View Full Version : DeAndre Presley

Big Bird
10-29-2011, 02:54 PM
Just to let everybody know, he got hurt a few weeks and was permanently replaced by Jamal Jackson at the Quarterback position.

Instead of the coaching staff letting Presley's talents waste on the bench, they moved him to Defense and he is a starting cornerback now.

Last week against Samford, he had 6 tackles and a forced fumble. He already had a really big TFL today against Georgia Southern as well.

A very interesting switch (fairly surprised he didn't move to Wide Receiver), but the kid is dynamite as an athlete and seems like a very hard worker from all accounts. The guy has picked up a new position with no problem. People should really pay attention to him down the stretch because he is just ozzing with potential at the position.

And huge kudos to the App State coaching staff for making this brilliant move. Helps their team out a lot as well as Presley's NFL future.

Big Bird
10-30-2011, 02:04 PM
He ended up yesterday with 2 Tackles, 1 TFL, and 2 Pass Breakups, including one on a 4th Down play into the endzone.

Also, after re-watching the 4th, apparently Presley is the one that went to the coaches, realizing that Jamal Jackson was a talented Quarterback and should be the one starting, and said he wanted to play. Speaks volumes of this guy's character.

The fact that this guy isn't even on this site's rankings whatsoever is a complete joke. I don't care what level he plays at, the guy is a top notch athlete, and he is proving it by playing very well in just two games at cornerback.