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12-02-2009, 07:52 PM
Revolting Resolution @ 9 PM EST
Event Card

DCW Heavyweight Title Match
Scar (c) vs. Bryan Hart

DCW Television Title Match
Scott Phoenix (c) vs.

DCW Tag Team Title Match
Lonnie and Andy (c) vs. The Carellos

Stacy Smith, Backstage Interviewer
Rod Gordon, DCW Owner and Founder
Thomas Orderly, Referee
Bill Warren, Play by Play announcer
Ace Anderson, Color Commentator
Franklin Furter, Ring Announcer

DCW Heavyweight Champion
Scar => 11/15/09 - Present

DCW Television Champion
Scott Phoenix => 10/21/09 - Present

DCW Tag Team Champion
Lonnie Swardson and Andy => 12/13/09 - Present
Rampage and Hael King => 11/15/09 - 12/13/2009

Singles Faces
747 w\ Tish - The Friendly Skies (Airplane Spin)/Crash Landing (Big Splash) - SuperKevin
Andy - Indentity Crisis (Flying Leg Drop from the top rope)/The Nobodyslam (Spinning Side Slam) - SuperKevin
Austin Cole - Omega Driver/Stretch Plum - diabsolute
Beacon Bolt - Spiral Tap/Sliced Bread #2 - OSUGiants17
Bryan Hart - Liontamer (Walls of Jericho)/Calgary Cutter (RKO) - OSUGiants17
James Matthews - The Widow Maker (Tombstone Piledriver)/Lights out (Sweet Chin Music) - T-Rich49
Justin Knight - Burning Hammer/Fade to Black (Guillotine Choke) - diabsolute
Lonnie Swardson - Executioner's Axe (Diving Neckbreaker)/Lonnie-Con-Rana (Diving Hurricanrana) - SuperMcGee
Michael Kasabian - Lost Souls Forever (Gorilla Press Slam)/Reason is Treason (Pedigree) - UKfan
Mr. Seattle - Space Needle (Top Turnbuckle Hurricanrana)/Puget Sound Spear (Loud Yell followed by full speed spear) -jballa838
Padraig Murphy - The Celtic Dream (Flying Triangle Choke)/German Suplex transition to Rear Naked Choke - fenikz
Scar - Scar Tissue (double underhook sitout powerbomb)/Scar'd 4 Life (Haas of Pain) - scar988
Scott Phoenix - Lethal Injection (Impaler DDT)/Spinebuster - The Dude Abides
Trent Powers - 450 Splash/Dragon Sleeper - diabsolute

Singles Heels
Eddie - Eat The Ground (Running Powerslam)/Think No More (Dominator) - UKfan
Hael King - Hael England (Crucifix powerbomb)/The Union Jack (bridging grounded double chickenwing) - Caddy
Jimmy Carello - Hit & Run (Starship Pain)/Face Crusher (Crippler Crossface) - scar988
Johnson Heat - Happy Ending (Pearl River Plunge)/The Flying Loin (Frog splash from top rope) - The Peefs
Mickey Murphy - MMA Elbows/Leglock - A Perfect Score
Rampage - Pure Domination (Lesnar F-5)/Infarction (Urinagi) - Caddy
Sabotage - Entrapment (Stone Cold Stunner)/Black Out (Go To Sleep) - Splat
Troy James - The Down-Under (Standing Moonsault Side Slam)/The Trojan Horse (Flying Arm-Bar Submission) - Caddy
Vincent - No Escape (Sharpshooter)/Death From Above (Hanging Vertical Suplex) - UKfan
Vinny Carello - Gut Check (Gutwrench Powerbomb)/Kneecrusher (Low Boston Crab) - scar988

Tag Team Faces
Damage Inc. (Trent Powers and Austin Cole) - Guilty Conscience (Omega Driver followed by top rope 450 splash)/Damage Control (STO backbreaker/running yakuza kick to the face while still draped across the knee) - diabsolute
Irish Republican Army (Mickey and Padraig Murphy) - fenikz & APS
Lonnie Swardson & Andy - SuperKevin & SuperMcGee

