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05-23-2012, 11:51 AM
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05-23-2012, 12:21 PM

Kel Miper here from SWDCPL.org, checking in with quick reaction to the opening of the draft.

It appears the focus of the teams so far is offense, with 3 of the first 4 teams deciding to fortify their forward line. The first pick of Boggs came as somewhat of a shock to draft observers, with many feeling value could have been had with other names, has manager Zycho pulled off a master stroke or a blunder?

Has Rob made the wise move in shoring up his defence against these juggernauts so far, or will he regret not stocking up on firepower? Time will tell!

05-23-2012, 12:34 PM
Manager Jason 'Zycho' Thyrion of Green Bay United, on the selection of Forward Alvin Boggs 1st Overall;

"I visualize Boggs as the proverbial rock; an ideal Target Man who can stand his ground under tremendous pressure from his markers, head in crosses, and take the high-pressure shots. I believe he's the finest veteran presence available and will emerge as the Team Captain and lead by example."

05-23-2012, 12:48 PM
Cremlin's Kit On Sale Now!


Cremlin City's brand new home kit for the 2012/13 season is on sale now. The stylish Nike strip is available for purchase from the Club Store. Shirts are priced at ú49.99 for adults and ú39.99 for juniors but season ticket holders and Members are entitled to ten per cent off. Shorts, socks and goalkeeper kits are also available.

05-23-2012, 01:50 PM

Charleston Battery- New Ownership, Big Expectations

The big news that all soccer fans in the Lowcountry have been wanting to hear for weeks has finally been made official. In a press conference held this morning, in White Point Garden symbolically located on the historic Battery, the Charleston Battery officially announced the purchase of the club by wealthy South Carolina native Cigaro, who has big plans for the club.

Following a short personal introduction, Cigaro began by telling of his longtime soccer fanaticsm, and desire to see the sport take root in America. Noting both the popular local support and success in competitions of the club, he knew both the club and the city were the perfect place to begin working on this dream.

The change in ownership has long been expected, and most were anticipating a move to the MLS, providing the league with its only southern franchise. Although he considered that option, Cigaro stated that the MLS likely would never provide the level of talent and competition he desired. Consequently, he announced membership in the new, international SWDC Premier League, a move that will instantly make Charleston Battery likely the most prestigious American soccer club.

Committing to doing whatever is necessary to bring international talent to this historic southern city, while also pledging to expand the game in America, the Charleston Battery appears to have a very bright future ahead of it.

05-23-2012, 01:52 PM

With round 1 in the books, our very own analyst Frank Grimes gives us his thoughts:

1. A Boggs, A C
"A questionable pick in my opinion, we understand the position the management of this team have taken, but a lot of observers out there felt there was better, younger talent available at the position"
Grade: C

2. T Girard, A C
"In my opinion, this guy should have been the first or second pick of the draft, a fantastic talent with more years on his side than Boggs, if manager GOW can get the most from him he could be a steal, even at number 2 overall."
Grade: A

3. I Dougherty, D C
"Having seen the emphasis the opposition had placed on attacking talent, and seeing the premier talent at the position start to disappear, Rob wisely chose to draft a defensive leader in Dougherty, an extremely talented player who he hopes will shackle the aforementioned offensive weapons."
Grade: B+

4. L Lever, A C
"Despite the early run on A Cs, manager SuperPacker was not daunted and decided to take the young Englishman Lever. Many have argued this again is a superior pick to Boggs at number 1 overall, and at 4th in the draft that is no mean feat. Rumour has it manager SuperPacker wanted this player all along so he will be delighted to get his man."
Grade: B

5. P Pfeifenberger, M C
"Already being hailed by manager Justone2 as the Swiss that will keep things ticking over, Pfeifenberger is the first midfielder off the board and a very good selection. Stylish, combative and pacy, he brings dynamism and quality to the middle of the park and should prove an excellent acquisition."
Grade: B+

6. M Brnovic, A C
"The fourth and final striker off the boards in round 1, manager Cigaro appears to have decided to pin his hopes on an already talented player with room still to grow. As a relative latecomer to soccer, if this kids development carries on as it has started, watch out SWDC Premier League!"
Grade: B-

7. M Stoica, M C
"Somewhat of a surprise Stoica was here at 7, with rumour having it that almost all of the teams scouted this player at one point or another. You have to wonder if something in his workouts scared away a few teams but he is a solid player at 7, and will be a centrepiece of this team for a long time."
Grade: B-

8. L Ganic, D C
"The final pick of the first round, and what a good pick it was by manager tjsunstein. Seeing only one central defender had been snapped up, he sensed there was value there and dutifully snapped up Ganic, the rock of Uruguay as he is known back home, an excellent end to round 1."
Grade: A-

Rob S
05-23-2012, 02:12 PM
The Cosmos are Back!


Owner Rob S is bringing soccer back to NYC in a big way by restoring the classic NY Cosmos franchise. No longer forcing NY residents to root for a team that plays in Jersey, the Cosmos will play in the brand new stadium in downtown Manhattan.

The first addition to the Cosmos is center half I. Dougherty. Dougherty is already one of the best players in the SWDC league and at just 18 years old, his potential ability is through the roof. The NY Cosmos are beyond pleased to have added such a wonderful, talented young man to our roster. We expect Mr. Dougherty to be the commander of our back line for the next 15-20 years.

We are also pleased to welcome G. Berens to the squad. While he is older than Dougherty, what we loved about Berens is not only his ability to come in and perform at a high level right away, but also his potential. With Berens we add someone that we feel is a lock to be the best GK in the entire league once he fully develops. With Berens and Dougherty on board, the NY Cosmos are a safe bet to lead the league in clean sheets.

05-23-2012, 02:31 PM
The Quebecois Once Again Have a Team to Call Their Own!


In a somewhat surprising move by city officials, Quebec City will welcome a soccer franchise from the newly formed SWDC Premier League. The team, which will be called the Nordqiues, used their first selection in the 2012 draft to select P. Stoica, a 22 year old centre midfielder hailing from Romania. Stoica has drawn comparisons to Romanian legend Dorinel Munteanu, possessing similar versatility, playmaking abilities, and leadership qualities. Stoica will be expected to be the Nordiques' field general for years to come.

With the second selection the Nordiques management stunned supporters opting for X. Meldgaard, the superstar Danish right back, over L. St. Pierre, the young French Canadien left back. It appears that these two players will be forever linked in the minds of Quebec City supporters.


