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04-03-2011, 01:57 PM
Round 1

1 Panthers - Cam Newton QB - Ron Riviera knows that you need a QB to win football games so he gets the guy that gets panthers fans salivating. If not Newton then definitely Marcell Dareus.

2 Broncos - Marcell Dareus DT - There is no way Dareus gets past Denver, it fills a major need and they are also getting the the BAP. If Dareus is gone they find Champ Baileys replacement in Patrick Peterson.

3 Bills - Von Miller OLB - With no Cam Newton on the board the Bills turn to defense and get the pass rusher they badly need.

4 Bengals - Blaine Gabbert QB - Mike Brown doesn't get told what to do. If he says he isn't trading Carson Palmer then he isn't and if palmer says he would retire then Brown would let him do that. Time for the Bengals to build for the future and they will need a QB.

5 Cardinals - Patrick Peterson CB - Unfortunately for the Cards the two top men on their wish list are gone, which leaves them to take BAP. Whilst doing this making one of the best pairings in the league at CB. PP and DRC. If either Von Miller or Blaine Gabbert was on the board they would be sprinting up to the commissioner.

6 Browns - DaQuan Bowers DE - No AJ Green? Colt McCoy already has Robiskie, Massaquai and Hillis to throw to and with changing to the 4-3 the desperately need a pass rusher.

7 49ers - Prince Amukamara CB - Simple. Gabbert and Newton gone. Von Miller gone. Patrick Peterson gone. The only player left is Prince. Filling a huge need and straight away putting them in contention for the AFC West again. Robert Quinn could get consideration but they go with the safe pick.

8 Titans - Nick Fairley DT - This is a pick made in heaven and 2 months ago you would of been crazy to suggest this. Fairely would immediately help the run defense, help the pass defense and Derrick Morgan and Nick Fairley could force Peyton Manning into and early retirement.

9 Cowboys - Tyron Smith OT - All the facts go against this pick (Jerry Jones hasnt took a OL in the first round for years and years), but maybe that is the reason why the OL is so bad. The only other option is JJ Watt but you dont take a 3-4 DE in the first round. Especially when this year is so deep.

10 Redskins - AJ Green WR - The redskins must have the worst team in the whole NFL, so the only option for them is to take the BAP. Green is worthy of a top 4 pick but sadly his position pushes him to 10th.

11 Texans - Robert Quinn OLB - The worst secondary would love Amukamara to fall to them, but it doesnt matter who your CBs are if you havent got a pass rush. Wade Phillips had a pair of bookends in Dallas and would love some the Houston. Cushing and Quinn could terrorise offenses for years. Peyton Manning will be handing in his retirement papers pretty soon.

12 Vikings - Aldon Smith DE - The Vikes badly need a QB but they cant take a risk on Mallet this early. Ray Edwards is most likely leaving as a free agent so they get in his replacement in straight away.

13 Lions - Anthony Costanzo OT - Lions fans keep on saying they are gonna win the NFC North next year. Well if they are they need to keep Matt Stafford healthy, you cant play from hospital. Costanzo helps Jahvid Best, Stafford and Calvin Johnson.

14 Rams - Julio Jones WR - A no brainer really. You got your QB for the future and now you get your WR for the future. The only problem is everyone knows that they want a WR which makes the Lions a possible trade.

15 Dolphins - Ryan Mallett QB - Their defense is full of young stars and the only thing stopping them from competing is not having a capable QB. Mallett goes in and starts from day one.

16 Jaguars - Ryan Kerrigan DE - The Jags love a workhorse and Kerrigan is exactly that. A healthy Aaron Kampman, Ryan Kerrigan and Tyson Alualu could be unstoppable. Peyton will be sat at home crying his eyes out if this happens.

17 Patriots - JJ Watt DE - The pats wont trade if Watt falls this far. They have needed a DE since Seymour left. The other possibility is a OLB like Akeem Ayers.

18 Chargers - Cameron Jordan DE - Like the pats, OLB and DE are the chargers main needs so either Watt, Jordan or Ayers will be their main focus.

19 Giants - Mike Pouncey OG - The giants will be hoping Mike can be as good as his brother and if he is it could help the giants finally live up to their 2008 season.

20 Buccaneers - Adrian Clayborn DE - Clayborn has his problems. But DE is a big need for the Buccs and Gerald McCoy, Clayborn and Price could help the Buccs actually beat a good team next year.

