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04-26-2011, 06:45 PM
This is not the typical mock. I get sick and tired of the same mocks with a pick or two changed. This one is just the opposite. And it is what I would do if I were each team.

Get ready to kill me if you need to, but I think most will be pleased.

Round One

1 Carolina A.J. Green WR Georgia

A.J. Green is near the top of everyone's draft board talent-wise, period. I know everyone else has given up on Clausen, but I think he needs another chance with a better talent around him. After Steve Smith, what other weapons do they have for their quarterback? I also think Matt Moore has a little somethin'. And I shouldn't tell you guys this, but Carolina has already spoke with Cam Newton's father. He wants more money for his son than they are willing to give. You have to hit on this pick. Green is as solid as it gets and opens up the offense.

2 Denver Patrick Peterson CB L.S.U.

Patrick Peterson is the number one player in the draft, as far as I am concerned. I think the quarterback talk here is crazy. I was not a huge Tebow fan, but he did enough to be given a chance. Their defense is really bad. PP can help anywhere in the secondary, where their best players are old. I would usually say DL trumps secondary, but I think PP is special.

3 Buffalo Macell Dareus DT Alabama

Dareus can come help a line that, after looking through their roster, I can't help but think is a huge reason why they can't stop the run. This team could go in any direction, but Dareus would provide an instant upgrade that should fit in any scheme.

4 **Cincy Trade to New England** New England Von Miller OLB Texas A&M

(Cincy gets #17, #33 and a 4th or 5th.)

New England always trades up! Right? Oh, I got that one wrong. But I seriously doubt that all six picks in the first three rounds will contribute to the Pats. They are too good. Besides, this still allows them two 1st, one second and a thrid. Thats plenty. And this guy will fill a need and also help with a bad pass defense. Von can get after the quarterback. Just what the rest of the league wants to see got to the Patriots! I know Bill is laughing at me, but this is what I would do. Bengals need a couple of things, and they will find them later in the draft at a cheaper price.

5 Cards Robert Quinn OLB North Carolina

Cards will either go with what they have at QB, draft one later or bring in a veteran. They already have veterans at OLB, and when I say veterans what I am really saying is older players that are not what they used to be. So they take a guy that can generate a pass rush and let those good secondary players make the impact they should be.

6 Browns Julio Jones WR Alabama

Colt McCoy showed something last year. And I don't care how every draft guy seems to think they have all this young talent at WR. Not like this guy they don't. Jones gives Colt a guy he can count on. The Browns offense didn't scare anyone last year. Now they get a spike in their virgin margarita. If I were them, I would run up to make this pick.

7 **49ers Trade to Houston** Houston Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

(49'ers get #11 and #73)

49'ers are a 3-4 with their defensive personnel? I think they need a DE or OLB for their fit their scheme. There will be plenty of good players at #11, they just have to draft one of them. And they pick up a third rounder, where they can find another starter if they draft well. They have too many holes to fill and with the guys off the board in this mock, they will not get one of their favorite prospects at #7. There is no need to settle when they can move around a little. Kubiak knows he needs to either make the playoffs or find a new career. So he goes up to secure a player that will immediately start and upgrade the secondary, and still has a second round pick to work with. I don't buy all the mock drafts that have Prince falling to #11, and I wouldn't hope for it if I was the Texicans. I would go get him!

8 Titans Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri

They need a QB, and everyone knows this. I wanted Nick Fairley here because I think their coaching staff could get the most out of him, but this just made too much sense.

9 **Cowboys Trade to San Diego** San Diego Aldon Smith DE/OLB Missouri

(Cowboys get #18 and #50.)

I just don't see need/value for the boys and they have shown they will trade down when they don't see it, either. They may regret not taking Tyron Smith here but if they draft well, it will be a good move. The Chargers are a hard team to find holes, but I think I see one. They only had one guy with double digit sacks. That is common for many teams, but it wasn't that long ago that they had multiple guys with lots of sacks. Well, here you go. They have the picks available to get a guy that will pester the opposing QB, so they go get him instead of taking everyone else's leftovers.

