View Full Version : Too Early 2011 top 25

01-13-2011, 10:52 AM

From Mark Schlabach.

Top 10 goes like this:

1) Oklahoma
2) Alabama
3) Oregon
4) LSU
5) Boise St.
6) Oklahoma St.
7) Florida St.
8) Arkansas
9) Stanford
10) Ohio St.

Oklahoma #1 based on recruiting class & talent retained, look for FSU to climb for it's impressive recruiting class.

Ohio St. beat Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl but is 2 spots below the Hogs, Buckeyes are a big variable depending on who declares for the draft.

Biggest drops: Texas plunges to #22, Florida who lost Urban Meyer to #23. TCU losing lots of talent including winningest QB in school history Andy Dalton drops to #18.