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04-28-2011, 04:33 PM
Didn't want to chalk, so there are a ton of trades and surprises...also don't really care about comments, the draft is two hours away

1. Carolina Panthers – Cameron Newton QB Auburn
Hurney talking up the importance of QB’s was the clincher….you don’t tell everyone how important the position is, and then not have one. I’m not totally sure if Newton is my top prospect, but he’s close. I think it’s the right pick.

2. Denver Broncos – Von Miller LB Texas A&M
I’ve been leaning this way for a couple months, and now this seems to be the most likely pick.

3. Buffalo Bills – Marcell Dareus DE Alabama
I’ve had Christian Ponder as their guy back when Jake Locker was the #1 QB and nobody knew/cared who Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert were. I don’t think that’s changed. I have a problem with Dareus as a five technique; I think it’s a waste of his talents. I don’t think there’s a viable trade partner though, so Dareus edges out Patrick Peterson because of need.

4. Cincinnati Bengals – A.J. Green WR Georgia
The general thought is that they go Green at 4 and try for a QB later. I buy that, since I don’t think Gabbert is a very good fit for the WCO.

5. Dallas Cowboys (f/Arz) – Patrick Peterson CB/S Louisiana State
TRADE: Arizona trades #5 and a 2012 mid rounder to Dallas for #9 and #40
I feel like Patrick Peterson is a copout pick for Arizona since nobody knows what they’ll do, and I feel the same way about Tyron Smith at #9 for Dallas. This pick is going to get a lot of trade action between Dallas, Houston, Minnesota, etc. and Arizona will be all over it. Eventually they get Dallas to overpay for Jerry Jones’ favorite player in the draft.

6. Minnesota Vikings (f/Cle) – Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
TRADE: Cleveland trades #6 to Minnesota for #12 and #43
Pretty even trade value for Cleveland, a team that is popularly targeted as a trade down target. With QB needy teams picking 7 and 8, Minnesota gets aggressive for its QB of the future. Offers from Washington, Atlanta and possibly New England will be on the table as well.

7. Atlanta Falcons (f/SF) – Julio Jones WR Alabama
TRADE: San Francisco trades #7 to San Francisco for #27, #91, #124, and a 2012 first round pick
Another rumored team looking to move up gives up a boatload of picks for a chance to become one of the most explosive offenses in football. Julio is my #1 prospect in the draft, but admittedly, this might be too much for Atlanta to give up. San Francisco would be happy with this haul, however: there’s not much difference between #7 and #27 in terms of what they need (CB, OLB, DE, QB), and the 2012 first rounder is excellent Andrew Luck ammo for Jim Harbaugh.

8. Tennessee Titans – Andy Dalton QB Texas Christian
At this point, Tennessee has to survey the landscape and realize that a QB in round 2 is not a sure thing; this is the point where they have to get their guy. I don’t totally buy Andy Dalton talk; that’s got to be a smoke screen. Then again: what would be the point of that smoke screen? Maybe it’s just a case of Jason La Canfora being a dumbass. At the same time, I’m going to regret it if it happens, and I didn’t call it. Dalton over Locker.

9. Arizona Cardinals (f/Dal) – Tyron Smith OT Southern California
I still have no idea who to give to Arizona, but left tackle is a pretty desperate need since Levi Brown was barely acceptable at right tackle. I’m going Tyron over Aldon Smith and Robert Quinn.

10. Washington Redskins – Mike Pouncey G/C Florida
I wanted to sneak Pouncey into the top ten, because that’s where I think he ends up. People say there’s no way he goes higher than Maurkice because Maurkice is better, except Maurkice already set the precedent for Pouncey brothers. If people think Mike is a similar talent, why not take him this high? As for Washington; I think they might trade the pick, I just don’t really know who would be on the other end at this point. Maybe St. Louis or New England, but I don’t see much incentive. Maybe San Diego for J.J. Watt? Not sure. Pouncey is the pick.

11. Houston Texans – Aldon Smith OLB Missouri
Easy Pick for me. Houston wants to trade up, but if they can’t, they’ll take Aldon Smith over Robert Quinn, since no brain tumor > benign brain tumor.

12. Cleveland Browns (f/Min) – Nick Fairley DT Auburn
Again, if the decision is between a brain tumor and potential character problems, all else being equal, I think you gotta go with the character problems. Fairley’s a slightly better talent as well, IMO.

13. San Diego Chargers (f/Det) – J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin
TRADE: Detroit trades #13 to San Diego for #18 and #61
San Diego uses it’s extra ammo to secure its main target. Detroit trades down because, apparently, Prince Amukamara isn’t worth the pick.

