View Full Version : Holy Prime Time Batman

Maybe This Year Mayhew
04-19-2011, 03:26 PM

Bears at Lions Oct 10 on Monday Night Football. Hopefully we have actually turned the corner enough and do well in September to show we have earned this game!!!!

Super excited. I need to go to this game.

04-19-2011, 07:06 PM
What are you talking about? There isn't going to be a season next year.

Scotty D
04-19-2011, 08:48 PM
Bears and Lions always play an entertaining game. This is a great news. Would be an awesome game to attend.

04-20-2011, 02:50 PM
With schedules being released & the draft upcoming, it does not feel (to me) like their is a potential stopage on the way in the NFL? Weird.

It would figure the first time in a decade we are on a Monday night it falls in a season where there may not be a season!?!? It's still awesome news, for a team trending upwards.

04-21-2011, 04:01 PM
Can't wait for Matt Millen to have to walk into ford field and be on the sidelines.

There might be a riot

05-28-2011, 04:55 PM
Damn lock-out.