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06-28-2010, 02:29 PM
Post your teams strengths and weaknesses. This can be a good way to learn about other teams that you are not familiar with.

Baltimore Ravens

On offense we have a young QB who has shown a lot of potential along with a arm as strong as anyone in the NFL. He has a nice corp of veteran Recieving options (stallworth,Mason,Boldin,Heap) and we have added young talent at the TE position(Dickson,Pitta). We have 3 players who can be pro bowl quality RBs(Rice,McClain,McGahee) and a young OL w/ a very good smart veteran C.

On defense we have great veteran leadership with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. We have very good young talent as well, we are consistantly a top 10 defense year in and year out, I dont expect that to change this season.

On offense the veteran recieving corp all have a history of injuries, when the post season comes around I can guarentee you that all of them wont be healthy. Also with the Oline Gaither is being a baby, we moved him to RT and honestly I dont think he will be anything special at that position. If we trade Gaither Oneil Cousins then will become the starter. He cant even control his temper let alone be a quality NFL T.

On defense age is a legit concern, Ray Lewis will be 35 that is ancient for a middle LB. Reed had a hip procedure so he may miss time in the begining of the season. Our pass rush was pitiful last season but I feel that is because the play calling, it was very bland and predictable. We ran a 34 but we telegraphed the OLB we were blitzing every play. Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb both torn their ACLs last season so they may not be 100% at the begining of the season, I dont think our CBs are as bad as everyone claims. I feel it is because of the pathetic pass rush they look bad. It looks like Chris Carr will be a starter until Washington and Webb are healthy and that is just scary.

06-28-2010, 04:06 PM

-Passing game. With Eli and our developing weapons, we can throw it as long as our protection holds up.

-Pass defense. With our pass rush and our secondary, we should have one of the best pass defenses in the league if our guys stay healthy, and if Fewell utilizes his players correctly.


-offensive line. its old and it was once dominant run blocking, but bc of injuries and age its run blocking fell off a lot last year. and it was never good in pass protection.

-running backs. we don't know how injured our backs will be this year. if they're healthy, they're a strength, if they're not, they're a weakness.

-safeties. we still don't know what our safety situation is gonna be like. I'm assuming Kenny Phillips career is over. And now so is Chad Jones.

-coaching staff. Coughlin gets em playing hard, but our Xs and Os on both sides are mediocre.

-LB core. Boley is great, but the rest is questionable.

-DTs. Another questionmark heading into the season. It can be good, it can be horrible. We just don't know yet.

06-28-2010, 04:59 PM
Strengths: Orange helmets
Weaknesses: Everything you can think of

06-28-2010, 07:17 PM

Running the football. :)

Stopping other teams from running the football. :(

bored of education
06-28-2010, 07:21 PM
Chiefs Strengths: Eric Berry. end ******* thread bitches

06-28-2010, 07:25 PM


3 RB's who all have a different skill-set and even with injury we know we will have a strong running game all season and guys will be fresh. We also finally have a guy opposite Ware who can provide pressure and were always going to get after the QB. Also can't forget about Romo and he's finally learned to not turn the ball over at an alarming rate while still making great plays, that's been huge.



06-28-2010, 07:36 PM
Only strength:
Sextastic QB.

Only weakness:
Stupid coach.

06-28-2010, 07:43 PM
Good: Whole offense is deep at positions other then QB, but we have Top 3 QB there. Defenseive backfield is deep at each position.

Bad: Our DL situation. Will Smith and Sed Ellis are very good, but the rest are bunch of role players (as of now).

Ugly: SLB

06-28-2010, 07:45 PM
For the Bears:

- Passing Attack - May seem crazy, but the Bears' passing attack is probably going to be the difference between a .500 season and a top 3 draft pick. (It sure was last year.....) Everyone knows that Cutler can sling the ball, and everyone knows that Martz is going to let him do it. As for receivers...we have some talent in the mix. Hester and Knox bring the speed factor, while Earl Bennett brings the sure hands and Aromashadu brings the closest thing to a complete WR we have. I like to compare this bunch to the Giants' WRs going into last year. There's talent there, and they've all shown flashes of brilliance, but it'll be interesting to see if they all come together into a cohesive unit.

- Robbie Gould - He's just ******* awesome.

