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11-28-2009, 03:19 AM
alright we have had a huge let down this season and if i were the GM this is what i would do:

Trade: Kerney for a 3rd and Jones for 5th Branch for a 4th
Cut: Terrill, Redding, Jennings, Wrotto, Vallos, Obomanu, Gibson, Loury, sims, Morrah, Walker
Re-sign: Spencer, Tapp, Lewis, Mare, Ryan
FA: go after Elvis Dumervil give him what ever he wants
QB: Keep seneca as a WR but use him in the senecat formation and as the back up
3-4 go to it LB is are strength use it.

are Draft:

Our pick will be at 7 and the broncos will be at around 20 depending if they make the play-offs. So here it is

1a: Jake Locker QB, local talent, i really dont see Allen letting him go because he fills a position we need and he will help sell tickets

1b: Charles Brown LT: fills the biggest need we have and will be an awsome ZBS addition. i am kinda worried because of his size but i feel he will be able to put on a few more pounds during training camp.

2: Mike Iupati OG: fills another gaping hole on the line. With both brown and Iupati i would hope are line would become a strength again.

3: Jonathan Baldwin WR: we really dont have that huge redzone target and i feel Baldwin could be that guy. he kinda reminds me of another Pitt reviever who burns us 2 times a year. not as polished but huge potential.

4a: Jay Ross NT: we will need another nose tackle to help out Cole. Ross comes from a smaller school but still has the skill.

4b: Shawn Lauvao OG: This is for depth because as you could see this year are depth is not that great

5a: Myron Rolle SS: we dont have a true SS and Rolle is very under rated. he also is a stand up person. his size also will allow him to cover the taller revievers in the league.

5b: Perrish Cox CB: We need another CB to match up with the larger recievers of the league, cox has that size for us.

6: Greg Middleton 3-5 DE: We have no pass rush and Middleton is a good rusher but from a small school. might be a great later round steal.

7: Trindon Holliday Kr/PR: a great kick returner his only blemish is his size.

Are depth Chart then would look like this:

QB: Hasselbeck, Locker, Teel
RB: Forcett, Rankin
FB: Griffith, Schmitt
RT: Locklear
RG: Spencer, Lauvao
C: Unger, Spencer
LG: Iutpati, Lauvao
LT: Brown, McIntosh
TE: Carleson, Owens,
WR: Housh, Baldwin, Seneca
WR: Burleson, Butler, Hass

DE: Dumervil, Tapp,
NT: Mebane, Cole, Ross
DE: Jackson, Middleton, Reed
Rush OLB: Curry, Herring
ILB: Tatupu, Lewis
ILB: Hawthorne, Lewis
OLB: Hill Herring
CB: Trufant, Lucas, R. Lewis
CB: Wilson, Cox
SS: Rolle, Wallace
FS: Grant, Babs, Adams

K: Mare
P: Ryan
LS: Housher
PR/KR: Holliday

11-28-2009, 12:10 PM
All over the Locker pick there but Brown to me isnt a 1st rounder (keep having visions of Winston Justice) and Jon Baldwin isnt draft eligible. My first 3 picks would be:

Locker (QB)
Jason Fox (OT)
Nate Allen (S)

11-28-2009, 04:49 PM
I think if we are still running the ZBS than brown will be the pick. he is built for the scheme. also baldwin can declare this year, he is 3 years removed from high school. i would declare if i were him with the rookie pay scale, 2 years in college is lots of money lost.

11-28-2009, 05:08 PM
I'm 99% sure Baldwin is a true sophomore because I followed him coming out of high school (I have family in that area).

No problem with the ideas, I'm just a huge Spiller guy. He'd immediately improve field position and become the most explosive weapon they've had since Galloway/Warren.

11-28-2009, 07:36 PM
I really like Spiller but picking him in the 1st or 2nd is a mistake. we need a line before we get a runner. also lots of good RB's are going to be coming out next year. Line is what is hurting us. Forcett and Rankin are a good pair of backs and are very usable. But next year i am looking at fixing up the running game and the back field. Darren Evans or Mark Ingram would be the smart pick next year.