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Total Budget : $125M

Jim Carrey : $20M
Geneviève Néron : $5M
Javier Bardem : $15M
Branko Đurić : $5M
Alexander Fehling : $5M
Katarzyna Figura : $5M
TOTAL : $55M

Writing and Direction
Martin McDonagh : $2M
Alfonso Cuaròn : $10M
TOTAL : $12M


10% Advertising : $12.5M (Studio requirement)
10% Visual Effects : $12.5M (Studio requirement)
10% Cinematography : $12.5M
5% Editing : $6.25M
5% Sound : $6.25M
3% Set Design : $3.75M
2% Music : $2.5M
1% Costume Design : $1.25M
TOTAL : $57.5M
SummaryA bunch of travellers see their trip across the desert take an unexpected turn when the off-road bus they are on brutally crashes. Of the ensuing chaos emerges only six survivors. No two of them speak the same language. No single one of them knows where they are. Injured and deprived of communication, the group settles to waiting in hope of a rescue that might never come, until a sandstorm at nightfall forces them to shelter in the wreckage of the bus, sitting amongst corpses. The following morning, it becomes evident they can not wait for rescue any longer. They will have to find their way out of the dead lands before the desert takes them out.Characters
Jeremy Watson (Jim Carrey) – American, is struck by guilt as he thinks he is partly responsible for the death of a kid during the crash. Not very resourceful when it comes to surviving in the desert and treating wounds, and injured himself, he feels like a burden towards the rest of the survivors.
Arianne (Geneviève Néron) – French Canadian, is far and away the best communicator in the group of survivors (despite only speaking French and a very little bit of English) and is the one to keep the group at peace. Calm, optimistic and kind of a hippie, artsy girl. Quite resourceful and a natural leader.
Rafael (Javier Bardem) – Spanish, has had his wife die in his arms in the crash. Is a born leader but doesn't want to lead, struggling with grief and anger. Would like to be left alone but people naturally turn to him for help.
Janko (Branko Đurić) – Bosnian, was taking the trip across the desert to catch up with his wife and is always very impatient to move. Nervous and aggressive, he would love to communicate but not understanding and not being understood drives him nuts, and he ends up clashing with most people.
Franz (Alexander Fehling) – German, is a wannabe leader with no leadership skills. Naturally adventurous, he's almost happy about the crash and his overly joyful behaviour has a tendency to rub people the wrong way. Is the one to know the most about survival. Comic relief.
Polka (Katarzyna Figura) – Polish, very down to earth but also pessimistic, is convinced they are all set to die in the desert. Is timid but has a strong character, opens up mostly to Arianne and can not stand Franz.Concept/Style
Movie filmed with lots of long, single-shot sequences.
The film focuses on one character at a time (mostly Jeremy and Rafael) and only his language is understood with each focus. i.e : When the movie is following Jeremy, there will be no subtitles, when the movie is following Rafael, there will be subtitles only for Spanish language and so on. This is so the audience can have a better feel of each character's situation.
A change of focus should be hinted by the camera angles.
Not a lot of music, using silence to reflect the emptiness of the desert.___________________________________________ _________________




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The Eighty-Eight

$25MM Budget

Writer/Director Guy Ritchie $3MM

Benicio Del Toro $5MM
Christoph Waltz $3MM
Carey Mulligan $3MM
Toby Kebbell $3MM
January Jones $3MM

Editing $2.5MM
Music $2.5MM

German entrepreneur and piano enthusiast Otto Von Gruber(Waltz) has recently acquired a very unique and quite expensive piece of musical equipment...a solid gold piano, while on vacation with his newly wed American trophy wife Autumn(Jones) in London. Naturally this type of prized commodity doesn't go unnoticed by the London Underground. In the greatest heist of their lives Twiggy and Finch(Mulligan & Kebbell) snatch the piano before it can be shipped safely back to Frankfurt. In a rash decision Otto hires former Commie Soldier, Aleksandr The Gimp(Del Toro), to kill the two and get the piano back, of course the Russian pig has other plans for this prized possession leading to an adventure that will determine the fate of our players.

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10M Special effects (studio)
10M adverts (studio)
10M Makeup + Locations
10M Costume
5M Bribery

From the magic of 20th Century Fox and Steven Spielberg we give you the story of Lou (Seth Rogan) is a major stoner who just quit his job at Comcast in NJ. Contemplating what to do with his life now he makes a trip into Philadelphia to get totally baked. After leaving high as all hell he wanders aimlessly to Penn's campus where there is going to be a big speech by President Obama ( Christopher B. Duncan)
Last to set up is a hot Fox reporter (Scarlett Johansson) who is trying to break into legitimate news instead of partisan hackery but she needs a big story to give her that boost she needs. She spots this obviously high man talking to a guy on a bench with a Ukalali. Then Lou starts telling him of how he smoked with Tiny Tim.

This one time back in the mid-nineties, I was coming home from seeing Robert Plant in the Meadowlands when I got a serious case of the munchies. Luckily, the Blimpie in Kearny, NJ, was just around the corner. Around that time, Blimpie had launched their “Quick Bite” menu, which included a 6-inch BLT sandwich for $1.59, which I must say was a fantastic deal. Using the crumbled up bills and change that I had lingering in my pockets, I ordered half a dozen of the BLT’s and began to chow down.

As I devoured my sandwiches, I overheard a conversation between a group of three guys wearing torn jeans and band t-shirts. They were discussing how ****** Van Halen had become since Sammy Hagar took over and that they had, in their opinion, “sold out.” I should have kept my mouth shut, but still being somewhat inebriated from the Robert Plant show, I decided to add my two cents. From what I remember, I attempted to point out that while Roth-era Van Halen was undoubtedly classic (with hits like “Hot for Teacher” and “Jump”); it was only after the addition of Hagar that the band became a true American hard rock staple.

I don’t exactly remember how the conversation went after that because I suddenly found myself waking up in the dumpster behind the Blimpie with a massive headache, covered in the remains of my BLT sandwiches. After carefully extracting myself from the dumpster, I noticed a rather large, long-haired man sitting on a discarded box next to me, watching.

“Excuse me sir, but would you like some help,” he said to me. At that moment, I recognized the man as musical novelty act Tiny Tim. I paused for a moment, pointing at him. “Yes, I do have a familiar face, if that’s what you’re about to say,” he said. With his help, I got up and managed to brush of most of the sandwich remains.

