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04-18-2011, 06:21 AM
1. Carolina Panthers: Marcell Dareus – DT – Alabama – QB could happen but I just don’t think Carolina is going to like Gabbert or Newton enough to take one of them. Dareus is a great player and if he plays the way we know he can he will solidify their defence.

2. Denver Broncos: Patrick Peterson – DB – LSU – I just can’t see any way this doesn’t happen, I would be massively shocked to see the Panthers take Peterson number 1 and I can’t see a more perfect match-up atop the draft than this.

3. Buffalo Bills: Cam Newton – QB – Auburn – The Bills need some excitement in their life, they need an icon. Newton can put fans in the seats and money in the club, he may also pan out to be a very good QB. He could be used inventively to begin with while he sits.

4. Cincinnati Bengals: Blaine Gabbert – QB – Missouri – Palmer wants out and as much as you can pretend you don’t believe him, Brown is turtle heading at the prospect of his QB leaving the club so he makes the right move and brings in his replacement, he even has the Shane Falco locks.

5. Arizona Cardinals: Von Miller – OLB – Texas A&M – As much as I love Miller I could honestly see him fall past this spot if Cincy go another way and don’t take a QB likely falling to the 9ers, but he fits well in Arizona.

6. Cleveland Browns: AJ Green – WR – Georgia – Colt McCoy needs someone to throw to badly and AJ Green is supremely talented. This would be a clever move for the Cleveland Browns, finally getting them going in the right direction.

7. San Francisco 49ers: Prince Amukamara – CB – Nebraska – This pick just seems to happen every time I do a mock. I see him falling to the 9ers in every situation and nobody better there for the pickup. Brilliant talent added to a promising defence.

8. Tennessee Titans: Nick Fairley – DT – Auburn – I don’t think anyone will take Fairley before the Titans. We have his old DL coach and I imagine he will be more than happy to get the guy who terrorized teams for fun this year.

9. Dallas Cowboys: Cameron Jordan – DE – California – Not seen many people peg him here. Dallas are in need of a 5 tech for their defensive front, Jordan is an unbelievable talents and deserves consideration this high.

10. Washington Redskins: Tyron Smith – OT – USC – Jammal Brown is not as good as he used to be and it may not be a terrible idea to take Smith who has fantastic potential, team him with Williams for your future book ends.

11. Houston Texans: Robert Quinn – OLB – North Carolina – They need a pass rusher and Quinn is one of the most natural rushers in the draft, the kid has freakish talent and he will be a great piece for Wade to work with.

12. Minnesota Vikings: Jake Locker – QB – Washington – They need a QB and Locker has franchise potential. He will be going to a good situation where he will have time to develop in a lower pressure situation.

13. Detroit Lions: Da’Quan Bowers – DE – Clemson – He could fall this far come draft day, the Lions don’t have much talent at end that you would write home about, Schwartz loves a strong DL and Bowers combined with Suh would be filth.

14. St. Louis Rams: Julio Jones – WR – Alabama – Jones could go as high as 6 to Cleveland but he slides down to the Rams and Bradford finally gets a guy that could be help him elevate the Rams up and over the top and get them in regular playoff contention.

15. Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram – RB – Alabama – Could easily be QB here but I just can’t tell whether or not Miami have any faith in Henne or not, either way they need something at RB and Ingram has the talent to be an every down back.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars: Aldon Smith – DE – Missouri – Smith could go very high in the draft because he is extremely talented but with a lot of defensive talent ahead of him he falls right into the laps of the Jaguars who pounce on him.

17. New England Patriots (f/OAK): JJ Watt – DE – Wisconsin – Watt is fantastically talented and picking between him and Jordan for my top 3-4 DE is hard but Jordan wins so JJ ends up sliding down to the Patriots who will happily pick him up.

18. San Diego Chargers: Adrian Clayborn – DE – Iowa – San Diego need to shore up their front 7 and Clayborn is a very talented DE who can play in the 3-4. He has kicked in at DT in the 4-3 so has the experience of getting dirty inside the trenches.

19. New York Giants: Anthony Costanzo – OT – Boston College – The Giants have very little on the OL going forward, they are either getting up in the years or can’t stay healthy. Costanzo is a solid pick and he will add some much needed youth to the line.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ryan Kerrigan – DE – Purdue – Kerrigan takes a tumble in this draft due to the 3-4, but he is very talented and has a high energy motor. He can move from DE to OLB if Morris turns his D hybrid.

21. Kansas City Chiefs: Stephen Pea – DT – Oregon St – Pea is very stout at the point of attack and although undersized for the position could become a very successful NT in the 3-4 much like Jay Ratliff in Dallas.

22. Indianapolis Colts: Corey Luiget – DT – Illinois – Luiget is a very talented pass rusher and would be a fantastic fit in the rotation of the Colts DL. He will work very well inside with Freeney and Mathis taking heat on the outside.

23. Philadelphia Eagles: Mike Pouncey – OG/C – Florida – The Eagles are in a good position with their roster; they have a lot of good guys in a lot of positions. Pouncey is a talented guy who will add youth and health to the inside of the Eagles line, his versatility adds upside.