- O-line - Chris Williams looked fairly decent late last year when he finally kicked to his natural LT spot, but the rest of the line is a big ******* mess. Frank Omiyale was absolutely terrible...he got no push in the run game whatsoever. Kreutz and Garza both started to look their age, and really didn't contribute much...and I'm not even entirely sure who has the inside edge for the starting RT job. While most of this unit held it's own in pass blocking, they failed to open any holes in the run game and really brought the offense down with them.

- Secondary - We still have a big clusterfuck at both safety spots. The best we had last year (that's not saying much though....) was Kevin Payne and he's been traded. Dan Manning has earned the name "Matador" for obvious reasons, and everyone else mostly fits the mold of big hitting, in the box SSs who are constantly getting burned in coverage. Add this to the lack of any quality CB depth aside from Charles Tillman, and the secondary is a mess.

Bob Sanders Dreadlock
06-28-2010, 10:41 PM

Strength- The QB is pretty good

Weakness- Bob Sanders uncanny ability to get injured.

06-28-2010, 10:48 PM
Good: Aaron Rodgers banging Erin Andrews

Bad: Our CBs(other than Woodson)

06-28-2010, 11:47 PM
Good: Running game, passing attack, run defense.

Bad: Not having a long term solution at QB, secondary, and AD's fumbles.

06-28-2010, 11:50 PM
Weaknesses - Quarterback play. Cornerback play

Strengths - Everything else

06-28-2010, 11:52 PM
Strengths - Everything else

Pass rush too?

edit - nvm. lol I thought you were YFS talking about the Jags. I keep getting mixed up because of the Kobe sig.

06-28-2010, 11:52 PM
Strength: CJ2K, Offensive Line

Weakness: Left CB, Unproven Pass-rush

06-29-2010, 01:59 AM


- Secondary

---Undoubtedly one of the deepest secondaries in the league, and possibly one of the best. A very good trio of corners in Terrence McGee, Leodis McKelvin, and the delightfully rebounded Drayton Florence. Further depth comes in Ashton Youboty, Reggie Corner, Ellis "The Sex" Lankster, and even second-year man Cary Harris, who will fight for a roster spot against tough odds.

The safeties are a real treat. Jairus Byrd was the big breakout star from last year as he showed to be a natural ballhawk, but many Bills fans were just as impressed by George Wilson when he stepped into the SS role. The converted wide receiver showed to be a very effective all-around safety, making plays at the line and picking off the balls that Byrd didn't get his hands on. Former first round pick Donte Whitner is in a competition for a starting gig, and even Bryan Scott, who spent much of last year playing linebacker, was re-signed at his natural position of strong safety to give us unreal depth at the position. Whitner and Wilson both have the ability to play either safety spot, and we could honestly leave the unsure tackler Byrd off of the field more than you may expect.

- Backfield

---This one is well-documented. Former first round pick Marshawn Lynch, recent top-10 pick CJ Spiller, and the success story of persistence Fred Jackson are currently platooned in an offense that looks to be heavily geared towards the run game.

Fred Jackson is the leader of the pack going into the season. He's coming off of a 1000-yard season in which he also put up over 1000 return yards and 350 receiving. A tough, elusive runner who works well inside and out. Also a very good receiver out of the backfield. Really more of a feature back type, and I would've been fine with him filling that role for the next 2 years. He should see the bulk of carries barring Spiller breaking out in a CJ-esque manner.

Spiller is the flash of the group. Neither Jackson nor Lynch are burners, and Spiller is in the mold of the hot trend of the NFL - fast, dynamic running backs that can catch the ball. He'll get a decent number of touches, the growth of which depends on how he fares behind a weak o-line.

Marshawn Lynch is still on the team until we feel the value is right, and does offer good value as a short-yardage back, if he decides to practice. He still runs hard, although his style has been shown to much less effective than that of Jackson over the last two years.


- Offensive Line

--- The tackles are almost impossible to trust. Demetrius Bell is a former 7th-round project dealing with injury issues. Jamon Meredith was picked up after being cut a few months after being drafted. Cornell Green is known to be, to put it kindly, a below-average starting tackle. Andre Ramsey? Blech. Ed Wang is the depth rookie who has already been hit with an injuy.

The guards are where the promise lies. 2009 draft picks Eric Wood and Andy Levitre both had decent years for rookies. Wood looked like a very good run blocker in the making before suffering a horrific leg injury that had some questioning the remainder his career. But he has been recovering very well, ahead of schedule, and is starting to get back on the practcie field. Levitre had a solid, not great, rookie season but should already be the 2nd best player on this line.