“You’re Tiny Tim,” I managed to say, still reeling from the headache.

“You’ve caught me,” he said, smiling. “Yes, I am the artist best known as Tiny Tim.”

I just went on staring at him for a moment. He looked exactly like he did on TV and in photos: an overweight, 6-foot tall man with long wavy hair and a large nose. He was even wearing a tuxedo and bowtie. The only thing that surprised me was that he wore dark eyeliner and white face-paint.

“What are you doing here?” was the best I could come up with.

“I’m here for a musical event, sir.”

“Oh… why are you wearing makeup?”

“The musical event to which I referred to is a performance by the thrash metal band known as Gwar.”

“Oh,” I said.

“Is there anything else?” he asked politely.

“Yeah, do you want to blaze?”

“Why of course I do, sir.”

* * *

In the alley behind Blimpie, we sat down and smoked a couple of joints that I had been saving. Several of the joints had been crushed when I’d been assaulted by the David Lee Roth jihad. As I smoked with Tiny Tim, he told me all about the iconic metal band Gwar, which up to that time I’d only heard mentioned in passing (at the time being deeply devoted to classic rock… and joints).

“So I don’t get it,” I said to him as the pain in my skull began to subside, “why are you seeing Gwar?”

“Oh, well that is because it is their RagNaRok N Roll tour to promote their new album.”

“No, I mean why are you into Gwar? Aren’t you all about playing old music and promoting old artists?”

“You see, sir, I’m a connoisseur of all different styles of music. Why would one limit themselves to musicians like Mister Irving Berlin or the great Mister Billy Murray, when music is a constantly evolving organism survives on variety,” he said.

I was taken back for a minute (although it may have been a concussion). “I never really thought of it that way,” I told him.

“Why yes. A single person may not like a particular style of music, but I can guarantee you that there is at least one song out there in the entire discography of all music ever, that they will enjoy. It is for that reason that I like to expand the range of my music taste every chance I get.
“I must say sir,” he told me as he passed a joint back to me, “this is truly excellent weed that you have obtained.”

“Thanks,” I said, “it’s the ****. So tell me about Gwar.”

“Oh, well… Gwar truly started when Mister Dave Brockie, at the time in the band Death Piggy, met Mister Chuck Varga and Mister Hunter Jackson. They provided Death Piggy with the props and costumes that would eventually carry over into Mister Varga and Mister Jackson’s side project, known as “GWAARGGGH!!!” but eventually just shortened to Gwar. Now the lineup of the band went through several abrupt changes early on—”

“—no, I mean, what’s Gwar all about? Why are they so great?” I said.

“Ah, very simple, sir. Gwar started as a punk rock band focusing around absurd stage shows, but eventually grew into thrash metal as the 1980’s progressed. To be perfectly honest, sir, it is mostly about the stage performances.”

“Yeah?” I prompted, taking another hit.

“Oh of course. You see, each band member has an over-the-top alter ego, you see, and they came up with epic back stories involving the alter-egos as characters. Additionally, their stage antics would involve comedy segments where they would ridicule effigies of current celebrities or figures in the news.”

“That sounds ******* crazy man,” I said.

“Oh it is, I assure you sir,” he replied. “You see, people can be very critical of music, especially any music derived from the punk scene. Aging hipsters attach themselves to one aspect of music and feel that that is the ultimate expression, but in truth, you must constantly evolve into something new for music to truly retain its greatness,” he said, taking the joint. “That’s why I’m always moving on to something new. I’ve been seeing Gwar for almost a decade now. I’m always entertained, but I’ve been moving on recently.
"There’s an alternative band called the Butthole Surfers that I’ve recently been getting back into. They are similar to Gwar in that they have their roots in the 80s hardcore-punk scene, but they’ve taken their music in all kinds of different directions. Only now are they really being recognized for all that they’ve done for music.”

“Wow man,” I said. “You’re ******* right. I never really thought of it that way. It’s like my mind’s been opened up to a whole new understanding of music.”

“It may just be the concussion,” Tiny Tim said to me, handing me the joint.

“You think I may have a concussion?”

“Hold on,” he said, standing up. He placed his massive palm on my forehead, closed his eyes for a few seconds, and then drew his hand back. “Better?”

I rubbed my eyes and blinked a few times. “Yeah, it’s a lot better… how’d you do that?” I asked him.

“Well sir, when you learn enough about music, you start to understand how to apply its power for the benefit of all mankind.” He said, looking around.


“Hmmm?” he said. “Oh, don’t mind me. I say silly things sometimes.”

I put my lighter away, as we’d finished the remaining joints. I stood up and checked to make sure I had my wallet on me, which I did. Then I looked over to Tiny Tim to thank him for his help, and he was gone.

* * *

In the Blimpie, I asked some of the staff if they’d seen him and where he went.

“Oh, Tiny Tim?” they asked. “Yeah, he shows up every once and a while to root through our garbage for discarded food. Usually we have to send one of the new guys out with a broom to scare him away. Is he out there now?”

I shook my head and decided to order more 6-inch BLTs.

As much as I didn’t quite understand the meaning of the encounter at the time, meeting Tiny Tim had a profound impact on my life. While I didn’t immediately go out and buy any Gwar albums, I started listening to more progressive music. Years later I would start to get into the music of the Butthole Surfers and listen to the occasional Gwar song for fun. I view it as either a result of my encounter with Tiny Tim or as an inevitable progression of taste; it’s difficult to attribute to change to just one factor. Maybe, in the end, that’s what Tiny Tim was all about.

And that was the time that I smoked a bowl with, was healed by, and heard the message of the great musical messiah: Tiny Tim.

While amused by the story the reporter continues to set up for the later speech when a protester with a sign with Obama is a comunist sits on a bench next to Lou and he said "Hey do you wanna hear about how I smoked with Mikhail Gorbachev(Danny DeVito)"

About a year and a half ago, I ran dry of herb and needed to restock quickly. I called all my usual guys and the only one who could help me out was Rooster. At the time, Rooster was a very sketchy connection between some equally sketchy dealers in Pine Hill. I didn’t quite trust the guy, but he always managed to get me stuff in a pinch, so I kept him around.

