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01-06-2011, 05:02 AM
1) Carolina Panthers - Andrew Luck QB Stanford
Clear #1 pick if Luck declares.
2) Denver Broncos - Patrick Peterson CB Louisiana State
The Broncos don't seem willing to pay Champ Bailey what he'll likely be offered on the open market. They can use the help at free safety aswell.
3) Buffalo Bills - AJ Green WR Georgia
The Bills are giving Ryan Fitzpatrick such a big vote of confidence for a reason. They would've taken Luck had they picked first, but might not reach for Newton over Green.
4) Cincinnati Bengals - Cam Newton QB Auburn
Couldn't think of a better pick for Cincy here; Palmer is finished but could keep the position warm for a good part of next season. Don't buy into Bowers here with the emergence of Dunlap and potential of Michael Johnson combined with the lingering presences of Geathers and Odom.
5) Arizona Cardinals - Prince Amakamara CB Nebraska
Best player available and certainly fills a need. DRC still has a chance but may end up being an elite #2 corner rather than true shut-down #1.
6) Cleveland Browns - Robert Quinn OLB North Carolina
Cleveland has no pass-rush to speak of; Quinn a better 3-4 edge rusher than Bowers.
7) San Francisco 49ers - Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
Should see his value peak around this spot. The need is obvious and SF would likely have to start a veteran signee for at least half a season.
8 ) Tennessee Titans - Jake Locker QB Washington
Could enter the draft with Rusty Smith as the only QB on the roster. I'm not a Locker fan myself but Tennessee needs to address the position.
9) Dallas Cowboys - Cameron Jordan DE California
Probably interchangeable with Fairley and Dareus at this point, but Jordan has the potential to be the top 3-4 end selected in April.
10) Washington Redskins - Marcell Dareus DE Alabama
Had Julio Jones penciled in here for a long time, but if Dareus is on the board Shanny may have his Haynesworth replacement.
11) Houston Texans - Nick Fairley DE Auburn
Third 3-4 DE in a row as Houston converts to the defense under Wade Phillips.
12) Minnesota Vikings - DaQuan Bowers DE Clemson
Bowers is a top-10 talent but players that primarily fit the 4-3 have to expect to slide somewhat with the emergence of so many 3-4's around the league.
13) Detroit Lions - Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA
Detroit must overhaul its linebacker corps and Ayers isn't highly regarded as a top-15 pick but most would probably admit he has a good chance at being a top-15 player in the class in the long-run.
14) St. Louis Rams - Julio Jones WR Alabama
Probably would've liked Blackmon here aswell but will definitely snatch up Jones as Bradford's #1.
15) Miami Dolphins - Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama
Ronnie and Ricky are likely to have new homes next season leaving a huge hole in the backfield.
16) Jacksonville Jaguars - Allen Bailey DE Miami
Likely "workout warrior", but Jacksonville has drafted well lately so should this come to fruition Bailey will probably have had looked pretty legit to that point.
17) New England Patriots (f/OAK) - Ryan Kerrigan OLB Purdue
Jermaine Cunningham looks like a promising player but there's nothing else at the position.
18 ) San Diego Chargers - Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State
Vincent Jackson won't be back. Malcolm Floyd failed to establish himself as a true #1 wideout and Naanee and Crayton are just guys who round out the depth chart.
19) New York Giants - Stephen Paea DT Oregon State
The Giants would probably have liked Ayers here but instead opt to address their second-weakest position, defensive tackle.
20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa
A safe if unspectacular pick here for Tampa Bay, who needs to find somewhat consistent play from their defensive ends.
21) Seattle Seahawks - Jon Baldwin WR Pittsburgh
Mike Williams was extended as the "possession guy", but Golden Tate, Deon Butler and Ben Obomanu are better suited as the #3/4/5 guys, respectively.
22) Baltimore Ravens - JJ Watt DE Wisconsin
Watt could be seen as the BPA here for Baltimore and will be able to step right in as a rotational lineman. The big need in Baltimore is obviously at corner and possibly receiver but the value isn't here.
23) New York Jets - Von Miller OLB Texas A&M
Jason Taylor is done and Brian Thomas isn't a starter on a team with the potential of the Jets.
24) Green Bay Packers - Nate Solder OT Colorado
Brian Bulaga may settle in at one spot but another long-term starter at tackle is needed.
25) Kansas City Chiefs - Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame
Chris Chambers has seen his tank hit empty and Dexter McCluster, their next best option, is already slightly over-matched as a slot guy.
26) New Orleans Saints - Travis Lewis OLB Oklahoma
Dunbar may have the chance to nail-down a starting spot but the Saints will need the help at both OLB spots.
27) Chicago Bears - Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State
The Bears will be happy with any offensive lineman here, and Sherrod is flexible enough to let their other guys settle into their best positions.
28 ) Indianapolis Colts - Mike Pouncey, G Florida
The Colts would like to see some production out of first-rounder Donald Brown and getting him some help upfront would be a start.
29) Pittsburgh Steelers - Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
Flozell Adams was obviously a last minute desperation move for Pittsburgh at right tackle and someone is needed there for the long haul.
30) Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Burton CB Utah
Dimitri Patterson did a good job through most of the season but proved down the stretch that he's not a long-term starting cornerback and probably won't be back as an impending free-agent.
31) New England Patriots - Stefen Wisniewsi C Penn State
Dan Koppen is nearing the end of the line and New England needs someone that's ready to step in as the starter once he officially hits the wall.
32) Atlanta Falcons - Noel Devine RB West Virginia
Surprising pick but Atlanta has no glaring need outside of defensive end where there's no value at this spot. Snelling and Norwood are impending free-agents and it's no lock that either will be back. Turner has had some heavy workloads these last few seasons and its about time to develop a respectable "lightning" to his "thunder".
33) New England Patriots (f/CAR) - Jarvis Jenkins DE Clemson
34) Denver Broncos - Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State
35) Buffalo Bills - Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame
36) Cincinnati Bengals - Greg Little WR North Carolina
37) Arizona Cardinals - Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College
38 ) Cleveland Browns - Christian Ballard DE Iowa
39) San Francisco 49ers - Davon House CB New Mexico
40) Tennessee Titans - Aaron Williams CB Texas
41) Dallas Cowboys - Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
42) Washington Redskins - Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas
44) Houston Texans - Rahim Moore FS UCLA
45) Minnesota Vikings - Christian Ponder QB Florida State
46) Detroit Lions - Greg Jones OLB Michigan State
47) St. Louis Rams - Mark Herzlich OLB Boston College
48 ) Denver Broncos (f/MIA) - Bruce Carter OLB North Carolina
49) Jacksonville Jaguars - Deunta Williams FS North Carolina
50) Oakland Raiders - Marcus Cannon OT TCU

