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04-28-2011, 01:40 PM
Round 1:

1: Carolina: Cam Newton: QB: Auburn

Iím actually one who supports this pick. While it wouldnít be my #1 option I donít think itís a horrible pick, especially not as much as itís being made to potentially be. Carolina needs a franchise QB plain and simple. And while we can argue for hours on if Cam is a franchise QB, the rule of thumb is that if you donít have one, draft one.

Alternate #1: Marcell Dareus: This to me is the most logical pick so naturally it wonít happen. The Panthers have a need on the D-line at virtually every single spot. Dareus is a difference maker and most certainly make a big difference with the collapsing of the pocket. This is the direction I would go.

Alternate #2: AJ Green: Green is probably the #1 overall player on several teams draft boards and he would make sense here for Carolina. Steve Smith is possibly gone and even if he isnít the team hasnít had a legit 2nd option since I donít know Mushin Muhammad? Still though even though Green is an elite talent when a horrendous D-line and no one to throw it to him not sure how smart it is to pay a WR #1 pick money.

2: Denver: Marcell Dareus: DT: Alabama

A few weeks ago I thought this was a slam dunk locked in pick for Denver but the more and more I read I am starting to think that it wonít happen. With that said I still feel like this would be the smartest pick. Denver needs D-line help in the worst possible way with their anemic run defense last year and Dareus is the top D-line prospect.

Alternate #1: Von Miller or Patrick Peterson: Iím starting to be convinced that either one of these guys will end up the pick. I think one of them is #1 overall on their draft boards and Iím starting to lean towards Miller. I personally am one who thinks that Miller has the athleticism to play OLB in every scheme. It would definitely be a questionable pick and fit but I think there is a 40% chance the pick is Miller. Peterson makes sense as Champ is older and heís an elite talent, but I honestly canít see it happening at this point.

Alternate #2: Trade Down: Weíve heard the rumors of maybe the Skins or Titans moving up to #2 to get Gabbert. Personally I donít see it happening but if they are given the chance the Broncos should really consider moving down. Picking up extra picks would be great for them as they have so many defensive holes and need a RT. I also hear they might value Fairley as much if not more than Dareus so moving into that 7-12 range would enable them to pick him and get some extra picks.

3: Buffalo: Von Miller: OLB: Texas A&M

If heís here and Newton is not IMO itís a slam dunk pick. To be honest I donít even think the Bills are in dire need of a QB like Arizona, Tennessee, Skins, Vikings. I think Fitzpatrick is an absolutely adequate stop gap QB if you want to wait a year and take a shot at Luck or Barkley. I know there is some talk that Buffalo value a 5 tech DE, NT, and ILB much more than a rush backer but the fact is the Bills lack a true impact rusher and Miller is in elite status in this draft.

Alternate #1: Patrick Peterson or AJ Green: The Bills showed last year with the spiller pick that they are not afraid to go BPA on their draft board. I can see either Peterson or Green as #1 on their big board. The problem is that while they would fill needs and provide instant impact, DB and WR are not nearly the most pressing issues with this team. If you made me pick one between them Iíd probably go with Green.

Alternate #2: Trade up or Down: Hereís the scenario if Cam Newton is not #1 overall the Bills will
likely trade up to #2 to ensure no one hops ahead of them. To move up one spot it would probably take a
2nd rounder as the Broncos would probably demand one in order to not sell the pick to someone
else. Trade down seems a bit more likely for a team trying to get Gabbert, Peterson, or AJ Green. The
Bills more than almost any other team in the league have the most holes to fill. Of course though trading
down is easier said than done. The Bills in all likelihood are going to have to stay and pick here.

4: Cincinnati: AJ Green WR: Georgia

This more and more appears to be the pick that will be made. I definitely agree with some of the merits of drafting Green. TO wonít be back, Ocho could be gone as well, so getting an elite playmaker like AJ Green at the 4 spot would definitely be a great pick. The only bone I have to pick with it is that the Bengals could use help on their D-line the interior especially, plus who the heck is going to throw to AJ Green.