Anyway, we got to some random apartment in a run-down complex. I expected that we’d just meet the guy, pick up the stuff, and be done with it; but you never know when you go into these kinds of situations. So we got to the apartment and met Rooster’s contact, Moses. He invited us in.

The apartment was miniscule. Moses offered us a seat on the couch. We sat there and waited, uncomfortably. Next to us was an open doorway leading into the small kitchenette. In there was an overweight woman with tattoos running up her arms and a massive star-of-David pendant around her neck, conversing with Moses and another skinny black guy. Also in the corner was an elderly man with a bright red wig, a prosthetic arm and a tracheal voice-box. I still don’t really know why, but the guy with the fake arm and the voice-box scared the living **** out of me. They drank beer and carried on for several minutes before Moses came out to tell me and Rooster that his “boy” would be arriving with the stuff shortly. He offered us beer and then went back to the kitchen.

For another ten awkward-as-hell minutes, Rooster and I sat on the couch and waited. We made some small talk, but Rooster wasn’t really the kind of person that you had productive conversations with. He liked to talk about cocaine, and I told him a thousand times that I wasn’t into that kind of stuff. Luckily, Moses’ “boy” arrived, but Moses and Rooster would need to go meet him at another apartment. In the meantime, I’d have to wait.

So I was waiting around in this living room for Rooster to get back for about twenty minutes. People kept walking by me to either leave or go somewhere else in the apartment. I tried to at least smile at them and say ‘hello,’ but they didn’t acknowledge me even when I made an effort. It started to get unbearably weird, and then I saw a stout foreign-looking man with a distinctive birthmark emerge from the bathroom. It took me a moment to recognize him, but I realized that this man was former Secretary General of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev. As he left the bathroom, he waved his hand in front of his face and announced, “In there, you should not go.”

I stood up and greeted him, offering to shake his hand, addressing him as Mr. Gorbachev. He threw up his hands as if he were in trouble, “You’ve got me,” he chuckled, “I have no money, only coupon to Red Lobster. You would like?”

“Nah, I’m good, bro. I’m just shocked to see you here,” I told him.

“Shocked? So am I,” he said. “I sign up for new HMO in Russia, suddenly only pharmacy I can visit: Mr. Moses, Pine Hill, NJ in America. How ridiculous. This man Moses, not even doctor, I must believe.”

“That’s crazy,” I said. “What are you picking up?”

“The chronic,” he said, opening a Ziploc bag containing a full ounce of the most beautiful weed I’d ever seen. “You partake, no?”

* * *

We didn’t even ask if we could blaze in the living room, we just lit up and nobody questioned it. The weed that Gorbachev scored was top notch. After the first hit from the former Soviet leader’s pipe, I began coughing violently.

“Is good, da?” he asked me. I nodded, unable to speak. “Da. The guy told me, ‘Is Diesel, is good,’ I say to him, ‘it better be, no?’”

“…Is that a question?” I asked.

“Eh…. No. Sometimes my English, still not so good.”

After taking another hit, I inspected the pipe. It was a dark wooden tobacco pipe with a bowl that was painted bright red and featured a golden hammer and sickle on it. “That’s a pretty sweet pipe there,” I said.

“This thing? Bah. Khrushchev gave to me in ’65… fine craftsmanship, so I keep.”

“So wait, Khrushchev blazed?”

“Are you not kidding?” Gorbachev asked me.

“I don’t know… I mean… I’m not kidding if that’s what you’re asking me.”

“Ha! So little do you know,” he chuckled. “Entire Kremlin was nothing more than smoke shop. We sit around hitting massive hookah in the center of General Secretary’s chamber. We call it ‘Soviet People’s Hookah,’ which was misnomer for it was only for us.”

“Really? That’s what you guys were doing in there?”

“Of course,” He said with a shrug. “After missile crisis in Cuba, Khrushchev re-thought whole socialism plan. We were out of rubles, Americans shove missiles up our ass, China whining about us not calling… we stopped caring.
“Krushchev, he says: ‘If we invest monies in marijuana, we would be straight up baked for next couple decades.’ Nobody had better plan, so that became plan.”

“That sounds ******* awesome,” I said.

“Was good, yes,” Gorbachev said, then started laughing hysterically. “This one time, Brezhnev bring large tray of brownie edibles as gift. But before he can give them out, Chernenko already started eating them. Before we can stop him, Chernenko already has eaten half the brownies.” He laughed again. “Brezhnev’s face turn red like beet… was hilarious. He chased Chernenko all around Moscow with antique WWII Rifle and bayonet shouting, ‘taste the people’s fury, pig!’
“Oh such times take me back.”

“That’s crazy. The whole time we thought you guys were going to parachute Spetznaz commandos into our backyards.”

“Like Red Dawn? Da?” Gorbachev said, inhaling, and then exhaled: “Wolverines!” I started to laugh. “By the end, whole Cold War was joke. We could not care less. Americans, though, you go and elect cowboy actor Ronald Reagan and pretend to get all tough.
“He says ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down wall,’ so I pretend I don’t know what he mean and **** with him, you see. I say ‘Wall? What wall? You want wall down? Why did you not say so in first place? Let’s tear down wall. Whole thing was ******* mess to begin with. Let’s make it big thing, da? Bring in your David Hasselhoff… hold concert… it would be like German Woodstock.’ Then he said, ‘okay’ and that was that.
“Of course, took several years to book Hasselhoff for show. Something about Knight Rider TV-movie deal, I do not know.”

“So that was it?” I asked. “That was the end of Soviet Russia?”

“Hmmm? No,” he said. “In truth, everybody died. All the old guard, they died off one by one. First Brezhnev, then Andropov, Podgorny, Chernenko… eventually just me, Vasili Kuznetzov and Yeltsin. And Yeltsin, he would not smoke the chronic. Yeltsin was all about the drink. Eventually, I kick him out for breaking Miami Vice collector’s plates in fit of drunken rage.
“Then just me and Kuznetzov, let me tell you, the man was *****… always whining about not getting good hit. Never before have a met a man who does not understand concept of ‘puff and pass.’ Such foolishness! Finally, I become so fed up, I call Yeltsin and tell him: ‘**** it, is all yours,’ and give him country.”

“That’s crazy,” I said.

He laughed. “Is crazy, right?”