Tag Team Heels
Hael King & Rampage - caddy
Massive Attack - Massive Impact (Doomsday Device)/Feel No More (Dudley Death Drop) - UKfan
The Carellos (Jimmy and Vinny Carello) - Carello Crunch (Gut Check by Vinny followed by a Hit & Run by Jimmy) - scar988

12-02-2009, 08:05 PM

Summary of Results from 12-2 show:

Johnson Heat beats Mr. Seattle by the Flying Loin

Matthews walks out on Mirasty, who then loses to Damage Inc. by their finisher

Matthews vs. Mirasty set for Caged Collision. Mirasty gets DQ'd, he's fired.

Lonnie and Andy become #1 contenders to the tag titles, after the Carellos walk out of the match.

IRA is laid out in the lockerroom, Man in Black walks out of it. Justin Knight replaces Mickey Murphy. Man in Black comes out and messes with Kasabian, causing him to lose. Kasabian almost gets hit by car driven by shadowy figure.

Chris Stylez is eliminated from the DCW Heavyweight title chase.

Beacan Bolt announces his arrival

Scar beats Sabotage by Scar'd 4 Life after Scott Phoenix distracts Sabotage.

12-02-2009, 08:20 PM
Primetime 12-9
Event Card

Rod Gordon announces the card:

Bryan Hart vs. Troy James
#1 Contenders Match
This has all the makings of the main event. Two men wanting to risk it all for a title. Should be an epic match up between these 2 fierce competitors.

Justin Knight vs. Scott Phoenix
Non-title Match
Scar is a fighting champion, and now so is Scott Phoenix. Justin Knight is as good as anyone on the roster and will get to go toe to toe with a champion to prove his mettle.

Michael Kasabian vs. Padraig Murphy (w\ Mickey Murphy)
Padraig and Mickey were taken out of action last week by a mysterious man in black. Padraig gets a chance here to take on Kasabian. Hopefully he actually makes it to the ring.

Lonnie and Andy and James Matthews vs. Hael King and Rampage and John 'Nasty' Mirasty
Bad blood and title hunting galore in this match. Should be a fun one.

Beacan Bolt vs. Johnson Heat
Bolt debuts against the guy who just made his debut last week. Should be a fun match to watch as both guys are charismatic and put on a great athletic showing.

Damage Inc. vs. Massive Attack
Powers and Cole attempt to continue their climb in the tag ranks. Massive Attack will look to take out some of their frustration from their loss to Lonnie and Andy out on Damage Inc.

This is the final Primetime before Caged Collision so be sure to tune in!!!

12-09-2009, 07:01 PM
Primetime 12-9 Results

Damage Inc. wins by the Guilty Conscience

Rod Gordon meets with Shady man.

Beacan Bolt wins by 747 distracting Heat. Match between 747 and Heat at PPV now a Cage match for Tish's services.

Hael King and Rampage and John 'Nasty' Mirasty win after a Pure domination is hit and Mirasty tags himself in for the pin on Matthews.

Michael Kasabian faces Chris Stylez after IRA no shows again. Kasabian wins with the Lost Souls Forever. Man in Black shows up, Kasabian chases him to the backstage and then loses him backstage. Kasabian vs. IRA Handicapped match is added for Caged Collision

Phoenix gets screwed over by Sabotage. Brawling ensues.

Bryan Hart wins the #1 contender spot.

12-13-2009, 09:38 PM
Caged Collision Results

747 busts down the cage to retain Tish's services. Gordon Announces TV Title is now a Ladders and Cages Match.

Kasabian destroys the IRA, and then gets hit by a Car by Papa Carello. The Carellos face the Tag Champs at the next PPV.

Mirasty gets DQ'd and fired.

Lonnie and Andy Win the Tag belts after a Lonnie-Can-Rana!

Scar and Bryan Hart duel to a Draw. The Champion will be decided at the next PPV in a rematch between the 2. Scar keeps the title due to rules that state the Belt cannot be won or lost in a Draw.

Phoenix retains his match in the first ever Ladders and Cages match.