 of the men who have a shot of being in that match. Getting past round one will be easy, exspecially if Andy and Lonnie make the right decission and take the offer Gordon made them to avoid me. And then when I get to the title match there will only be 5 men standing in the way of me winning the belt and as we all saw last week, 5 is an easy number for me to get past."

Logan Crosby: "And one last thing Stacy, I just wanna send out a warning to Sabotage, if you even lay a finer on my client I will personally deliver you the beatin of a life time, but if you can keep your hands off or maybe even take out Mr. Stylez or Mr. Pheonix, then there will be a big reward for you."

*Crosby winks at the camera and walks out with Bryan*

The Dude Abides
11-10-2009, 06:48 AM
*Stacy finds Scott Phoenix backstage*

Stacy: Mr. Phoenix…

Scott: You don’t have to call me Mister. You can call me whatever you want Pretty Eyes.

Stacy: Well Scott, Bryan Hart had some confrontational remarks about you during his latest interview. He said you’re just simply not Lethal anymore… What is your response?

Scott: Well Stacy, what can I say, he beat me. I had my shoulders pinned to the mat for three seconds, that is technically a victory.

Stacy: Is that all that you have to say?

Scott: Beautiful… I know that you aren’t that dense. Of course I have more to say, I am not going to roll over and take this lying down like Hart’s new manager.

Bryan, I dodged talking about you in my last interview because I thought we both knew what happened last Wednesday and I’d rather talk about Locker Puncher and my partner Loudmouth McGee. However, your cockiness and brashness concern me. I am not going to take away what you did on Wednesday, it was pretty impressive actually. You made Stylez tap out in the center of the ring and because of that, I applaud you. You beat 6 guys in the Gauntlet, and for that, I applaud. However, you talking trash about your victory over me is patently absurd. You, and I, both know damn well what happened. You didn’t beat me, Sabotage beat me. I had you down, you were out, then Sabotaged ran up from behind and Stunned me and rolled your limp body over me. You had very little to do with your “victory” last week. You are, supposedly, the grandson of Bret Hart… The Excellence of Execution. But Bryan, I’d like you to indulge me for a second… last Wednesday, I was the person who put you down. I hit you with The Lethal Injection. So ,in fact, you were the person who was… executed

11-10-2009, 12:24 PM
Stacy Smith: I'm standing by with "Gods Gift to Wrestling" Chris Stylez. Chris, last week you were beaten in the center of the ring. You tapped out to the man who's been trash talking you for a month. What do you have to say for yourself?

Chris Stylez: Whats that saying? Every dog has his day? That's exactly what happened last week. Hart rode a tidal wave of momentum into beating several people that he has no right in beating on his best day. And now he's walking around the back acting like he owns the place. But you dont, Bryan. You need to learn what this business is about. Its about a matter of respect. Respect coming from you. Thats not too much to ask. Know your place, know your role, know where you belong. Its certainly not on my level.

But perhaps he's a worthy contender. Perhaps me winning that Gauntlet wasnt meant to be. Perhaps my expectations for the waste in this company was too low. But I dont think so. I dont think it was any of that. I think I am being tested.

A month ago I came out here and I said that I was looking for people worthy enough to share the same ring as me. I said that I would walk into Crowning a Champion, and walk out as undeniably the best in this business. Do I now abandon all hopes and thoughts of that because of one fluke loss? No, I dont think so. In fact, its quite the opposite.

Tomorrow night, Hart, they set the matchups for Crowning a Champion. I hope and prey that we are matched up against one another. One more time. I've beaten you before, and I'll beat you again at Crowning a Champion. The difference between those times and the next time we get in the ring? Next time I get him in that ring, there will be no holding back. I do not mean in effort, because I gave everything I had last week and you came out on the winning end. What I mean, is the way I go about exerting that effort. Now I realize that I cant just waltz into the show and out-wrestle everyone else. No. To win the DCW title, I have to abandon my conscience, and starting taking what I want by any means necessary.

I hope you're ready for an unfiltered Canadian Phenomenon, Bryan. I hope you're ready to see Chris Stylez acting without a conscience. I hope you're on your toes, because If I see an opportunity, I'm going for the kill. And believe me, I will. Because it's necessary. I say this all, and I mean this all, because sometimes, terrible things have to be done. Inevitably, there are times where you have to do things beyond what you would normally do, go the lengths beyond what you would normally go to... because it serves the greater good. I am that greater good. Bryan Hart - I will go to those lengths to get that World's Title. And I will do so without hesitation. Because I know that if I flinch in that moment, if I hesitate to act for ONE SECOND, if I let my conscience get in the way, then I will walk away once more on the losing end of things. And that's something I'm not willing to do. Not against you.

Tomorrow night, I begin going to those lengths. However, I do so alongside Scott Phoenix. The Television Champion. I saw what you said about me and you know what? I dont care. All I see in that ring, all I care about - is Bryan Hart. You can have Sabotage. I dont want him. Just know that if you get in my way, If i have Hart in my grasp and your arrogance surfaces and does something to hinder what I want to do - then you'll live to regret it. Forever.

11-10-2009, 01:03 PM
Stacey Smith: I'm here with James Matthews who came so close to winning the 11 man gauntlet.James your thoughts on the gauntler match and also your upcoming 6 man tag match and 'Crowning A Champion'?

Matthews: My thoughts?My thoughts are it sucks to come so close only to have it snatched away.I swear though this is a slight detour on my path to becoming DCW Champion.At 'Crowning A Champion' I will wind up becoming the DCW Champion.I don't care who stands in my way the result will be the same....out cold as I get the 1...2...3.

Stacey: but what about you upcoming 6 man match vs Mr Seattle, Mirasty and Kasabian

Matthews: My thoughts are they are part of the detour to my path of greatness and must be taken care of.Sorry Bout Your Damn Luck!!!!!

11-10-2009, 01:50 PM
Stacy Smith: I've caught up with Jon "Nasty" Mirasty backstage. Jon, last week you won the 11-man gauntlet match to get into the Crowning a Champion match for the DCW title. How was that match for you and your thoughts on the upcoming championship match?

Jon Mirasty: Haha, all of you look like fools now. What did I say last week? Oh yeah, I said Jon "Nasty" Mirasty is the prized jewel of this organization. I said I would win that gauntlet match because nobody matches up with me. I did. Now the whiners are going to come out of the woodwork to say how I entered late and everything, and I've only got one thing to say to them. Get the hell over it. I don't care what you disgraces to human life or anybody else says, I won that match and I will do the same at Crowning a Champion to become the 1st ever DCW champion. I have the most momentum right now. Nobody is going to stand in my way. It's time to bring a championship back to Toronto.