* * *

Around then, Rooster and Moses came back. Rooster, looking pale and worried, told me that we should go right away. I said goodbye to Gorbachev and we exchanged Myspace usernames (he still hasn’t responded to my friend request). On the drive out of Pine Hill, Rooster told me that he had accused Moses of short-changing him on the deal and that he just barely got back to the apartment without being cut up. I asked him if he got the weed, but he just shook his head. I tried to explain to him that I had just met Mikhail Gorbachev, but he didn’t know who the man was until I described him as, “that bald dude with the ******-up birthmark on his head.”

“Is he famous or something?” Rooster asked me. I decided to drop the subject right there.

And that was the time I smoked a bowl of headies with Mikhail Gorbachev at a shady apartment in Pine Hill, NJ.

It is getting closer to show time and the VIPs are starting to show including Former Vice President Dick Cheney (Richard Dreyfuss) who spots Lou and is visibly worried after spoting him this was spotted by our reporter who sits next to Lou. "Hey can I see your Juggs?" he inquired.
"Maybe later but first I have to know do you know Dick Cheney?" "Oh yeah!" he replied "Let me tell you the story."

Sometime last year I was on my way back from Histori-Con ’09 in NY and I ended up stopping at the Houlihan’s in Weehawken, NJ. Every time I come back from any gaming convention in NY and I’m just over the bridge into Jersey, I start to desire bar food at restaurant prices.

I started on a Wings & Things appetizer sampler, and then I realized that there were five suits crammed into the booth behind me. When I looked at who was sitting there, I was shocked; it was none other than former vice-president Dick Cheney and a contingent of black-suited, mirror-shade wearing, secret service agents.

Shrugging aside the newly arrived Wings & Things, I approached Cheney’s table. The booth was overloaded with secret service personnel. The former vice-president looked up at me and uttered a few choice words: “What the **** do you want?”

“You blaze?” I asked him, gesturing toward my face as if holding a joint.

* * *

Several minutes later we were lighting up a bowl on the bench seating of my 1990 Oldsmobile station wagon. Two of his secret service guys were in the back seat. They weren’t smoking, but that didn’t matter too much in a sealed vehicle.

For several passes of the bowl, we didn’t say anything. It was a very Zen moment, but Cheney eventually shattered it and asked me: “So what, are you like some deadbeat or something?”

“Sure,” I said. “I mean. It beats doing stuff, right?”

“True dat,” he said and took another hit.

“How about you?” I said.

He laughed. “What do you mean?”

“Well what if I asked you the same thing, right? Like, ‘so what, are you the prophesized antichrist?’”

Cheney laughed again. “You’ve got the wrong idea, friend,” he said with an awkward grimace, that I quickly realized was his version of a smile. “All I did was try to create stability where there was none.”

“Yeah but, dude, there’s no real stability anywhere.”

He smiled again; still a frightening visage. “Then you do get it,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, you said it, there’s no stability. We don’t live in a stable world. It’s like that Men in Black movie with… ummm… Ice T, was it?”

“Will Smith.” I said.

“No no, he was a rapper.”

“Yeah, Will Smith,” I said. “Remember, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince? Parents Just Don’t Understand? He even had a sitcom, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

“Was that the one with Urkel?” Cheney asked.

“No, that was Family Matters. Remember, Fresh Prince had that catchy theme song: In West Philadelphia born and raised / On the playground was where I spend most of my days… ” Cheney suddenly joined in: “…Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool / And all shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school / When a couple of guys / Who were up to no good / Started makin’ trouble in my neighborhood / I got in one little fight and my mom got scared / She said ‘You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air.’” Both of us switched to squeaky, high-pitched voices for the last line, and then laughed until we were out of breath.

“Yeah, I remember that ****,” Cheney said, lighting the bowl for another hit. “…what was I talking about?”

“Men in Black,” I offered.

“Oh right,” he said, exhaling. “In that they’re telling him how, like, the world is always about to be blown up by aliens, or some **** like that, and the only way people could get on with their lives was not to be told about it. You see what I’m saying?”

“So we’ve been threatened by aliens before?” I asked.

“It’s just an example, all kinds of crazy **** is always going on. If it’s not aliens, it’s the Koreans, if it’s not them it’s the French…”

“But aliens have threatened us?”

“Just drop the thing about the goddamn aliens, okay?” he said.

“Alright, alright…” I dropped the issue. He was only the slightest bit bothered by the question, but seeing the potential in his eyes for a terrifying outburst of anger, I decided to quit while I was ahead. I also decided not to inquire why the former vice-president of the United States, and possibly secret ruler of some New World Order ****, was quoting Men in Black.

Cheney took the piece to eyelevel and looked down the chamber. “This ****’s kicked, dawg,” He said in the lamest ‘hip old uncle’ voice I’d ever heard. “Let’s get order some food or something.”

“Dude,” I said. “We’re at Houlihan’s already.”

“****… Houlihan’s,” Cheney muttered.

* * *

Back in the restaurant, we were sitting at a booth across from each other, with one of Cheney’s bodyguards sitting next to each of us. The remaining secret service personnel sat at the booth I had originally occupied. The former vice-president browsed through the menu, while I poked my cold Wings & Things platter with a fork.

“What the **** is an Itty Bitty Burger? Why the hell would I want them to make a hamburger smaller? I know it comes with a few of them, but if you want more of something why not just make it bigger? I just don’t understand America anymore,” he said, then looked over at me dissecting my food. “What’s your problem?”

“It’s kind of cold,” I said. The server walked by at that moment, a pimple-faced gangly kid with the beginnings of a mustache. “Excuse me, could I get this heated up?”

“Oh man… I don’t know,” he said, scratching his scraggly hair. “I mean, I think… like, you might have to buy another one… or something… let me check with my manager—”

“Listen, you little ****-stain,” Cheney blurted out, gesturing at the server with a fork, “you put that ******* food back on the burner for him or you and all your stupid little minimum-wage friends here will be strapped upside-down to the ceiling of a rape-room in a Ukrainian ‘Re-Education’ Center so fast that your family will still be expecting you home for dinner! You understand?”

The server, terrified beyond belief, nodded, grabbed my food, and ran back to the kitchen. I began to crack-up.

“What?” Cheney asked, with a grin. “Sometimes you just have to represent.”

