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12-12-2009, 06:26 PM
There was a thread in the football forum looking back at this draft, and I thought why not look back at how the Packers did. Here's my opinions:

Pretty poor effort overall. One starter at fullback and our kicker. Usually I can give out at least one A but not to this draft. Haven't got much of anything from our high picks and our low picks didn't net one exciting prospect or even anyone worth starting, except for a fullback that is a decent player but extremely replaceable IMO. Bishop is the one player that still has a future so maybe he can be the bright spot out of this draft. And I like James Jones but he turned out to be no better or no worse than what you'd expect from a 3rd round receiver.

1-16 Justin Harrell (http://www.nfl.com/players/justinharrell/profile?id=HAR311429) DT Tennessee
Everyone hated the pick, everyone still hates the pick. A rare boom/bust effort by Ted Thompson. Everyone said he gets hurt too much, and he's been hurt ever since he got here. Currently he is on the roster on IR but his back is so screwed up I don't think he'll ever be able to play football again.

2-63 Brandon Jackson (http://www.nfl.com/players/brandonjackson/profile?id=JAC055578) RB Nebraska
He was supposed to replace Ahman Green as the starting running back or at least be part of a committee. RB was a huge need for us at the time. Too bad he was small, slow, and sucked at pass blocking. He fell flat on his face with a terrible YPC then got hurt. He's doing OK as a backup now but he seriously lacks the tools needed to be a running back in the NFL. He's not good enough to be a starter and he can't run in space, for example on a screen, which you want a 3rd down back to do, so he has little value. Might get cut soon. I hope he gets replaced next year.

3-78 James Jones (http://www.nfl.com/players/jamesjones/profile?id=JON404681) WR San Jose State
This was a pretty good pick that everyone called a huge reach at the time. He's a good 3rd receiver for us and even though his triangle numbers aren't too impressive he gets separation and catches the ball well. He plays tough and uses his hands well.

3-89 Aaron Rouse (http://www.nfl.com/players/aaronrouse/profile?id=ROU320232) SAF Virginia Tech
Cut this year. Had great triangle numbers but never translated them into a football career. Saw some time filling in as a backup and even made some plays but was inconsistent in coverage and never was able to play "low" enough standing at 6'4". I thought he would do well covering big tight ends or moving into the box playing like a 4th linebacker which he has the size to do but he got cut and now he's giving up touchdowns for the Giants I believe.

4-119 Allen Barbre (http://www.nfl.com/players/allenbarbre/profile?id=BAR112460) G Missouri Southern State
Small school guy with great potential and terrible technique. Was supposed to be our RT this year but sucked so bad with his footwork and quickness we had to bring Tauscher out of retirement after blowing out his knee.

5-157 David Clowney (http://www.nfl.com/players/davidclowney/profile?id=CLO525348) WR Virginia Tech
Decent player that couldn't make the roster because we had other receivers step up and outplay him. He's doing pretty well as a reserve on the Jets now I believe.

6-191 Korey Hall (http://www.nfl.com/players/koreyhall/profile?id=HAL423750) FB Boise State
Only starter, converted linebacker to fullback who has been very average. Average speed, decent lead blocker, will catch a pass or run a dive once in a blue moon.

6-192 Desmond Bishop (http://www.nfl.com/players/desmondbishop/profile?id=BIS247164) LB California
Good pick but hasn't won a starting job yet, although some people think he's outplayed Hawk. Below average speed but a big hitter and playmaker, but not as assignment reliable. Should do well playing inside in a 3-4 when someone gives him a chance.

6-193 Mason Crosby (http://www.nfl.com/players/masoncrosby/profile?id=CRO369933) K Colorado
Had a good rookie year. Apparently our ST coach adjusted his fundamentals and since then he's missed way to many field goals. Good leg, able to boom kickoffs as good as anyone, able to get the distance for 60 yard field goals, but rarely has the accuracy to be good from 40+.