14. St. Louis Rams – Robert Quinn DE North Carolina
I don’t know if I quite buy talk of Corey Liuget here…it seems a little high for him. Quinn, though, shouldn’t go any lower than this. Elite talent with question marks, none of which have anything to do with his ability to rush the passer.

15. Miami Dolphins – Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada
It’s tough matching teams with quarterbacks in this draft, but Miami comes downs to two wildcards: Kaepernick and Ryan Mallett. Kaepernick has been linked to Miami and Oakland, so unless Oakland throws together a crazy offer, I think Miami makes the major reach.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jake Locker QB Washington
Surprisingly few people mock this pick, but I find it kind of interesting that OC Dirk Koetter recruited Locker out of high school, and is most likely an admirer of his work. I think Jacksonville wants to take a QB if the talent is there, and Locker gets the call over Christian Ponder.

17. New England Patriots (f/Oak) – Danny Watkins OG/OT Baylor
Note: If Kaepernick is here, I bet Oakland offers their second and 2012 first to get their pick back. And New England gladly accepts, knowing Kappy is the target and therefore, will have a top ten pick next year. If not, here’s a major surprise pick. Whenever a guy is getting buzz leading up to draft day, I usually make it a point to stick him even higher than the highest projection (#21 in this case), and it often comes true. Watkins is a prototypical Patriots pick and has been rumored to be a target. They won’t care about his age, and they need to take him now or risk losing him to Kansas City.

18. Detroit Lions (f/SD) – Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
I’d consider hanging myself in this scenario, Amukamara is my #2 prospect in this draft and I’d likely be screaming at my Bears to move up to #17. Not gonna happen though; Detroit takes a guy whose stock is falling and ends up with another DROY candidate.

19. New York Giants – Nate Solder OT Colorado
Not going to pretend I know what kind of tackle New York covets; it could be Gabe Carimi, Anthony Castonzo or a DT in Corey Liuget. I’m stealing Gosselin’s pick because he’s smart.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson
Probably a good trading spot with most of the elite defensive linemen falling, but Tampa Bay might regret letting Bowers slip past them. He’s got elite ability, but is falling because of knee problems.

21. Kansas City Chiefs – Phil Taylor NT Baylor
Tough. The Eric Berry pick last year taught be not to overthink things; at the same time, this is an easy pick to trade out of. Additionally, they’ve shown an inordinate amount of interest in Cory Liuget…..that really makes no sense to me though. It’s either Phil Taylor, and OT, Mo Wilkerson, or Kerrigan….I’ll go with Taylor.

22. Indianapolis Colts – Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College
He’ll go #9 if Dallas doesn’t trade for Peterson. I want to get him off the board, and I mocked Castonzo to Indy months ago.

23. Philadelphia Eagles – Corey Liuget DT Illinois
Another guy I need to get off the board at this point. Philly refuses to be weak on the defensive line, and they’re weak at DT.

24. New Orleans Saints – Cameron Jordan DE California
Almost moved them down in a trade with Buffalo or Cincinnati….decided against it. I think they’d be ecstatic if Jordan fell.

25. Cincinnati Bengals (f/Sea) – Christian Ponder QB Florida State
TRADE: Seattle trades #25 to Cincinnati for #35 and #66
Ponder is the best QB on the board and a great fit for a west coast offense. There will be a bidding war between a few teams, but Cincinnati throws together the best package.

26. Baltimore Ravens – Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
Pretty easy pick.

27. San Francisco 49ers (f/Atl) – Brooks Reed OLB Arizona
Harbaugh knows him from the Pac-10 and the Niners could use a pass rusher.

28. New England Patriots – Mark Ingram RB Alabama
I think the Pats are trying to head towards a more power oriented attack. They’ll get good info from Saban and pick up their work horse.

29. Chicago Bears – Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
Somebody is going to fall to the Bears because of the QB run. If there are still QB’s on the board, they’ll trade out. In this scenario, I’d pray they take Carimi or Ryan Kerrigan over Marvin Austin.

30. New York Jets – Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA
I’m getting bored and this is a popular pick. I don’t see Kerrigan as a Jet, so I’m going with Akeem.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers – Aaron Williams CB Texas
They’ll try to deal up for Pouncey. Otherwise, it’s Phil Taylor or Aaron Williams.

32. Green Bay Packers – Ryan Kerrigan OLB Purdue
Huge fall, decided to stick him in Green Bay, but I’m not crazy about the fit.

04-28-2011, 04:38 PM
LOVE Jordan