Stacy Smith: Ok Jon, looking ahead to this Wednesday, you have been placed in a 6-man tag match with Mr. Seattle and Michael Kasabian against Justin Knight, James Matthews, and Scar. How do like your chances in that match?

Jon Mirasty: I always like my chances. My chances are always great. It's the same this week. I don't know who my tag-team partners are, but like I said 2 weeks ago, stay out my way. I am the best wrestler in this entire match. Don't try to be the hero for our team, because I already am. As for the other guys, I'm looking forward to going against Justin Knight again to extract some much-needed revenge. He got lucky last time, this time he'll be lucky to leave the arena in one piece. James Matthews? He's a scrub that I don't care about. Same with "Scar." They'll all be "scarred" after this match. Nobody steps into the ring with The Nasty One and leaves without battle wounds.

11-11-2009, 07:47 PM
*Scar gets met backstage by Stacy Smith after having a thrilling match during this veterans day*

Stacy Smith - Scar, what are your thoughts on James Matthews and why did you in essence take yourself out of the match tonight?

Scar - You see, Stacy, it's like this. the match tonight had NOTHING to do with winning. As much as I love to win matches. The match tonight had everything to do with trying to injure my opponents. It may sound a bit underhanded, but I mean it with all regards to my distaste for certain individuals... Mirasty being one of them, and Seattle being another. I don't care who you are, if you are in the way of my hunt for the championship... you cause a distaste in my mouth. No matter who I end up facing at Crowning a Champion, all I know is that I will demolish James Matthews on the way to it, and then hopefully I see a few of the men I truly can't stand.
Chris Stylez. I can't stand you because of your loud mouth and being a dumbass canuck who can't relate to the people who pay your check.
Bryan Hart, grow a pair and quit letting Rod Gordon toss you around like his *****.
Mirasty, The prize jewel of this organization? A polished turd is nothing close to a prized jewel. How did you like those battle wounds I left on your head from my Scar Tissue?
Phoenix, quit being a greedy SOB. You already have one title. be happy with it. because it won't be around your waste much longer.
Knight and Seattle, Nothing personal with you 2... Just quit getting in my way of the title.

*Scar drops the mic and walks to the back*

11-11-2009, 08:11 PM
*camera fades into the office of Papa Carello, sitting at his desk, flanked on both sides by his boys.*

Papa Carello - So my boys have the unenviable task to gain the title belts against a pair of Laprechauns, a pair of sticchius, and some kangaroos. Wow. My boys have no reason to not win the belt. Lonnie and Andy, what kind of planet did those 2 come from? And the IRA? why does one seem like a decent guy, yet the other such a cazzo? And the Kangaroos? what is with you too. I get you are tough guys... wow. no big deal. Imagine how tough I could be if I looked like I had just gotten out of prison as well! My boys will dominate the competition.

Vinny Carello - Papa is right. What competition do these men give us. I don't see a one of them who deserves a belt more than me or mi fratello Jimmy. We are the smartest, quickest and most powerful all around tag team.

Jimmy Carello - I agree. We will win the titles at Crowning a Champion... But I issue this challenge, and I hope Papa is okay with me being so blunt.

Papa Carello - Go ahead son.

Jimmy Carello - A ladder match for the titles at Crowning a Champion. 4 teams, eight men. First one to get up to the top, and bring the belts to the ground with them wins the match, and the titles for their team.

Papa Carello - The challenge is set. Rod Gordon, the ball is in your court now.

*Camera fades to black.*

11-11-2009, 08:25 PM
by comahan @ 8:25 PM on 11/11/2009

DCWrestling.com has learned that DCW Owner Rod Gordon is very displeased with the matchups that he got when he decided to use random pairings. In light of that, he has decided to personally re-construct the pairings himself.

"I feel that my matchups will bring more attention, more excitement, and better matches than the ones than came from the random drawings" Gordon said after the show.

The new DCW Crowning a Champion Card is listed below with short summaries provided by DCWrestling.com

DCW World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Match
TBD vs. TBD vs. TBD vs. TBD vs. TBD vs. Jon Mirasty

Jon Mirasty earned a BYE directly into this match by winning an Eleven Man Gauntlet last week. He will face the five qualifiers in an Elimination Match.DCW World Tag Team Championship Match
Rampage and Hael King vs. The Carellos vs. Lonnie Swardson and Andy vs. The Irish Republic Army

Rampage originally qualified with Troy James. But James has since dropped out and named his protege as his replacement. The Carellos qualified by pinning Massive Attack. Lonnie Swardson and Andy were inserted into the qualifier when The Compton Collision was let go. They promptly wrestled Gordon's IRA to a Double Countout. Instead of allowing neither team into the match, Gordon placed both teams in it.World Championship Qualifying Match; If Sabotage Wins he gets a TV Title Shot
Scott Phoenix vs. Sabotage

At the first DCW show, Scott Phoenix won the Television Championship, barely defeating Sabotage. Since then, theyve been at each others throats. Sabotage cost Phoenix the Eleven Man Gauntlet last week, which brought Gordon out to announce that they would be wrestling each other at Crowning a Champion. Then on November 11, Gordon announced that if Sabotage were to win this match, not only would he advance to the world title match later in the night, but he would receive a shot at Scott Phoenix's Television Title sometime in the near future.World Championship Qualifying Match; Grudge Match
Bryan Hart vs. Chris Stylez

This rivalry began when Rod Gordon sought out Bryan Hart to shut Chris Stylez up. Stylez would defeat Hart, and would move on as if it were over. Hart was punished for failing Gordon, and was made to start the Eleven Man Gauntlet. Bryan Hart dominated the Gauntlet, including getting a shocking, and completely clean submission victory over Chris Stylez in the process. Hart would eventually fall, but Gordon was impressed enough to reward Hart for his efforts, and for beating Stylez. Now, the two will face off one on one, one more time.World Championship Qualifying Match; Two of the Best
Justin Knight vs. Scar