01-06-2011, 12:24 PM
not sure lions would go back to back LB. Cannon could be the better pick at 46, also where is janoris jenkins and brandon harris? if you have them falling out of the top 50 the lions would absolutly take one of the at 46 as well before taking a second LB

01-06-2011, 12:31 PM
I said this in another mock yesterday, I have a hard time with the idea of taking Pouncey when Carimi is still available.

01-06-2011, 12:36 PM
Von Miller is a good Jets pick. Pretty good explanation too.

01-06-2011, 12:50 PM
I am fine with this Vikings draft.

01-06-2011, 01:07 PM
good KC pick

01-06-2011, 01:10 PM
Love the Dareus pick. Mallett is a horrible fit for our offensive scheme. He is not a moblie QB like this offense is based around.

01-06-2011, 01:26 PM
Worst Bengals mock I have seen.
Horrible first pick. Horrible.
Second round, terrible value.

01-06-2011, 02:17 PM
I cant see the Pats passing on Heyward three times.Wis is not a first round value for a team with six top 100 picks. They can find a serviceable center in later picks. For him to go that high either his talent has to be far greater than other options or the number of picks the choosing team holds is limited. Niether is the case.

01-06-2011, 04:45 PM
ANOTHER BIG HELL ******* NO ! If Locker is taken before the SF.I want a Defense pick there.

01-06-2011, 06:09 PM
Ingram isn't a bad pick at all, but if we passed on Ryan Mallett at 15, I'd hang myself. Legit.

Pat Sims 90
01-06-2011, 06:11 PM
Worst Bengals Mock Ever. Lewis already came out and said that Palmer is their QB. Greg Little brings no vaule at that point.

01-06-2011, 06:21 PM
Completely unrealistic for Atlanta. Not only is that a major reach, but Atlanta's picks are generally clean character guys with reputations as leaders.

01-06-2011, 08:13 PM
Love the bills draft...but remember we do need to protect fitz ....2 weapons might be a little too much...plus I dont think we have given up on nelson at TE yet...