For the rest of our encounter we ate our food (Cheney, out of curiosity, decided on the Itty Bitty Burgers) and discussed Battlestar Galactica, Entourage, and the latest season of True Blood, which Cheney felt “was too far out there.” Eventually, Cheney’s schedule dictated his departure. We exchanged Xbox gamertags, shook hands, said we’d keep in touch, and that was the end of it. As Cheney’s limo pulled away, I could faintly hear the music of the Fresh Prince blasting from its sound system. I waved as it passed, but its tinted windows prevented me from seeing if my gesture was returned.

And that was the time I smoked a bowl with Dick Cheney at the Houlihan’s in Weehawken, NJ.

Now, it was time for the speech/town hall all the media was aflutter and the President began to speak...

The ending will be revieled at the Commies

__________________________________________________ __________



Written and Direced by Paul Thomas Anderson

MONEY: 75 mil budget (Paramount)

10 million spent on writer/director
40 million spent on cast

33.3 percent left to spend:

10% spent on advertising (required)
10% spent on set design
6% spent on visual effects
3% spent on costume design
1.3% spent on cinematography
1% spent on music
1% spent on sound
1% spent on editing

The film opens with a shot of a beautiful landscape with rolling hills and a row of large bushes next to a dirt pathway. We see Ministry of Magic official Bob Ogden walking quickly along this path before ducking into the bushes. The camera follows him and finds him standing before a dilapidated shack covered in moss and ivy. This is where the story of Tom Marvolo Riddle begins.

In the House of Gaunt we find Merope Gaunt, who after a series of events turns out to be the mother of Tom Riddle. She dies during his birth at an orphanage, where Tom will spend all of his childhood up until the time when Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) comes to invite him to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Tom, who is already starting to show signs of the monster he will eventually become, accepts this offer thus setting himself on the path to become the most powerful wizard of all time. The movie centers around his 5th, 6th and 7th years at Hogwarts, in which he discovers the Chamber of Secrets and has basically shed the skin of the child he used to be. He now appears to be one of the best, most handsome, and most charming students Hogwarts has ever seen, at least to everyone but Dumbledore. We watch as Tom Riddle (Jared Leto) discovers many of Hogwarts secrets while charming everyone in sight.

After graduation Tom takes a job at a small wizarding store called Borgin and Burkes, where we find out just how serious he is about splitting his soul in half in order to make himself more immortal. We watch as he splits his soul in half for the first time and the screen fades to black as his excruciatingly painful screams echo out. The next time we see Tom Riddle, he has transformed fully into who the wizarding world will know as Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). We see him enter Dumbledore's headmaster office at Hogwarts and ask for a teaching job, of which he is denied. After this he joins his followers which we learn are called Death Eaters, the chief among them being Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham-Carter). With these followers, we watch as Voldemort quickly becomes the most feared wizard of all time, wreaking havoc wherever he goes.

This, of course, is halted when Severus Snape (Alan Rickman) reports to Voldemort part of a prophecy he heard, which leads Voldemort to believe that James and Lily Potter's baby Harry is the only person who has the power to defeat him. Peter Pettigrew (Timothy Spall) betrays the Potters' location and we watch as Voldemort kills Lily and James but fails to kill Harry, as the curse rebounds on Voldemort and forces him to spend the next ten years in hiding with no power or ability to do much of anything. This time passes quickly during the movie (we're gonna need a montage) and we start up again when Pettigrew comes to Voldemort's rescue. Voldemort slowly begins to recover, culminating when he receives a new body after capturing Harry Potter. He fails to kill Potter again, but his power is now restored and he resumes his post as the most powerful wizard in the world. This eventually leads to the final battle at Hogwarts where a bunch of crazy **** happens but ultimately Voldemort meets his end.

Throughout the movie, Voldemort will confide what he is thinking/feeling with his snake Nagini, since he has no friends.

__________________________________________________ __________



1mill - Music
1.5mill - Promotion (Oscar hopeful)
250k - Editing
250k - Cinematography

Lost and Found
A Jason Reitman Film

Nathan Key (Joseph Gordon Levitt), a former petty thief, sits across from his probation officer as he listens to the details of his probation. He is hardly able to pay attention, as the only thing he can think about is missing his father's funeral, who passed away two weeks before Nathan's release from prison. Nathan did one year after racking up a record that included burglary, assault and other petty crimes.

Nathan returns to the small apartment that he shared with his father for so many years, to find it empty and bare. His father’s closet still filled with his clothes and belongings, each memento sparking a different memory of his father, good and the bad. One item in particular, a small matchbox corvette toy car, which sat right next to his fathers’s bed. This was Nathan’s first foray into the life of petty crime, as he stole it when he was just 10 years old on a trip to the store with his dad.

Nathan walks into his room, still trying to get used to the idea of being home, he stumbles across a box which contained a number of items he gathered during his time as a petty thief and burglarizing homes, items that he was unable to sell or exchange for anything of value, but he never discarded. Nathan, seeing himself as rehabilitated and wanting to make a mends for his past transgression, and believing his father was watching his every move, decides no matter how difficult or how trivial, he will return these items to their rightful owners. A challenge that proved to be much more complicated then he imagined, but after numerous phone calls and a number of doors knocked, Nathan was able to return each of the items to their owner.

Oren Abbott (Rain Wilson) – Item #1 - Wallet, containing $5, coupons and family photos.
Turns out to be pretty indifferent about receiving his wallet back, even throwing it in the bin with Nathan still there, but he admires Nathan’s purpose. He even offers to aid Nathan with returning the rest of the items.

Gabby Kaelin (Evan Rachel Wood) – Item #2 - A dove locket, with a broken latch.
Initially Off-put by Nathan, finds herself overwhelmed to have her locket returned to her. Nathan apologizes for the broken latch, but she tells him it’s been broken since she received it a small child from her older sister, who she had a falling out with years before.

Doug Albrecht (Jeff Daniels) - Item #3 – A record case containing a number of old Motown LPs
Nathan is surprised to find out the safe belongs to his former high school counselor. Down and out, Doug lives alone in a small, dingy studio apartment. Nathan finds it difficult to witness him live this way, as he always admired Doug when he was a teen. To Nathan’s dismay, Doug was initially infuriated to get his item back. Cursing and scolding Nathan when he gave him back the case. Nathan, elects to let him vent as he sees Doug as a frustrated and sad man. Doug would later call Nathan to apologize and tell him he appreciates his effort.