05-23-2012, 02:53 PM

Rumours are swirling from inside the draft room at SWDC Headquarters that a "friendly" rivalry already appears to be commencing between the head honchos of the Frankfurt Phoenixes and Cremlin City.

Rumours are that the banter began when Frankfurt's GM began to boast how his side were to rule for multiple seasons, a remark Cremlin's hiererchy did not take too kindly to.

Stay turned for more information as this story develops!

05-23-2012, 04:02 PM
The wait is finally over!


Relief and ecstacy were the order of the day when star Italian full back V Ciavarello, arguably the best current player in the league, was finally selected much much later than almost all observers had anticipated.

Cremlin City have a superstar on their hands, and how they know it. Manager SuperPacker was seen actually doing cartwheels down the aisles, before slipping on the rug and falling on his head at the feet of a disgusted looking Rob S. Nevertheless SuperPacker got up all smiles, grinning from ear to ear despite a tender cranium!

Gay Ork Wang
05-23-2012, 05:50 PM

Frankfurt Phoenix comes to life, starts draft with a bang
Today is a good day for football fans all over the world. The new SWDC Premier League has just started and fans everywhere are glued to their TV to follow the draft.

Frankfurt starts off with a bang right away and goes with two French people.

"It is an incredible luck that Girard slipped to us. He gives us the best bang for the buck right now. He is the best offensive player, maybe the best player over all in the league." GM Wang said about his first round pick.

Indeed, the pick of Girard led to a burst of joy everywhere in Germany. "I can't believe we actually got him!" a fan screamed at us.

"I have heard several other teams state their strategy to go young. I think we are doing the right thing: We are going to win now. Establishing a great core of people on this team of established people in their core and filling that core with promising young players. We have confidence in our scouting to get young promising players that can develop under the best players. The goal is clear: Become a dynasty!" Wang stated.

What the rest of the draft holds is to be seen, but with a stable core of players, Frankfurt seem to have the upper hand in the early stages of the draft.

Gay Ork Wang
05-24-2012, 10:47 AM

Rumours about Frankfurt Phoenix Scouting

After seemingly being very upset to miss out on Goalie Skombe, there are informations about Frankfurt's intentions coming out.

"Apparently they were adamant on getting Combe but felt like Faber has a much bigger potential to make a splash. But they apparently feel like trying to get one of the other goalkeepers soon. I think they scouted Skiffe, Calonge and Geller." one anonymous person from the organasation told us.

Is this just a smoke screen? Or if this the real deal? These questions remain to be unanswered.

05-24-2012, 11:21 AM
Cremz Bring in Five New Players

Cremlin's first two picks Lamar Lever and Rolf Bjorn

With their first pick in the 2012 Soccer Draft, Cremlin City selected young English striker, Lamar Lever. The talented front man will be responsible for leading the line for Cremz from a young age, but manager Super Packer think he has what it takes. "He's a very talented player, who will do a great job for us. There is always pressure for the high draft picks to perform, but i'm certain Lamar will do just fine".

In the second round they added skillful winger Rolf Bjorn. The young winger, who has spent time playing for the Faroe Island youth teams, has decided on playing for Sweden and looks set to make the 2012 Euro squad. Later that day, Cremz further added Belarusian left back David Puhovski. The 25 year old will come in and start at full back for the team straight away, but the manager has full faith in him.

To finish off the first day of the draft, Cremlin City drafted Italian veteran Valentino Ciavarello and Combe, the 23 year old German keeper. The front office couldn't pass on the value Ciavarello presented and were keen to add a talented keeper, as Super Packer recognises the value of having a world class goalie.

05-24-2012, 02:49 PM
Rivals... or in cahoots?!

Rumours are swirling around that teams are negotiating bypassing the strict scouting limitations imposed by the league and sharing their information to mutually benefit one another. Questions have to be asked though, can these GMs be trusted to share the truth, or will they screw one another.

Remember folks, if they do screw with one another, it may damage future transfer attempts post-draft.

05-24-2012, 06:01 PM

Winners :
B Pereira Diaz, J Campbell
Who would have figured these players would end up where they did? Howls of derision tumbled down the aisles from rival fans as these players were met on stage by their new GMs. Will Diaz and Campbell be laughing all the way to the bank?

Before the draft he said what he wanted, during the draft he continued to live by it, and so far his policy of drafting young and often has paid off handsomely, with only one players whose value could be questioned at this stage.

The Fans!
The fans at SWDC HQ are having a fantastic time, tons of picks with questionable value, teams having to guess due to a lack of scouting or other teams nabbing their players, talk of information leaking, colusion amongst teams and the best player in the draft at this time lasting well into the draft! Long may it continue.

No one at this stage can really be classified as a loser, but I think a few observers are wondering about the drafting taking place at Green Bay United, but perhaps their scouting department has seen some untapped potential the other league participants hadn't.

Gay Ork Wang
05-25-2012, 11:50 AM

Rumours about Frankfurt GM verbally bashing another GM. A Rivalry already in the coming?

After reports of a great first day celebration of the staff in Frankfurt, a reporter claims to have heard GM Wang giving some of his thoughts about the league.

"I don't care how much potential the players, that the weird Cremz are drafting, have. They will struggle the first few years in the league and I can tell you why: The GM and Coach are not known for developing players. We on the other side have a good mix of experienced players that youngers can learn from and a great staff." Was apparently said by the GM at the afterparty.

The authenticity of this statement remains to questionable though.

05-25-2012, 01:29 PM

A stunning announcement took place earlier this morning when Green Bay United Manager Jason 'Zycho' Thyrion reported that United secured a joint-lease with the Green Bay Packers to play home games at Lambeau Field. The details are as of now unknown, except for the fact that the Packers will be directly sponsoring United, but it goes without saying United would have had a hard time securing revenue in whatever stadium they could manage to scrounge up before the start of the season.

"We established United here in Green Bay explicitly as a means to be able to play in Lambeau Field," proclaimed Zycho, a rather adamant fan of the Packers and Wisconsin Native, "And failure to secure such a venture would've forced our hand to depart or try and scrounge up a stadium which could seat a capacity needed to stay solvent."

Lambeau Field was constructed in 1957 as one of the first Stadiums meant purely for American Football. At the time, New City Stadium as it was known was a vital development just to keep the Packers somewhere in line with the rest of the league. It's likely some sort of Gate sharing with Green Bay Packers Inc. has been arranged, but all in all, a 70,000-plus seating capacity gives United a running start to build a financially stable product.