Alternate #1: Blaine Gabbert: Itís a shame that the QB talent in this draft isnít better because QB is far and away the #1 need for the Bengals. I know most bengals fans seem hopeful that Carson Palmer is the QB next year despite his want to vehemently be somewhere else, but as a Bengals fan I wouldnít want Palmer back. Palmer last year had moments of absolute atrocious player. Itís time to bring in a QB who can get the ball out faster. Gabbert fits that mold although his accuracy has major issues. I wouldnít see any problem with the Bengals taking him here.

Alternate #2: Nick Fairley: Bengals actually have some decent bodies on the interior D-line but no consistent pocket collapser. Fairley is the ultimate disruptor and even given his work ethic and motor issues I wouldnít put it past the Bengals to take him here.

5: Arizona: Patrick Peterson

The Cardinals are clearly praying for either Patrick Peterson or Von Miller, lucky enough in this scenario to land Peterson who seems to be the most likely guy to drop to them come draft day. If Peterson falls to this pick the Cards will run up to the podium with this pick. A starter opposite of DRC is needed and IMO DRC is overrated.

Alternate #1: Robert Quinn: A rush backer is probably the biggest need for the Cardinals. Quinn definitely fitís the bill as he has tools to make the conversion. He is a relentless pass rusher with decent athleticism. He reminds me of a weaker Brian Orakpo.

Alternate #2: Blaine Gabbert: This is actually one of the spots where I donít see Gabbert being selected. The Cards seem content on trying to find a veteran replacement, Kolb, Mcnabb, Bulger? Regardless they have tried their hand with young guys like Skelton and Max Hall. Still with QB being their biggest need it wouldnít shock me if they ended up settling on Gabbert.

6: Cleveland: Julio Jones: WR: Alabama

The Browns of recent times have adopted the philosophy of not drafting WRís high and instead waiting until later to address the position. Because of that they have landed guys like Robiskie and Massiqoui. Average receivers at best. I think the trend ends this year as the Browns do their best to put the pieces there for Colt McCoy to succeed. Julio Jones is strong and has some of the best yac in the draft. His speed at the combine just added another dimension to his game although he is not in the same class as AJ Green as a vertical threat.

Alternate #1: Robert Quinn: Front 7 is indeed the Browns biggest need, so you could easily justify the drafting or Robert Quinn. Quinn is a super talented pass rusher but after having sat out a year I think itís easier to convince yourself to take a skill position guy with your first pick.

Alternate #2: Nick Fairley: Somewhat of a sleeper pick but all it takes is one team to turn their shoulder on Fairleyís work ethic/motor issues for him to go off the board.

7: San Francisco: Blaine Gabbert: QB: Missouri:

Iím sure to catch a ton of flack from 49ers fans for this pick but IMO this is the spot Gabbert goes regardless, either to the 49ers or through trade down. I think no question the 49ers are praying for Von Miller or Patrick Peterson but I truly believe they should have Gabbert rated higher than the duo of Prince and Quinn. I know most think the 49ers will take a 2nd or 3rd tier QB as they believe Harbaugh can develop a QB, but if heís such a great QB coach why not take a guy who with his frame and mobility has the tools to be an all pro if a coach can refine his accuracy. I do understand that he carries some uncanny similarities to Alex Smith which could scare the 49ers off but I do believe he will be the pick in the 7 spot.

Alternate #1: Prince Amukamara: Amukamara would definitely make sense. The 49ers need a 2nd starting corner and a true #1 going into the future and Prince fitís the profile. I also think Harbaugh is really high on Prince. If the pick isnít Gabbert I believe it would be Prince.

Alternate #2: Robert Quinn: A rush OLB is clearly the 49ers biggest need, I do think once Von Miller is taken they start to look in other directions. I might even bet that they could have Aldon Smith ranked higher than Quinn because of his quickness and fluidity sideline to sideline.