21 Chiefs - Gabe Carimi OT - It is either Phil Taylor NT or Gabe Carimi OT but they go with Carimi because of the low risk and how bad their RT was last year.

22 Colts - Nate Solder OT - With the Jags, Texans and Titans all get pass rushers, OL is a must for the Colts. maybe DT but when have the colts ever drafted a DT.

23 Eagles - Jimmy Smith CB - Smith is top 15 talent but character problems force him down the board. With no OL value the Eagles look to find a CB to help Asante Samuel. They will have the shutdown corner in Smith and the ball hawking corner in Samuel. And in a division with Hakeem Nicks, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and possibly AJ Green they will definitely need somme good CBs.

24 Saints - Corey Liuget DT - This is a value pick and helps Will Smith at DE and helps the run game.

25 Seahawks - Jake Locker QB - Locker can sit behind Matt Hasselbeck for a couple years. Improve on his accuarcy and should be ready to start by then.

26 Ravens - Titus Young WR - The ravens need a WR with pace in a bad way. The addition of Young could finally get them into the superbowl.

27 Falcons - Cameron Heyward DE - Either WR or DE here. Heyward comes in to start straight away and help John Abraham.

28 Patriots - Akeem Ayers OLB - I dont know how they do it. They already got JJ Watt to help the front seven. And now they get Akeem Ayers to have a pair of bookends in Him and Jermaine Cunningham. Imagine... Cunningham, Mayo, Spikes, Ayers. Its not fair!

29 Bears - Derek Sherrod OT - In a league with Clay Matthews, Suh and Jared Allen. Having the worst Offensive Line in the league is not an option. if they get Sherrod there is less chance for Cutler to get hit and pretend to be injured.

30 Jets - Justin Houston OLB - The only way the jets go in the 1st round is OLB to help the pass rush and they dont mind reaching to get him.

31 Steelers - Phil Taylor NT - Apart from Ziggy Hood the average age of their DL is about 90. The steelers could go CB or OL as well but they dont want to go and get a 27 year old in Danny Watkins for and already aging team.

32 Packers - Mark Ingram RB - For a team that just won the superbowl, we have quite a lot of needs. CB, OT, OG, OLB and DE could all get consideration. But instead they go with a lesser need but also get a mid 1st round talent in Mark Ingram.

Round 2

33 Patriots - Danny Watkins OG - A few free agents on the OL could force them to get the 27 year old.

34 Bills - Brandon Harris CB - Maybe OL or QB but Harris is good value here.

35 Bengals - Jon Baldwin WR - Continuing to rebuild getting the WR for Gabbert to throw to.

36 Broncos - Aaron Williams CB/S - Falls out of 1st round due to being a tweener. Either replaces Bailey or starts S.

37 Browns - Steven Paea DT - Maybe a WR but Paea is too good to pass up.

38 Cardinals - Brooks Reed OLB - Didnt get the OLB they needed in the 1st so get one in the 2nd.

39 Titans - Christian Ponder QB - Goodbye Vince Young. Welcome hard-working, pro style QB.

40 Cowboys - Muhammad Wilkerson DE - Free Agency makes DE a need.

41 Redskins - Bruce Carter OLB - Redskins get a pass rush opposite Orakpo to reck havoc for offensive lines.

42 Texans - Ras-I Dowling CB - The texans have no option but to reach for a cornerback.

43 Vikings - Andy Dalton QB - We think Bret Favres retired so the vikes might have to get a QB if they want to compete in the NFC North.

44 Lions - Johnny Patrick CB - If your playing against the best WR corps in the league you are gonna need a decent CB.

45 49ers - Martez Wilson OLB - Wilson could help sure up their defense and play as the rush LB in the 3-4

46 Broncos - Kyle Rudolph TE - Do the Broncos even have a TE?

47 Rams - Allen Bailey DE - Their coach loves versatile DLmen so they could play Bailey DT or DE.

48 Raiders - Curtis Brown CB - They just lost the best corner in the league and need a replacement.

49 Jaguars - Rahim Moore S - Obvious pick at 49.

50 Chargers - Jabaal Sheard OLB - Fill the other need they have in OLB.

51 Buccaneers - Marcus Cannon OG - can help the power running game with Blount at RB

52 Giants - Marvin Austin DT - 1st Round talent with character issues that look like they are going away, could be a steal.

