View Full Version : Maryland's Best WR Still to Come (Kevin Dorsey)?

09-19-2011, 09:20 AM

Everyone knows about DHBs climb up the draft rankings after his combine and Torrey Smiths big workout numbers but the UMD WR that might very well outdo them both at the next level is junior Kevin Dorsey. He won't get close to either of the previously mentioned guys in terms of workout numbers. He's not as fast or showy as DHB or Torrey but what he does best is what will separate him from both of those players.

Dorsey is physical (6-2, 205), he knows how to use his body, he gets separation at the line, he knows how to find holes in coverage, and man can he block. DHB and Torrey were talented college WRs with elite speed. They were able to get open and make plays deep because of that speed but neither can beat a jam at the line anywhere close to the way Dorsey can. Dorseys strengths are more rare and typically lead to more success at the next level.

Keep an eye on Dorsey this year and next. He has clearly emerged as a #1 WR this year and should put up big numbers over the next two seasons. Through 2 games he has 15 rec, 187 yards, and 2 tds.

10-19-2011, 09:29 AM
well since this thread was "upped", how's he looking this year anyway?