8: Tennessee: Nick Fairley: DT: Auburn

Either way this is going to be a controversial pick. I think itís pretty much down to Fairley vs. Locker barring someone dropping. DT is a huge need and the Titans havenít had that interior rush since Albert left. However speaking of Albert you have to consider with Fairley the work ethic and motor issues. If he can convince the front office however that his character wonít be an issue heís a slam dunk pick.

Alternate #1: Jake Locker: We are hearing more and more buzz about possibly Locker going #8 and even outrageous rumblings of Dalton here at 8. Personally I think Mallett would be a nice fit for them but Locker is the guy with the higher stock. He definitely has the arm to push it out there. Regardless the Titans most definitely need a QB with one of their first two picks as the only QB on roster I believe is Rusty Smith.

Alternate #2: Robert Quinn: This would probably be the quote on quote safe pick given the other two options. The Titans have lacked an elite edge rusher since Jevon Kearse and Quinn profiles to be one. Also donít sleep on Julio Jones being the pick here if heís available. With the Kenny Britt problems itís a definite possibility but with so much money tied up to the skill positions itís not likely.

9: Dallas: Tyron Smith: OT: USC

The Cowboys RT spot last year was downright atrocious, literally costing them games. Hard to pass up on a talent like Smith who likely can play either side and has the type of athletic ability to appease the Dallas fans. This seems like the smartest pick although it wouldnít shock me to see Jerry Jones try to make a bigger splash. Prince Amukamara is still a pick out there that some of backed off of but I wouldnít be surprised to see it come to fruition.

Alternate #1: J.J. Watt: Marcus Spears is likely gone so Watt is a fairly logical pick. Love his motor, and think he would be an extremely solid 5 tech. Does he remind me some of Adam Carriker, sure, but heís a much better athlete which will ultimately be the difference.

Alternate #2: Trade up or Down: A trade up would be pretty simple. They would be looking for a team in the 3-7 range so they could grab Patrick Peterson. It would take their 2nd rounder at least to move up and probably a future high pick as well. While not typically Jerry Jones style a trade down maybe just 2 spots with Minnesota would be smart as there are a ton of 5 techs in this draft in the mid-late first round range.

10: Washington: Robert Quinn: OLB: North Carolina

A partner opposite of Brain Orakpo is a huge need. Lorenzo Alexander simply isnít fit for that role and in fact I view him as a better fit at ILB ala Levon Kirkland. Personally Iíd prefer Aldon Smith because of his fluidity and how he complements Orakpo better, but Quinn definitely wouldnít be a bad pick. I do question him as an OLB though.

Alternate #1: Jake Locker: Iíve been so sour on picking Locker however with all of the Dalton and Gabbert rumors at this point Iíd actually be content at taking him at 10 and seeing what happens.

Alternate #2: Cam Jordan: Our two DEís suck. Itís so bad that I actually have Carriker penciled in as a starter even if he sucks. I prefer Jordan to Watt as he has more potential to make an impact and not just be a guy who draws blocks.

11: Houston: Prince Amukamara: CB: Nebraska

This was a tough call to make. The Texans definitely need help in their conversion to a 34 and could use an OLB, DE, and NT, but for a secondary which has been so bad for so long it would be hard to pass up on Amukamara. Kareem Jackson struggled at times as a rookie and doesnít project as a #1 shutdown corner. I canít see them passing up on Amukamara here. Julio Jones is a sleeper pick if heís here.

Alternate #1: Aldon Smith: The most logical pick as the best the Texans have is Connor Barwin who is a question mark himself.

Alternate #2: J.J. Watt: This pick would definitely make sense as a starter opposite of Super Mario is needed.

12: Minnesota: Jake Locker: QB: Washington

The Vikings have to go QB in this draft there are no other options. I actually like Lockerís fit here for the Vikings maybe even more than Gabbert and certainly Mallett. I actually think the Vikings could swap picks with the Cowboys or Skins for Locker to ensure they get him.

