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06-16-2010, 09:26 PM

Sonic the Hedgehog
Ash Ketchum (Pokemaster)
John McClane
Ichigo Kurosaki
Chuck Norris
Gandolf the White
Angus Macgyver
James Bond


1. Broth -June 4 5:00 PM EST - Galactus
1. Broth - June 5 9:00 PM EST - Sephiroth
1. Broth - June 5 10:00 PM EST - Freddy Kruger
1. Broth - June 7 7:00 PM EST - Dark Lord Sauron
1. Broth - June 7 8:00 PM EST - Lex Luthor
1. Broth - June 8 11:00 PM EST - Yagami Light
1. Broth - June 9 5:00 PM EST- Thanos
1. Broth - June 10 9:00 PM EST - Seymore Guado
1. Broth - June 10 10:00 PM EST - Night of the Living Dead style Zombies!
1. Broth - June 12 7:00 PM EST -Death aka Grim Reaper


It is a quiet day in Draftland CA when out of nowhere the city is over run by ZOMBIES!!! Fearing a doomsday scenario a team of heroes containing T-800 (Arnold style terminator) and Gandolf the White are running franticly to stop the Zombie hoard. Meanwhile in Suh Japan in a building guarded on the outside by Seymore Guado and Dark Lord Sauron and on the inside by trusted advisor and good solder Sephiroth Yagami light disposes quickly of James Bond, Angus McGyver, and John McClain who are all known members of various government agencies who's pictures and identities were bought by Lex Luthor from spies and traitors. But certain heroes will not stand for that as Ash Ketchum, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ichigo Kurosaki. Seymore walks up to Ash as he throws his first pokeball Pikachu I choose you! Seymore laughs as he says "Oh a summoner's battle this should be fun! Come Anima!" Anima makes quick work of any Pokemon that Ash throws out. As he runs away Seymore uses multiple spells and kills ash where he stands. Still inside Light is reading interwebz and says "Hey Sephiroth lets have some fun!" Writes down "Chuck Norris dies July 4th 2010 after long battle with the Incredible Hulk dies from suicide." While outside the battle between Sauron and Ichigo and Seymore and Sonic are raging fast. Luckily for sonic he has all the chaos emeralds and 100 rings which he uses to pwn Seymore. Bad news for Sonic Thanos could really use those chaos emeralds to add to the infinity gauntlet! With the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos easily dispatches Sonic and takes the Chaos emeralds and goes away to insert them into the gauntlet. Sauron ring in hand is in fierce battle with Ichigo. Ichigo is winning the fight well in hand. Sauron is yelling from outside Sephiroth help MEEE!!!! Light said "leave him you are here to protect me don't forget that." As Sephiroth leaves Light follows. Once outside Light asks "Who are you?" and in true Ichigo fashion he announces his name. Bad mistake or it would have been if Sephiroth didn't anal rape ichigo before Light could get his pen. In the mean time the diversion of zombies has been taken care of while chuck norris and the hulk are still in deep battle with roundhouse kicks and hulk smashes galore. Galactus' power Cosmic and the Grim Reaper's one touch one kill show up an lets face facts their brute strength alone leaves T-800 and Gandolf with no chance.

- The villain team gathers to continue to watch Hulk and Chuck Norris go at it for 15 days.
- Chuck dies while the hulk escapes but turns back into Bruce Banner and goes to sleep.
- Durring his sleep he hears something
1,2 Freddie is coming for you.
3,4 better lock the door

Where is the one place you can kill the hulk. In his dreams. Freddie Kruger makes short work Bruce Banner in his dreams.