7-228 DeShawn Wynn (http://www.nfl.com/players/deshawnwynn/profile?id=WYN129025) RB Florida
Solid pick, good runner. People questioned his work ethic at the time and that's still pretty much the situation. Runs well, blocks well, has spent significant time on IR though.

7-243 Clark Harris (http://www.nfl.com/players/clarkharris/profile?id=HAR351770) TE Rutgers
Was supposed to be our long snapper but he got cut for some reason.

I was generous grading the later picks. The production we got out of DeShawn Wynn, a 7th round pick, already puts him above most 7th round picks. I used that logic.

12-12-2009, 06:37 PM
I think I just threw up in my mouth...

12-12-2009, 06:40 PM
I think I just threw up in my mouth...

Yes I'm sure Ted Thompson is trying to forget about this one. If our 09 draft wasn't so amazing I'd be calling for his job and pointing to this draft as to why. In a year we will be looking at the 08 draft and feel much better about that one. While it had it's ups and downs it was much better than this one.

12-12-2009, 07:14 PM
Pick 16: Justin Harrell DT Tennessee

Reaction: With time he can be a very solid player for the Packers, but based on what he has done and what he's shown me he was not worth the value at 16. In many ways this was a hint of what was to come in regards to our pick and reaches. Harrell was instantly fit into the rotation the Packers incorporate but when I saw the first round pick come I wanted a guy that would stand out and be an instant impact along with a future impact as well. We got a guy that will be at best a rotational player for the next couple years. Reggie Nelson, Leon Hall, Greg Olsen, Robert Meachem were all guys I would have preferred before Harrell and we would've gotten more benefit from taking one of those four compared to Justin. Brady Quinn would've been more of a delight to me as well. Harrell may turn out to be an outstanding player but as of right now I'm not happy with this pick and I'm afraid it may come back to bite us if we expect to lead Brett Favre to a Super Bowl before he retires.

Pick 63: Brandon Jackson RB Nebraska

Reaction: The second reach that Ted Thompson made in two picks. Jackson is this year's Brian Calhoun; a back that may have the ability but probably should've stayed in school to develop and help his draft stock. Jackson struggled in the beginning of the year and really didn't turn it on until he played lesser competition. He will probably be a good rotational player with Morency but I was expecting a back that would eventually take over the majority of the carries and I don't think Jackson can do that. When I didn't think I could get any more upset from selections that could be made, this one came up and my bad day continued.

Pick 78: James Jones WR San Jose State

Reaction: I certainly didn't think there was any way possible that the picks got worse for their vale today and then this name popped up on the screen and I almost went nuts. I though we were going to bring in a receiver that could stretch the field and provide Favre with a deep threat that defenses would have to gameplan for. Instead we draft a nice sized wide reciever with decent speed that played against lesser competition. We pretty much added more of a Greg Jennings/ Donald Driver type player than a player that can stretch the field like a Randy Moss. Aundrae Allison would've been the preferred choice in my eyes if we were going to go wide receiver.

Pick 89: Aaron Rouse S Virginia Tech

Reaction: When I thought for a moment that the picks may get worse this name came up and I actually had a bit if relief. The Packers actually selected a player today that was worth the vale of the pick or atleast somewhere near the value of the pick. Rouse is a big safety that will come in and compete to play next to Nick Collins. If there was a pick I was most satisfied with today it would have to be this one. I hope Rouse has success and we can salvage something from Day One of the 2007 NFL Draft.

Day One Reaction: The Packers did not make strides to put a Super Bowl contender out on the field for this next season. We reached on our first three picks and are seeming to pick for what some players' ceilings may be in Thompson's eyes. I thought the Packers would make quality moves and make strides to put a contender out there but we stood still for the most part and have a team that may be a contender in 2 or 3 years and when Favre is probably not QB and that bothers me becuase I don't think Aaron Rodgers can lead us to the Promise Land.

