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01-04-2012, 12:45 PM
RD1- David DeCastro G Stanford
Best guard in this draft and if we want to keep Ben around for five more years we need A LOT of help on the line. Also, DeCastro is a stud run blocker and since Mendy won't probably be back next year who ever is running will need some holes to run through.

RD2- Josh Chapman NT Alabama
We have some good young DE's but still have no back-up or future replacement for Casey Hampton who is the pivot man on the defense. Casey is still a good NT but his play has dropped off the last two years. Chapman will not give you much of a pass rush but holds his ground, pushes the pocket and moves side-to-side well for a big man.

RD3- Don Barclay OT WVU
Barclay is not flashy but does a good job protecting his QB. He needs some work but has all the tools.

RD4- Tank Carder ILB TCU
Tank is a very good athelet who can cover and runs to the ball. He is a little undersized for the 3-4 now but can add another 5-10 pounds without losing his speed. I like Sylvester but feel we can use depth inside anyways.

RD5- Winston Guy Jr S Kentucky
Good speed and insticts. Ryan Clark and TP are getting long in the tooth and I feel Winston Guys skill set resembles those two very well.

RD6- Chris Rainey RB Florida
If Mendy is out for the year it might be a RB by committee and Rainey would be the home run hitter. Also, takes Brown off of kr/pr duty and lets him take more snaps at WR.

RD7- Derek Dimke K Illinois
I am not liking Shuisham this season.

K Train
01-04-2012, 12:51 PM
theyd have to move up like 10 spots at least for decastro

01-11-2012, 03:15 PM
Doubt OG DeCastro will be there, if he is then we take him although I think we're leaning towards an OT here since Starks might need surgery.

DT Chapman in the 2nd? I like it. DT is probably going to be a very high need if Hampton needs surgery to repair his knee and even if he doesn't. We might need two DT's actually.

OT Barclay, I don't know him but if Starks isn't coming back then OT is also a high need.

ILB Carder in the 4th? I like him in the late 2nd round, kind of doubt he'll fall this far. He's definately tall and fast enough, just needs to put on some more pounds maybe.

S Guy in the 5th? Can't see us taking a safety, mostly because the team seems to be fine with Clark and Mundy.

RB Rainey in the 6th? Undersized, Chris Johnson type. I have him as a 4b, mostly because some team is going to fall in love with his speed. I wouldn't complain too much if the Steelers did pick him though.

Kicker in the 7th? Yep, we need one. I don't know Dimke, I'm taking K Philip Welch here in my mocks.

01-15-2012, 01:49 PM
My revamped mock draft.

RD1- Nate Potter OT Boise St
Potter is a very balanced tackle. I think some underclassmen will declare and push Potter to round two. But right now he is a solid pick. Reminds me of Marvel Smith where will not wow you with strength or speed but is a good technician and gets the job done.

RD2- Josh Chapman NT Alabama
Hampton is not getting any younger and Chapman is a perfect 3-4 NT. He is stout at the point of attack and eats up blocks.

RD3- Ryan Miller OG Colorado
Miller is a beast of a man who always gets to the second level and stones his man in pass protection.

RD4- Winston Guy Jr. S Kentucky
Clark and TP are in their 30's and and Guy is a perfect Steeler safety. Plays tough in the box and can cover.

RD5- Cordarro Law OLB Southern Miss
Law reminds me of Alden Smith. He is a disruptive force and his motor and pursuit has him always in the backfield. Also, silver back is not getting younger and has really been held in check and Jason Worilds does not seem to be the answer.

RD6- Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati
Pead is a big play back who seemed to rise against his toughest competition. Redman played well vs Denver but I still don't like the idea of going into next year with no Mendenhall and Redman as our only healthy option.

RD7-Tashaun Gipson CB Wyoming
Big physical CB and a four year starter... all be it at Wyoming.