24. New Orleans Saints: Aaron Williams – DB – Texas – This may be a reach but in my opinion Aaron Williams is a very talented DB with the ability to play all across the secondary. New Orleans need some secondary help and Williams talent and versatility will be perfect.

25. Seattle Seahawks: Gabe Carimi – OT – Wisconsin – They brought in their future at LT last year and time to bring in their future at RT. Carimi has a nasty streak and has potential to be one of the league’s best RT’s.

26. Baltimore Ravens: Brandon Harris – CB – Miami (FL) – This pick always seems to happen but either way here we go again. Harris is a very talented corner who will instantly boost a weak corner back group with his athleticism and skill.

27. Atlanta Falcons: Kyle Rudolph – TE – Notre Dame – Gonzalez is getting old and this is looking like it may be his last year in the league. The Falcons need some more options for Ryan and Rudolph can step in and be an instant target for Ryan and the future of the position.

28. New England Patriots: Derek Sherrod – OT – Mississippi St – The Patriots only really have Vollmer on the OL for the future with the rest aging or looking like leaving. Sherrod is a talented OL who will likely play at RT for the Patriots and solidify the tackle position for the future.

29. Chicago Bears: Nate Solder – OT – Colorado – Solder is a potentially brilliant LT and the Bears need some talent on their OL, Solder may have to be thrown in at the deep end but with the way Tice sorted the OL out last year, he can make good with Solder.

30. New York Jets: Cameron Heyward – DE – Ohio St – Not a particularly flashy pick but I think Heyward is unjustly falling down the rankings at the moment. He is a very good 3-4 DE and the Jets are in need of a youth injection in their front 7.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jimmy Smith – CB – Colorado – The Steelers have a fantastic D outside of the CB position, which showed up in the Superbowl. Smith is a talent that could easily go higher but there are some question marks however he will flourish with the Steelers.

32. Green Bay Packers: Muhammad Wilkerson – DL – Temple – Wilkerson will fit in very nicely with the Packers and they will find a very inventive way to use his talents. He could play all across their line depending on what sort of front they decide to go with.

04-18-2011, 08:57 AM
Aaron Williams? When we have spent major FA money on a CB, have spent in the past 3 drafts high picks on every position, had the most INTs two years ago (when we was healthier), and have our starters for another 3ish years?

04-18-2011, 09:22 AM
i cant imagine wed take tyron over quinn. just dont see that happening honestly.

04-18-2011, 09:26 AM
I doubt some of these picks too, but I always find myself scratching my head on draft day...why some picks are a bit questionable. I see Williams as a replacement for Roman Harper as well if I'm honest, I see him as a great SS fit.

04-18-2011, 09:50 AM
no.Phil Taaylor over Peae.I've heard the rumored foot issue with Taylor is BS

04-18-2011, 09:57 AM
Ingram is good

04-18-2011, 10:10 AM
Not a bad first round pick. I really liked Sherrod going into the offseason but he seems to have taken a slide recently. That being said with the first selection and who is left on the board it is a good choice

04-18-2011, 10:59 AM
Aaron Williams? When we have spent major FA money on a CB, have spent in the past 3 drafts high picks on every position, had the most INTs two years ago (when we was healthier), and have our starters for another 3ish years?

Agreed, we are so deep at corner and free safety that a kicker wouldve been a better pick, really quite shockingly bad. mocking the saints really is quite easy, pick front 7 with all four early picks unless great value dictates otherwise

04-18-2011, 11:08 AM
I would of imagined SS was a big need for you guys with a pretty poor Roman Harper going into FA.

04-18-2011, 11:15 AM
Doesnt matter how amazing our secondary is, when you only have 2 guys who can pass rush your team will fail. DE and OLB

04-18-2011, 11:15 AM
I would of imagined SS was a big need for you guys with a pretty poor Roman Harper going into FA.

Harper is quite good and will be back, also, even if you count aaron as a safety he is a pure fs just like jenkins, so unless jenkins dies williams wont see the field.

Its a big reach that fills no need, worse, i think that outside of offensive tackle, fs and cb are the deepest position on the team

04-18-2011, 11:16 AM
Tis fair points, I will re-look at the pick when I do my last mock.

04-18-2011, 11:48 AM
Ravens won't take Harris over Heyward or Wilkerson.

If they are going to go corner, I'd rather them roll the dice with Jimmy Smith instead of Harris. We don't need another average #2 or nickel type corner. we need someone with the size and strength of Smith, someone with the potential to be a lockdown corner.

Pat Sims 90
04-18-2011, 12:32 PM
Gabbert is a solid pick but i think in the end Mike Brown will be too stubborn to take a QB in the 1st because he still thinks Carson is bluffing. AJ Green seems like it will be the pick.

04-18-2011, 12:37 PM
I have a hard time buying into darius going to the panthers. This draft is deep in defensive lineman and they can get quality d-lineman later in the draft.

04-18-2011, 02:01 PM
I have a hard time buying into darius going to the panthers. This draft is deep in defensive lineman and they can get quality d-lineman later in the draft.

I can see Peterson going number 1 but not Darius. With that being said i like the Lions pick

04-18-2011, 03:39 PM
Locker to the Vikings is awesome