Alternate #1: DaQuan Bowers: If the Vikings donít go QB it will likely be DE as more than likely a starter opposite of Jared Allen will be needed. Bowers is top 10 talent with major injury concerns but if he passes physically he would be an excellent pick.

Alternate #2: Ryan Mallett: Like I said earlier the Vikings have to go QB so way or another. Iím not a huge Mallett fan and donít see his value here but you canít deny that itís a possibility if heís the best QB available.

13: Detroit: Anthony Costanzo: OT: Boston College

Extremely tough call to make here. With Prince off the board preference would be a trade down but thatís not always easy especially with the top 3 QBís off the board. While DE might be a more immediate need I have a feeling Costanzo ends up the pick. He can compete at RT and eventually replace Backus on the left side. Itís not the sexiest pick but fans will understand as having Stafford continually hurt is a huge concern.

Alternate #1: Cam Jordan/Aldon Smith: A pass rusher is definitely a top priority and either one of these guys would be quality picks. In the end I went O-line but either of these guys would be good picks although Iíd probably give the edge to Aldon because of fit and pass rushing ability.

Alternate #2: Jimmy Smith: Itís possible Jimmy makes is this high but itís unlikely. CB is definitely a top priority for the Lions however with his character concerns itís hard to see the Lions reach and take him here. If the Lions do manage to trade down into the 18-25 range expect Jimmy Smith to be a target or even DaQuan Bowers.

14: St. Louis: Aldon Smith: DE: Missouri

Perfect pick for the Rams after Julio Jones. Local boy, perfect pass rushing complement to Chris Long, and has versatility to maybe even play some OLB.

Alternate #1: Corey Liuget: Disruptive interior force who has a big chance of going here at 14. Rams and Spags thought long and hard on Suh last year so it wouldnít shock me to see them go with this pick.

Alternate #2: Cam Jordan: Definitely would be a good value and he has a great deal of versatility, but I think opposite of Chris Long the Rams are looking for more of a pass rusher.

15: Miami: Mike Pouncey: G: Florida

I think the Dolphins would rather move down than make this pick but if they stay here bolstering up the interior line would be a very sound selection.

Alternate #1: Ryan Mallett: Kind of a wildcard and probably the peak of Mallettís draft stock. In the end I donít think the Phins have the balls to make this pick.

Alternate #2: Mark Ingram: Once mocked as a near lock this pick has lost its luster. With potential injury concerns and the value of RBís this high in the draft just not being great I have a hard time believing the Dolphins will take Ingram without having traded down and picking up a 2nd first. I see the Dolphins spending a pick later on a RB, maybe a Jordan Todman or Delone Carter.

16: Jacksonville: Cam Jordan: DE: Cal

Hard to pass up Cam Jordan here. He was wrecking absolute havoc at the Senior bowl and I think he would be a welcomed addition to the Jaguars front 7.

Alternate #1: Ryan Kerrigan: Probably the guy whoís been mocked to the Jags the most. I do believe Gene likes Kerrigan and if someone doesnít drop to them heís likely the pick.

Alternate #2: Christian Ponder: Weíve heard Ponder, Dalton, and Kaepernickís name mentioned here. The Jags could definitely use a franchise QB although I donít see it happening this year.

17: New England (f/Oakland): J.J. Watt: DE: Wisconsin

J.J.. Watt just kind of drops into the Patriots lap. On draft day there is a good shot he is taken before this as high as 9 to Dallas, but if heís here I canít see the Pats passing him up. I know there are potentially issues with his agent Tom Condon but I donít see the Pats passing up on him purely because of that. They will eventually get Watt signed whenever it is.

Alternate #1: Muhammad Wilkerson: Wilkerson is probably the pick if JJ Watt doesnít drop into their laps. Maybe they even take him over Watt if they fear negotiations with Codon.