Geoff Hangartner is an average center, at best. And we will take that.

- Wide Receiver

--- Lee Evans and... ? Evans as the #1 is uninspiring with his recent production, but the man is a very good wide receiver that was not thrown to enough last year. Opposite of him is anybody's guess. 36 career receptions between James Hardy, Steve Johnson, Marcus Easley, Chad Jackson, Naaman Roosevelt, and Donald Jones. Another 100 come from Roscoe Parrish, but he blows at anything that's not returning punts and I'd honestly rather just not have him on the team. A breakout year from either of the 3rd-year wideouts, Hardy or Johnson, is crucial to this group having any success, but it's kind of hard to see that happening.

- Quarterback

--- Edwards. Fitzpatrick. Brohm. Brown. Not a starter in the bunch. The coaching staff seems to be thinking the same thing as they've been very hesitant to name a starter. Edwards, Brohm, and Fitzpatrick have been splitting first team reps evenly. It's most likely that Fitzpatrick will not be the starter, though the offense was more effective with him at the helm last season. Brohm was a practice squad QB last year and Edwards is a scared QB that does not like to throw towards Lee Evans. But who knows, Edwards continually passing the ball to Jackson and Spiller might be the best thing for this offense.

Unknown (but probable weakness, for now)

- The Front-7

--- A whole scheme change to the 3-4 under new defensive coordinator George Edwards. A decent number of holdover starters, but obviously different positions for all. Paul Posluszny and Kawika Mitchell are looking to be starting ILB, battling veteran free agent signing Andra Davis. Chris Kelsay looks to start at one outside spot and Aaron Maybin the other. Reggie Torbor, signed recently, has been rotating at that spot with Maybin recently. Not really sure what to expect from the sophomore pass rushing specialist, but it is a better fit for him and success as a rush backer would be a huge boost to this transitioning defense. Kelsay is an uninspiring OLB. Chris Ellis and Danny Batten are battling for spots outside while Arthur Moats will transition to the inside, but his versatility may see him lining up in multiple spots. Once he starts getting playing time, that is, as he is solely young depth at the moment. Keith Ellison will try to remain on the squad as an undersized ILB.

Dwan Edwards and Alex Carrington were added through free agency and the draft, respectively, to provide a decent stable of DE on the front line. Marcus Stroud and Dwan Edwards should be the starters, with Spencer Johnson rotating in and Carrington learning.

Nose tackle is very iffy. Prototypical 4-3 DT Kyle Williams will enter the season as the starter and will hope to get by on his blue-collar work ethic and football sense. Highly drafted Torell Troup should definitely see some time and projects to be an every-down nose tackle in the possibly not-too-distant future.

Strengths within front-7: ILB, DE

Weaknesses within front-7: NT, OLB

- Tight End

--- Shawn Nelson will probably be looked at as the likely starter entering his second year. A natural pass catcher, he didn't show much in his rookie year. He will be challenged by Derek Schouman, another player who's main value comes in the passing game, though he is much less physically gifted than Nelson. Jonathan Stupar had a roster-worthy first year and will get looks. Michael Matthews, once coached by current HC Chan Gailey, comes in as a blocking specialist who is in the right situation in a run-heavy offense with terrible tackles. I don't mind this group, as Schouman can be effective and Nelson has decent upside.

06-29-2010, 02:51 AM
New England Patriots


In Tom Brady the Patriots still have one of the top QBs in the NFL. While many people think he had a down year last year he actually posted his second best statistical season. With Brady at the helm this team will always be competitive.

In the defensive backfield the Patriots are really becoming very strong. What was a major, major weakness no more than three years ago has become the strangth of the defense. Leigh Bodden is a very underrated CB IMO and across from him is Darius Butler who really improved during his rookie season. Devin McCourty was brought in this year to also add a physicality to the secondary. At safety the Patriots have 4 starting quality players led by Brandon Meriweather. This leads to a lot of versatility as they have players who can play the deep middle, play in the box, cover TEs and Pat Chung has shown the ability to play the nickel CB role.


It would be an understatement to say the Patriots were lacking a pass rush last year. This is caused by a combination of poor drafting at the position and free agent disappointments. The pieces are there for the Patriots to successfully rush the passer but there are a lot of 'ifs'.

