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Rob S
02-01-2012, 09:47 PM
Brodeur mentioned he would consider judging, so this is just a thread where I am going to list all of the roster to make it easier on him. Please refrain from posting here until Brodeur finishes his judging, then we can have some debate.

Brody, feel free to post you comments/rankings here. Just 2 notes: this is a current draft, ignore future potential. Do factor in injuries (basically evaluate the teams as if they were playing an entire season and account for injury prone players accordingly, every player starting the season fit).

Rob S


PG: Steve Nash : Ray Felton : Chauncey Billups
SG: Ray Allen : Marcus Thornton
SF: Paul Pierce : Luol Deng : Trevor Ariza
PF: Pau Gasol : David West
C: Dwight Howard : Nene

Depth Chart:

PG: Nash / Felton / Billups
SG: Allen / Thornton / Billups (Ariza when I need a great defender to protect lead)
SF: Pierce / Deng / Ariza
PF: Gasol / Nene / West
C: Howard / Nene / Gasol


PG- Ricky Rubio/Darren Collison
SG- Joe Johnson/Monta Ellis/Anthony Morrow
SF- Lebron James/Shawn Marion
PF- Josh Smith/Luis Scola/Tiago Splitter
C- Marcin Gortat/Anderson Varejao


PG: John Wall- Jeff Teague- Andre Miller
SG: Eric Gordon- JET Terry
SF: Kevin Durant- Jason Richardson
PF: Chris Bosh- Elton Brand
C: Tyson Chandler- Javale McGee- Samuel Dalembert


PG - Chris Paul / Mike Conley / Lou Williams
SG - Steph Curry / Gerald Henderson
SF - Paul George / Caron Butler
PF - LaMarcus Aldridge / Paul Millsap / Brandon Bass
C - Roy Hibbert / DeMarcus Cousins


PG: Kyle Lowry : Brandon Jennings
SG: Dwyane Wade : DeMar DeRozan : Jamal Crawford
SF: Rudy Cool : Nicolas Batum
PF: Amaré Stoudamire : Tyrus Thomas
C: Greg Monroe : DeAndre Jordan : Omer Asik


PG - Russell Westbrook/Ty Lawson/Brandon Knight
SG - Kobe Bryant/Marshon Brooks/Brandon Knight
SF - Gerald Wallace/Lamar Odom
PF - Zach Randolph/Thaddeus Young/Carl Landry
C - Al Horford/Joakim Noah


PG: Deron Williams, Jrue Holliday
SG: Kevin Martin, Arron Afflalo
SF: Andre Iguodala, Dorrell Wright, Chase Budinger
PF: Blake Griffin, Kris Humphries
C: Al Jefferson, Andrew Bogut, Emeka Okafor


PG: Derrick Rose / Jose Calderon
SG: Manu Ginobili / Tony Allen
SF: Danny Granger / Landry Fields / James Johnson
PF: Serge Ibaka / David Lee
C: Dirk Nowitzki / Chris Kaman / Bismack Biyombo


Tony Parker - Kyrie Irving - Rodrigue Beaubois
Tyreke Evans - Wesley Matthews
Danilo Gallinari - Wilson Chandler
Kevin Love - Tim Duncan - Taj Gibson
Andrew Bynum - Brook Lopez


PG: Rajon Rondo/Jarrett Jack
SG: James Harden/OJ Mayo
SF: Carmelo Anthony/Kyle Korver
PF: Kevin Garnett/Carlos Boozer/Ryan Anderson
C: Marc Gasol/Andrea Bargnani/Kendrick Perkins

02-02-2012, 01:49 PM
Going to just comment team by name for now...

Going for the oldest starting back 3? I really think at this point Deng would probably fit better in that starting lineup, at least to help defensively as he's the best perimeter defender on the team. Your frontcourt is very impressive, but Nene is more of a PF at this point. Doesn't really matter too much with the best Center in the league and Pau, but still.

I think he has one of the more well rounded rosters (although Ellis should be starting over JJ) and a pretty good mix of offense and defense. Can't really complain too much on anything, as I have a man crush on Gortat and think Varejao is maybe the best defensive big in the NBA, LeBron is the best player in the NBA, Rubio is for real, and I'm just below Nixon on Ellis love. PF is the weak spot though, but an actual center next to Josh Smith would help and the other two are OKAY bigs.

That backcourt is very impressive offensively but Christ does it suck defensively. I guess you could give it a break with the impressive D from the centers (although I'd put Dalembert ahead of McGee as well as what gnpgc said with Miller ahead of Teague). I'm not as impressed with Wall as some, and I think Kyrie Irving is better than him now and will be in the future but that's for another time (see Fenikz when I finish). Bah, Durant plus a real team is good enough for the moment.

I think GP underrated his team a bit, because I think it's pretty well formed for the most part. Henderson/George are both solid defenders and can take the pressure off Curry when needed, Aldridge is probably the best PF in the game right now, and Cousins should be a solid complement to him. Now of course there's flaws (I think Gortat would have been a much better pick than Hibbert you goddamn dick), and Curry is going to still be a problem at times...but there's worse.

This team is really strangely put together. They desperately need some shooters (Lowry and Wade are not all that different of a player and really don't complement each other), and while I love Greg, he doesn't work with Amar'e. I'll look into a bit more later but this is one of the weaker teams.

I'm actually kinda with GP on this one, because I've admitted my hatred for Russell Westbrook being a total douche on more than one occasion. Horford is NOT a center though, and Noah should be starting with Horford at PF or something. Love Z-Bo and Gerald Wallace, and they're pretty solid complements at the two forward positions. Kobe/mini Kobe in NJ is also a solid pairing.

Awesome backcourt, unimpressive frontcourt. I hate Blake's over-reliance on athleticism, and feel like some of the teams here with a superior defensive frontcourt could contain him. I do very much like Al though and think he's sort of finally molding into a center. The backcourt just complements each other stupidly well, and even the bench is damn good in that respect. Kris Humphries being drafted is kinda weird though...

Danny Granger ******* sucks, and the depth at SF is absolutely atrocious. I figured I'd mention that first. Not really a big fan of the defensive alignment up front either, which means Derrick Rose/the walking injury save it for the most part. Rose/Allen would be a pretty good pairing in real life, but that can't save this team.

For the love of ****, start Kyrie Irving and fix this mess. Kyrie is a goddamn beast and people should recognize this (again, better than John Wall). Not really a big fan of Rekey opposite a guy like Irving though, or Rekey starting in general. Outside of that, this is a well rounded team with the ultimate veteran, shooters, and D.

Not surprised by Strip putting together a well rounded team at all, and this is easily one of the better teams I can see. Carlos Boozer sucks though, and you really should have drafted a bruiser like GP said and kept Anderson there especially with KG being old as **** and having no knees left. That PF position is definitely the weak spot though, well that and the lack of defenders for the perimeter D.

I have class now so I'll edit this later with rankings.

02-02-2012, 04:06 PM
1. Yo
2. Rob
3. Strip
4. Fenikz
5. WMD
6. Scotty
7. Woot
8. Chrono
9. Boy Wonder
10. Docta

02-04-2012, 08:43 PM
Should of stuck with my original plan of playing Reke as a 6th man, basically would be a extremely richman's Barbosa

But Parker is still better than Irving and is gonna end up being a extremely underrated PG historically

02-04-2012, 09:07 PM
Parker's not better than Irving right now.

02-04-2012, 09:11 PM
If Parker played his career in the east he is a 20 7 guy, especially if he isn't the 3rd option

Hell his career average is 16 & 6 on 50% shooting as is

Dropping 42 & 9 in my defense