10 Skins Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson

This is a real pickle. I could not find a trade partner for the skins, and they need so much. I have no idea what will happen at QB. I thought I did last year, and then they made me realize I had no idea. A couple of times!!! I have seen where many sites say their biggest needs are QB, WR, OL...but I have another way of looking at it. I don't think their secondary is as bad as other people do. One thing that is holding them back is their front seven. Look for yourself. Osackpo had 8.5 sacks last year. No one else had more than 2.5. That's right! No one other than their stud had more than 3!!!! So not knowing what to do, I tried to fix this by giving them they guy that led the nation in sacks. Physically he has everything, too. There are red flags, but I don't think you can fix this team with this one pick. So I tried to make the defense, in general, better.

11 49'ers Cameron Jordan DE California

The 49'ers traded down, picked up a third, and still landed a great talent in Jordan. The fact that Alex Smith was offered a contract says they are willing to give him another chance, and with Troy Smith also on the roster, I don't think that is a bad idea. The offensive line will hopefully gel some this year as they have invested in it recently, and there are playmakers on offense to work with. I can at least see hope there. Where I don't see hope is Justin Smith led your team with 8.5 sacks. Not bad, until you find out that three of them came in the last game of the season against the Cardinals. Now you see? I know Cam Newton was there. But Jordan is Freakish, can pass rush and play the run, and can soak up blockers for Pat Willis. This will not be a popular pick, but wait till Cam Newton is a star in the NFL before you grade me too harshly on this one.

12 Vikes Jake Locker QB Washington

I think the Vikes are stacked with talent now, and there is just one huge hole. I still like Locker, despite everything that everyone else is saying about him. He has always played on a team that was out gunned. But not anymore. He has players all around him to help, all he has to do is get the ball to them. Besides, if this highly talented team rolls out Tavaris Crapson again they will watch their Superbowl window close a little more. If I were them, I would not wait untill the second round.

13 Lions Tyron Smith OT USC

I want to see Stafford make it through a season with all the weapons around him. I am not saying that Smith makes this happen, but he is the best bet. Its time to invest in your franchise QB. I wanted to give them a sexy defender, but the truth is if Stafford goes down again I would be blaming the front office for not trying to protect him. Now I won't be able to. And Smith is going to be just fine.

14 **Trade Rams trade to Colts** Colts Nick Fairley DT Auburn

(Rams get #22 and #53)

I know the only way the Colts make this trade is if there is a small, quick DE sitting here. Just Kidding!!! The fact is I think Fairley changes this defense. Colts fans will probably hate this pick, I love it. Colts are no longer be weak up the middle, and offensive lines now get to enjoy nightmares for a full week before playing the Colts. As for the Rams, well they outsmarted me last year. Sam Bradford did so much better than I thought he would that I am embarrassed. So now they need to build on it. Get him a weapon. There is not a top notch WR here, so back off a little and get an extra pick. Not a likely trade, but I would do it for either team.

15 Miami Mike Pouncey OG Florida

A safe pick. A need pick. A pick based on talent. If you want a guy that will start and shore up a hole, this is the guy. You will get a RB later, but my guess is you will not get rid of both of your guys. And you don't really want Cam Newton.

16 Jags Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue

Jeremy Mincey had a breakout season with 5.5 sacks. What? That didn't impress you? Well, he lead the team AND had never had more than one sack in a season! So you have to be impressed. Yup, Neither was I. Kerrigan has the triangle numbers, and the stats to go with it.

17 Cincy Cam Newton QB Auburn

Although looking at the rest of the teams drafting in the 1st round I could see Newton being there at the top of the second, I would be worried about someone trading up to get him. I doubt very seriously that Carson retires, I would call his bluff. This puts Cincy in the driver's seat as far as that situation goes. Now Carson has to find a trade that Cincy likes. The Bengals are going to come back this year with a totally retooled offense. If only I were running the draft. And they get him at #17!!!

18 Cowboys Anthony Castonzo OT B.C.

The one thing the Cowboys need is for Tony Romo to not be on the sidelines this year. Castonzo is a good player at #18, and fills a big need.

19 Giants Corey Liuget DT Illinois

They have DE. They need a DT, and I think many Giant fans would agree with that. A RB would be nice, but not this high. A team that has most of the pieces, and could draft best player. But If I were them I would take this big boy. LB's and RB's are there later. This guy will start on an already good team, so I like this pick.