If Jermaine Cunningham can perform as a rookie.
If Shawn Crable can get on the field.
If TBC can reproduce his form from last year.
If Derrick Burgess can play better than he did.

Overall I like where the team is going from the past two years however there are question marks. I think defensively they will be an awful lot better than last year and offensively they will hopefully improve with Brady a further year removed from his op and Randy Moss looking one last contract. IF the Patriots can find a pass rush from anywhere this year I expect them to be a real contender

06-29-2010, 03:31 AM
New Orleans Saints


Offense as a whole, with as headliners the depth of the wideout corps, the interior offensive line and as the true rockstar Drew Brees. The only guys they lost compared to last year were Jamal Brown who didnt play a snap last season and Mike Bell who was our third running back. To balance that out there is a new Tight End to play with and better depth of the Offensive line.

The defensive backs are off the hook. Porter and Greer form one of the top starting pairs at the corners. But what is impressive is the depth with first round picks in the last two years will be the backup free safety and the fourth corner.

Punter Thomas Morstead is a stud


Defensive Line is very limited with two legit good starters in Will Smith and Sed Ellis, but outside of that there is a lot of questions remaining,

Outside linebackers are probably the worst set of starting outside backers in the league. Shanle is about as untalented as they come and whoever plays on the other spot ought to be somones third stringer, not a starter. This is fixed to a certain extend schematically as Greg Williams D doesnt really need excessively athletic OLBs

06-29-2010, 04:34 AM
Running game: Possibly the best tandem in the NFL at RB returns once again to terrify defenses, running behind one monster of an offensive line.

Offensive Line: The starters are dominant in the run game and above average in the passing game, depth once thought to be an issue is now known to be quite strong as last year the loss of both tackles and subsequent re-shuffling of the line saw no drop off in performance.

Defensive backfield: From the nickel corners to the safeties there's a strong group adept at hitting hard and seeking out the ball, a young safety duo and young corner combination sees a good healthy unit.

Middle Linebacker: Jon Beason is the best 43 linebacker in the middle line backer.


Defensive Line: The loss of peppers and the release of everyone other than back ups and young players has lead to a big question mark all along the defensive line. Tyler Brayton is a solid performer, but unspectacular as a pass rusher, Everette Brown is unproven and Charles Johnson is yet to really cement himself as a starter, though I personally feel he's set to break out in a big way.

Wide Receiver:
Outside of the aging Steve Smith there's a lot of youth and potential but no clear cut starter, LaFell is a great blocker and has shown some flashes in early camps but is yet to set himself apart.

Training camp should establish the hierarchy but there's little to be excited about at this point.

Quarterback: Matt Moore will be extremely solid no matter what happens, he's not exactly established but he was very, very good in his first appearances for Carolina across two seasons, he is the starter and he'll be great in the role imo, but it's not quantifiably a weakness or a strength.

06-29-2010, 07:24 AM

Passing Game
(QB & WRs)

Our choice in defensive coordinators

We are on our 4th currently..

06-29-2010, 09:27 AM

running game, special teams, coaching, uniforms


passing game and defense.

06-29-2010, 09:28 AM
Pass rush too?

edit - nvm. lol I thought you were YFS talking about the Jags. I keep getting mixed up because of the Kobe sig.

I was gonna say our past rush isn't exactly a strength but its not exactly a weakness. We're pretty much in the top half of the league when it came to rushing the passer. Our run defense was pretty nasty as well.

06-29-2010, 11:52 AM

Strength: Potential

Weakness: Production

06-29-2010, 02:21 PM

Strength: Potential

Weakness: Production

This made me smile +rep

06-29-2010, 02:37 PM
Middle Linebacker: Jon Beason is the best 43 linebacker in the middle line backer.

i thought you guys slid Beason outside b/c of the T.Davis injury?

06-29-2010, 03:33 PM
I was gonna say our past rush isn't exactly a strength but its not exactly a weakness. We're pretty much in the top half of the league when it came to rushing the passer.

Tied for 3rd in the NFL. 44.0

Our run defense was pretty nasty as well.

