View Full Version : Team 6 Villains vs Team 3 Heroes

06-17-2010, 08:11 PM
6. CJS - June 4 10:00 PM EST - Satan
6. CJS - June 4 11:00 PM EST - Alien
6. CJS - June 6 8:00 PM EST - Megatron
6. CJS - June 6 9:00 PM EST - Cobra Commander
6. CJS - June 8 6:00 PM EST Loki
6. CJS - June 8 7:00 PM EST - Agent Smith
6. CJS - June 9 10:00 PM EST - Grigori Rasputin
6. CJS - June 9 11:00 PM EST - Cats
6. CJS - June 11 8:00 PM EST - General M.Bison
6. CJS - June 11 9:00 PM EST - The Borg from Star Trek

Jason Bourne
Hiro Nakamura
Jean Grey

In dealing with Cloud, we meet Satan. He could single handedly take out the entire hero team, but he firstcfocuses on the guilt of one failure of Cloud’s in particular: his guilt for failing to protect Aerith and letting her die. Satan gets inside Cloud’s head and Cloud decides to end his one life using that big butcher knife of a sword he carries around.
Jason Bourne is good, but at the end of the day, he is just one man. Cobra Commander + General M.Bison command armies and Bourne is not going to last long against two fictional armies. Amnesia will not affect is ability to die. Hiro Nakamura uses the phone one too many times and allows Agent Smith to “download” himself into Hiro’s body. Now we have a Hiro, who cuts himself, can time travel and wants to kill good guys.
It seems Yoda can’t win if his opponent uses lightning . Enter Loki. With his energy projection skills coupled with the power to decimate a planet, Loki is his own personal Death Star. “Fire at will Commander.” Yoda dodges a fight to the finish and chooses exile and a dark, damp planet. Loki will also face off against Jean Grey. Grey being an Omega level mutant warrants someone as powerful as Loki to come after her, but since Jean Grey is not Pheonix, so she is no match for Loki and his mighty powers.

Fighting Merlin will taker a power wizard indeed. I just so happen to have one in black magic wizard Grigori Rasputin. Link feels like he can help due to his experience fighting Ganon, but neither Link or Merlin can stand up to the Ogdru Jahad, which has recruited Rasputin as a mortal agent of its evil and has no problem stepping in when Rasputin needs a hand.

Wolverine is a bad dude so it’s going to take a gang of folks to take him down. Sadly, in the rumble, it only takes one Borg to get close enough to touch and shock him and there by convert him. Resistance is futile and now it has an attitude.

Mario is just in the wrong place, a dark sewer, when he meets up with Alien. Alien is in his element down there and Mario’s monkeywrench just isn’t going to cut it.

Superman has pretty much only one weakness: Kryponite. Cats + Megatron team up to scour outer space to find enough Kryponite to make a round for Megatron’s weapon and shoot Superman with a bullet made of Krypotonite. All your team are belong to us.