20 *** Trade Bucks to Patriots** Patriots J.J. Watts DE Wisconsin

(Bucks get #28 and #74)

I said it before. I doubt the Patriots have six starting sports for rookies on this team. But if they trade up for good players, they can come away with two impact players. I know it is highly doubtful these trades will happen, but this would give the Patriots two of Scott Wright's top 15 players. And they still have a second round pick. J.J. Watts starts, along with Von Miller. Their defense has now returned to what it was.

21 Chiefs Torrey Smith WR Maryland

I can hear the "What"s already! I know everyone wants a DL or OL. I kinda like their OL. They have drafted a bunch of DL in recent years. But that is not a good enough reason to reach on Torrey Smith. This is-I look at the Chiefs and I have to stop the running game and Bowe. But that seems to be it. I am not so sure that the Chief's lack of offensive numbers is a reflection of what they have. I think it is a reflection of what they don't have. A threat like Torrey Smith. I know he is a reach, and I am sure everyone will let me know. But I think this pick is kinda sexy. Torrey can get down field quick. My hope is he pulls the secondary back a bit, allowing Bowe to do his thing and let the running game continue what they have done. My fear is if you don't get a guy that can stretch the field, defenses will catch up with you. Then everyone will start blaming the QB when it isn't his fault. I think Torrey Smith can play, and I think he proved it in college and at the combine.

22 Rams Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame

Top TE for a top young QB. I like this pick. I like it, like it, like it. A good TE is a QB's best friend. But he will also improve blocking. I think this would work out great. They need more help, in the passing game, though.

23 Eagles Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin

Must protect Michael Vick! Not my only reason, though. It is a need for the Eagles. He is also a big boy, and the Eagles don't hesitate to draft OL early. But the main reason is I wasn't sold on any of the CB's this late over Carimi. And DL wasn't a concern of mine, as Laws and Peterson seem to be adequate at this point. And I am being optimistic that Brandon Graham is coming back near 100%.

24 Saints Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa

I think Clayborn should start at DE, stacking the Saints at DE. In a pinch, he could help out at DT if Shaun Rogers has issues of any kind. This is a good player at a really good spot. Couldn't find a LB that graded out (to me at least) about Clayborn's talent. He is ready to start, which is perfect for a team that should once again challenge for best team in the NFL. And for those of you that feel Mark Ingram is the guy, just hang on. You don't need him as badly as you think you do.

25 Seahawks Nate Solder OT Colorado

I think this is the right move. You are either going to extend Hasselbeck and draft a replacement, or maybe pick up a QB in FA. I am not a fan of Hasselbeck, but I have to admit he was not the reason the team did not advance last year. Regardless of whether it is Hasselbeck or someone else, you want to protect them. I didn't say he got you there, but once on the big stage he didn't piss the sheets. I can think of other directions to go, but Solder at this spot is solid.

26 Ravens Brandon Harris CB Miami (FL)

Cause he is from the U! I think Baltimore is the place this kid can shine. He has talent around him that will help him maximize what he has physically. They will teach him how to make plays. But the Ravens always draft good, so I won't disagree with whatever they pick.

27 Falcons Akeem Ayers LB UCLA

I think this is another great match. This guy can pass rush if you need him too, can cover and most importantly, can be a strong side linebacker. This might allow Weatherspoon to become a Derrick Brooks-type player. I was big on Weatherspoon, and I think this pick is a really nice piece of a puzzle to a team that will be competitive for a long time.

28 Bucks Jimmy Smith CB Colorado

Talib. He was a big playmaker for the Bucks. He must be replaced. I am not saying Smith can, but physically he can. He just needs to be coached up. I really wanted to bring in a pass rusher, but Smith was rated too high. After Talib lost his mind, I decided that Smith was too much value at a position of great need. Barber is in year 14, I think.

29 Bears Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi St

55 sacks. This has to be addressed. I MIGHT have drafted a WR here, except there are several similarly graded WR that will be in the second. I think Sherrod is the pick because he can pass block. Not sexy but if Cutler gets hurt, season is over.

30 Jets Justin Houston OLB Georgia

Cameron Hayward is sitting there, so you have to take him. Right? Not me. I was not overwhelmed by all the sack artists on the Jets roster. Cameron is probably a better prospect, but the Jets lack a force. A sack machine. Hayward will never be that. Houston has the triangle numbers, and he did it in college. He creates more frantic opposing QB's, which will turn this secondary into a house of horrors.