"The Field itself doesn't completely conform to Association Football Standards," Zycho was quick to point out. "It's a fair bit narrower than most teams will be used to, and will force both us and our opponents to pack our formations closer to the center."

United's current selection of players may just be capable of taking advantage of the narrower pitch, given their respective individual talents. He sees his primary formation as a 5-4-1, but may in fact be closer to a 4-1-2-2-1 with the ability to run on the counter and offer multiple threats from the midfield to combine with 1st Overall pick Boggs, a selection that still offers mild criticism, though Zycho declined to further elaborate on the role Boggs will play or whether it was worth passing on other more talented players.

Gay Ork Wang
05-27-2012, 03:36 AM

Frankfurts Scouting Department

According to different reports, Frankfurt has struck a deal with one team to share their scouting findings.

"I thought it was a win-win for both sides. Let's see now if we are getting in each others way"

Was it a smart idea? Only time will tell.

05-27-2012, 07:13 AM

SWDC Draft Update
by Georgie Thompson


Question marks have been raised over a couple of recent selections in the draft, whilst refusing to name names, sources have stated that recent a midfielder and a striker that were selected have "at best a very questionable temperament". The jury is still out as to whether talent can overcome perceived mental frailties. Time will tell.

In other news:
Get those band aids ready!
In addition to gambling on players who might have a weak mentality, a few players with questionable injury histories have been taken, lets hope those teams that have a player with this type of physiology have a good backup at the ready!

Collusion amongst rivals!
As stated in the media, Frankfurt's outspoken manager has confirmed in order to mutually benefit one another, teams have been willing to share their allotted scouting reports, will this benefit the teams or not? Have your say in our phone in.

Excitement building as fixtures unveiling draws near!
Finally once the details of 2 franchises have been confirmed, SWDC officials have confirmed fixtures will be unveiled in addition to details of the exciting cup competitions!

05-27-2012, 08:11 AM
A Busy Week For Cremlin City

In one of the busiest weeks in Cremlin's history, they have announced who their new manager will be, where they plan to play their games next season and aslo drafted 3 new recruits! Here's the lowdown:

Martinez To Lead The Cremz

New Cremlin City Manager

After deciding to leave Wigan Athletic, Roberto Martinez has been named the new Cremlin City manager. "Martinez was our first choice from day one" said Cremlin's Chairman, Super Packer. "We are excited to see what he can do with our young, ambitious team. One of the most intruiging things about Roberto was his preferred style of play, he plays the right way and that is exactly what we want here!"

New Stadium Built!

The stadium Cremz now call home

With the 2012/13 season getting closer and closer, Cremlin City now have a place to call home. The new 80,000 seater, 'state of the art' stadium, was built in time for the upcoming friendlies, which look to be sell outs. The Qatar based team, will have fun playing in such an expensive and modern stadium. Now all we have to do is wait for the season to start!

3 New Draft Picks Announced
Brandon Bury; Worth the risk?

On the second day of the 2012 Soccer Draft, Cremlin City brought in young striker, Wesley Balteka. The Slovakian player was not expected to go this high, but it was reported that Chairman Super Packer, was looking to the future with this pick and is confident in Balteka becoming a top player in a few years time.

Cremz then picked Welsh midfielder Xavier Harte. The 21 year old was excited at the opportunity of playing for Cremlin, and admitted that it was a dream come true.

With the final pick of the day, the Cremlin Front Office decided to take a risk. Young frontman Brandon Bury has been dubbed the new Mario Balotelli, but Roberto Martinez was quick to defend his latest draftee. "We have full faith in Brandon, he's a great kid with a big heart and I can't wait to get to work with him." When asked whether Bury's past issues was a problem for him, he responded saying "Definitely not. This whole organization is behind him and is pushing to help him become the best footballer he can be!"

05-27-2012, 08:12 AM

Bay Are Bulldogs founded.

Today general manager Justone2 has founded his own club. After already drafting eleven players he decided to come out with his plans on how to become succeful in the soccer sim league. With placing his team in the well known Bay Area he hope to come to succes. In the totally new stadium that will be called Dog Housepark a team called the Bull Dogs will be looking for succes. Besides that he presented the kits his players will play in and made the anouncement that former defender Frank de Boer will be the head coach. With former goalie Edwin van der Sar and Dennis Bergkamp he will form a threeheaded monster of a coaching staff to bring championships to the Bay.

http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab124/Jeroen19901/BayAreaBulldogshome.png http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab124/Jeroen19901/BayAreaBulldogsaway.png http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab124/Jeroen19901/BayAreaBulldogsthird.png

Coaching staff:


http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/multimedia/dynamic/00545/Football_-_Premier__545451t.jpg http://totalfootballmadness.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Dennis-Bergkamp-1.jpg

New Stadium:


Gay Ork Wang
05-27-2012, 08:35 AM

Frankfurt Phoenixes announce their new stadium, staff

After a big week and adding more players, the new stadium for the Frankfurt Phoenixes is announced.

"We will obviously be using one of the stadiums in Germany, that was used for the World Cup in 2006: the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt.


Also we would gladly announce our new coach:

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-V-oHsCJA-iE/TmkWz8LCD1I/AAAAAAAABOw/WVK28VVtgpM/s1600/guardiola+barca+barcelona+fcbarcelona+barcablog+ba rca+blog+guardiola+barca+barcelona+fcbarcelona+bar cablog+barca+blog+33.jpg
After deciding to quit in Barcelona, he and his family have decided to start a new tenure in Germany in the newly formed league."

The problem though: Do the players drafted fit the play style Guardiola is known for? Or does Guardiola will show his perfect sense of adaption with his new squad? We shall see.

05-27-2012, 03:41 PM

Charleston Battery Announce New Stadium

With the move to the international prestigious SWDC Premier League, Charlestonians knew the current stadium, Blackbaud Stadium, would not suffice, seating only 5,000 visitors. In a press conference earlier this morning, the Charleston Battery announced a new, 81,000 seat stadium.

The stadium, named Battery, which owner Cigaro stated would not take a corporate-sponsored title, is to be built at the site of the current stadium on Daniels Island. Information concerning the exact details of the stadium is scarce, but Cigaro assured fans that the stadium would be among the best, if not the best, venues in the league.








