View Full Version : NFL Network has become football's Mirror magazine

12-09-2011, 07:08 PM
They go on about Romo till he finally loses a couple, then when he wins one, he is simply great again in their eyes. You know they are just playing to the Dallas fans because everybody else knows a Jerry Jones' built team with Romo at QB will never win a Super Bowl.

Ditto for Tebow, man, he has started what, 5 games and they make it sound like he is the greatest thing that ever came down the pipe. God, he is even on the cover of their new magazine. When he loses a couple, they will be all over him again, explaining every weakness he has. Then when he wins one or 2 more games, they'll resurrect him for greatness. And on and on and on.

They interviewed Owen Daniels today about Yates, their new QB, and Daniels said he couldn't believe how easily Yates made the move to starter and will lead them to the promised land, when we all know that Houston will now struggle mightily to win a couple of more games. That Yates will give away a game or two before they switch to Garcia with a prayer. The NFL Network reporter took everything Daniels said as the gospel and never challenged him at all.

Their newscasters are terrible and couldn't predict the winner of a game outside of Green Bay, they don't seem to grasp trap games nor do they seem to examine schedules very often because it would mean that they would have to tell the truth about who will or won't make the playoffs.
I couldn't believe my ears when yesterday, they tried to suggest Peyton should be the MVP because he is so important to his team.
I think I will have to give up the channel except at draft time, it is so mundane with rotten reporting used to build up the product rather than actually report about the facts. They have become like the rag magazines that report on the famous without any concern for reality.

Shane P. Hallam
12-09-2011, 08:04 PM
And this is different from other networks? This is what gets viewers, it works, people want to see their teams complimented in most cases.