Alternate #2: Ryan Kerrigan: Ryan Kerrigan appears to be a Bill Bellicheck player with his versatility, size, and motor, however I think he lacks fluidity in the open field and is kind of caught in between as a tweener. I do think however that the chances of him being a Patriot are fairly high.

18: San Diego: Cameron Heyward: DE: Ohio State

A starting 5 tech is a big draft need for the Chargers and I went back and forth between he and Wilkerson. In the end I went with Heyward as I feel like heís a bit stronger and probably more suited to contribute immediately. Upside though is not as high as Wilkerson.

Alternate #1: Ryan Kerrigan: A rush OLB is definitely a need and Kerrigan and Brooks Reed could be the pick, however I donít see either as being particularly great fits for San Diego.

Alternate #2: Gabe Carimi: The Chargers are searching for a RT and Carimi would definitely be a great pick, ultimately however the Chargers have to be confident that with two second rounders they can land a starting caliber RT with one of those picks.

19: New York Giants: Gabe Carimi: OT: Wisconsin

Giants definitely could use a franchise LT and I see that in Carimi. While I think Costanzo is the pick here if heís available I love Carimi because of his initial punch at the line. Not just a finesse blocker like Costanzo.

Alternate #1: Corey Liuget: Really went back and forth with this pick as Liuget would be a great fit for the Giants, but with so much recent draft focus on D-line I was swayed towards Carimi.

Alternate #2: Mark Ingram: This is a sleeper spot for Ingram to go. Do I think they will pull the trigger, no, but itís definitely going to be considered.

20: Tampa Bay: Adrian Clayborne: DE: Iowa:

Iíve been hearing lots of rumblings of Clayborne being this pick and I am definitely inclined to believe them. While I do believe the Bucs need more of a pass rusher I think that Clayborne is a solid pick who would have been a top 15 pick a year ago had he declared.

Alternate #1: Brandon Harris: Huge issues at corner. Aqib Talib could be cut and Ronde Barber is old. Jimmy Smith is the best corner on the board but with the Talib problems I canít see them going that direction. Instead they could go Brandon Harris who is a local kid.

Alternate #2: Ryan Kerrigan: Much more of a pass rusher than Clayborne and probably the guy I would take if I were the Bucs.

21: Kansas City: Ryan Kerrigan: OLB: Purdue

This is actually a spot where I have the highest Brooks Reed could go. With Kerrigan however I think it would be hard to pass him up. A rush OLB opposite of Hali is needed and Kerrigan is perfect with his bulk and motor.

Alternate #1: Nate Solder: I think an OT is top priority for this Chiefs pick. Either LT or RT is needed depending if they want to kick Richardson in at guard or move Albert to RT. I think if Carimi or even Costanzo are here they will take him but with the raw Solder being here I think they elect to go elsewhere.

Alternate #2: Phil Taylor: Had him locked into that pick for a while but with the concerns on his foot and the fact that I never thought it was great value to begin with I canít see the Chiefs taking him here unless their board is emptied. I think there is a good chance they get him in the 2nd round if not Jerrell Powe and Kendrick Ellis are not bad consolation prizes.

22: Indianapolis: Corey Liuget: DT: Illinois

Offensive line is obviously the #1 need for the Colts but I really feel like Carimi is the guy they are targeting. In this situation I think itís too much to pass up on a talent like Liuget who can make an immediate impact. The next few picks would likely be used on O-lineman.

Alternate #1: Derek Sherrod: Probably the most sensible pick and a pick Iíve been mocking to the Colts for a while.

Alternate #2: Nate Solder: Big time risk IMO but he does have tools to be a great blocker. I donít think the Colts though are the team to take that risk.

23: Philadelphia: Jimmy Smith: CB: Colorado

Cornerback IMO is the Eagles biggest need. While Smith does have some character concerns I think some of that is tempered at this point in the draft. Talent wise this has potential to be a massive hit or miss pick.

Alternate #1: Ben Ijalana: Ijalana makes a lot of sense for Philly. Not only is he a local boy from Nova but he has nice versatility as a RG and RT. I can see Andy Reid making this pick.