Ranked 6th in the NFL. 97.0 YPG
Tied for 2nd in the NFL in YPA. 3.6

06-29-2010, 04:01 PM
13.5 of those sacks came vs St. Louis, so that skews the stat a bit

06-29-2010, 05:35 PM
Strengths- Pass rush, run defense, Adrian Peterson, passing game

Weaknesses- Safety play, playmaking in the secondary, overrated offensive line.

06-29-2010, 05:55 PM
i thought you guys slid Beason outside b/c of the T.Davis injury?
Yes, this year he'll be playing weakside, but one year at weakside doesn't mean it's a permanent switch or there'll be any drop off in his play.

06-29-2010, 05:57 PM
Strengths- Pass rush, run defense, Adrian Peterson, passing game

Weaknesses- Safety play, playmaking in the secondary, overrated offensive line.

id put adrian peterson in both the strengths and weaknesses column

07-01-2010, 06:33 PM
13.5 of those sacks came vs St. Louis, so that skews the stat a bit

13.0 as far as I'm aware. Regardless, why should that matter? Are the sack results just as skewed when the Rams played the Cardinals? The Cards got 6 fewer.

I guess the Vikings should consider their league-leading total to be null-and-void because it was skewed by the 14 sacks they recorded against Green Bay?

07-01-2010, 06:51 PM

Strengths - playing in a weak division, Doom, Veterans on def that know what to do

Weaknesses - Lack of talent on the offense combined with a number of players that dont actually know what route to run or who to block when a play is called

07-02-2010, 04:02 AM
This seems like a good way to kill some time, so without further ado:

Strengths: Offensively the Colts biggest and most obvious strength is their passing game. Led by 4 time MVP Peyton Manning, the Colts pass attack usually runs as a well oiled machine, with defenses usually struggling to find ways to cover Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark, and when they do find ways to contain them, Manning tends to be able to exploit the mismatches created by that. The Colts also tend to be at or near the top of the league in 3rd down conversion percentage, sacks allowed, and turnover margin, meaning as an offensive unit they tend to sustain drives and not make mistakes to benefit the opposing defense.

Defensively, the first thing anyone thinks of when the Colts defense is brought up is the edge rush. In Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, the Colts have arguably the most dynamic exterior pass rush in the NFL. Beyond that, the unit has become far more adept at stopping the run and getting key stops when needed, keeping red zone trips to 3 quite often, and of course everyone remembers 4th and 2.

Weaknesses: Offensively, the biggest one sticks out like a sore thumb: run blocking. The Colts ranked dead last in the NFL in rushing yards, and the biggest reason for that is because the offensive line did a very poor job of run blocking, defenders often found their way into the backfield, and when running the ball, that is not a recipe for success. The other glaring weakness of the Colts offense is 3rd and short situations. This partially plays off of the aforementioned weakness, but a large part of it is the team's stubbornness in continuing to trot out an offensive set in those situation that has not worked at all for them, and they become quite predictable in those situations. For how often they're unsuccessful in 3rd and short situations with their Power I set (which has substitutions that force the offense to allow the defense to substitute), they should just stick with 3 wide singleback and force the opposing defense to try to stop what they usually can't anyway without their best run defense package on the field.

Defensively, I'd say the biggest weakness has to be defense of the short pass. Opposing offenses know that their QBs likely won't have much time quite often thanks to the aforementioned pass rushing duo, so they tend to counter that by throwing in a lot of 3 step drops and short, quick routes. This leads to high completion percentages for opposing QBs and favorable situations for the opposing offense. This leads into the other major weakness of the Colts defense: inability to get off the field. The Colts tend to be at or near the bottom of the league annually on 3rd down conversion percentage allowed, meaning opposing offenses can sustain drives against them. Fortunately, the defense usually becoms very stout in the redzone, but this still leads to a lot of opportunities and at times a lot of points.

07-02-2010, 04:50 AM
13.0 as far as I'm aware. Regardless, why should that matter? Are the sack results just as skewed when the Rams played the Cardinals? The Cards got 6 fewer.

