View Full Version : James Rodgers, WR / RS, Oregon St.

11-05-2011, 11:16 PM
I actually just realized he was playing this year. Thought he'd played too much last year to qualify for an injury RS, but he did. Saw a bit of the Oregon State vs. Stanford game tonight, and Rodgers led Oregon State receivers in all categories, 6 catches for 77 yards and a TD. His most productive game of the season, and probably against the best opponent the Beavers have played this year. Hasn't had less than 4 catches in a game since he came back. Not for a lot of yardage, but that says to me he's healthy enough to be truly involved - coming off such a bad injury, that's important.

Do people here like him, or think he's a draft able prospect? He was obviously tearing it up his first three years at Oregon. But do you think teams see him being an NFL player? Not much of a market for tiny guys who've have horrible leg injuries, but he's been so productive over his career and demonstrates a wide skill set. I'd have to think his value to teams would hinge quite a bit on his ability to return kicks, and I haven't watched enough of him to have an opinion.