05-27-2012, 04:08 PM

Charleston Battery Announce Moyes As New Manager


Following the announcement of the new stadium, most reporters had returned to their offices to begin reporting what they thought was the only big news of the day. They wrong. At about 3 PM, reporters were recalled to White Point Garden on the Battery, and were given yet another headline to publish.

Like everything else, the Battery decided to upgrade its coaching staff to on par with its new competition. And in doing so, they believe they've found their man in David Moyes.

Moyes, formerly Everton's manager, is a highly respected but little hyped coach from the English Premier League. Many other names fill newspaper headlines, but Moyes has kept Everton competitive in every season as manager there, despite a non-existant transfer budget, and has long been rumored the heir to Alex Ferguson's position at Manchester United.

As with the stadium, the Battery opted to not release specifics, but stated that Moyes signed a hefty, multi-year contract.

Although bigger names were available, Cigaro stated he did not pursue them, as he did not want a manager who would leave, either because of ambition or fatigue, after a few years. Moyes is the third longest serving manager in the English Premier League, fitting Cigaro's criteria perfectly. Cigaro also stated that Moyes did not cause unnecessary controversy unlike other potential managers, another factor in the decision.

05-28-2012, 10:08 AM
No Pressure On Martinez

Has a bigger job than just winning the league

Super Packer's main message at the first press conference with newly appointed manager, Roberto Martinez, was "No pressure". After the Chairman introduced everyone he was quick to express his delight of bringing in Martinez. He had this to say, "Roberto is a great, young and exciting manager; he's exactly what we want here. We are looking to build an ambitious, determined side, with the technical ability to match."

On the first few days of the draft, Cremlin City have definitely stuck to their aims. They have drafted young, talented players and will be hoping they will eventually grow into stars.

Super Packer was also excited about the style of football Martinez will be employing. "This was the deciding factor for me, I believe that football should be played in a certain way and Martinez will most certainly bring that to our team. I can't wait to see how good this team can be in the future."

He then made it clear that the pressure was not on Roberto to succeed straight away, instead the task at hand was for the manager to build this team into title contenders in a few years time. "We drafted the way we did or a reason, we aren't expecting immediate success, it would be wrong to do so. But this set of players has so much potential, the real test will be when they have fully developed and are capable of performing at an elite level."

05-30-2012, 05:20 PM
With the draft in the books it is time to look back and take a closer look at all the players who will be performing for the Bulldogs. Starting with the goalies and working through the team to the strikers. For the position of goalie general manager Justone2 picked two players who will battle it out to secure the starting place. In the sixth round he decided to go for the unknown 20 year old Latvian Andris Jozovskis who will need to prove his own in a battle with the even younger Tommy Geller. This 18 year old Englishmen can still grow and may beat out the higher picked Jozovskis.

In front of these two young goalkeepers will be an four man defensive line with 23 year old American Robert Vick as the starter on the right. On the opposite side the 27 year old Romanian Kristian Neascu looks at pole position to start. In the center Justone2 picked three guys who will battle for the two remaining spots. The first defender to go to the Bulldogs was the Danish 24 year old Olav Hendrickson who potentially could be linked to the 19 year old Lithuanian Wadas Donskoy. The third option will be 21 year old Romanian Bogdan Cristescu who can easily be overshadowed by his higher picked teammates.

The true quality of the Bay Area Bull Dogs will be on the midfield where some of the world’s best football players will be showing of their skills. Leaded by 26 year old Suisse central midfielder Pascal Pfeifenberger who is considered the best player on the Bull Dog squad the success of the team will be determined. With experienced Belgian Olaf Thomasse as most attacking midfielder and experienced Frenchman KÚvin Bernabe behind them this will be the motor of the team. On the bench there will be one sub in the talented 17 year old Greek Michalis Chiotis.

More starpower is found in the offense where a trio of attackers will be responsible for the goals. On the right Dutchie Simon Klocek will be responsible for crosses while on the left side 31 year old Irish Kevin Reid will have all freedom in the world to come inside to shoot with his stronger right leg. However most will be on the shoulders of the lonely striker Filip Purovic who is known for his goal scoring abilities. Behind this trio there are two other players in the big Angelo Di Martino and talented Brazilian Cristian Karttiala.

05-31-2012, 12:00 PM

SWDC Premier League

Fixture 1
New York Cosmos v Quebecois Nordiques
Charleston Battery v Bay Area Bulldogs
Bay Area Bomb v Frankfurt Phoenixes
Green Bay United v Cremlin City

Fixture 2
Bay Area Bulldogs v New York Cosmos
Frankfurt Phoenixes v Quebecois Nordiques
Cremlin City v Charleston Battery
Green Bay United v Bay Area Bomb

Fixture 3
New York Cosmos v Frankfurt Phoenixes
Bay Area Bulldogs v Cremlin City
Quebecois Nordiques v Green Bay United
Charleston Battery v Bay Area Bomb

Fixture 4
Cremlin City v New York Cosmos
Green Bay United v Frankfurt Phoenixes
Bay Area Bomb v Bay Area Bulldogs
Charleston Battery v Quebecois Nordiques

Fixture 5
New York Cosmos v Green Bay United
Cremlin City v Bay Area Bomb
Frankfurt Phoenixes v Charleston Battery
Bay Area Bulldogs v Quebecois Nordiques

Fixture 6
Bay Area Bomb v New York Cosmos
Charleston Battery v Green Bay United
Quebecois Nordiques v Cremlin City
Bay Area Bulldogs v Frankfurt Phoenixes

Fixture 7
New York Cosmos v Charleston Battery
Bay Area Bomb v Quebecois Nordiques
Green Bay United v Bay Area Bulldogs
Cremlin City v Frankfurt Phoenixes


Round 1
New York Cosmos v Bay Area Bomb
Cremlin City v Charleston Battery
Frankfurt Pheonixes v Bay Area Bulldogs
Quebecois Nordiques v Green Bay United

Week 1 kicks off the SWDC League with a festival of football taking place across the USA, from New York all the way to the Bay Area, what a tasty way to kick things off!

The final week of the season pitches together the heated rivalry of Frankfurt and Cremlin, whilst the battle of the Bay Area will take place in Week 4!

The League system is going to preclude a play off series, which will consist of the top 6 teams in the end of season table, who will take the crown!

The cup fixtures also throw into place some interesting matchups with New York vs the Bay Area Bomb looking like the tie of the round. With a cash incentive for winning the cup, teams will be fighting hard to progress to the end!

