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10-20-2009, 09:06 PM
Seantrel Henderson
6-8 337 OT
Cretin-Derham Hall Minnesota

The player that everyone has as their number one OT prospect. I saw a local game of his on television today. They rotated him from right to left tackle all game. He played defensive tackle at times during the game as well.

However from a player that is supposedly the best offensive tackle in the nation, he did not dominate like I think he would have. It improved as the game went on however. But at times he got beat even and also at times he did not even touch anyone blocking. I would think he would be pushing defensive players and pancake blocking everyone he touches. Maybe run blocking is not his strong point but even in pass protection his technique was suspect. He did not hold his block either and did not drive the defender backward.

Physically he is moderately skinny in his lower body, a lot bigger up top and does not have a strong base, should have bigger thicker legs one would think for such a large player.

Now I do not question his potential and talent, and I am not very experienced in watching high school football players because clearly they are not on that often. Maybe they always look this average, but from what I saw outside of his obvious physical size and length, he still has a lot of work to do.

Clearly any kid 6-8 300 pounds and a good enough athlete to play basketball, he is potentially going to be a great offensive lineman because you assume a level of athletic ability and pass protecting potential.

And maybe he will be that, but coming into watching this game, I was hoping to see a player physically dominate at the point of attack and push people around, I did not see it constantly. I was thinking it would be like Shawn Andrews at Arkansas, just physically destroying everything he touches and pushing them completely out of the play. So it was kind of disappointing in that regard but he did pick it up at the end of the game.

Will be interesting to see how he develops his game, but really if a kid has the size, it does not matter the skill they will recruit them. Just like big men in basketball, any kid 6-10 or 7-0 with any ability at all will get colleges calling them. Same with offensive lineman 6-8 337 who play basketball.

I hope the best for the kid, he is a Minnesota player so hopefully he can do well at the next level. A redshirt year would be amazing for him I bet.