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11-28-2011, 05:59 PM
1 - IND: Luck, Andrew - QB - Stanford
Matt Kalil fills a much bigger need and would really solidify the Colt's offensive line in my opinion. However, the growing consensus has the Colts picking Luck and learning under Manning for the next few years.

Frankly I feel the Colts should try and trade down and select Kalil or Martin there. That way the Colts have three young offensive linemen (Costanzo, Martin or Kalil, and Iljana) protecting a QB who they just invested 90 million dollars in.

2 - CAR: Coples, Quinton - DE - North Carolina
Coples fills the hole that Peppers left when he signed with Chicago

3 - STL: Richardson, Trent - HB - Alabama
Steven Jackson is old and injury prone. Richardson makes the most sense here

4 - MIN: Kalil, Matt - OT - USC
Adrian Peterson makes this offensive line look a lot better than it really is. The Vikings just invested a lot of money in Peterson and a stud OT is a great way to protect that investment

5 - WAS: Jones, Landry - QB - Oklahoma
Beck and Grossman are clearly not the answer and Jones is the next best option after Luck

6 - JAX: Blackmon, Justin - WR - Oklahoma St.
Gabbert needs a big time weapon to throw it to in the future

7 - ARI: Martin, Jonathan - OT - Stanford
The Cardinals gave up a lot to get Kevin Kolb and it's important that they protect him

8 - MIA: Barkley, Matt - QB - USC
Chad Henne is a free agent, and Matt Moore is not the longterm solution either

9 - PHI: Burfict, Vontaze - LB - Arizona State
The LB play of the eagles has been pretty poor thus far this season. Burficit can help out in pass coverage and will really bring a lot of energy to this much maligned Eagles defense

10 - CLE: Claiborne, Morris - CB - LSU
The Browns have the best pass defense in the league right now, but playing opposite Joe Haden is veteran Sheldon Brown. Claiborne, the best CB in the draft, and Haden will give the Browns one of the best pass defenses for years to come

11 - KC: Poe, Dontari - DT - Memphis
The Chiefs have both their 3 techniques in place with Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson, Poe solidifies the defensive line and gives this team the NT they are missing

12 - SEA: Kirkpatrick, Dre - CB - Alabama
After losing Kelly Jennings and with Marcus Trufant's career coming to an end it is time to bring in a stud CB to help out Seattle's secondary.

13 - TB: Jenkins, Janoris - CB - North Alabama
The Buccaneers are in a similar situation as the Seahawks. Ronde Barber is not getting any younger, and Aqib Talib will be entering the final year of his contract

14 - SD: Ingram, Melvin - DE - South Carolina
The Chargers have been searching for pass rush help for a while. Melvin Ingram is dynamic and can play DT,DE, and possibly LB

15 - TEN: DeCastro, David - OG - Stanford
Like the Vikings the Titans need to surround their investment with great offensive linemen.

16 - NYJ: Brown, Zach - OLB - North Carolina
After this season Calvin Pace will have two years left on his deal and it is not yet clear how much longer Aaron Maybin will play for the Jets. Regardless, Brown comes to a defense that seems to have lost a step this season

17 - BUF: Reiff, Riley - OT - Iowa
Rookie Chris Hairston could stay at LT or be shifted over to RT. The Bills definitely need an upgrade at the position

18 - DEN: Dennard, Alfonzo - CB - Nebraska
Both CBs, Bailey and Goodman, are old and are going to need to be replaced soon.

19 - CLE: Jeffery, Alshon - WR - South Carolina
A great grab at this point in the draft and a great tool to help Colt McCoy succeed as a QB

20 - DET: Adams, Mike - OT - Ohio State
Jeff Backus' tenure in Detroit is coming to an end. Adams will be groomed by Backus to eventually replace him

21 - HOU: Ta'amu, Alameda - DT - Washington
The Texans defense has been amazing this year, however Alameda is a massive NT who would be an upgrade over Shaun Cody in Wade Phillip's 3-4

22 - CIN: Glenn, Cordy - OG - Georgia
Glenn plays OT this year but he has been dominant at G in the past. Bobbie Williams is nearing the end of his career and Glenn would be a great fit to replace him

23 - CHI: Floyd, Michael - WR - Notre Dame
Floyd will help out a lot in Chicago's offense. He can help get Devin Hester and the other WR's open.