05-31-2012, 03:05 PM

Another surprising and potentially controversial decision was made by Green Bay United today when Jason 'Zycho' Thyrion announced the signing of Seattle Sounders Head Coach Sigi Schmid.

Schmid has had an extensive and high-quality coaching career dating all the way back to the 1980's and 90's with UCLA, and extended to successful stints in MLS with LA Galaxy, Columbus, and now Seattle. However, the controversy comes from the fact that potential coaches were barely glanced at beyond the Atlantic.

"I wanted a Coach capable of taking an already strong defensive unit," Thyrion reported during his announcement, "and making it nigh unbeatable head-to-head. And Schmid has had one of the best reputations for Defensive Strategy and Discipline in this country, while still permitting an acceptable attack that won't put fans to sleep."

The signing of Schmid further cements the Defensive Identity that Green Bay United assembled when they came up with three Center Backs with the 'High Floor' label in the draft, something no other team had duplicated or came close to. Even so, Thyrion has high hopes that such a Defensive structure will still be powerful and creative on the counter.

05-31-2012, 04:01 PM
SWDC Premier League Draft Recap: Bay Area Bomb

Round One:

Teams took to the offensive in round one, aside from Dougherty and the Bomb's pick L. Ganic. It was rumored pre draft that tjsunstein had his scope on 21 year old striker, M. Brnovic. Unfortunately for him, Brnovic never made it to pick 8 but what a great consolation prize they got in L. Ganic, a defensive stud known as 'the Rock' in his homeland of Uruguay. Only the second defensive player taken in the draft at that point, Bay Area Bomb sees him as a cornerstone of not only their defense but franchise as well.

"Our thinking here was to add an elite striker but when our guys were gone, we weren't looking to settle. We went with the next best player on our boards knowing we had the luxuy of back to back picks. Ganic may only be 20 but you wouldn't know it by his style of play. During scouting, you take all variables into account, what we saw from Ganic was a true passion for the game and talking with him, I get the sense that he's always looking to take a step forward as a player. His maturity and understanding of the game is well beyond his years. That stuck out to us as much as his physical skill on the pitch. We intend on giving him the captains band. "

Round Two:

The second round wasn't headlined by any one pick and no runs were made on a position. It may have been the most diverse round of the draft varying from position to age to skill level. Bay Area Bomb supporters watched tjsunstein add another U21 stud to the roster to work the middle. Nineteen year old Algerian native H. Sadhwani is a young but promising midfielder with his vision being his greatest asset.

"After Ganic, we would have loved to pair another elite defender next to him but we looked elsewhere for immediate contribution as well as impact in the future. We feel like we added what may turn out to be our most threatening presence here. Sadhwani possesses great vision and stellar passing that seems to be two steps ahead of he defense. Our toughest challenge now will be getting our other guys on the same page as him. His brain works at an extremely fast pace on the pitch and it may look like he's doing too much at times if the communication isn't there. We're very excited to walk away from the first two rounds with the two best building blocks in the draft."

Round Three:

tjsunstein and his scouting department had a very tough time watching one target after the other be picked up by the other managers. Pre-draft rumors had connected the Bomb with Meldgaard, Bjorn, Skansky, and Joos, all who were selected well before their pick. The pick was finally announced after seemingly hours of heated debate amongst scouts and manager tjsunstein.

"There was some frustration during that part of the draft due to rumors and public leaks about our targets. Not once though did we panic. We picked up a great striker in Vesasco from Spain. At 29 years old, webhad a lot of film to scout and typically thats only a positive for us but what we saw was a player who got better with age and let the game come to him. He's very quick, strong, and won't hesistate to leave his feet for the ball with his impressive body control. He'll bring a veteran prescence and calmness to him that the young guys can learn from."

Round Four:

tjsunstein opted to go with a goalie with his second of back to back picks and with good reason. McManus was the most talented keeper in the draft, and with one goalie taken before him, Bay Area management were well aware of a possible run on the position in the near future.

"It was a simple case of us just getting our guy. We knew how much losing out on a top keeper this round would set us back with the amount of picks between ours. After Berens was taken, we immediately altered our board to fit acvording to the flow of the draft. I wouldnt say any one team dictated our draft, instead it was brought to our attention some trends that were forming and the best way to counter was to grab the best keeper on our board from the scoutong process. McManus is not only an outstanding keeper with highlight reel material through his career, he's also the brighest player we had the chance to talk to before the draft. He's more than a world class athlete."

05-31-2012, 04:14 PM
Free Agency - The Results!

Disclaimer: A bunch of you had the same guys on your lists, therefore you won't have all got who you wanted, and some will have named that you didn't list to fill the pre-requisite number of slots you asked for. The player you have been given was allocated via random.org creating a random number, which I then corresponded to my spreadsheet I am keeping here with all the player details on. If 2 or more players wanted the same player in the same FA round, the preference was again decided via random.org!

If you do not with to keep a player you have been allocated in Free Agency you are free to release them once the season commences.

T Carr


Rob S



D Carr


Dos Santos

05-31-2012, 06:26 PM
Eight players sign with Bay Area Bull Dogs.

After already securing sixteen players in the draft the Bay Area Bull Dogs today added to there already talented core. With the addition of eight players coach Frank de Boer has enough to choose from.

With already two goalkeepers under contract nobody expecter the Bull Dogs to go after even more goalies but general manager Justone2 heavenly believes that its important to always have at least three goalies under contract. Thats why he decided to add the 23-year old Frenchman Jean Colome to his squad. A talented goalie who can become a nice back-up once he become more experienced.


The most signings from the Bull Dogs where on defense where both sides needed some added depth and also in the center there was room for an extra player. With 19 year old Russian Radoslav Gorbenko Justone2 founded and talented depth player who can develop behind Robert Vick. On the other side the also 19 year old Esteban Saez from Uruguay will be a developmental project behind Kristian Neascu. In the center he added the again 19 year old Spanish Francisco Lozano who gets time to grow begin Donskoy and Hendrickson and may battle with Chiotis for a place on the bench.

http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab124/Jeroen19901/Gorbenko.png http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab124/Jeroen19901/Saenz.png http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab124/Jeroen19901/Lozana.png

On midfield there wasn't the need for an immediate starter but with two 31 year olds some talented youngster where needed. With the addition of two Irish talents manager Justone2 hopes to have found the replacements for Bernabe and Thomasse. The 18 year old Derrick Shea looks to be slightly less than the 19 year old Frank Farris but who knows what the future will hold for the two youngsters.

http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab124/Jeroen19901/She.png http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab124/Jeroen19901/Farris.png

Finally the Bull Dogs signed two players for added depth in the offense. With the 17 year old Spanish Emilio Osorio they added an extra winger to an already talented core of wingers. Besides that his 23 year old fellow countrymen Alberto Maffei will be the third striker for coach Frank de Boer to anticipate on injuries by one of the first two choices.

http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab124/Jeroen19901/Osorio.png http://i856.photobucket.com/albums/ab124/Jeroen19901/Maffei.png

06-01-2012, 10:06 AM
The Game Economy!

