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12-01-2011, 05:26 PM
Here is my updated Big Board, showing my 1st round prospect for this draft. Also be sure to check out my Mock Draft (http://draftcountdown.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2770865#post2770865) that was released today. Questions and comments are welcomed as always...

1 Andrew Luck QB Stanford*
Luck has shown the last 2 seasons he is a Elite QB prospect and possess’ the physical and mental tools to be a franchise QB.

2 Trent Richardson RB Alabama*
Richardson is a stud RB prospect that has the ability to carry a offense on his back.

3 Matt Barkley QB USC*
Barkley is a legit #1 overall type pick prospect, even though he doesn’t have the elite physical tools.

4 Matt Kalil OT USC*
Kalil has struggled at times, but it’s no secret he has the type of talent to be worth a top 5 pick.

5 Morris Claiborne CB LSU*
Claiborne isn’t the athlete Patrick Peterson was, but he might be the better cover corner.

6 Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State*
Blackmon is one of the most productive WR’s in college football and has the ability to be a #1 WR in the NFL.

7 Robert Griffin III QB Baylor*
RG3 is an unbelievable talent that rarely seen at QB, and he could be a really nice fit for QB needy teams in this draft.

8 Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame
Floyd’s off the field issues will scare some teams away, but Floyd could be a Hakeem Nicks type WR if he keeps his head on straight.

9 Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama*
Kirkpatrick has the physical tools and speed to be a shut down CB in the NFL.

10 David DeCastro OG Stanford*
DeCastro is a rare top interior olinemen prospect that has the ability to dominate in the NFL at RG.

11 Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona State*
Burfict is a relentless player at ILB, but he needs to learn of to control his emotions on the field similar to Ndamukong Suh.

12 Jonathan Martin OT Stanford*
Martin’s stock has dropped this year with his sub par performances against teams like Oregon.

13 Landry Jones QB Oklahoma*
I’m still not high on Jones as being a legit franchise QB prospect, but if he declares don’t be surprised to see him go top 15 in the draft.

14 Zach Brown OLB UNC
Brown is a legit top pick at OLB, and has the potential to be a multiple time Pro Bowler for his team.

15 Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina*
Jeffery’s weight and stamina will be questions by scouts, but if he gets in shape he could go top 10.

16 Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas*
I’m higher on Wilson more than most, and I think he will/should stay at school to improve his stock in his Senior year.

17 Quinton Coples DE UNC
Coples is steadily dropping on most boards, but at the end of the day he should be a top 20 pick.

18 Vinny Curry DE Marshall
Curry is a dynamic pass rusher that fit’s the bill at OLB in a 3-4 scheme.

19 Lamar Miller RB Miami**
Miller is a fantastic athlete for Miami and could end up playing like LeSean McCoy at full potential.

20 Janoris Jenkins CB Northern Alabama
Similarly to Floyd, Jenkins off the field issues will hurt his stock, but Jenkins still has the ability to be the 3rd CB off the board.

21 Luke Kuechly ILB Boston College*
Kuechly has demonstrated this year that he is an all around solid LB, and could step in right away in the NFL.

22 Dontari Poe NT Memphis*
Poe has all the potential in the world when you combine his size and athleticism.

23 Riley Reiff OT Iowa*
Reiff has lived up to the hype this year, but I can see him playing RT or LT in the NFL.

24 Manti Te’o ILB Notre Dame*
Te’o might stay since he has 2 ILB’s ranked above him, but he is a tackling machine which will appeal to teams.

25 Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama
Upshaw is an experienced 3-4 OLB that could be high 1st round pick if a team picks for needs.

26 Mike Adams OT Ohio State
Adams has been a really solid LT this year for Ohio State and should be NFL ready by April.

27 Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska
Dennard is a experienced CB that has starting ability at CB in the NFL.

28 Peter Konz C Wisconsin*
Konz probably won’t declare, but he is a legit 1st round Center for the draft.

29 Mark Barron DB Alabama
Barron has lived up to the hype as a 1st round prospect and will be targeted with teams needing help in the secondary.

30 Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
Tannehill has a similar stock to Andy Dalton last year, and could surprise people early in his career in the NFL.

31 Alameda Ta’amu NT Washington
Ta’amu has rare size and athleticism for a NT and 3-4 teams will target him late in the 1st.

32 Kendall Wright WR Baylor
Wright has shown he can be a deep threat in the NFL and compares to Mike Wallace of the Steelers.

bored of education
12-01-2011, 05:45 PM
I am high on K Wright and Wilson. Wilson is top 14 if he declares, I also feel K wright is either 3 or 4 on the big board for WRs.

12-01-2011, 06:17 PM
I'm not as high on Zach Brown as you are, seems like he's slow to react. And I love Burfict but hes not really been good this year, he misses a lot of tackles and over pursues way to much. Add on some of his bone headed plays, right now I don't see him any higher than a mid-2nd round pick, and could even see him falling to late 3rd.

12-06-2011, 11:12 PM
When you say Kalil has struggled, what do you mean (in what areas)?