Two of the absolute best in DCW. Two men that could very easily walk out of Crowning a Champion with the World Heavyweight Title. They have said that they respect one another. Theyve also been teaming over the last few weeks, so they know each other. This is about one thing. Who's he best? It could be argued that the winner of the match could be the favorite in the Main Event. But the question remains... who comes out on top?World Championship Qualifying Match
747 w/ Tish vs. James Matthews
James Matthews motivation? Well, beyond getting to the World Title match, it should probably be to get to Jon Mirasty. A few weeks ago, Mirasty and Matthews teamed together. They won the match, but only after Mirasty attacked Matthews and stole the pin for their team. Youd expect Matthews to want a bit of vengeance. 747 on the other hand, has had a rough road. He got on the wrong side of Gordon, and now he is facing problems with a fan in the crowd that has been harassing Tish and distracting him. Will he get thru to the Main Event, or will the sleazeball fan make his presence known again?World Championship Qualifying Match
Michael Kasabian vs. Mr Seattle
Mr Seattle has been quiet as of late. Hard at work doing windsprints with parachutes and what not, Id expect. Kasabian finds himself on the wrong side of Rod Gordon after the first month of action. The big question for him is; even if he has Mr Seattle down, will Rod Gordon LET him win, or will he find another way to make Kasabian's life a living hell for "disappointing him" ?

11-11-2009, 09:02 PM
"Stacy Smith caught up with Sabotage after his tag team match where he and Bryan Hart defeated Scott Phoenix and Chris Stylez."

Stacy: Sabotage what are your thoughts on your huge up coming match with Scott Phoenix at "Crowning a Champion".

Sabotage: My thoughts Stacy? Well the first thing that comes to mind is its about dam time.

You see Gordon could have saved every one alot of trouble and booked this match along time ago.

Instead he had to drag his feet with tag team matches and gauntlet matches and blah blah blah...

Do I look like some one that plays well with others Stacy?

Stacy: Uhh no?

Sabotage: Then why in the world does Gordon waste my time with those pointless matches?

"Stacy doesn't answer just looks at her feet."

But the wait Phoenix the wait will soon be over.

I get you one on one and there will be no more excuses no more mind games just me and you in the ring and let the best man me win.

11-11-2009, 09:52 PM
*camera pans to James Matthews in a gym training*

Matthews- So to get a chance at my dream I have to beat a guy who is named after a jet.747 no disrespect intended but you are merely a blip on my radar.And Jon Mirasty...pauses and laughs.....You and I have some serious unfunushed buisness.You think you can screw me over time after time and not have to pay?not a chance jabroni.So help me once I get my hands on you you'll pray to god you had never crossed my path.Sorry About your damn luck!!!!!!!

*camera fades to black*

11-12-2009, 06:00 PM
Stacy Smith catches up with Jon "Nasty" Mirasty days before his DCW championship match at Crowning a Champion.

Stacy Smith: Jon, your team took the loss this past Wednesday in a 6-man tag match. What happened?

Jon Mirasty: My team blew, that's what happened. I ended that match. I turned that punk James Matthews into a Nasty Sight. My piss-poor teammates couldn't even watch my back or pay attention to the other guys in the match. How stupid do you guys have to be? Those guys should get the loss in this match, not me. I did my job. I took out Matthews. Not my fault my team couldn't do anything productive and ended up getting pinned. I did everything I wanted to except win.

Stacy Smith: Speaking of James Matthews, what do you have to say after his comments about you yesterday?

Jon Mirasty: Sounds like a little crybaby to me. As far as I'm concerned, the score is 2-0 between us in favor of me. I would be upset too if I was him. I can't fault him though. He is losing to a far superior wrestler each time. He's accomplished nothing in this business so far. He's not going to either. Even if he does get into that championship match, he won't last long. I'll make sure he's out before he even knows it. I'm gonna turn him into even more of a Nasty Sight than he already is.

Stacy Smith: What do you think about the championship match as a whole?

Jon Mirasty: Oh, I will win. Don't you worry about that. I was the #1 wrestler to qualify for the match. I am the #1 wrestler in the business. I will become the one, and only DCW champion after this Sunday. Like I said before, it's time to bring a championship back to Toronto. And this Sunday, the Nasty One will accomplish that...

11-15-2009, 08:40 AM
* Stacy Smith is ready to interview Chris Stylez, but Stylez stares her down until she gives him the mic and walks off. *

And we come to it at last. Crowning a Champion. Gordon flipped the card around at the last minute for no apparent reason other than to put me in the same ring as Bryan Hart - and I'm glad he did it.

Bryan Hart, I hope you're prepared for doomsday. That arena tomorrow night, will be turned into a slaughterhouse, and I will spill your blood all over it. All in an effort for eternal glory.

Eternal glory. The DCW World Championship. That is what awaits at the end of the tunnel, and that is my destiny. I am everything a World Champion should be, and more. That belt was created for one thing, and thats to go around the waist of God's Gift to Wrestling.

Perhaps it is fate that I lost the Gauntlet. Perhaps God's will is not only for me to win the World Title, but to end your livelihood in the process. I was ready to call my qualifying round opponent a victim of circumstance. But Bryan, you're everything but that. Everything that you've said, everything that you've done. It wont matter. Not at all. You will stand face to face with me as the night begins, and disappear into my shadow as it ends. You will crumble under God's will, and I will strike you down with a satisfaction that I cannot even begin to describe. Prepare for God's wrath, Bryan. Prepare for Chris Stylez's vengeance.

11-15-2009, 08:56 AM
Michael Kasabian caught up qith us quickly here at DCWrestling.com

DCW.com: Michael, your matchup has been changed from Chris Stylez to Mr. Seattle, what are your thoughts?
MK: Well, I have faced off against Mr Seattle before, but I feel as though I have improved week on week since then, and despite Mr Gordons best efforts, I am hoping for my first win. Chris is a wonderful wrestler who has been at the top of the game for a long time, and whilst I wouldn't fear him, Stylez would have been the favourite, here I have a chance and will give it my all.

DCW.com: What are relations like between yourself and Mr. Gordon?
MK: Honestly, I haven't spoke to him, but since my first few losses he seems to have taken a dislike to me. I respect the fact he wants winners in his organisation, and as I have said before, I am aiming for that first win, I'm working my ass off.

DCW.com: So can we expect some new moves from you in there at the PPV?
MK: I wouldn't like to say, I feel that my normal moveset is enough to win me a match, but I have been working on a new move called the Lunatic Asylum, I might debut it if I get a chance. My coach seems really impressed with it in practice.

DCW.com: Who do you predict will be crowned the champ at the PPV, if you don't make it yourself?
MK: I will say Justin Knight, he's a nice guy and an excellent veteran, it would be an honour to face off with him.

