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03-12-2011, 04:37 AM

Greg "Big" Little vs. Patrick "The Freak" Peterson

Greg Little, who will be wearing the columbia and white trunks, weighs in at 231. Arm-length is 33 1/4 inches. His opponent in the yellow and purple trunks, Patrick Peterson, weighs in at 219 with 32 inch arms. A classic matchup of power and speed. The fight is scheduled to go four rounds.

LeGarrett "Wild Man" Blount vs. Robert "The Headhunter" Sands.

Blount, with a 1-0 record (TKO) and making his second appearance in the prospect vs. prospect showdown, weighs in at 240 lbs and records a 33 1/2 inch arm length. He wears black trunks to show that he doesn't give a **** that he's not a prospect anymore. In the yellow and blue trunks is Sands, who while significantly taller than Blount, must rely on his quickness. He weighs in at a relatively light 217 and shows 33 1/2 arms. The fight is scheduled to go four rounds.

Stanley "Jawbreaker" Havili vs. Casey "The Kid" Matthews

Havili, wearing the crimson and gold, weighs in at 227 with 31 inch arms. In the green and white is Matthews, measuring in at 231 and 31 1/2, respectively. Old enemies from their college days, there will be no love lost between these two. The fight is scheduled to go four rounds.

Cam "The Icon" Newton vs. Von "Mr. Nice Guy" Miller

In the navy and orange trunks, Newton comes in at 248 with 34 1/4 inch arms. His opponent in the maroon and white, Von Miller, weighs in at 244 and records 33 1/2 inch arms. A crowd-pleaser known for his flash and style, Newton will have to prove his mettle against Miller's history of knocking guys like Newton on their asses. The fight is scheduled to go four rounds.


Nick "Little Meanie" Fairley vs. Gabe "The University of Wisconsin Lineman " Carimi

Wearing navy and white, Fairley weighs in at 295 with 34 3/4 inch arms. Wearing white and red, Gabe Carimi weighs in at 315 with 35 inch arms. This fight matches Fairley's ferocity against the raw power and fortitude of Carimi. An aggressive, yet reckless brawler, this will be a test of will and constitution between Fairley and the much larger Carimi. Carimi is not as quick as Fairley, but he's bigger and stronger and may last longer. The fight is scheduled for 12 rounds, and the winner will be named Champion of the World.

Place your bets.

03-12-2011, 05:59 AM
Brandon Merriweather would smoke them all!!

No simps come out of the U.

03-12-2011, 07:07 AM
Isn't it Patrick Peterson, not Robinson?

03-12-2011, 12:57 PM
Isn't it Patrick Peterson, not Robinson?

Did I really do that?

It was late. I had it right in the poll, at any rate.