View Full Version : Grade Your 1st Rounder(s)

04-28-2011, 11:04 PM
If your team had one that is...

Giants-- B

Ill give them B on value alone, its hard to knock the value on Amukamara at 19, but CB wasn't a 1st Round need, much like DE wasn't last year. We get too cute on draft day and draft as if we have no immediate needs. Memo to Jerry Reese: the offensive line is still old and creaky, and the position completely dried up in the 1st round. Even James Carpenter snuck in there. IDk who we take in the 2nd, God help us if its not OL, but the bigger names are all gone. Ingram would have even been a better pick considering Bradshaw cannot hold onto the ball isn't willing to make the corrections to hang onto it, and Jacobs is already broken down. Again, not a 1st round need but its not every year you can get a guy as talented as Ingram with pick 19. I can live with Amukamara. Your turn...