I guess the Vikings should consider their league-leading total to be null-and-void because it was skewed by the 14 sacks they recorded against Green Bay?

the fact that you called it a strength when your only good pass rusher is Brooks is what matters

07-02-2010, 01:58 PM
Strengths: QB, TEs, DL, LB
Weakness: WRs, CB/S
Unsure: RBs, OL

Strengths: The QB situation has improved dramatically in one season. Now armed with a legit franchise QB with a certified chip on his shoulder. The best one two TE punch in the league. For right now DL remains a strength. Al is still here and it seems like he is just going to have to suck it up and play. No one wants him with his attitude problem and he will have to show he can actually play if he wants out. The LBs are an underrated group here. Fletcher always plays at a high level and Orakpo is just a straight up beast. Rocky McIntosh is very underrated. The question is who will be starting opposite of Orakpo at OLB. Carter and Alexander seem like the obvious choices. This 3-4 scheme will be more like Pittsburgh where the OLBs are rush backers not coverage backers.

Weaknesses: Moss is the only WR that has proven anything and another year is only going to age him not help him. So much hinges on Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly. I find it hard to believe that Jason Campbell and Jim Zorn didn't hold both of them back but now its their turn to prove it so. As of right now this position is a weakness until either of them prove their worthy of 2nd round picks. Hall and Rogers can be a top CB duo this season playing to their strengths. The last few seasons under Greg Blache, both corners were asked to play 10+ yards off the LOS when both players excel at in your face coverage. Landry is better off at SS where he will be playing this year and Horton is a great SS backup. Kareem Moore will get his chance to prove himself this year as he is situated to be the starting FS. Moore has been said to have the best ball hawking skills on the team so we shall see. This 3-4 defense rotates both S's as FS and SS to disguise which is which at the snap of the ball. The secondary has the potential to be great they just need to put it all together collectively.

Unsure: The RB situation is a weird one. I have yet to see Portis this dedicated to something since he has been a Redskins since 04. Reports and interviews show he is extremely motivated like never before. The same can be said for LJ. He will not be used as a featured back, mostly to take a pounding off of Portis and for short yardage. I dont believe Willie Parker will make the final roster. Reports from camp is that he lost a step. With the signing of Westbrook a major possibility Parker will be the odd man out since Shanahan's man crush on Ryan Torain continues. I foresee the final 53 included Portis, Johnson, Westbrook and Torain. The OL is a puzzling picture. The additions of Trent Williams and Jammal Brown drastically improve the OTs and the depth as well. Hicks is better suited for RG then RT anyway. The unit and depth has been improved greatly compared to last season but has it been improved enough is what the question is.

07-02-2010, 02:39 PM
I'll keep this restricted to things strengths that Oakland will win by and weaknesses that teams will exploit...

On offense, Oakland is going to live and die by getting the running game going. Darren McFadden gets a lot of flack, but he was still arguably Oakland's most dangerous offensive weapon for a lot of 2009 and if he can finally stay healthy for a full season he could break out. That said, I expect that he'll do as much damage in the passing game as in the running game, which will leave the real bulk of the running game to Michael Bush. Between those two, the Raider backfield is easily good enough to post a top 15 rush attack. Unfortunately, the real weakness of Oakland is going to be their offensive line. Inside you have one quality offensive guard in Gallery and two finesse run blockers in Satele and Carlisle (there's a reason Oakland was interested in Pouncey and Iupati in the run-up to the draft). On the outside you have a bunch of offensive tackles competing to two spots and while there's talent in that group there is no real quality as of yet. It will take a great job by Cable and his staff to get that group to perform well.

On defense, the strength is shockingly the pass rush. Scott, Wimbley, Shaughnessy, and Houston (who I expect to surprise a few in his rookie year) make up a solid bevy of outside rushers, hopefully letting Oakland play Seymour a little more at UT, where his strength should help keep the middle from being a target for the rush game. Assuming Tommy Kelly can be mediocre or better, this could be the best front seven Oakland has fielded in quite a while. Unfortunately, having all those pass rushers playing outside linebacker in a 43 means one thing: the Raiders' biggest defensive weakness is going to be short range coverage. Ideally an improved run defense would let SS Tyvon Branch play a little further back, but Michael Huff absolutely has to play back or Chris Johnson will get eaten alive. That's going to leave rookie Rolando McClain as the best coverage guy in the linebacking corps, playing in the middle of two former defensive ends in Scott and Wimbley. Teams are going to try to pick apart the middle of the field relentlessly and Oakland is going to have to force turnovers there to disincentive that strategy.

07-03-2010, 11:33 AM
Unfortunately, having all those pass rushers playing outside linebacker in a 43 means one thing: the Raiders' biggest defensive weakness is going to be short range coverage.