DCW.com: Good luck Michael
MK: Thanks guys, and I just want to say good luck to all the other competitiors.

11-15-2009, 09:01 AM
*The camera pans around the room, inside we see Vincent and Eddie of Massive Attack reviewing their recent losses.

Vincent is skipping through the action, "Eddie, look at how you are messing up here, and here, and here. God damnit Eddie you are making me look bad!"
"Yes Vincent, so sorry, I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again" Eddie says, genuinely looking remorseful.
"Try? TRY?" Vincent says before flipping the coffee table over towards Eddie, snapping a leg off of it and hitting Eddie in the chest with it, he then straddles a prone Eddie, foaming at the mouth with range and pointing at him.
"No Eddie, there will be no more trying, it's your fault we are't on the PPV, and so from now on, it's win or bust for you..... brother"

11-15-2009, 05:16 PM
Stacy Smith: "Hello DCW fans, Stacy Smith here live with Bryan Hart. Bryan what do you have to say about your ppv match tomorow night vs Chris Stylez?"

"Bryan Hart: "As a matter of fact, I do. Look Stylez, you talk a big game, but let's look at the facts. Match one, I had you beat untill you cheated and held the ropes and we all know that if you got caught and the match continued I would have beat you. Match two, the gauntlet, I made you tap and I showed just how weak and ungodly you really are, and best of all I did it fair and square, no rope grabing. Match three, the tag match, your partner Scott Pheonix did the right thing and ran away cause he was afraid of me and Sabotage. And by leaving you there, alone, I was able to get you in my gasp once again and I was able to beat you again after hitting you with the Calgary Cutter. So tomorow night we finally meet again and lay it all on the line. And let me tell you something, the past three matches I have out wrestled you, but failed to do one thing, step on your throat! So tomorow night I will do just that. I will step on your throat and make you a bruised and blooded mess and you will finally fall from grace. And after destroying you, I will go on to face 5 other men in the title match and will finally claim what is mine."

Hart walks out as the screen fades to black

The Dude Abides
11-16-2009, 11:54 AM
Stacy Smith: Hello DCW fans! Once again I am here with DCW Television Champion “The Lethal One” Scott Phoenix! Scott, can you explain your actions last Wednesday?

Scott: Honestly Sweetie, my actions need very little explaining, but I will just for you. Roddy Gordon decided to put Loudmouth and I in a tag match with our opponents Bryan Hart and Locker puncher. Frankly, my dear, everybody knows that Stylez can’t be trusted. My attention and focus were not where they needed to be. Instead of my focus solely being on that skid mark in the underpants of DCW, Sabotage. It was on making sure I would not get jumped. I only did to Stylez what he was going too do to me. I served him too the wolves on a silver platter. I’d say, that the only reason that Stylez is angry is because I beat him to the punch, I… outsmarted him.

Stacy: What are your thoughts on becoming DCW’s first ever Dual Champion?

Scott: Well of course I am excited for it Stacy…

Stacy: I believe that’s the first time that you have ever called me Stacy.

Scott: I never forget a pretty face…

Stacy: You have before…

Scott: Woman… I am trying to be charming here.

But anyway, back to your original question about becoming a dual champion…. Of course I am excited. In fact, the fans should be excited, “Rowdy” Roddy Gordon should be excited, and you… well you should be ecstatic. Who else would give the DCW belt it deserves? Stylez? Mirasty? The guy who constantly runs wind sprints and hangs out with Hong Kong Phooey? God no. I, Scott Phoenix, am the light at the end of the tunnel for DCW. I am the only person fit to hold that strap. I am the person that DCW needs to build itself around.

Stacy: What are your thoughts on facing Sabotage at “Crowning a Champion”?

Scott: Who?

Stacy: …Locker Punch

Scott: Well, you should have been clearer Sweetheart. Locker Puncher, remember what I said a minute ago about my focus about not being where it needed to be? Well, it is now! My focus is squarely on you, squarely on the man who likes to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong! Because tonight… you can’t attack me from behind, you can not jump me through the crowd. You have to look me in the eyes. You have to face me one on one. Are you ready for it? Are you man enough to win a fair fight? I… have my doubts. You went on your sneak attack campaign because you needed an advantage. Because deep with in you knew… you knew that you could not beat me. However, my locker punching friend, you made a grave error. What you thought was weakening me and allowing you to get the advantage, was simply pissing me off. Locker Puncher, you just woke up the Alpha Dog. Unfortunately for you, you are not prepared for what I am bringing. You are about to enter a world of pain, a world that you will not be able to escape from…

11-16-2009, 02:38 PM
*Scar is being interviewed back stage while getting his ankles taped before the PPV*

Stacy Smith - Scar, your match has now been changed to a match-up with Justin Knight as opposed to the original pairing of James Matthews. What are your thoughts?

Scar - Like I have said before, Stacy. It's nothing personal with Knight. I actually like the guy and think he would make a great champion. But I'm not going to let him walk all over me. Hell, I'm not even going to let him win. I know that when I go into the match with him, it will be an absolute war. And so does he. Neither of us mind that. it's a mutual respect thing. But I want that title. I won't stop 'til I get it and Knight knows that. And if I win the belt at Crowning a Champion, Knight will be one of the first guys to get a title shot. That being said I will defeat Knight, and then the DCW will be Scar'd 4 Life.

11-16-2009, 05:36 PM
** Lonnie Swardson opens the locker room door to see an unexpected camera already focused on him Jack James, standing just outside**

Lonnie: Oh, hey guys. Are you here for Finding Andy?

Jack James: No, Lonnie. Thank god. No, we’re here for a simple interview with a tag team that has an inexplicable, and frankly disgusting, amount of buzz heading into the four-way tag team match, where we will fittingly be crowning our first ever DCW tag team champions.
[decidedly unexcited] I can only imagine your excitement, Lonnie.

Lonnie: Oh, it’s big time, alright. The championship stage, the whole atmosphere is going to be great. And me and Andy are going to come out on top of it, I just know it.

Jack James: Uh huh. Where is Andy, anyway?

Lonnie [stepping out and closing the door behind him]: He’s, uh, got his hands full.

Jack James [sniffing]: Do I smell pie?

Lonnie: …..no.

Jack James: Don’t worry, it’s an improvement for him. Anyway, any reason for your foolish confidence, Lonnie?