Everyone please read carefully!

The in game economy consists of these key facts:
Each team starts with a budget of 15,000,000
Each team starts with a stadium of capacity 40,000Things you need to consider with this starting budget

When you play a home game you will receive ticket sales relative to your stadium capacity (at the moment it is 76 per ticket, so an income of 3,040,000 per home game)
Match winnings per game are as follows
Win: 250,000
Draw: 100,000
Loss: None
Team winning the league will earn 2,500,000
Second place earns 1,250,000
3rd - 8th go from 600,000 to 100,000 in multiples of 100,000
Cup winners earn 1,000,000
Runner-up earns 500,000Expenditure:

Each team has a salary depending on the number of players and the quality of those players, these typically consist of between 1,200,000 and 1,500,000 per fixture round.Infrastructure:

Capacity can be increased in your stadium as follows:
Multiples of 2,500 seats at a time
The 4 blocks going from 40000 to 50000 cost 600000 per block, and take 2 weeks to install, in these 2 weeks the equivalent number of seats in your stadium will also be closed to allow the renovations to take place, and your capacity will be temporarily reduced.
The 4 blocks going from 50000 to 60000 cost 1200000 per block, and take 3 weeks to install, in these 3 weeks the equivalent number of seats in your stadium will also be closed to allow the renovations to take place, and your capacity will be temporarily reduced.
The 4 blocks going from 60000 to 70000 cost 2400000 per block, and take 4 weeks to install, in these 4 weeks the equivalent number of seats in your stadium will also be closed to allow the renovations to take place, and your capacity will be temporarily reduced.
The 4 blocks going from 70000 to 80000 cost 4800000 per block, and take 5 weeks to install, in these 5 weeks the equivalent number of seats in your stadium will also be closed to allow the renovations to take place, and your capacity will be temporarily reduced.
Training facilities can be purchased in 3 levels to increase the chances of your players ultimately reaching their potential. Each level must be built one after the other.
Level 1 costs 4mil, building time 4 weeks
Level 2 costs 9mil, building time 6 weeks
Level 3 costs 15mil, building time 8 weeks Transfer Market:

All players who have not been signed to a team via the draft of the free agency period have been signed by various minor league teams, however fees can be negotiated for them for transfer. Initial transfer values will be laid out shortly.

In addition, managers may sell their own players between teams using their own negotiations. An indicative value of how much a player is worth has been put next to their name based on their OVR but this does not have to be the figure agreed on between managers, you may go higher or lower as long as both managers agree it with me via PM. As you can see the best of the best are going to be VERY difficult to prise away, but it can be done over time.

06-01-2012, 12:30 PM
Bay Area Bombs Hires Manager

San Francisco - Word just in from Bomb owner that they have concluded interviews and selected a manager. Bay Area Bomb will announce at a press conference Friday afternoon that they have hired controversial manager JosÚ Mourinho away from Real Madrid.

tjsunstein had this to say via text, "Bay Area Bomb will have JosÚ Mourinho for the next 5 seasons." Its unclear how much money Mourinho demanded but its abundantly clear that tjsunstein has made a real statement here that the Bomb intend to compete with strong defense and counter attacks.

tjsunstein added via phone, "Two of our best players are along the defense with Ganic and McManus, we have to play to our strength. The league is full of dangerous strikers so we're looking to neutralize them and control the ball. Possession is key and our game is to keep it and be patient. We have the talent in the midfield for quick creative outlets for our strikers."

When asked further about his team and formation, tjsunstein stayed mum maybe indicating changes to the initial projected formation will be coming.

Rob S
06-01-2012, 12:46 PM
NY Cosmos owner Rob S can only lol at some of the managers being hired.

06-01-2012, 01:07 PM
The below players are available for transfers, please note the number on the right is their current overall, transfer bids should be made to UKFan, who will decide on whether the player bid should be accepted or not.


06-01-2012, 02:19 PM
Transfer comings and goings!

Frankfurt releases Junejo and Pressley
Cremlin releases Gordeyeva, Hughes and Giordano

Frankfurt picks up B Barrett (the GK after I messed up his FA)

It has been rumoured that 2 bids have been accepted at present for Anderson and Lekens from the lower league sides, however rather than take these bids, they have given 24 hours for other teams to bid on the players! They will not release the currently agreed fee, but if it is not beaten the players will be on their way to their agreed destination.

Deadline is 20:18 my time tomorrow.

06-01-2012, 04:13 PM
Cremlin City 2012/13 Preview

Cremlin's first round draft pick; Lamar Lever

Cremlin City go into the new SWDC Premier League season with one of the youngest teams in the league. Full with exciting, talented players, they aim to eventually grow into true title contenders. In the SWDC Draft, Cremlin City's philosophy was clear, drafting only three players over the age of 26. They are building for the future, and right now, their future looks bright. After the draft was over, Cremz also brought in 8 undrafted free agents, five of which made the squad.

With the draft and free agency period over, Cremlin City's team is almost ready for the season to start. With a defense consisting of Valentino Ciavarello, who is arguably the best defender in world football right now and some promising youngsters in Germain Muave and Jose Stiuso, both the present and future looks bright. The same can be said for the attack, that has three young and already great players, in Lamar Lever, Rolf Bjorn and Victor Fontan Aubert. The midfield is also filled with promising youngsters, with the likes of Kairos Karabinas, Xavier Harte and Thomas Carr all showing great signs of potential.

With such a young side, Cremlin City will have little pressure on them too perform to an elite standard, which could definitely work in their favour. Full of ambitious and exciting players, Cremz are the dark horses of the league who could surprise a few people. Manager Roberto Martinez was quick to wipe away any suggestions of a title or cup victory, however many pundits feel as though Cremlin are capable of upsetting a few of the big boys.