Pick 119: Allen Barbre OT Missouri Sothern State

Reaction: Probably my favorite pick of the draft by Ted Thompson. He's a player that has the physical tools to play at the next level even though he didn't play against top notch competition in college. He won't be expected to play right away so he'll learn to adjust to the pro game and the day the Packers lose Chad clifton or Mark Tauscher is the day this guy steps in and never looks back. Another very solid OL on the Green Bay Packers.

Pick 157: David Clowney WR Virginia Tech

Reaction: Another receiver slected by Ted Thompson, but whats different with this one is that Clowney will probably see the field. He's a speedster that can be a 3rd or 4th option depending on how much he progresses from college and he'll be a nice contributor on special teams. The Packers will be able to utilize his speed and may have found themselevs a worthy return man. I like this pick alot more than the one with James Jones and find the value of Jones pretty much worthless right now based on the Packers depth at wideout.

Pick 191: Korey Hall LB Boise State

Reaction: I knew once this pick was made that the idea was to add special teamers to the squad and this guy will provide the Packers what they were looking for. There's a chance he could play if injuries pile up but his main duty will be to disrupt on special teams. This could really be a nice selection by Ted Thompson when we look back on it.

Pick 192: Desmond Bishop LB California

Reaction: I thought we were going to be done slecting LBs following the pick of Korey Hall, but I was wrong on and top of it, it was a back to back LB selection. I imagine the Packers feel that this guy can fill in nicely on special teams as well becuase he won't play in front of the four we had coming into the draft or Hall either. Be interesting to see what Bishop amounts to but at this point in the draft you choose guys off what you think their ceilings may be and what little holes you can fill in.

Pick 193: Mason Crosby K Colorado

Reaction: A big time steal in the draft that many people aren't talking about outside of Green Bay. He was projected by some as a late 2nd- 3rd round selection and he feel to the end of the 6th. The nation's top kicker with the ability to kick it around 60 yards. Most likely will kick Dave Rayner out of his curreent position, but it certainly a player the Packers will be able to count on when he trots out on to the field in a big time situation.

Pick 228: DeShawn Wynn

Reaction: Another running back selected to potentially be the future of the position. Played numerous games at Florida but due to the type of offense he didn't get many carries. With the carries he did receive he did very well and with that limited amount of carries, there aren't many miles on his legs. A prospect that could turn into a solid pro and the Packers weren't making a mistake by taking him if one day he could start for this squad, who continues to search for a back to start.

Pick 243: Calrk Harris TE Rutgers

Reaction: A big target just like Bubba Franks that won't stretch the field but is a good option within 10 yards. He had a fairly successful college career at Rutgers but his numbers were down a bit and thats why he was available here. The Packers needed to find themselves a receiving option at tight end some point in the draft. Whether they should've waited this long or this is the guy they were hoping for will have to wait to be seen but they do have atleast another option if the Packers feel Donlad Lee isn't the right choice behing Bubba.

Day Two Reaction: The Packers added more players that will help them more in the distant future and for special teams today. Some picks I was very pleased with and some I questioned much like yesterday, but I only expect one or two of these prospects to ever contend for starting spots. Special Teams is a big part of the game and Ted Thompson did a great job by addressing that part of the team today.

There's my reactions following draft day in 2007 and have to admit I'm not surprised that we're having this conversation.

12-12-2009, 07:33 PM
Justin Harrell - Well the pick was a mystery then and it still is today. Especially considering the depth we had at DT and Corey Williams emerging into a very good player. If he panned out we'd be looking at this draft much differently.

Brandon Jackson - Never emerged as the starter we hoped but has carved out a niche as our 3rd down RB this year. His pass protection and blitz pickup has improved greatly but he's replaceable.

James Jones - Alot of people called him a reach but us Packers fans new he was just what we needed. He's a guy who has good size and catch the ball well, giving us that 2nd, 3rd, or 4th option.

Aaron Rouse - I loved the pick but he just never developed the coverage skills neccessary to be a starter in the NFL. I wish he was still around because he always made 2-3 big plays a year and he could've been a rover type guy in the 3-4. No big loss though.