Lonnie: Oh, absolutely. We’ve been working real hard and real well together. We’ve got a natural chemistry. We get it. Just like wrestling was meant for me, so was this partnership. Me and Andy, we’ve never lost, and we’re the team to beat in this one.
Jack James: Lonnie, you and Andy have fought together twice, ever. And you have never even pinned anybody.

Lonnie [quietly]: Well… yeah, but…

Jack James [interrupting]: You, yourself, who is only surpassed in lack of physical fitness by your partner, are coming off of a forgettable gauntlet appearance and a double-countout that may as well have not happened. Your partner’s idea of training is being elbow deep in a dutch apple. You’re lucky that this match even includes your team. I would be surprised if half of the people at Crowning a Champion knew that you were in it, let alone see you as the team to beat.

[Lonnie is hit hard by this, standing silent]

Jack James [Calmed down after a long pause, and seemingly sympathetic]: Hey, Lonnie, I didn‘t mean to…

Lonnie [quiet, but surely]: No, no. I get it. I… I have to go get ready.

**Jack James can only sigh as Lonnie turns back inside the locker room. A muffled offering of pie can be heard through the door as the camera cuts**

11-16-2009, 07:55 PM
"Crowning A Champion" Quick Results

- Michael Kasabian def. Mr Seattle

- James Matthews def. 747 after a rude fan distracts 747 by forcing Tish onto him

- Scar def. Justin Knight

- Chris Stylez def. Bryan Hart

- Sabotage def. Scott Phoenix

- Rampage and Hael King became the first DCW Tag Team Champions

- Scar became the first DCW World Champion, pinning Chris Stylez

11-16-2009, 08:30 PM
Scar goes backstage for his first interview as Champion:

Stacy Smith - Scar, what did you think about the night you had tonight? How does it feel to be the first official DCW Champion?

Scar - Stacy, it feels good. I'm sure once the adrenaline wears off I'm going to feel it. But right now I'm glad to have a belt. Justin, you gave me a hell of a run in the match tonight, and I'm positive that if you were in the elimination you would have been right there in the top 3 with me and Stylez. Stylez, I knew you were good, but you are still an ass, and don't deserve the title. Now that's said, I can't wait for my match this week... against whoever it may be.

11-16-2009, 09:00 PM
*camera fades in on Papa Carello who is on the phone with someone*

Papa Carello - Yes, Yes... we will have our match with them this week. They won't even know what hit 'em. We'll make them our schifosas.

*Papa Carello puts the phone down*

Papa Carello - Ok guys, we have a match this week and we need to show a complete dis-absolution of the opponents... do it.

11-16-2009, 11:07 PM

Justin Knight vs. Bryan Hart vs. Chris Stylez vs. Troy James
The Elimination Challenge. Three weeks. Three matches. One #1 Contender. On Wednesday, it will be a Fatal Four Way Match, one fall to a finish. The man who is pinned/submitted in this match is eliminated from the Elimination Challenge. Next week, the three men who were NOT eliminated will compete in a triple threat match, where the person who is pinned/submitted will be eliminated. That will leave a 1v1 match in three weeks to determine who will face Scar for the DCW World Title at the next PPV.

Scar and Scott Phoenix vs. Massive Attack
The DCW World Champion and The DCW Television Champion will team up to take on one of the most talented teams in DCW. This will be an ultimate proving ground for Massive attack, because if they win, it could shoot them up the ladder for an upcoming Tag team Title shot against Rampage and King. The catch to this match? Scott Phoenix's hated rival Sabotage will be the Special Guest Referee.

Jon Mirasty vs. James Matthews
Two men with bad blood will get a chance at one another for the first time in a 1v1 match. At Crowning a Champion, Mirasty eliminated Matthews from the World Title Match via cheating, but Mirasty was eliminated after being distracted by Matthews' presence at ringside. Will these two settle the score on Wednesday?

Rampage and Hael King vs. Damage Inc
Last week, Damage Inc defeated Massive Attack to earn a chance to wrestle the new DCW Tag Team Champions. At Crowning a Champion, Rampage and King became the first ever holders of the DWC Tag Titles. They will get their first test on Wednesday, albeit non title. Will Damage Inc prove to the world that they deserve a title opportunity?

The Carellos vs. The Irish Republic Army
Both of these teams suffered setbacks at Crowning a Champion by coming up short in becoming the first ever DCW Tag Team Champions. Both teams look to regain momentum and get another shot at the gold.

Lonnie and Andy vs. Mr Seattle and 747
Seattle and 747 both lost their World Title qualifiers at Crowning a Champion, Seattle via pinfall, and 747 after he was distracted by the mystery fan thats been giving him loads of problems lately. They both look to rebound and start climbing that ladder back into the title picture. Meanwhile, Andy and Lonnie came THIS close to becoming the fitst DCW Tag Team Champions, but it wasnt to be. Was it a fluke? Or will they prove that they can hang with anyone?

Plus! An update on the health of Michael "Fast Fuse" Kasabian, and a special announcement by Rod Gordon concerning the next Pay Per View!

11-17-2009, 03:21 PM
Stacy Smith: A few things, Chris. First, you defeated Bryan Hart at Crowning a Champion to advance to the World Title Match. Then, you came up just short of winning the title, being the last man eliminated. What are your thoughts on that? And what are your thoughts on this Elimination Challenge that Rod Gordon has set up?

Chris Stylez: First things first, I did what I said I was going to do, and I took out Bryan Hart. I proved once again that I am the best, that I am wrestling royalty. Bryan, you gave me everything you had, and honestly, it took everything I had to stop you. But the fact remains that your best simply wasnt enough to stand up to God's will.

That moved me into the Main Event where I should have been named DCW World Heavyweight Champion. But in a stroke of luck never before seen, Scar walked out with my title. Scar, I hope you dont walk around here with your head held high. I hope you dont talk and talk about being the best. Cause you arent. What you should be doing is hiding somewhere in the back, on your knees, thanking the heavens above for allowing you to esacpe a match with Chris Stylez as the victor.

Which brings me to tomorrow night. The Elimination Challenge. I will single handedly take the other three men out, and I will go into the next Pay-Pre-View and I will take whats rightfully mine. Bryan Hart, you're first. And after I eliminate you from this, I will never waste another breath on you. So you need to cherish this time you have in the limelight, cause once I stop caring about you, so will everyone else.