31 Steelers Danny Watkins OT Baylor

Watkins is old for a rookie, but I think he can play Tackle. Most have him projecting to a guard and that is okay, too. The Steelers are a good football team, and it will be a challenge to find a starter for them. I think they have a good blend of experience with youth on the DL. Since I didn't find anyone I was crazy about, I went to the tried and true first round OT. The great thing about taking an OT in the first is even if they don't make a great Tackle, they will usually make an adequate guard. And to keep the Steelers in the race, that will do. I wanted to minimize the bust factor for them in the first, and Watkins does just that.

32 Packers Aaron Williams CB/S Texas

Woodson's injury is scary. He is 35 anyway, so a replacement should be in the works without the injury. Aaron Williams is similar in size. He is probably close to the same speed of a 35 year old Woodson. He is no where near the player, but you are not going to find a Woodson-like player at #32 (probably not at all!) But Williams does offer versatility. That would be huge for a team that needs just that in the secondary. I would probably put him at safety also, but i would give him a chance at corner first. He is not going to make the plays that Woodson did, but if he can learn from Woodson, he might develop into a poor man's Woodson. There was not a player here that I just loved for the Packers, but I think trading down would be too risky when you need to find someone that may have to play sooner-rather than later.

Round Two

33 Cincy Jon Baldwin WR Pitt Cam and Baldwin. I am afraid if worst case scenario comes true, All of their threats are gone. Keeps them in the driver's seat.

34 Bills Brooks Reed OLB Arizona Dareus and Reed. I think we are fixing the front seven.

35 Cincy Marc Ingram RB Alabama. Cam, Baldwin and Ingram. We have new excitement in Cincy. You now have the rest of the draft to address needs and don't have to worry about these positions any longer.

36 Broncos Muhammad Wilkerson NT Temple The guy you have to have for your 3-4. This single pick makes it much easier for the rest of the team to adjust to this defense.

37 Browns Allen Bailey DE Miami (FL) The base end they need to move to the 4-3.

38 Cards Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas Cards get a QB. He has a defense that should keep them in games, and plenty of weapons to throw too.

39 Titans Titus Young WR Boise St. It would be unfair to draft a QB and tell him his best reciever may not be with the team. Titus has good ball skills, and they can't afford dropped balls.

40 Cowboys Cameron Heyward DE Ohio St. Too many DE's may leave the team. And they weren't that good to start with.

41 Skins Christian Ponder QB Florida St. Not crazy about Ponder. But I couldn't send them into the season with the QB's on their roster. They have to start somewhere.

42 Houston Jabaal Sheard OLB Pitt Wade is installing his 3-4. This guy fits it. He gets after the QB, which is exactly what they need. They probably won't draft him cause of character issues, but the addition of him and Prince take them to the playoffs.

43 Vikings Stephen Paea DT Oregon St. A strong NT. He can't replace Pat Williams' size, but he may soak up blockers for the other Williams, who is pretty darn good.

44 Lions Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia A huge need. He was best player left at that position, I think. He makes me a little nervous, but not as nervous as what they have.

45 49ers Phil Taylor NT Baylor Could not find an OLB that could beat out this big fella. And I think they have a few young guys in the secondary that will benefit from this.

46 Broncos Marvin Austin DT/DE N. Carolina They absolutely have to fix the defense. He wont do that, but he will help.

47 Rams Leonard Hankerson WR Miami (FL) A big WR with speed. You have to get Sam some targets, and I am trying. This guy is a good blocker too. A good fit.

48 Raiders Orlando Franklin OT Miami (FL) They have so many questions, I don't know what to do. But they need OL help, and that is as good a place to start as any.

49 Jags Johnny Patrick CB Louisville Underrated ballhawk. With Kerrigan providing pressure, this guy can make the pics. Don't worry about his forty time. He's fast enough.

50 Cowboys Rahim Moore S UCLA A true safety is in big need. He will help get the corner's back to their previous form.

51 Bucks Bruce Carter LB N. Carolina Should have gone higher except for the injury. This guy can play. I am proud of this pick. He matches them well.

52 Giants Marcus Cannon OL T.C.U. There are never too many good OL on a team. They have a franchise QB. He will appreciate this pic. And this guy is a monster.

53 Rams Taiwan Jones RB Eastern Washington And now you went from a great young QB to a great young QB with Rudolph, Hankerson and Jones. It is not the same team anymore.