Thomas Key – Item#4
Nathan sits alone in a cemetery across from his father’s grave. He talks with him, just to talk. He lays next to his father’s grave while playing with the small toy Corvette, driving forward and backward on the grass, The way he used to with his father when he was a small child. Hours pass, until Nathan walks away, leaving the toy corvette with his father.

__________________________________________________ __________



Numb Recollections

$150M Budget

Gilliam $15M

McKellen $20M
Winslet $20M
Sheen $5M
McAvoy $5M
Knightley $10M
Tautou $5M

$15M - Advertising
$15M - Visuals
$20M - Cinematography
$15M - Set Design/Art Direction
$5M - Music

In the 1960's, there lived a dentist, who's flying offices traveled near and far. It was occupied by the wealthiest, most accomplished dentist in the world. He was a modern day rock star, a pop Icon. The most recognizable face in the world. He tended the teeth of A-Listers and Royalty alike. But it all came crashing down for him, and rather quickly. It is now the year 2008, where the dentists past mistakes have driven him to try and numb the memories away with the use of novacaine.

A British Reporter (Michael Sheen) has been assigned, and granted the task of staying with, following, and documenting the actions of the dentist for an entire year, where he is to gain a detailed account of the dentists life. During the endless stream of interviews, the dentist (Ian McKellen) reminiscences about his former rock star status and downfall through a series of flashbacks. They depict his (James McAvoy) marriage to an upper class woman from London (Keira Knightley) that was torn apart when he fathered a child to his mistress, a famous french actress (Audrey Tautou).

The film culminates with the dentists first face to face meeting with his daughter (Kate Winslet), who is also followed throughout the film.

Sir Ian McKellen - The dentist in the present day. He spends most of his waking hours in his majestic flying office/home using Novocaine to numb his thoughts on the past and how his life went spiraling downward after a brief moment on top of the world. After an initial struggle, he ends up divulging every bit of painful information he has to the reporter through a series of flashbacks. He is forced to accept his past before meeting his daughter for the first time.

Kate Winslet - The illegitimate child of Sir Ian McKellen. She has never met her father, and after hearing tales of his deeds, had never wanted to. The film documents her life and the daily struggles she faces being the infamous love child of two of the biggest stars of the 60's.

Michael Sheen - A British reporter who has been assigned and granted the task of staying with, following, and documenting the actions of the fallen dentist for an entire year, where he is to gain a detailed account of the dentists past life. He pushes McKellen into divulging, where McKellen must abandon his numbing escape and face the harsh reality of what his life has turned into.

James McAvoy - (Flashback character) - The dentist in his famous days. A true Icon of the 1960's, whos face was known to all as he flew thru the air in his flying office. He lives up his life to the best of his ability, frequently fraternizing with the highest of the high class, eventually meeting an upper class woman from London whom he would fall in love with and go on to marry, only to betray her shortly thereafter by fathering a child to his mistress.

Keira Knightley - (Flashback character) - An upper class woman from London living at her parents estate who falls for the megastar dentist and goes on to marry him. She throws it all away to be with him, including an opportunity to Oxford and an arranged marriage that her fathers political career hinges on, resulting in her life being utterly ruined when she learns of the dentists betrayal.

Audrey Tautou - (Flashback character) - A famous french actress, widely regarded as the best and most beautiful actress in all of Europe. She begins a secret affair with the dentist after she arranges an appointment with him, which results in a child that the dentist abandons in an effort to keep it away from public knowledge - from his wife's knowledge.

__________________________________________________ __________



$100M budget

Directed by David Fincher ($10M)


Casey Affleck ($10M)
Josh Brolin ($10M)
Harvey Keitel ($10M)

Diane Kruger ($5M)
Idris Elba ($5M)
Michael Madsen ($5M)

$15M Cinematography
$10M Advertising
$10M Music
$6M Sound
$4M Editing

In the summer of 1973 in Santa Cruz, California, three men, with no knowledge of each other, embarked on three separate journeys. All three men are murderers.

The premise of the movie is that the film tells three different stories, with three different subjects, although the movie is in the same world and an effect on one story can and will translate to the other.

The first story involves Edward Fitzgerald (Affleck). Fitzgerald has struggled with his addiction to violence, stemming back from the abuse that he received as a child from his father (Madsen) and being desensitized. He is homeless and his only companion is his pet bunny, Butch. His IQ is that of the genius level, however, and he is extremely careful in his actions. The story follows Edward and his serial killing ways. It also delves into his past involving his father and how he impacted his life.

The second story involves J.L. Freeman (Brolin), a contract killer with the knack for dismembering his victims and putting them through his car crushing machine, which is his cover. His story involves his involvement with his "boss" Jerome Santangelo, (Idris Elba). Santangelo is a notorious smuggling kingpin, who illegally imports everything from pornographic videos, guns, drugs, and even women. Santangelo has recently expanded his business out west in the Santa Cruz area after conquering the Boston area. Freeman contemplates his life and morality throughout his story, ultimately leading to a life changing event towards the conclusion.

The third story tells the story of Henry Dorsey (Keitel), an extremely successful businessman who has helped develop the largest chain of toy manufacturers along the California Pacific coast line. Dorsey, however, finds his wife Geneva (Kruger) cheating on him and becomes consumed by rage throughout the movie, and ultimately kills her and her lover. The film follows Dorsey as he tries to cover up his wife's murder yet also juggle a trying time in his business venture.

The sum of all three of these stories ultimately come together and form an enormous conflict. All three of these men come to know each other by a freak occurrence, and all three men are in danger of being found out for what they actually are. This results in a dramatic game of cat and mouse between the three killers. The film ultimately climaxes with three separate conclusions, all aired in sequence of each other, with the viewer being left to decide which one was real. A David Fincher special.