53 Colts - Christian Ballard DT - Will help their awful run defense in a instant.

54 Eagles - Ben Ijalana OT - Need Mike Vick healthy especially with probably no Kevin Kolb.

55 Chiefs - Torrey Smith WR - Can help take some of the pressure off Dwayne Bowe and the running game.

56 Saints - Sam Acho DE - Another DL to help Will Smith

57 Seahawks - Stefen Wisnieski C - Get a partnership between Locker and Wisnieski for years to come.

58 Ravens - Brandon Burton CB - Need some help at CB, due to free agency and just a lack of talent.

59 Falcons - Randall Cobb WR - Very versatile player that will help Roddy White.

60 Patriots - Orlando Franklin OT - Another OL to nurture for the future.

61 Chargers - Leanord Hankerson WR - Security blanket incase Vincent Jackson does anything stupid.

62 Bears - Drake Nevis DT - DT is a big need and will help take pressure of Julius Peppers

63 Steelers - Rodney Hudson OG - Need to bring in some youth for this aging Offensive Line.

64 Packers - Edmond Gates WR - Speedy, great hands and nice and tall. Good replacement for the rapidly declining Donald Driver.

Round 3

65 Panthers - Jarvis Jenkins DT - Panthers basically have no DTs. Jenkins will come in a maybe start.

66 Bengals - Michael LeShoure RB - Still rebuilding the offensive 3

67 Broncos - Jeremy Beal DE - Compete for position opposite Elvis Dummervil

68 Bills - Colin Kapernick QB - Sit behind Fitzpatrick for few years and fits into Chan Gailey scheme.

69 Cardinals - James Carpenter OT - Need an upgrade at most OL positions

70 Browns - Jerrel Jernigan WR - Browns finally get the playmaker they need.

71 Cowboys - Quinton Carter S - Safety is a major need.

72 Saints - Ryan Williams RB - Bush and Thomas injury prone.

73 Texans - Chimdi Chekwa CB - get another CB incase Dowling is another injury prone guy.

74 Patriots - Greg Little WR - Tall WR, replacement for Randy Moss

75 Lions - Mason Foster OLB - fills and big need, will start from day one

76 49ers - Niles Paul WR - Give Alex Smith some weapons and give him one last chance.

77 Titans - Shareece Wright CB - Need another CB, In case Finnegan gets beat up by Andre Johnson

78 Rams - Kendal Hunter RB - Steven Jacksons back up for when he undoubtedly gets injured next season

79 Dolphins - Daniel Thomas RB - Mallett and Thomas to reck havoc into the AFC for years

80 Jaguars - Ricki Stanzi QB - Maybe David Garrards replacement

81 Raiders - Clint Boling OT/OG - Steady up the OL to help Darren McFadden run rings round defenses

82 Chargers - Greg Jones ILB - need a ILB and could start sooner then expected

83 Giants - Mark Herzlich OLB - Sintim isnt the answer

84 Buccaneers - Lance Kendricks TE - back up for Kellen Winslow

85 Eagles - Chris Carter - Need a pass rush at OLB

86 Chiefs - Kenrick Ellis NT - Finally get the NT they needed

87 Colts - Greg Romeus DE - Got jerry hughes last year and will both soon replace mathis and freeney

88 Chargers - DeMarco Murray RB - decent back up to Ryan Matthews

89 Ravens - Dontay Moch OLB - With Kindles situation OLB could become a need

90 Saints - Will Rackley OG - cant go wrong with an OLmen

91 Falcons - Luke Stocker TE - The end of Tony Gonzalez and the beginning of Luke Stocker

92 Patriots - Davon House CB - Dont have any needs left, so just go BAP

93 Bears - John Moffit OG - Another OLmen due to lack of decent WRs

94 Jets - Jurrel Casey DT - Another player to help pass rush

95 Steelers - Jalil Brown CB - After Ike Taylor there is nothing

96 Packers - Lee Ziemba OT - Ziembas rising up draft boards and the pack get him to help the abysmal run offense and stop A-Rod getting another Concussion.

Please Comment and tell me what you think and what oicks you disagree on.


Scotty D
04-03-2011, 02:03 PM
I question if Castonzo can stay on the left side. If he can do it I'd be ok with it but I'd also look at Watt, Jordan, and Julio there. 2nd and 3rd round are solid.