The Dude Abides
11-17-2009, 11:18 PM
Stacy: Scott…

Scott: I am not in the mood for your questions! I am busy stewing here, and thinking… thinking about what I am going to do to Sabotage. I have acted calm and rational far too long! For far too long, I have leaned on my skills to beat Sabotage, but brass knuckles and sneak attacks have proven that this approach will not work! I counted on Sabotage being a man, I counted on him to look me in the eye, but I was wrong! But, right now, I have something to say to Sabotage… Sabotage, you have brought this on yourself. You had a choice to make, be a real man and stand alone in front of me, or show cowardice. You’re actions have backed me into a corner. Had you stood up and faced me, I simply would have beat in the middle of the ring. However, a rage is building inside of me, a rage that is going to hospitalize you. So when you are lying in a hospital bed, eating through a straw, surrounded by your loved ones, remember this… It was ALL…YOUR…FAULT!

Stacy: But, what about your match on Wednesday Scott?

Scott: What about it?!

Stacy: What do you think about Scar, Massive Attack, and especially, Sabotage as Special Guest Referee?

Scott: What do I think? I think that Scar is good. In fact, he is really good. There is a reason why he is DCW’s top dog. Thinking about it, we make a pretty unstoppable duo, and therefore Massive Attack better watch themselves because pain is coming their way on Wednesday. As for Sabotage, well Sabotage better stay out of the way. One eye will be on him; the other will be on my too rotund opponents. If he makes a single move, a small taste, a morsel, of what he has coming from me will rain down upon him. A small flare up of the rage inside will come out, and even that won’t be pretty. Sabotage’s final days are coming, and I will be his judge, jury… and executioner.

11-18-2009, 02:29 PM
*Footage is shows of a hospital, the camera pans around and shown in a bed is Michael Kasabian, the camera pans around to show a steady heart beat, and then focuses on his face, examining the various cuts and bruises, the camera starts to fade to black when suddenly, Kasabian rises up in a flash and simultaneously rips out his tubes!*

Just what will happen with Michael Kasabian on the next show?

11-18-2009, 02:31 PM
"Vincent and Eddie are sitting in the locker room*

Vincent: "Look, Eddie, I am sorry about the other night, but seriously, we must win tonight, you have to focus or else bad things are going to happen to you, do you understand?"

Eddie nods sullenly

Vincent: "Gooood, we don't want a repeat of the other night now do we?" He says, with a devious look on his face... "Now lets take care of business".

11-18-2009, 05:11 PM
Stacy Smith: I'm here live with the Australian Sensation Troy James who recently came third in the 'Crowning a Champion' Championship match. Troy, how did you feel you went?

Troy James: I'm going to be honest with you Stacy; I should have won that match. If I hadn't been placed in the match at the last minute and had actually been given time to prepare for my opponents, then maybe, no I definitely would have walked away from Crowning a Champion as the first DCW Champion. I'm a complex wrestler Stacy. I study my opponent intricately learning the ins and outs of their game so that I know just how and when I will be required to strike. I wasn't able to do that and I was screwed out of the title.

Stacy Smith: I'm not sure that's 100% accurate, but I'll let it slide. How did you feel your protege Hael King and associate Rampage faired in their championship match.

Troy James: They did exactly what I thought they would do Stacy. They dominated, annihilated and flat-out crucified their opponent's. Rampage and Hael are two of the youngest and physically gifted athletes in the history of professional wrestling. Their is no reason at all why they shouldn't be Champion's for a very, very long time.

Stacy Smith: Would you like to address your match tonight against Justin Knight, Chris Stylez and Bryan Hart?

Troy James: Rod Gordon has been kind enough to give me an opportunity to earn the #1 contender spot and that's exactly what I plan to do. Justin Knight? I'm not even sure I know who that is. He sure as hell didn't qualify for the title match and I can only assume that is for good reason. Hart? Bryan Hart? You've got to be kidding me. The kid has been over his head since he started running his mouth in the DCW. You don't call out a superstar like Chris Stylez without being punished for it. I guess he found that out at Crowning A Champion, and if he tries it again with me, it'll be the exact same story. Finally, Chris Stylez, a worthy opponent. I have a mutual respect for Stylez, he's good. Unfortunately, he just doesn't have the in-ring ability to match mine. He's got heart, but when it comes down to it, he just doesn't have what it takes to be a Champion.

Stacy Smith: Before I let you go, could you assess the Michael Kasabian situation?

Troy James: Sure. Kasabian was the man standing between me and a title shot. It's just that simple. Nobody gets in the way of THE Main-Eventer. The Wonder from Down Under will do whatever it takes to bring home the gold.

11-18-2009, 08:44 PM

Scar vs. Sabotage
At the December 13 "Caged Collision", there will be two huge Main Events. Scar will defend his newly won DCW World Championship against the winner of the Elimination Challenge, while Sabotage will challenge for the DCW Television Title in a Steel Cage against the Champion, Scott Phoenix. The two meet here in a Non Title Match, which will arguably be the biggest DCW Primetime Main Event yet.

Bryan Hart vs. Chris Stylez vs. Troy James
In the first round of the Elimination Challenge, Chris Stylez pinned Justin Knight, putting him out of contention for the DCW World Title. Three men remain, who will be eliminated next, and who will go on to wrestle for a shot at Scar at "Caged Collision"?

Lonnie & Andy vs. The Carellos vs. Massive Attack
All three of these teams earned their way back into the title picture last week with big wins. Rod Gordon has rewarded them as such, and has put them in a Number One Contenders Match. The winners of this match will go on to wrestle Rampage and Hael King for the DCW World Tag Team Titles at "Caged Collision".

Michael Kasabian vs. Mickey Murphy
Rod Gordon certainly has it out for Michael Kasabian. Last week he announced that Kasabian will be wrestling at "Caged Collision", but didnt announce his opponent. This week, he's forcing Kasabian to return early from the brutal beating he received, where he will take on one of Rod Gordon's personal hitmen, Mickey Murphy of the Irish Republic Army.

James Matthews and Jon Mirasty vs. Damage Inc
Last week, James Matthews was on the verge of defeating Jon Mirasty in their Grudge Match, when Mirasty landed a Low Blow right in front of the ref, causing the DQ. This week they are being forced into the same corner, as they take one a team that needs to rebound from a few straight losses. Damage Inc is easily one of the most talented teams in DCW, can they finally show it in the ring against a pair of men who want at each others throats more than they want to win a match?

Johnson Heat vs. Mr Seattle
This past week, we finally saw the proper debut of the fan that has been tormenting 747's valet Tish for weeks. He calls himself Johnson Heat, and hes interesting to say the least. He will see his first in ring action this week against Mr Seattle, who quite frankly, could use a win.