06-01-2012, 04:14 PM
tjsunstein talks position battle
Bay Area Bomb adds 5, cuts 1

With the season nearing and the rosters just about set, Bay Area Bomb has been active in configuring what they hope is a contender. Free Agency has come and gone but it has left its mark on the Bay Area with two potential starters in the midfield.

"There's a healthy competition right now. Sure, some guys were drafted and others were picked up shortly after but that has no influence on their skillset on the pitch."

Coming in with a chip on their shoulders are two 31 year old undrafted midfielders, G. Immonen From Finland and R. Topsfield from England. Both are lobbying for playing time in a position that looked to be weaker amongst the SWDC Premier League.

"We have talent at that position but it may take a season to really untap the potential there. Bringing in these two veterans gives us leadership, and immediate contribution as well as aiding in development of the younger guys. Its not a move that the younger guys took offense to, either, which was a pleasant surprise."

tjsunstein went on to touch on the varying skillsets.

"Immonen brings a lot of versatility able to play outside and central. He has the pace to Push back defenders looking to compress space run with a high line. Able to drop off and run from deep gives us a lot of options.

Topsfield has been a personality here at camp to say the least. He's always joking with someone but he takes his football very seriously. He has incredible burst and acceleration. I havent seen anyone capable of cutting like he does at his age. He's an asset here if his health holds up."

Competing with them are two Irish footballers, 19 year old E. Kelly and 21 year old K. Ireland.

"K. Ireland is a strong kid who brings a little versatility with him although we'd rather have him on the left, he can play center. He has an attacking mindset and we love that about him. He's so young but technically sound, an easy kid to coach in that sense but a bit immature at times. He'll come around."

"E. Kelly excites the brass a lot here. At 19 years old, you don't expect him to be as well rounded as he is. His balance, ball control, and agility are beyond the standard for the league. He's a complete footballr. He can create as well as finish. Kelly is a great passer, posseses incredible vision, and controls his dribble with such finesse. I have him penciled in behind the striker for years to come."

Lastly is the 26 year old from Tnisia, B. Demeyer.

"Demeyer is primarily a central attacker but he can play with both feet just as good. What we love about him is his ability to position himself. We underestimated his defensive presence coming no camp but he's shown he is plenty capable of tracking the ball and preparing for counters."

When tjsunstein was asked what he would do with this talent, he had this to say.

"I trust Mourinho has a better feel but all 5 will see action and we're experimenting with getting them on the pitch at the same time."

06-03-2012, 04:25 AM
I ANDERSON and U LEKENS are officially members of Cremlin City, each costing the side 500k.

For those of you who haven't got game plans in, or details of what infrastructure you wish to buy (if any), let me know today, and writeups of matches will start tomorrow

06-04-2012, 09:22 AM
Quebec Nordiques Press Release


With the first week in the books, the Nordiques' management have publicly addressed some of their fans' questions. The Nordiques have hired German Otto Rehhagel, the former head coach of the Greek Euro Championship winning team. Following the Nordiques crushing loss to New York, Rehhegal stated, "People need to understand that football is a fight... This is a ride on the razor's edge, it's three minutes to midnight. The only way to find peace for the soul is to have success in the next game."


The Nordiques have also made the decision to begin building the level 1 training facility in the hopes to make their players stronger and so their youthful offensive players can reach their potential. Finally, rumors coming out of Quebec City suggest that the team is pursuing free agents to add depth and are in the market for more defensive players. Fans should expect this Nordiques team to improve over time and to constantly frustrate the more offensive teams in the league. Expect more news from the Nordiques in the near future!

06-04-2012, 12:22 PM
Martinez Happy With A Draw

Fontan Aubert celebrating after his early goal

With the first week of fixtures over, Cremlin City manager, Roberto Martinez has reflected on his sides performance and result. Cremlin went one up in the first few minutes of the game, when a Rolf Bjorn volley was deflected into the path of Brazilian attacking midfielder, Victor Fontan Aubert.

Martinez had this to say on the goal, "It was definitely a great start to the season and maybe sign of things to come. We've been working hard on keeping the ball on the floor and playing a certain type of football, but it was nice to take the nerves off the players shoulders, after an early goal". The Cremz manager also had this to say when asked about the overall performance of his team, "We played well! It's not easy to come to such a historic ground, with such a young team and manage to get a draw! There's still some things which need to be improved on, but we'll work on those in training".

In an exciting game, one of the main talking points was substitute Brandon Bury's attitude and work rate. Roberto was asked whether he will be talking to the player about it and whether or not he will improve. "Of course he will, he's a great kid! I feel sorry for him, because I sometimes feel as though he's misunderstood by people that don't know him or have never met him, but I'm certain Brandon will learn from his mistakes".

On Thursday, Cremlin City will play in front of their home fans for the first time, when they play Charleston Battery. Unfortunately only 30,000 fans will be able to attend the game, as some building is still underway, however Martinez finished off his press conference by saying that he's sure it won't be an issue. "We can't wait for the game! The players will be buzzing, the fans will be going crazy and it should make for a great atmosphere!"

06-04-2012, 05:41 PM
Bay Area Bomb Draws, Makes Immediate Changes

Monday Night brought a lot of excitement in the Bay Area as the Bomb kicked off the SWDC Premier League season hositing Frankfurt. Early on, Bomb stuck to their game plan of sitting back and letting the game come to them in an effort to set up counter attacks. Girard of Frankfurt however altered that plan early and often pressing the defense back beyond it's comfort despite Ganic's best efforts. Bay Area was forced to bring in another attacker to garner respect from the opposition's defense, a change that paid off in the end result.

Sadhwani was the star for Bay Area with his wonderful set pieces and free kicks, one resulting in the game tying goal but the talk has been of Vesasco's missed opportunity to close out the first half.

"There's no one person to blame, we came away with a draw in a well fought game but we have to execute every opportunity." tjsunstein added after the game.

When asked what adjustments were to be made, he made it clear that changes were to be made along all lines. He intends to come out with two strikers, and ultilize his talent along the midfield. He hinted at a defensive change but wasn't in the mood to fully disclose that information as details had to be worked out still.

"We're always looking to improve, and it's early in the season. We want to know what our identity is sooner than later and we'll experiment to get that. We'll be settled by the Cup."