04-03-2011, 02:08 PM
Would absolutely love it if Green falls to the skin...but i think the skins should grab a QB like dalton in the second round....we dont pick again till the 5th and i highly doubt they will keep McNabb

04-03-2011, 02:09 PM
I either dislike or hate all saints picks outside of the second rounder to which im meh.

Liuget is to much of a pure UT in the 4-3 and useless in the nickel so Heyward would be a way better pick (if you want to go DT paea would be a better pick)

Acho is more of a 34 OLB and even more of a SLB than a DEnd to be honest but its not a bad pick

Ryan WIlliams is a shockingly bad pick as he offers bad value, doesnt fit in the saints offense and doesnt fill a need. Saints are already 4 deep at rb and its just lame to scheme for another cluster**** like last year

An offensive lineman would be weird but vaguely acceptable if you met needs with the 3 other picks but you didnt. Jurrel Casey is a no-brainer there

04-03-2011, 02:46 PM
If we pick Ingram in the 1st, I'll puke. We just ran the ball 10 times in the Superbowl and won it... why would we waste an early pick on a RB.

04-03-2011, 02:47 PM

04-03-2011, 02:50 PM
Great Bears Draft

04-03-2011, 02:53 PM
I hope the bears draft isnt as good in 24 days :)

04-03-2011, 02:58 PM
I stop reading after round for SF.No QB is a fail!

04-03-2011, 03:01 PM
I stop reading after round for SF.No QB is a fail!

If Gabbert and Newton gone in 1st
Dalton and Ponder gone in 2nd
Kaepernick gone in 3rd

What choice is there. It isnt a draft to make every teams supporters happy it is meant to show what might happen

04-03-2011, 03:10 PM
If Gabbert and Newton gone in 1st
Dalton and Ponder gone in 2nd
Kaepernick gone in 3rd

What choice is there. It isnt a draft to make every teams supporters happy it is meant to show what might happen

IF all those are all gone.I still wouldn't mind Stazni.He should be a descent QB with out coaching staff.As we still need a QB Carr is the only one on our roster!I wouldn't Gabbert or Newton any how.But any one else is fine.Its a nice draft but would just like a QB in there some where even if its a reach.

04-03-2011, 03:30 PM
But there is no point talking Stanzi in the 3rd round if he isnt going to upgrade over Alex Smith or Troy Smith. Its not like you need a replacement because your QBs are old. You need a QB because you want an upgrade. Stanzi isnt an upgrade.

04-03-2011, 04:06 PM
only pick I like is Smith.Taylor >> Carimi and Moch over Ellis in the 3rd

Pat Sims 90
04-03-2011, 04:21 PM
I would take that Draft for the Bengals but i would be upset if they did not take at least one OL.

bored of education
04-03-2011, 04:22 PM
I find this to the one of the best drafts for KC, 3 players I have in my top 50 overall.


04-03-2011, 06:32 PM
For Denver in the 2nd, I would rather take Paea over Williams. If Williams falls, then he can battle it out with Bailey and Moore for the spot at 46 because Rudolphe is a last resort pick - he only lands in Denver if all of the good defensive options are already off the board.

04-03-2011, 09:40 PM
Nice Bears mock. About the best we could do if that's the board. I'd love to be able to trade 29 to the Titans so they can ensure Arizona doesn't take Ponder, and get an extra pick. The Bears then would have their pick of Ijalana, Cannon, or Franklin all of whom I like better than Sherrod (just personally have a bad feeling about him) even if they can't play LT. But at the end of Day 2, I couldn't complain about 2 potential starting OL and a starting 3-tech.

04-03-2011, 10:04 PM
I'm not feeling this mock for KC. Carimi would be good on the Right Side, however, Barry Richardson did pretty well. He's definately an ascending player on the Right Side. Our biggest need on our O-line is Center, and depth. We did lead the league in rushing, so our offensive line is at least above average. Personally, I think we're either going with an OLB or the NT from baylor.
I like the second round pick, and your analysis is dead on. Good pick man.
For the third, it meets a need, however, why did you select him over Powe? I thought I read that Kendrick Ellis has a lot of character concerns. So he's like Johnny Baldwin, talented and a need, but off our list due to being immature, etc. I definately wouldn't be upset over this pick. Just trying to add my perspective.