11-18-2009, 10:22 PM
Stacey Smith: I'm here with James Matthews who got a victory over Jon Mirasty tonight.James can we get your thoughts on the match?

Matthews: Normally i'd be glad to beat that pompus errogant jackoff.But it's the way I won that is irritating.Mirasty saw I was about to knock his head off so he weasels his way out and gets himself DQ'd.Well Jon this is far from over.I challenge you to a match next week to settle this once and for all

Stacey: But James you're teaming with Mirasty against Damage Inc.

Matthews: WHAT?!?!I have to team with spawn of Freddy Kruger?Is this a joke (Stacey shakes her head no) I really'd like to know why I have to team with this loser.Jon always remember this saying.....Keep your friends close...that is IF you have any friends..and your tag team partner closer (Mathhews gives a sadistic smile and walks away)

11-20-2009, 06:55 PM
*Bryan Harts music hits and he walks out to the ring at a crowded DCW house show*

Bryan Hart: "Hello DCW, I am Bryan Hart. I would like to make a statement. This Wednesday I have a match with Chris Stylez and Troy James in the Elimination Challenge and I would like to say something to these two men now. Stylez, I just wanna make something clear, come Wednesday, it will no longer matter what has happened in our past, it will no longer matter what you have done, it won't matter if you are a wrestling god or anyother one of those ******** names you call yourself, all that will matter is that you will be standing inbetween me and the DCW Title so you must be delt with. Now, Troy James. Same goes for you. It doesn't matter if you are Gordon's little hitman or not, you wanna be his *****, then go ahead. It won't matter who you beat to get here, won't matter which one of your gigantor lovers you have with you, Rampage and King, it won't matter if you took out Michael Kasabian or not, won't matter how well you prepare or if you cheat or not, won't matter if you are the Austrailian Sensation, Wonder from down Under or anything else, all that matters is that you too are standing in the way of me and what is mine. So Stylez, James you better watch out, cause this Wednesday I will win and advance to the final match of the Elimination Challenge where I will beat one of you again and go on to win the title from Scar.

*Hart drops the mic and walks out to huge cheers*

11-25-2009, 05:12 PM
*The Arena comes to a silence as they await the next segment. Attention is drawn towards the big-screen and the stadium immediately erupts into a sea of boos as Troy James is seen on screen accompanied by Tag Team Champions Hael King and Rampage*

James: Last week was just another example of how good I am.

Not only did I come survive last week's fatal-four way, but I did it with three superstars seemingly ganging up on me until the final 3 seconds of the match.

Chris Stylez knew exactly what he needed to do. He came to his senses. He realised that pinning me would only lead him to a world of pain and hurt at my hands. We'll see if he is capable of the same logical judgment this week.

Chris, don't get involved tonight. I don't need your help. The theory of evolution states that only the strongest survive, and I intend on fulfilling this theory tonight. Bryan Hart is the weakest man in this match. Ever since he came to the DCW he has been constantly running his mouth and has proven that his word is worth absolutely nothing. I mean, when was the last time the guy even won a match. He is a pathetic excuse for a Hart and a utter waste of my time.

I've warned you Chris. Don't be a fool.

Hael King: You know what Troy, you are 100% right. If anyone around here knows what it takes to become a champion, it is you. You are the Australian Sensation for pete's sake. Honestly, I have no idea why you haven't been just given the title. It's like somebody telling my Queen that she can't keep the family jewels. It's blasphemous.

Any way, I just wanted to let you know that Rampage and I have your back tonight. We'll do whatever it takes.

El Peefs?????
11-25-2009, 05:14 PM
-=Johnson Heat is seen in his dressing room, stylishly applying large amounts of grease to his hair=-

Stacy Smith:..Is this a bad time Johnson? Could we get a word before tonights show starts?

Johnson Heat: Letting yourself into my room now are you Stacy? I wasnt aware our relationship had already reached that stage. I could give you plenty of things before tonights show starts. Unfortunately for you sweetheart Ive got bigger fish to fry right now.

Stacy Smith: You mean like your DCW debut tonight against Mr Seattle?

Johnson Heat: Who in the hell is that? Johnson knows hes got a jobber lined up for him tonight. The DCW knows talent when it sees it and you know as well as anyone Stacy that its impossible not to notice me. They've got a sacrificial lamb lined up for me tonight. Poor and helpless, left to the slaughter. Ill have plenty of time to look for just the right lady in the stands to come help celebrate my victory.

Stacy Smith: Well, were you aware that Mr Seattle is known for his speed & endurance?

Johnson Heat: Haha Stacy I hope this is just your way of flirting with me. This Seattle character is going to need all the speed he can muster, the only chance he has of defending himself from me is running away. And you know damn well that no one, and i mean NO ONE, can match the endurance of Johnson Heat baby. The whole world around knows I can go all night.

Stacy Smith: There have been rumblings that you don't care much for current DCW Champion Scar, is there any validity to this?

Johnson Heat: You're absolutely right Stacy, my you just continue to impress. Scar is a paper champion and above all else a thief. Clearly he spent his lonely nights watching tapes of the great Johnson Heat and decided to pattern his moves around mine. He lucked his way into a title & his entire presence is cramping my style. I don't see how anyone could lose to that waste of space, Johnson certainly could never.

Stacy Smith: Before I feel my safety is in danger and I have to leave this dressing room, any comments on the 747 & Tish situation?

Johnson Heat: Tish Tish Tish... where should I start? In her case, certainly the bottom. 747 continues to duck and avoid me. Certainly cant blame him. He realizes his very manhood has been challenged and he could never possibly compare to myself in that aspect. He'll continue to lose like the fat waste of space he is. Soon Tish will see that everything is better with Heat. You can write this all down honey, now get out of here theres man things to accomplish.

12-02-2009, 07:41 PM

Summary of Results from 12-2 show:

Johnson Heat beats Mr. Seattle by the Flying Loin

Matthews walks out on Mirasty, who then loses to Damage Inc. by their finisher

Matthews vs. Mirasty set for Caged Collision. Mirasty gets DQ'd, he's fired.

Lonnie and Andy become #1 contenders to the tag titles, after the Carellos walk out of the match.

IRA is laid out in the lockerroom, Man in Black walks out of it. Justin Knight replaces Mickey Murphy. Man in Black comes out and messes with Kasabian, causing him to lose. Kasabian almost gets hit by car driven by shadowy figure.