Allen Barbre - I liked his athleticism and thought he could've made a good guard. I also figured that he'd struggle at RT this year. He provides depth but I could see him gone at some point. He's not someone you want starting for your team.

David Clowney - Another pick I really liked. He just didn't have the hands to stick on the roster. We tried to carry him on the practice squad but obviously it didn't work out. If he was on the team today I'd grade this draft a little higher.

Korey Hall - Descent FB and very good special teamer. Just a solid player but replaceable.

Desmond Bishop - Kind of a mystery player. He blows up in preseason but never gets much playing time. He can't cover worth a lick but can hit and stop the run very well.

Mason Crosby - My favorite pick out of our draft class. Great rookie season but has declined each season. He needs to be pushed or replaced next season.

DeShawn Wynn - Took a chance on someone who could develop. He's played good when healthy but he hasn't been healthy much.

Clark Harris - We needed TE help at the time. He just wasn't talented enough.

12-12-2009, 10:11 PM
The MAIN reason I absolutely hated the Harrell pick is the fact that he sat out the ENTIRE previous college football season with an injury. How do you draft a guy at #16 who hasn't played in over 365 days and has a history of being hurt?

I think this is the 1 time Packer fans were justified in thinking they were smarter than TT and saying THAT WAS A STUPID PICK.

12-12-2009, 10:16 PM
The MAIN reason I absolutely hated the Harrell pick is the fact that he sat out the ENTIRE previous college football season with an injury. How do you draft a guy at #16 who hasn't played in over 365 days and has a history of being hurt?

I think this is the 1 time Packer fans were justified in thinking they were smarter than TT in saying THAT WAS A STUPID PICK.

Yeah, I tried to talk myself into liking that pick but when you look at the guys drafted after Harrell (Leon Hall, Michael Griffin, Aaron Ross, Reggie Nelson, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Merriweather, and Jon Beason) I just have to shake my head.

Our main option was Marshawn Lynch, which looking back I'm glad the Bills took him, and our other options were Leon Hall or Dwayne Bowe. Everyone knocks the Dolphins for taking Ted Ginn Jr. but at least they have a guy who's contributed something during his short time in the NFL...

12-12-2009, 11:30 PM
A bit premature, but it sure Looks like this years could more than make up for it.

12-12-2009, 11:32 PM
The MAIN reason I absolutely hated the Harrell pick is the fact that he sat out the ENTIRE previous college football season with an injury. How do you draft a guy at #16 who hasn't played in over 365 days and has a history of being hurt?

I think this is the 1 time Packer fans were justified in thinking they were smarter than TT and saying THAT WAS A STUPID PICK.

Harrell's skill set are very impressive. If healthy he was a elite DT prospect. TT took a gamble on the heath and it hasn't worked out so far, and to be fair it was a different injury thant he one he had in college. Hopefully he somehow comes back next year.

12-13-2009, 01:16 AM
Harrell's skill set are very impressive. If healthy he was a elite DT prospect. TT took a gamble on the heath and it hasn't worked out so far, and to be fair it was a different injury thant he one he had in college. Hopefully he somehow comes back next year.

But he wasn't healthy. You don't gamble with the 16th pick, you gamble in the 4-7th rounds. Hindsight is 20-20, so I can't knock the pick too hard...But it just seemed like a ridiculous choice. Health risk, hadn't played in over a year, etc.

12-19-2009, 01:25 AM
Justin Harrell is a super duper bust. It makes me sad to look back and see what players we might have gotten here instead. I remember really wanting Joe Staley or Leon Hall at the time. Oh well!

I think the D grade for Jackson is a bit harsh, but I'm definitely disappointed in his progression as well. He is a pretty nifty pass blocker and seems to have found his niche in that role on third downs.

James Jones is very decent. I was very disappointed in Aaron Rouse, really thought he would be something unique at the position.

The other picks I'm pretty meh about. Bishop should be trade bait.

12-19-2009, 01:31 AM
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