Alternate #2: Akeem Ayers: I am not a huge Ayers fan and this is likely a big reach value wise but linebacker is an issue for the Eagles and he would garner some consideration here.

24: New Orleans: DaQuan Bowers: DE: Clemson

Bowers is top 10 talent but has massive injury concerns. If the Saints do pull the trigger itís a huge upside pick and the risk is definitely lessened if itís this late in the first round.

Alternate #1: Muhammad Wilkerson: Wilkeron or Clayborne if heís available at this pick would likely be the pick if the Saints decided that Bowers was too much of a risk with his injuries. Wilkerson has nice athleticism for his size and good versatility.

Alternate #2: Mark Ingram: This is a potential sleeper pick. I know the majority of Saints fans would absolutely hate this pick but this is the pick if they decide to step out of the box and not go front 7. Ingram could definitely be a valuable asset to the Saints as Pierre Thomas is incredibly injury prone. Additionally while I donít have the balls to call it right now, I think Kyle Rudolph could get some looks with this pick.

25: Seattle: Brandon Harris:

Corner is the Seahawks biggest team need IMO, I did struggle a bit with who the guy would be. Iím hearing rumblings of Harris falling to the 2nd and maybe even a Johnny Patrick or Davon House leap frogs him and ends up here, but for right now I am fairly confident with this pick.

Alternate #1: Muhammad Wilkerson: A starting spot at DT could be available for the Seahawks and Wilkerson could be a nice pick because of his versatility and the fact that the Seahawks could use both a DT and DE in this years draft.

Alternate #2: Christian Ponder or trade up: While the Seahawks are not ordinarily one of the top teams you think about needing a QB, I think they will definitely be looking to add a QB. Although they gave up a lot to get Charlie Whitehurst I donít believe and I donít think the team believes in him as a franchise changer. They could possibly package to move up and take local boy Locker who they could take Ponder or even Andy Dalton, both who fit their system well.

26: Baltimore: Mark Ingram: RB: Alabama

Strange pick I know and not the most logical but Ozzie has always capitalized on talented players dropping for whatever reason. While RB isnít in the top 5 needs it is definitely a need that will be addressed at some point in the draft even if it is more likely to be mid rounds. A Rice/Ingram duo however would be incredibly lethal. You could give both 10 to 15 carries a game and both will be fresh. They have very similar skill sets. Rice is stronger but Ingram has better balance. Ingram can catch as well just like Rice.

Alternate #1: Muhammad Wilkerson: Probably the most logical pick a quality 5 tech who can kick inside as well. A very likely Ravens pick.

Alternate #2: Derrick Sherrod: Nice LT prospect if the Ravens decide they will move Oher back to RT, unlikely though.

27: Atlanta: Brooks Reed: DE: Arizona

I have dropped Justin Houston out of the first with his latest coke positive testing and have bumped Brooks Reed into his spot. Reed brings a lot as a pass rusher and a guy who can move all around.

Alternate #1: Kyle Rudolph: Surely not a popular pick for hardcore Falcons fans but the fact is that he has a first round grade likely from most teams and Gonzalez is on his last legs.

Alternate #2: Torrey Smith: Randall Cobb might be ranked higher universally but for the Falcons I like Smith because of his size and ability to stretch the field.

28: New England: Muhammed Wilkerson: DE: Temple

Overkill maybe but DE is the Pats biggest need. They have brought in a ton of DEís and if they can create a rotation like this it would be deadly. Also would light a fire under Watt getting a contract signed. All in all it isnít likely they draft 2 DEís in the first let along one being Watt, but since I believe this pick will be traded for a team looking to grab a QB, I decided to throw a curve ball.

Alternate #1: Nate Solder: I think Costanzo and Carimi would be definite picks here but with both gone I couldnít give the Pats solder with how raw he is.