Hopefully McClain will be short zone pass defense cure the Raiders need. He got his hands on a lot of balls at Bama just by watching the QBs' eyes, maybe he can do the same in the NFL.

The Raiders surrendered the middle of the field b/c IMO Huff never lived up to his rep in coverage. Like PMD says, that puts the onus on McClain, lot of pressure on the rookie, kind of a zero-sum thing where he could end up being the Defensive MVP or get repeatedly burned by NFL-quality TEs (he will face Gates twice this season) & innovative OCs who can burn even the best of them.

07-03-2010, 12:55 PM
OL-Jake Long has established himself as one of the top LTs in the game. Vernon Carey is also an above average RT. Richie Incognito, Donald Thomas, and rookie John Jerry are competing for 2 guard spots, and Jake Grove was great for us when healthy. Also have good depth with Nate Garner, Mitch Berger, and Corey Proctor. Dave DeGuglielmo has been a really good OL coach for us.

WR- Brandon Marshall really takes us to another level, bhut Davon Bess has proven to be a very reliable WR, and Brian Hartline showed great promise as a rookie. Plus, Greg Camarillo has come up with big catches every time he's been called upon.

RB- Health will be an issue, but RIcky Williams and Ronnie Brown have proven to be a very effective combo. Patrick Cobbs is coming off an ACL injury, but is useful when healthy. Lex Hilliard also showed potential last year. A lot of people like what Kory Sheets brings to the table.

DL-Randy Starks has really blossomed with us, and arguable could've been a pro bowler last year (but he was our best player IMO). Kendall Langford has been a solid starter for 2 years for us. First round pick Jared Odrick has looked good Phillip Merling and Paul Solia are still inconsistent, but have made impacts and are very talented. Keep an eye on 2nd year player Ryan Baker.

FS-Yeremiah Bell is a very underrated SS, but FS is a BIG question mark. Rookie Reshad Jones, 2nd year man Chris Clemons, and Tyrone Culver are competing to start. Clemons looks to be the favorite early on, but until proven otherwise this is our biggest weakness

Henne's development-Everybody feels Henne has a bright future ahead of him, he's just got to put it all together (something he struggled with at times while at Michigan)

OLB-Not complaining about not having Joey Porter (attitude and lack of production), and while I love JT for all he's done in Miami he wasn't veyr productive last year either), but we're gonna rely on a lot of inexperience. Cam Wake looked like a good pass rusher in limited time last year, but now he looks to be a starter. How will he do. I;ve heard nothing but great things about Koa Misi, but he is a rookie transitioning from DE to OLB. Charlie Anderson had a couple moments last year that were encouraging, but it seems like he's had those moments since he was a Texan. Quinton Moses is entering his 4th year with the team, and still hasn't done anything worth ment... well he literally hasn't done anything. 7th round pick Chris McCoy might make the team just because of the need of a pass rush.

Return Game- We no longer have Ted Ginn, but outside of the 2nd Jets game, he didn't really do anything last year either. CFL import, and college teammate of Davon Bess, Ryan Grice-Mullen seems to be getting a lot of looks, as does Kory Sheets.

CBs-I love Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, and Will Allen. Allen has gone from a disappointment with the G-Men to a top notch CB with us. I think both Vontae and Smith had very promising rookie years. That being said, Allen is coming off an ACL tear and has looked really slow during OTAs, and Vontae/Smith both gave up a lot of big plays last year. Part of that is probably due to Gibril Wilson at FS, but this is one of those "until proven otherwise" cases. I think this will become a strength though if Vontae and Smith develop like expected. Also we don't have Nate Jones anymore, a guy whose been a great nickle for us the past 2 years.

Pat White- Could/Should improve, but I put him here because A)How many looks Sparano and Hennig gave him in packages and B)How bad he was during his time on the field.

07-03-2010, 01:05 PM
Only strength:
Sextastic QB.

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07-03-2010, 10:55 PM
Punt return game. Haven't found anyone who can field cleanly, much less be a threat on punts
Speed in the secondary. Taylor Mayzzz to the rescue hopefully

It scares me to say this, "potential" of the fairly young offense with Alex running the show
Front 7 is very solid, mainly because Willis, Franklin, and Smith. Also, Manny Lawson may not get hardly any sacks, but he can cover and play the run much better than you'd expect from someone with his build.
And the Crabs too, so lucky we got the Crabs at 10.