Chris Stylez is eliminated from the DCW Heavyweight title chase.

Beacan Bolt announces his arrival

Scar beats Sabotage by Scar'd 4 Life after Scott Phoenix distracts Sabotage.

12-08-2009, 06:09 PM
*Beacan Bolt's music (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsJz2NmMm6o&feature=youtube_gdata) starts and he comes out to a sold out DCW house show.*

Beacan Bolt: "Good evening DCW, for those of you you don't know me, I am the newest edition to the roster, Beacan Bolt. This Wednesday, I have my first match ever against Johson Heat. You know Johnson, they call me the Little One, but all the ladies know you are the real little one... In the pants. You know, you like to come out here and hit on all the ladies, but any of them ever decided to have sex with you, they would need a magnifying glass and tweezers just to get started. Ok ok, enough about you and your size, let's talk about or match. When we meet this Wednesday on DCW Primetime, I am gonna prove just how weak and pathetic you are. I will prove that last week was a fluke. This week will be just the beginning, after you I will take the tv title from whoever Sabotage or Pheonix, and then I will start my reign in the DCW.

12-09-2009, 03:30 PM
Stacy Smith: " Hello DCW fans, Stacy Smith here live with Bryan Hart. Bryan this week you go head-to-head with Troy Janes for a shot at the DCW title at Caged Collision. What are your thoughts?"

Bryan Hart: "Well Stacy, I called it. Last week I said I would survive yet another week and move on to the final match of the elimination challenge. This week, I will do more then just survive, I will destroy Troy James. He is just another no good piece of **** standing in between me and the title here in the DCW. When we go out there tonight, and I lock James in the Lion Tamer and he taps like the ***** you are. Then the ref raises my hand in victory, and I move one step closer to claiming my title."

The Dude Abides
12-09-2009, 04:21 PM
Stacy Smith: Hello DCW fanatics! Stacy Smith here with DCW Television Champion “The Lethal One” Scott Phoenix! Well Scott, tonight you have the tough task of facing Justin Knight in a Non-Title Match. What are feelings going into this tough test?

Scott Phoenix: Justin Knight is worthy of my respect. He is not somebody that I am just going to roll through on my way to Caged Collision. He is going to bring everything he has…always does. However, I always do too. I have the utmost respect for Knight, but I am supremely confident in my abilities. I am not going to hide behind this belt… I am a wrestler, and as such I will not back down. I will face anybody who wants to step in front of me in that very ring. In all likelihood, they will lose and I will show them just how lethal I can be, but I will never cower down and I will always take on all comers.

Stacy Smith: Speaking of Caged Collision, this Sunday you will finally get to face Sabotage.

Scott Phoenix: Pretty Eyes, just four days until it comes. Four days until Sabotage gets what is coming to him. It all will end for Sabotage, everything he thought he had going for him… it is over. In four days it will be proven that the only thing that Lockerpuncher is sabotaging is his own career. Because in four days he will not be walking out of that cage under his own power… I will make sure of it.

The Dude Abides
12-13-2009, 03:09 PM
Stacy: Hello everyone! This is DCW backstage reporter Staci Smith here with DCW Television Champion “The Lethal One” Scott Phoenix. Scott, in just a few hours you will finally square off with Sabotage. What are your feelings leading up to this match?

Scott: Thoughts? Thoughts?

Stacy: As in, what is going through your mind as the event draws closer?

Scott: I think you know what is going through my mind Doll. Pure… Blind… Rage

Stacy: Well then Scott, what have you done to prepare yourself for this match?

Scott: I have sat around the locker room for weeks just thinking… thinking about what I am going to do to Sabotage. The screwjobs… the brass knuckles… the sneak attacks… that all ends tonight! Sabotage cannot attack me from behind anymore. He cannot cheat me anymore… because his nightmare will now stare him in the eyes. I will show that the only things that Lockerpuncher is sabotaging are his health and well-being. Sabotage, I have something to say to you… Sabotage, you have brought this on yourself. You had a choice to make, be a real man and stand alone in front of me, or show cowardice. You’re actions have backed me into a corner, and nothing is more dangerous. Had you shown some fortitude and faced me like a man, this may not have happened. However, a rage is building inside of me now, a rage that you cannot stop. Tonight, when you find yourself lying in a hospital bed. Popping painkillers like Skittles. I want you to remember one thing… It was ALL…YOUR…FAULT! What you see tonight will not be pretty. Sabotage will not be leaving my ring under his own power. He will don, the proverbial, Crimson Mask. Sabotage’s Day of Reckoning is coming. I, Scott Phoenix, will be his judge… his jury… and his executioner.

12-13-2009, 06:42 PM
*Bryan Hart walks out to the DCW Caged Collision pre-show an slides into the ring*
Bryan Hart: "Well, it's finaly here. Tonight is the night I finally get the title shot that I deserve. You know, they say that in order to be the best, yu gotta beat the best, well tonight I go head to head with the best in the bussiness, Scar and I will prove that I am the best. Now Scar, I gotta lot of respect for you, I respec everything that yu have done both in the wrestling world and in he real world, but tonight, none of that matters. When we step in that ring, I no longer know you as Scar, I just see as another victim who is getting in my way of becoming champion. So with that said, I wish yu good luck Scar, cause you're gonna need it."

12-13-2009, 06:57 PM
*camera pans to James Matthews in his lockerroom*

Matthews: Tonight the rivalry between Jon Mirasty and myself comes to a head at Caged Collision.See Jon after everything we've put each other through it's time yto end this because I've got bigger fish to fry and that is becoming DCW world champion.....well that and knowing you you'll probably get DQ'd and get fired.Everyone knows James Matthews as a nice guy but I promise tonight you will see a side of The Assasian noone has ever seen and will surprise even Mirasty himself.Mirasty...Let me leave you with one last bit of advice...think twice about who you screw over

*Matthews is laughing as camera fades to black*

12-13-2009, 07:19 PM
Stacy Smith: We're backstage here at Caged Collision with Scar right before the big world title match. Scar, Bryan Hart seems confident going into your match tonight. What are your thoughts?

Scar: Stacy, Bryan is a great competitor. And he is fired up. He calls me the best because of the belt I wear. I will prove that I'm the best because of how I wrestle in the ring. I earned this belt in the elimination match, and I will continue to wear it. Bryan Hart, You better watch out, because you will be Scar'd-4-Life!