View Full Version : Looking for People for big Fantasy League

08-04-2011, 05:11 PM
Hello everyone. A couple of my friends and I are going to be starting a web show dedicated to fantasy football, and we have set up a league to go along with it. The league is an auction draft with 222 auction dollars to start (to offset the needed 22 dollars to put 1 dollar bids on each roster spot) and the draft will be streamed LIVE on our stream site. We have 20 total spots, and 3 will already be taken by the people hosting the show. The draft will take place on Sunday, September 4th at 2pm est. We will have a Skype call that you can join to talk smack or just chat about football while the draft is going, but it's not required for you to join in to be in the league. Since this is our first year, we realistically don't expect a full 20 person league, however we will take whoever we can get in. We do ask that if you sign up to PLEASE be active in the season, since we want this to be fun for everyone. If you do not show up on draft day, you will be removed from the league and that slot will be closed, so please show up if you are serious about participating.

To Participate, just send an e-mail to freeballinff@gmail.com to get a roster spot, and we'll send the invitation back to your e-mail which you used to send the request.

Our live stream Freeballin Fantasy Football, on http://www.justin.tv/freeballinff. The stream will be for the draft and for the season. We hope to have your participation and we also hope that you will view our program throughout the NFL season! Thank you for your time!