View Full Version : Are the Pats switching to a base 4-3??

08-08-2011, 11:48 AM
I say no, that picking up Haynesworth and Andre Carter were additions to generate a pass rush by tweaking his defensive scheme.

I've talked to people who say Belichick would never announce if were switching schemes publicly.

08-08-2011, 11:55 AM
Andre Carter is 32 years old. He's a 3rd down rush specialist.

Haynesworth can play both UT in nickel and DE in base defense. Richard Seymour and Haynesworth will likely have similar roles.

Belichick loves his scheme versatility, but the biggest problem is they don't have 3 43 LBs. Mayo could play any LB position, but they don't have two guys to play the other two. Spikes can't play Mike. Guyton can only play SLB. And WLB? ... yea.

I'd say most of these moves are for subpackage people who may not even make the team. (Though, Haynesworth will) Andre Carter will compete with guys like Eric Moore to be the teams 3rd down rush specialist. They need competition, because giving up over 40% first downs on 3rd down is embarrassing.

I think most of these moves were to bolster the subpackages and Belichick still loves his base 34 defense. Though, he does quite a few special packages for certain teams like Indy.

08-08-2011, 01:07 PM
They're not changing anything. I doubt Carter even makes the roster (aside from he's played in a 3-4). Moore and the other pass rushers they've brought in fit the McGinnest profile of a 4-3 DE size guy playing the role of an outside pass rusher. That's what Tamba Hali is in the same system in Kansas City.

08-08-2011, 02:10 PM
There is no way, Haynesworth can easily play DE in their 3/4. And Mark Anderson could have a chance as a rush 3/4 OLB.

How in the world would you switch from a 3/4 if your defensive ends are guy slike M. Wright, G. Warren, M. Pryor, D. D. Deaderick, and A. Haynesworth? Oh and I forgot just signed Shaun Ellis as well.

DE S. Ellis, M. Pryor
NT V. Wilfork, R. Brace
DE A. Haynesworth, M. Wright

Looks like one hell of a 3/4 front to me.

Anderson and Carter mean the Patriots are clearly trying getting back that classic 3/4 outside rusher but they do have two stud inside linebackers in Mayo and Spikes.

Ninkovich and Banta Cain have to be upgraded.

Here are a few free agent 3/4 OLBs they could look at, Vrabel would be ok but cannot go back down that road. All are old guys but I think a guy like Tim Shaw could do well, he was a fine pass rusher in college and has decent speed. Like Matt Roth as well but not sure he could drop in coverage, same with Moses and McCray. Plus Peterson is washed up but still has some ability. But doubt they got after any of those guys since they now have Anderson and Carter.

Julian Peterson
Tim Shaw
Chase Blackburn
Quentin Moses
Bobby McCray
Matt Roth

08-08-2011, 02:15 PM
We play 50% nickel. 3-4 will still be our base package, but you'll see a four man line pretty consistently too.