View Full Version : All decade team?

11-26-2009, 10:58 PM
Yes I am bored so here is the all decade team I made up, in this team even if a player had one great year for us I will add them over a player who had like 5 good years. That is why Neal is on the team at FB

QB-Joe Flacco/McNair
RB-Jamal Lewis/Ray Rice
FB-Lorenzo Neal/LeRon McClain
WR-Derrick Mason/Travis Taylor
TE-Todd Heap/Shannon Sharpe
LT-Jon Ogden/Gaither
LG-Ben Grubbs/Edwin Mulatalo
C-Jason Brown/Matt Birk
RG-drawing a total blank with the earlier years, IDK if it is Chester
RT-Michael Oher/Willie Anderson
WR-Qadray Ismail/Mark Clayton

our WR are worse then I thought throughout the decade when you look at it.

DE-Michael McCrary/Suggs
DT-Sam Adams/Kelly Gregg
DE-Pryce/Rob Burnett
OLB-Adalius Thomas/Suggs
MLB-Ray Lewis/Bart Scott
OLB-Peter Boulware/Jamie Sharper
CB-Chris McCalister/Starks
FS-Rod Woodson
SS-Ed Reed
CB-Rolle(2006 version)/Baxter

KR-Jermaine Lewis
PR-Jermaine Lewis

I just through this together real quickly, would anyone change anything?