__________________________________________________ __________



Nelson – Edward James Olmos
Miguel – Gael Garcia Bernal
Sarah – Rose Byrne
Sister Alice Manuszewski – Mia Farrow
Tony – Diego Luna

Budget: $50M

Edward James Olmos - $10M – 20%
Gael Garcia Bernal - $5M – 10%
Diego Luna - $5M – 10%
Rose Byrne - $5M – 10%
Mia Farrow - $5M – 10%
Thomas McCarthy - $5M – 10%
Editing - $5M – 10%
Cinematography - $5M – 10%
Set Design – $1M – 2%
Costume Design – $500K – 1%
Music - $1M – 2%
Sound - $1M – 2%
Visual Effects - $1.5M – 3%
Total - $50M - 100%

Focus Features
written and directed by Thomas McCarthy

Nelson Torres (Edward James Olmos) is a recently retired Mexican-American living in a crime-riddled area of Santa Ana, California. Having left his wife (now deceased) and son many years ago, and with few friends retained over the years, Nelson lives an uneventful life of virtual solitude in his uneasy surroundings. While a little bored, he is actually pretty content with this life, at least until he is stabbed in a mugging while walking down his block. He survives, but this prompts a hospital visit from the nearly estranged son, Miguel (Gael Garcia Bernal), and Miguel’s fiancé, Sarah (Rose Byrne), who has never met Nelson.

In stable condition, Nelson is eager to return home. There is sudden passion evident in him as he speaks of his newfound plans for community action. Miguel is wary of this, and is only shocked when Sarah, a registered nurse, abruptly offers to assist him as he returns home and begins his work. Miguel is even more surprised at Nelson’s acceptance of such help, protesting the whole situation to no avail.

The days go on with Sarah coming over from her and Miguel’s house in suburban Fullerton to assist and tend to Nelson, as well as help to set up his community project. Despite his inappropriate comments and casual indifference toward his son, Sarah manages to enjoy herself while with the old man. She accompanies him on a visit to the neighborhood association where he pitches his ideas. The overwhelmed head of the obviously shorthanded association, Sister Alice Manuszewski (Mia Farrow), sees his ideas as rather shortsighted and clearly related to his recent situation, but is in no position to turn away the initiative.

Nelson eventually recovers from his injuries, and has several more meetings with Sister Alice. Sarah gets herself caught up in the initiative, seeing it as her own way of giving back from a more privileged life. She is becoming increasingly uneasy around Nelson, whose comments are becoming more personal, but continues to offer what she can. She eventually reaches a point where she no longer wants to deal directly with him, but before she can say anything, Miguel decides it is his turn to take a chance on his father and his seemingly newfound kindness. Despite her discomfort around the old man, Sarah does not want to come between a possible reconciliation between father and son, and encourages his decision.

Things go well between the two at first. The tenseness is broken and they freely joke with each other as Miguel learns about his father’s goals. The light mood is short-lived, however, as old conflicts arise and Nelson does not relent on his making fun of Miguel’s lifestyle. Miguel calls out his father on his habitual insensitivity and selfishness, even in his current projects. It takes him until the next day to vent his displeasure to his wife, who only now mentions the obscene things previously said by Nelson. Miguel, incensed by this revelation, rushes out to confront his father.

Unaware that Nelson is at his weekly neighborhood association meeting, Miguel barges in to find not his father, but his neighbor and small-time criminal/addict Tony (Diego Luna), who has taken this opportunity to rob the place in Nelson’s absence. Confrontational Miguel attempts to throw Tony out of the home, only to be stabbed in the chest at close range. He dies, and Nelson returns home to find his son’s lifeless body.

Following the funeral, Sister Alice makes several rebuffed attempts to reach out to Nelson and Sarah. Both are just looking to move on or away from what has happened, with Sarah grieving heavily. Sarah moves back close to her family in San Francisco, cheaply selling their suburban house to Nelson and never speaking to him again. Nelson abandons his projects, leaving only the desire that any successfully launched idea be named in memoriam of his son, and living out the rest of his days as a shut-in in Fullerton. Sister Alice is left with an even larger workload, a moderate donation from Sarah’s family, and as little help as ever.

__________________________________________________ __________




Director: Martin Scorsese - 15M


Leonardo DiCaprio - 20M
Brad Pitt - 20M
Djimon Hounsou - 10M
Natalie Portman - 10M
Hugo Weaving - 5M
Emile Hirsch - 5M
Jamie Bell - 5M
Misha Collins - 5M

Advertising: 15M

Technical Spending:
Visual Effects - 15M

Editing - 15M
Cinematography - 10M

The Spectres’ – an infamous group of four infamously known for their ability to take out anyone or anything.

For years they have taken orders from a man known only as Lucifer. The Spectres have assassinated some of the world’s most powerful men and women. There is nobody who can match their cunning, skill and determination to get the job done – at the right price.

The Spectres (usually solo artists) are called to meet in downtown New York City for their first face to face meeting with the man who has been providing them with work for years. One final job. $100 million each. An opportunity to leave the game. Murder two apparently unimportant brothers and live out the rest of their lives with relative ease.

Naturally questions arise and Tobias questions Lucifer. Who are you? Lucifer summons his body guard Cronus who swiftly murders Tobias. Listen to me or suffer the same fate as your ‘work-mate’. I will give you 24 hours to decide.

The remaining Spectres are shocked and horrified at what has happened. Who is Lucifer? What is Lucifer? And what of Cronus? Who are these targets? What significance do they have? What happens if they disobey?


The Spectres

Leonardo DiCaprio as Johnny Wilkins – An in your face American hailing from the Omaha, Nebraska. An unlikely place to spawn the world’s top assassin.

Natalie Portman as Sarah Wilson – An English assassin who prefers to use her looks and pure sexiness to ‘persuade’ victims.

Djimon Hounsou as Maasai – An African warrior whose techniques are strange, yet oddly effective in Western civilisation.

Misha Collins as Tobias Jones – An Australian native who unfortunately falls to the way side as a warning to the remaining Spectres.

The Targets

Emile Hirsch as Kevin Williams – One of Lucifer’s target. It is unknown why he is being targeted.

Jamie Bell as Phillip Williams – See above.

The Unkown

Hugo Weaving as Lucifer – An unknown figure who has provided the Spectres with instructions for years. Is he a mere mortal?

Brad Pitt as Cronus – Lucifer’s ruthless bodyguard.

__________________________________________________ __________



Cast and Director w/ Budget
Will Smith 20 Million
Cameron Diaz 20 Million
Tim Allen 5 Million
Lucy Liu 5 Million
Sean William Scott 5 Million
Bobb’e J. Thompson 5 Million
Danny Boyle 15 Million
Advertising 15 Million
Special effects 35 Million
Total = 125 Million

Character Descriptions:

Will Smith plays Steve Fairbanks, who goes undercover in stand up comedy clubs around the world.