24 - DAL: Crick, Jared - DT - Nebraska
The Cowboys could use an upgrade at the DE position. Marcus Spears has not been very productive this year, and Kenyon Coleman will be in his 12th NFL season next year

25 - CIN: Miller, Lamar - RB - Miami
Cedric Benson has done a great job during his time in Cincinnati, but it is time to look for a replacement. Miller will complement Andy Dalton and AJ Green as Cincinnati could have it's triplets for the future

26 - NYG: Kuechly, Luke - LB - Boston College
I was extremely tempted to have Dwayne Allen go here. However, former BC head coach Tom Coughlin loves BC guys and despite the lack of consistency I feel he has faith in Jake Ballard.

27 - BAL: Te'o, Manti - ILB - Notre Dame
It is time to find a replacement for Ray Lewis. Te'o is a great fit for the Ravens. He can play next to Lewis until the future hall of famer calls it quits

28 - NE: Konz, Peter - C - Wisconsin
Konz is the center of arguably the best offensive line in the country. A massive center at 6-5, Konz should be an upgrade over Ryan Wendell

29 - SF: Jones, Dwight - WR - North Carolina
Braylon Edwards is on a one year contract and Dwight Jones is a big physical WR who opposite Crabtree gives Jim Harbaugh two very talented WRs for the future

30 - NE: Lester, Robert - - Alabama
Mark Barron is probably the better prospect, however the Patriots need a FS to shore up their secondary which is the worst in the league

31 - PIT: Still, Devon - DT - Penn State
Still is a ginormous DT who can be rotated in as a backup with the Steelers and eventually replace Casey Hampton at NT

32 - GB: Thompson, Brandon - DT - Clemson
The Packers pass rush has not been playing like it did during their playoff run last year. That being said, Ryan Pickett is old and his backup CJ Wilson is average and probably suited better for a backups role. Brandon Thompson is a dynamic player who can play all ove the defensive line

11-28-2011, 06:03 PM
Like the picks. Lester may be a reach for BB there because of his obsession with value. I think in that situation he'd go for another Bama guy with that 2nd first round pick in Courtney Upshaw, and finagle a way to get Lester in the 2nd.

11-28-2011, 06:29 PM
Solid pick for sf , but would rather go cb or s

11-28-2011, 08:14 PM
Love the pick.

Coples seems too high.

11-28-2011, 08:36 PM
16 - NYJ: Brown, Zach - OLB - North Carolina
After this season Calvin Pace will have two years left on his deal and it is not yet clear how much longer Aaron Maybin will play for the Jets. Regardless, Brown comes to a defense that seems to have lost a step this season

The Jets could use a pass rushing OLB but Zach Brown ain't a good fit.

11-28-2011, 09:27 PM
I love the Vikings pick, but it's more of an investment in Christian Ponder than it is in Adrian Peterson...

11-28-2011, 09:38 PM
Perfect Bears pick

11-28-2011, 11:39 PM
Where is RG3 and Barkley?if both ar available in this mock one of them would be better then Poe

11-29-2011, 12:00 AM
Take Michael Floyd for the Jets and if not him, then Riley.

11-29-2011, 01:19 AM
Where is RG3 and Barkley?if both ar available in this mock one of them would be better then Poe

I have Barkley going to the Dolphins. I'm not Chiefs fan, nor do I follow them. But, I think that Scott Pioli is not ready to give up on Matt Cassell after all of the money that they have invested in him.

11-29-2011, 05:46 AM
Absolutely zero chance Coples goes that high, but I love getting Kalil.

Matthew Jones
11-29-2011, 06:09 AM
Konz would be great, but Lester's a huge reach. Would much prefer Barron or Upshaw there.

11-29-2011, 07:56 AM
no chance the skins take landry jones over barkley. ZERO chance.