View Full Version : Draft and Lockout Killing QB Free Agent Market?

the natural
05-20-2011, 01:36 AM
Between the end of the season and the draft, there was substantial talk of movement of veteran quarterbacks between teams. The pereception seemed to be that there were a lot of needy teams at the position and a select few QBs would benefit from that situation. But 6 quarterbacks were taken within the top 40 picks of the entry draft. Newton, Locker, Gabbert, Ponder, all went in the top half of round one, meaning the teams who drafted them expect them to be starting fairly soon and none is likely to go spend money on a veteran at this point. The draft will push veterans like David Garrard, Vince Young, Tavares Jackson, and possibly Jimmy Clausen onto the trade market as well. With Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick going early in round two, the Bengals and 49ers are unlikely to invest substantially in a veteran quarterback, either.

Finally the lockout, which shows no signs of ending soon, will make it difficult for a quarterback to pick up the offense of a new team in time to start the season. Teams thinking about upgrading the position may well decide to stick with the players who already know the system for the next year, even though they may not have the same talent as some possible acquisitions. Overall it looks like a poor forecast for players and teams looking to benefit from the temporary quarterback shortage.

05-20-2011, 02:25 AM
I agree. What team really needs a veteran QB to compete for a starting job? Dolphins, Seahawks, Cardinals, and Redskins are the only ones who could need a QB and didn't snag one in the draft. Even then the Dolphins could just go with Henne, and Seahawks could just resign Hasselbeck.

The lack of free agency really forced the hand of a bunch of these teams in the draft. I'm not sold that Locker and Ponder go in the top half of the first if those the teams get a chance to get a FA/trade QB.

05-20-2011, 02:30 AM
had this been a normal off season with trading and FA i doubt you see 4 QBs go top 15, maybe its only 2 but I think there is a good chance that Gabbert would of fallen as well(I guess I should be saying Locker since Gabbert wasn't even the 2nd QB taken)

05-20-2011, 09:15 AM
Mayock said there were 7 1st or second round QB's available in this year's draft, so the talent was there.
You have to remember that traded or FA QB's tend to usually be stop gap measures with only the rare exception. So the fact that 4 QB's went top 12 may no be all that surprising except to draftniks but maybe not to GM's.
Teams are looking for franchise QB's, it is the name of the game in the NFL and that is usually only found in the draft. So the lockout and loss of FA and trades may not have had any influence on the draft as far as QB's are concerned.
There was a talented group available at least according to NFLN, so it is quite possible that those 4 QB's went exactly where they deserved to be drafted based on what their team's GM thought.
You have to remember that rookie QB's will be almost useless if the lockout continues well into August so teams gained no advantage by drafting one.
Also add in the fact that the old CBA rules are in effect for the $$$ these 1st rounders will get, which means a lot of GM's put their jobs on the line by drafting a QB, owners don't take too kindly when a 1st round QB flops especially if it cost them a lot of money and wastes years in finding out what you have.

the natural
05-20-2011, 01:06 PM
I don't think the draft was impacted by the lockout so much as the trades or free agent signings of veteran quarterbacks will be. I really wonder if there will be all that much movement in the league at the position this year. If the lockout goes into late summer most teams will just stick with the players they have at the position. At least the recently drafted rookies have playbooks and probably significant undercover contact with their new team's coaching staffs to help them get up to speed.