Cameron Diaz plays Trisha Fairbanks, who is the comedy genius who got her husband Steve into the comedy business to catch criminals.

Tim Allen plays John Rush, who is an assistant and best friend to Fairbanks. He also goes undercover into comedy clubs.

Lucy Liu plays Yun Diu Ka, who is the leader of the Chinese Villain group called the Triads 2. She often resides in Chinese comedy clubs watching the American comedians. Her group has taken over Hong Kong and she has a very high warrant for her arrest.

Sean William Scott plays William John Jennings II, who was an American traitor now working for Diu Ka.

Bobb’e J. Thompson plays the role of Trisha and Steve Fairbanks’ son. His name is Rod Fairbanks He serves as a comic relief throughout the film.

In the action meets comedy film “Undercover Comedians,” Smith and Allen go undercover as comedians in different countries to try and catch criminals. In 2014, Comedy has become a big industry in China. And that’s where Liu (Diu Ka) makes all her money. Diu Ka’s Triads 2 gang has taken over Hong Kong with their unorthodox techniques to try and kick people out of their home and businesses. Diu Ka has been wanted in the country for many years, and that is what Fairbanks and Rush have set out to do.

As undercover CIA agents, Allen and Smith go into comedy clubs and do stand-up. Little do the Triads 2 gang know, is that they are looking for Diu Ka, who has killed many people along her way to the leadership of the gang. Sean William Scott plays William John Jennings, who is an Ex-CIA agent now working for Diu Ka. He serves as Diu Ka’s hitman and is also very wanted.

Trisha Fairbanks spends her time at home with her and Steve Fairbanks’ son. She also does stand-up comedy, but she is not in the CIA. She makes a living solely off of stand-up. Originally, it was her idea to use stand-up to catch these criminals, but at the end of the film, only Diaz will out-smart Diu Ka and will eventually lead to a huge fight and riot along the streets of Hong Kong.

This action-packed comedy has the perfect balance between funny and action. It is directed by Oscar winning director Danny Boyle.

__________________________________________________ __________



Paramount Pictures presents
“Where the Bodies Lie”
A Quentin Tarantino Film

Budget: 75M
Quentin Tarantino 10M (Academy Award Requirement)
Colin Farrell 5M
Gary Oldman 5M
Olivia Wilde 5M
Ed Norton 10M (Academy Award Requirement)
Yvonne Strahovski 5M
Neil Patrick Harris 5M
Sam Rockwell 5M

Remaining Budget: 25M
10% on Advertising – 7.5M
10% on Cinematography – 7.5M
10% on Editing – 7.5M
2.5 M on Music

Where the Bodies Lie
In his illustrious career, Quentin Tarantino has tackled spaghetti westerns (Inglourious Basterds), blaxploitation (Jackie Brown) and Kung Fu movies (Kill Bill). For his next project, Tarantino has decided to go noir. An homage to the great detective movies of the 40’s and 50’s, Quentin Tarantino’s Where the Bodies Lie is a tactful blend of noir techniques and modern filmmaking styles, creating a fantastically obscure film which is sure to fascinate with its signature fast dialogue and aesthetisized violence.
Gary Oldman plays Sam Carter, a hard-boiled detective who has decided to leave town due to the overwhelming level of corruption he sees daily, but can do little to change. He is an idealist, however he has quickly learned there is no place for him in an era of greed and deception. He is persuaded to take on one last case by Sophia LeMays (Olivia Wilde), a local bartender whose husband has gone missing. She begs Sam to find him before its too late; as she believes he has been taken by the local Irish mafia, to who he owed money from a gambling debt. The Irish, led by the vicious Liam Murphy (Ed Norton), are no friends of Sam, and the only way he can properly investigate them is to befriend a local conman, Mickey Ireland (Colin Farrell). A sleight of hand master and card shark, Mickey becomes a pseudo-partner for Sam as he attempts to find Sophia’s husband, whose existence begins to come into question as the film continues. Along the way, they encounter a beautiful nightclub singer (Yvonne Strahovski) who may double as a Russian hitman, her handler and eccentric nightclub owner (Neil Patrick Harris) and a corrupt police officer hellbent on protecting his daughter (Sam Rockwell). Amidst the booze and the sex and the drugs, Sam finds himself wondering whether he can get out at all.

Sam Carter (Gary Oldman) – An accomplished private detective, Sam has decided to leave town once and for all before being tempted back into the business for one final case. Persistent, violent, and a bit of a drinker, Sam is everything a P.I needs to be to survive in a town this bad.
Mickey “Ireland” O’Neil (Colin Farrell) -- A master of sleight of hand and wicked at a poker table, Mickey Ireland is a low-level conman connected to the Irish Mob. He helps Sam infiltrate the mob and gather what little information there is about Sophia’s husband, and along the way attempts to befriend Sam in hopes that he may be able to help him escape the debts he himself owes to the Irish.
Sophia LeMays (Olivia Wilde) – A local bartender, Sophia LeMays is a renowned Femme Fatale who uses her looks and seductive nature to influence the men around her. As she convinces Sam to take one last case, she asks him to find her husband, who may or may not exist. As the film progresses, it becomes clear she has some ulterior movies.
Liam Murphy (Ed Norton) – A vicious Irish mob boss, Liam Murphy used to be little more then hired muscle. However, when the people he used to protect started to mysteriously vanish, he took power for himself. Cunning and ruthless, he has become the unofficial mayor of this corrupt city, and nothing happens without first going through him.
Anastasia Raskolnikoff (Yvonne Strahovski) – A beautiful Russian nightclub singer, Anastasia has a shady past and as the film progresses, it becomes clear that she is much more than simply entertainment. Sam believes her to be involved with the Russian mob, and perhaps even work as an assassin for them.
Monty Braindt (Neil Patrick Harris) – Owns the nightclub where Anastasia sings. Although eccentric, he isn’t nearly as harmless as he may seem: more than a few troublesome patrons have woken up the next day missing fingers for causing trouble at his bar.
Detective Charles Emach (Sam Rockwell) – A corrupt police detective who lost his wife several years earlier, Chuck Emach got involved with the Irish mob in order to protect his young daughter. He becomes an obstacle for Sam once the mafia realize his intentions.

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