04-03-2011, 10:52 PM
This might be the worst Colts mock I've seen in a while. Passing on Sherrod and Ijalana for Solder and Ballard would be dumb, but then adding a DE in Round 3 would make it the worst and most uncharacteristic draft.

04-04-2011, 05:03 AM
Not in love with Curtis Brown, but I suppose I'd adjust if he turned into a good player. Much rather take a chance on Austin there, or grab an OL like Lil Wiz, Cannon, or Ijalana.

Boling in Rd3 would be nice.

04-04-2011, 05:08 AM
Good job for the Rams. I do wonder if Bailey's work ethic makes him a questionable selection in St. Louis. Acho, Ballard and Sheard would be perhaps better choices.

In round 3, you could look at a linebacker, but Hunter is fine.

04-04-2011, 06:52 AM
Jags insiders have already said there looking at the bigger DEs like Jordan and Watt

04-04-2011, 03:24 PM

No way... Reed, Wilkerson, Harris.... RBs to me make no sense in the 1st. It is a passing league and RBs tend to have short careeers. Not to mention TT typically sticks with who he has and he has two guys who will be competing for a starting postion next year in Grant and Starks.

TTs new motto for the draft; BPA/Protect AR/Give him weapons/listen to Dom Capers.

04-04-2011, 03:55 PM
not 'perfect' by any means you fishhead

04-04-2011, 04:22 PM
Haha you actually think that i am naive enough to think that this is what will actually happen? Course its not perfect. The best draftnik in the world couldnt even have a perfect 1st round, nevermind the first 3rounds. I dont even have any trades. Course there are gonna be trades but i couldnt be arsed to think of trades.

Some people are stupid.

04-04-2011, 04:24 PM
Most people dont even have Reed, Wilkerson or Harris in the top 20 so i think Ingram who nearly everyone has as a mid 1st round talent is BAP

04-04-2011, 06:17 PM
Great Phins draft!

04-05-2011, 11:02 AM
But there is no point talking Stanzi in the 3rd round if he isnt going to upgrade over Alex Smith or Troy Smith. Its not like you need a replacement because your QBs are old. You need a QB because you want an upgrade. Stanzi isnt an upgrade.

Your point would be 100% valid but it isn't that simple. Both Troy Smith and Alex Smith are Free Agents. Troy won't be asked back and Alex likely wants to sign with another team.

04-05-2011, 11:30 AM
If Robert Quinn's at 10, he will be a Washington Redskin.

04-05-2011, 01:21 PM
Love Julio in the first for the Rams but after that it gets questionable. Allen Bailey is a toss-up for me. He could be a Justin Tuck-esque guy who can play UT and LDE but with Chris Long improving substantially at the LDE spot I would rather have either pure DT (Marvin Austin) or a RDE (Sheard) also you would have to look at OLB and OG before jumping to RB in the third (although I think Hunter would be a great fit)

04-05-2011, 06:11 PM
Houston, Hankerson, House

That is how the Ravens mock should go. The only WRs I'd be happy with in the 1st are JJ or Green. Burton lacks closing speed and there are better players available at #58. Moch is a decent pick at #90 but I'd rather we drafted some pass rusher help earlier

04-07-2011, 05:57 PM
As a Dolphin fan I am dig'n it and hope the Mallet pick happens.

04-07-2011, 10:45 PM
Pretty iffy on the Niner mock. First round is great can't go wrong with either Prince or Robert Quinn in that situation. I don't see Martez Wilson as a 3-4 rush LB, and Niles Paul is a reach in the third and not an area of need. After the first round QB if the value matches up should be an option as well as an actual rush LB.

Matthew Jones
04-09-2011, 10:58 AM
Great job with Watt, although Jordan would also be awesome. Ayers isn't nearly as good as Ingram, so I'd go with him. A Pro Bowl RB helps more than a decent starter at OLB. Watkins is a great pick, I'd take Wilkerson though regardless of having gone DE already. Hankerson or Hudson would be better at #60. I heard Franklin is a diva and doesn't fit into our zone blocking system even a little bit. Greg Little is another guy with character issues for New England to avoid. Clint Boling there would be a great fit/value/need. I'd go with Moffitt at #92:

Watt - Ingram - Wilkerson - Hankerson - Boling - Moffitt.