Alternate #2: Akeem Ayers: Has the size the Pats look for in an OLB but doesnít have great pass rushing skills. Value would be just about right though.

29: Chicago: Derek Sherrod: OT: Mississippi State

Offensive line is priority #1 for the Bears. Sherrod is a nice LT prospect with the tools to be really good if he can refine his technique.

Alternate #1: Marvin Austin: This has been a hot name linked to this spot and I believe itís a great possibility. Austin could give the Bears what they have lacked since Tommy Harris started getting injured.

Alternate #2: Danny Watkins: Quality interior lineman who could contribute immediately.

30: New York Jets: Randall Cobb: WR: Kentucky

Tough slot here for the Jets with the top 5 techs and OLBís taken. WR is a big need with both Braylon and Santionio likely gone. Cobb is so versatile and also allows Brad Smith to be expendable.

Alternate #1: Marvin Austin: Questionable fit in a 5 tech but I think Rex Ryan would love to get his hands on Austin.

Alternate #2: Johnny Patrick: Bit of a sleeper pick and even though they went first round Kyle Wilson a guy like Patrick could garner consideration.

31: Pittsburgh: Aaron Williams: FS/CB: Texas

Iíve heard the Steelers like him and he definitely fitís the profile. Probably starts out as a corner in special packages and eventually is groomed as the future FS of the squad.

Alternate #1: Ben Ijalana: Can play both RG and RT, with Marcus Cannonís recent diagnosis he moves up into this range.

Alternate #2: Marvin Austin: Possible 5 tech, Iím not entirely convinced but I think the Steelers could take that risk.

32: Green Bay: Nate Solder: OT: Colorado

For the record I donít think the Packers will be selecting here. This is a prime spot for a team to trade up and grab a QB. Solder is a nice fit however as an eventual LT is needed and he can be brought along slowly.

Alternate #1: Edmond Gates: A big time sleeper pick but I really think he will go a lot higher than most people think. He seems like a Packers type of pick and even reminds me some of Greg Jennings. Ultimately it is unlikely he gets chosen first round but I think itís much more of a possibility than even a few weeks ago.

Alternate #2: Sam Acho: Maybe a bit of a sleeper pick but with the Packers needing a rush backer opposite of Clay Matthews it wouldnít surprise me if they went high with a guy like Acho. High character/high motor.

Round 2

33: New England(f/Carolina) Akeem Ayers: OLB: UCLA
34: Buffalo: Martez Wilson: LB: Illinois
35: Cincinnati: Christian Ponder: QB: Florida State
36: Denver: Stephen Paea: DT: Oregon State
37: Cleveland: Marvin Austin: DT: North Carolina
38: Arizona: Jabaal Sheard: OLB: Pitt
39: Tennessee: Ryan Mallett: QB: Arkansas
40: Dallas: Ras-I Dowling: CB/FS: Virginia
41: Washington: Andy Dalton: QB: TCU
42: Houston: Sam Acho: OLB: Texas
43: Minnesota: Justin Houston: DE: Georgia
44: Detroit: Ben Ijalana: G/T: Villanova
45: San Francisco: Justin Houston: OLB: Georgia
46: Denver(F/Miami): Bruce Carter: OLB: North Carolina
47: St. Louis: Torrey Smith: WR: Maryland
48: Oakland: Stefen Wisniewski: C: Penn State
49: Jacksonville : Colin Kaepernick: QB: Nevada
50: San Diego: Dontay Moch: OLB: Nevada
51: Tampa Bay: Johnny Patrick: CB: Louisville
52: New York Giants: Mason Foster: LB: Washington
53: Indianapolis: Orlando Franklin: OT: Miami
54: Philadelphia: Ryan Williams: RB: Virginia Tech
55: Kansas City: Phil Taylor: NT: Baylor
56: New Orleans: Kelvin Sheppard: LB: LSU
57: Seattle: Drake Nevis: DT: LSU
58: Baltimore: Christian Ballard: DE: Iowa
59: Atlanta: Kyle Rudolph: TE: Notre Dame
60: New England: Will Rackley: G/T: Lehigh
61: San Diego(f/New York Jets): James Carptenter: OT: Alabama
62: Chicago: Danny Watkins: G: Baylor
63: Pittsburgh: Marcus Gilbert: OT: Florida
64: Green Bay: Edmond Gates: WR: Abilene Christian