Gay Ork Wang
06-05-2012, 11:53 AM
GM Wang disappointed with outcome, vows to practice finishing. Rumours in interest in acquiring another player.

After a hard fought draw against the Bay Area Bombs, the disappointment of the outcome could be clearly seen in the face GM Wang.

"Man, i thought we had that game. So many chances, but we couldn't capitalize. To lose two points because of a standard hurts. There are a lot of things that we need to work on, but we will definitely win our home debut."

Rumours about having interest in another player have acquired. Pep Guardiola seems to want to bring in another defensive midfielder. "We will try to see what we can bring in with the amount of money we have. In the end, we dont have to win it all this season, but we should lay a great foundation for dominance over the next few years."

With that said, the fans are looking forward to the home debut against the Quebecois Nordics.

06-07-2012, 08:36 PM
Martinez Pleased With Defensive Performance

Roberto Martinez during the game

It wasn't an overly exciting game, but Cremlin City manager has expressed his satisfaction with a draw, in what was their first game in front of the home crowd. Neither team was able to break the deadlock in the goalless encounter, but Martinez is able to see the positives. "It's always nice to keep a clean sheet, if you don't concede goals, you're not going to lose games, so it would be great if we could build on that defensive performance." Martinez also praised his young central midfielders, Kairos Karabinas and Xavier Harte. "They were great today, it really makes me proud to see them perform at such a high level, they know that they have to work hard to improve, but today will fill them with confidence."

There were also question marks about the incident between Martinez and Charleston, manager David Moyes, but the manager put it down to the tension of the game. "It's just one of those where you get lost in the moment. Moyes is a great manager and I don't have a problem with him, he's a great guy." The inevitable questions on Brandon Bury were also asked, however this time people were praising Bury for his impressive performance. "That's the Brandon i've been talking about, you could see that he was enjoying it out there and when he's playing his best, he's a joy to watch."

Sundays fixture between Bay Area Bulldogs and Cremlin City looks set to be an exciting game, however manager Robert Martinez was again quick to lowen expectations. "They're a talented team! They probably shouldn't be where they are right now, so we need to make sure we don't go into the game expecting it to be easy."

06-09-2012, 01:23 PM
Quebec Nordiques Press Release


Rumors swirling around Quebec City suggest that the Nordiques will shift their philosophy to a more offensive approach for their next game. It should be interesting to see how the more offensive players respond if these rumors are indeed true.

06-10-2012, 10:43 AM
Bay Area Bomb owner livid with officiating, vows more focused approach

They have been subjected to scorn and abuse throughout their careers, but instead of living in anonymity, referees and umpires are now being called out publicly.

Blame it on the new generation or the modern age of technology, but professional athletes seem to be more rebellious against officials than ever.

This sort of rebellion was especially true when Bay Area was called offside on a goal that was clearly proved wrong by replay. The restart in play led to a goal the other way and ultimately deciding the game in the final minutes, whilst Bay Area protested.

" We went out there and played a hell of a game. But to have the officials decide he game for us is a discredit to the work we've put in. " Bay Area owner tjsunstein went on to accuse the refs of fixing the match for the homefield United. " You cant miss a call, or non call, like that without an alternative motive especially with how late the whistle was blown. I dont fault our players for being out ofnposition on the restart, it was the second crucial time in literally seconds that soneone was out of position and Im talking about the side judge. Out of position or fixing the game, either way, we had one stolen from us. "

tjsunstein is expected to hear from SWDC Premier League commish on his comments of officiating.

" We have to come out next match with this as bulletin board material. Added motivation, we have to get ourselves in the win column in convincing fashion. "

06-10-2012, 04:20 PM

Moyes Displeased With Draws

Although Moyes has been relatively quiet and bland with press conferences this season, today he indicated that he was not pleased with his team's back-to-back draws.

"We are not playing poorly, we are just not playing as well as we can. I know this team was capable of winning those past two games, yet they did not," stated Moyes.

Moyes went on to state that his team will spend more time on the training pitch this week, and will continue to do so until the results change. "The flaw isn't with our gameplan or any player, but rather execution as a team. We're playing adequately as a team, but adequate does not suffice. The team will be spending more time on the training pitch so they can get more experience working together as a group. I want the team to perform as a single unit, thinking as a single mind. And the only way to accomplish this is practice, practice, practice."

Rob S
06-11-2012, 06:18 AM
NY Cosmos Owner Corner

NY Cosmos owner Rob S is saddened to announced that he will be taking a leave of absence from the football operations side of the Cosmos. Due to the acquisition of a new company, Mr. S will have his hands full running the day-to-day operations of his primary business. He will still frequently handle Cosmos business during evenings and nights, but the day to day responsibilities will fall to the excellent staff Mr.S has worked to put into place.

The Cosmos are confident that this will not affect the consistently high level of football the team has put on display over the first three weeks of the season. Mr. S believes this team belongs at the top of the table and expects them to stay there saying, "I think we are where we belong right now. We are a very talented side and, honestly, anything other than winning the league would be disappointing. There are some other good sides certainly, but the consistency of our defense and GK really put us over the top for me."

Mr. S further went on to say, "I am going to be in attendance fo this week's game vs Cremlin City and I think our side will put on a show and earn another 3 points."

Gay Ork Wang
06-13-2012, 06:01 PM
Phoenixes will play up to there potential

It has been quite a long time since the we heard anything from the front office.

"Yea, it has been quite long since the last press release. It has been a busy few weeks." GM Wang is telling the press. "There was a lot that we had to get done. We are happy to announce the building of a new training facility as well as the upgrading of the stances. We know the a lot of fans are eager to see the team. unfortunately 3 of the first 4 games are away games."

"Yes, I am pleased with how the team is doing so far. But that is what we expect from these guys. We know what they can do. They are getting used to each other. Once the team gets the cohesiveness and understanding of the scheme, the sky is the limit."

The GM was especially impressed by two players: the defender Skansky and the youngster Pulido.

"We all know what guys like Girard can do. But Pulido is playing with the best of them right now and Skansky has been a manbeast defending everything in the back. There is still room for improvement though. 2 draws and a win is good, but we need to continue to win for us to take the top of the league. The defensive midfield also needs to step up. Bellamy is playing fine but we are open to everyone available. We dont follow the saying: "Never change a winning team". If we think something can make this team better, we will make the changes that are necessary."

Next up for the Phoenixes is the Green Bay United, who are looking to comeback from a disheartning loss.