54 Eagles Martez WIlson MLB Illinois The Eagles have not had a MLB like this in a long time. Their run defense will improve.

55 Chiefs Christian Ballard DE Iowa A need pick, to stay with the theme. But still a good player for the 55th pick.

56 Saints Kelvin Sheppard LB L.S.U. A really good player, that will fit in great with this team. The rich just get richer.

57 Seahawks Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada. A total project player. But that is okay. He doesn't have to start week one. While he learns the "on the rise" seahawks are gelling talent.

58 Ravens Randall Cobb WR Kentucky. Fills a need, but more importantly he is a jolt of some lightning this team could use.

59 Falcons Sam Acho DE Texas Sam Acho and Ayers? You don't think they are improved? They have a lot of playmakers on defense now.

60 Patriots Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois Probably not the best fit scheme wise, but Bill can work him in. He is simply too good not to take here.

61 Chargers Ben Ijalana OT Villanova When you have a team like this all you need to do is protect the QB and block for the running back.

62 Bears Greg Little WR N. Carolina This guy can play. If he can focus, he may be a legit #1. The bears need that Bad.

63 Steelers Shareece Wright CB USC Who knows what this guy will do if he stays healthy. Good top end speed and is quick.

64 Packers James Carpenter OT Alabama If you are good, draft OL. Keep the QB healthy. That is the smart thing to do. And the Packers are the champs!

04-26-2011, 06:51 PM
Marcus Cannon has lyphoma, probably will drop him into late rounds.

04-26-2011, 06:53 PM
I like Green to the Panthers, I think that is what they should do. My biggest question in this is how does Bowers fit in a 3-4. I just can't see how he could be a standup rush linebacker with his knee almost deteriorated from injury. Props for being different though, nice too see new names in different places.

04-26-2011, 07:12 PM
Very nice Denver draft. Peterson and two potential first round defensive tackles would be quite a haul.

04-26-2011, 07:15 PM
Sorry bout the spacing. When I transfered my mock over it messed up the spacing bad. My fault.

Feel free to comment.

Pat Sims 90
04-26-2011, 07:16 PM
Terrible Bengals draft.

04-26-2011, 07:18 PM
I like Green to the Panthers, I think that is what they should do. My biggest question in this is how does Bowers fit in a 3-4. I just can't see how he could be a standup rush linebacker with his knee almost deteriorated from injury. Props for being different though, nice too see new names in different places.

I know he doesn't. But that is why I said it was a problem spot for me. I do not understand what Washington does. Ever. But If I was them, I know they need someone to get after the quarterback. I am not sure Bowers' knee is gone. I didn't like anyone going to them, cause they could draft someone one day. Sign him the next. Then trade him. Then Trade back for him. All I know is they need a rusher, and he can do that.

04-26-2011, 07:20 PM
Picks i really like;

Von Miller, NE
JJ Watt, NE
Jake Locker, Minn
Nate Solder, Seattle

04-26-2011, 07:21 PM
I'd love that Bills draft

Matthew Jones
04-26-2011, 09:37 PM
Least realistic Patriots draft I've ever seen. Von Miller does not fit the model OLB for the Patriots (think 6'5", 270 lb. Willie McGinest.) The Patriots likely will pass on JJ Watt because of Tom Condon. Mikel Leshoure would not be a good pick either, although I suppose that pick is remotely possible.

04-26-2011, 10:23 PM
Least realistic Patriots draft I've ever seen. Von Miller does not fit the model OLB for the Patriots (think 6'5", 270 lb. Willie McGinest.) The Patriots likely will pass on JJ Watt because of Tom Condon. Mikel Leshoure would not be a good pick either, although I suppose that pick is remotely possible.

I agree. That is what I was saying when i joked "Patriots always trade up".

I was just tired of the same mocks. Everyone's drafts look similar to each others, and no one takes reaches. On draft day, there are always reaches.

I just wanted to do one that was not like all the others, but at the same time teams got players they could use. I think Bill can make any player work in his schemes. That is why he is so great. So I agree-this is unrealistic for what the Patriots have always done. But I bet Bill would make the players work really well.

04-27-2011, 08:36 AM
Would rather have Mason Foster or Martez Wilson for the Saints 2nd, but DE and OLB is fine by me.