Round 3

65: Carolina: Jonathan Baldwin: WR: Pitt
66: Cincinnati: Mikel Leshoure: RB: Illinois
67: Denver: Davon House: CB: New Mexico State
68: Buffalo: Leonard Hankerson: WR: Miami
69: Arizona: Rodney Hudson: G/C: Florida State
70: Cleveland: Curtis Brown: CB: Texas
71: Dallas: Kendrick Ellis: DT: Hampton
72: New Orleans(f/Washington) Quan Sturdivant: LB: North Carolina
73: Houston: Titus Young: WR: Boise State
74: New England(f/Minnesota): Rahim Moore: S: UCLA
75: Detroit: Greg Little: WR: North Carolina
76: San Francisco: Clint Boling: G/T: Georgia
77: Tennessee: Greg Romeus: DE: Pitt
78: St. Louis: Nate Irving: LB: North Carolina State
79: Miami: Taiwan Jones: RB: Eastern Washington
80: Jacksonville: Greg Jones: LB: Michigan State
81: Oakland: Chris Carter: OLB: Fresno State
82: San Diego: Jerrell Powe: NT: Ole Miss
83: New York Giants: Allen Bailey: DE/DT: Miami
84: Tampa Bay: Brandon Burton: CB: Utah
85: Philadelphia: Jason Pinkston: OT Pitt
86: Kansas City: Jerel Jernigan: WR: Troy
87: Indianapolis: James Brewer: OT/G: Indiana
88: New Orleans: Quinton Carter: S: Oklahoma
89: San Diego(f/Seattle): Tandon Doss: WR: Indiana
90: Baltimore: John Moffitt: G/C: Wisconsin
91: Atlanta: Cecil Shorts: WR: Mount Union
92: New England: Curtis Marsh: CB: Utah State
93: Chicago: DeMarco Murray: RB: Oklahoma
94: New York Jets: Jarvis Jenkins: DE: Clemson
95: Pittsburgh: Terrell McClain: DE: South Florida
96: Green Bay: Marcus Gilchrist: S/CB: Clemson
97: Carolina (compensatory) Jurrell Casey: DT: USC

04-28-2011, 01:42 PM
DANG nice KC draft

04-28-2011, 01:47 PM
i actually dont think carriker sucks. i thought he played ok last year and could be decent with support. but yes there is NO ONE on the other side. anyway, dont think dalton makes it to the Skins pick in rd 2 honestly. in the first im fine with locker, julio, quinn, cam j, or trade down.

04-28-2011, 02:05 PM
Seriously great KC draft.

04-28-2011, 02:19 PM
I am disappoint. You've done so well for the Colts in previous mocks, but that would absolutely suck for the Colts. Liuget isn't good enough to justify passing on any available talent that could come in and start at LT from Day 1 next year. Then it's compounded by the fact that rounds 2 and 3 are spent drafting OGs or at best RTs.

Tom Servo
04-28-2011, 02:20 PM
Browns haven't completely avoided early WRs. We drafted Braylon 3rd overall in 05...and he sucked. I'd rather have Momass and Robo over that bum anyday. Having said that I'll be happy with Jones at 6

04-28-2011, 02:24 PM
change Quinton Carter to Jurrell Casey and you have a very solid saints mock

04-28-2011, 02:55 PM
Solid Giants draft. Just a couple of things I saw that I disagree with though. No way the Jets take Randall Cobb with Ayers on the board and let him slide to the Pats and the Raiders will hand in their draft card so fast in the 2nd round with Kaepernick's name on it if he's still available. They won't take Wisniewski over him.